The Pandemic Is Over, Biden Said. No! We Need It, Experts Said

The Pandemic Is Over, Biden Said. No! We Need It, Experts Said

It’s always fun when Biden is not under strict supervision—super vision; apt, that, in our technological age. Were those earplugs? Anyway, when not in the eye, he usually ends up saying what’s on what’s left of his mind. And occasionally he tells the truth.

He said Monday on a woke news program “The pandemic is over.”

He’s right. Here’s a shot of the attributed coronadoom deaths, worldwide. World wide:

There are two possible arguments against It’s Over. First is that people are still dying of the doom, about 1,700 a day globally by this count. Second is that the numbers might increase in the northern hemisphere winter season.

People are still dying of flu the world over. There is no official flu pandemic. Many times more are dying of cancer and heart disease than the doom. There is no official heart disease or cancer pandemic.

People will always forevermore die of the doom. If we are waiting for the count to drop to zero before declaring the end of the pandemic, like China, we shall wait until Our Lord returns.

Pandemic means a widespread, not just local, major-numbers disease outbreak. Here’s the pre-doom official definition: “an epidemic occurring worldwide, or over a very wide area, crossing international boundaries and usually affecting a large number of people”.

If you are doom-lover, the best you can say is that there is a doom epidemic in the States. After all, of those 1,700 deaths, around 400 are in the USA, about 25%. Huge, really, because the USA is only 4% of world population. There is thus no pandemic. It is over.

Now that 25% is very strange. Yet instead of this number meaning it’s especially bad here, it almost certainly instead means we are vastly more vigorous in attributing deaths as doom deaths. China, we learned not long ago, is surely lying about its counts. And we are likely exaggerating ours, at least when compared against reporting standards in the rest of the world.

Second was that doom deaths are likely to increase in NH winter, and because “variants”. That’s almost certain. As we go into our wintery voluntary lockdowns (to stay warm and share germs), deaths will pop back up. As they did, do, and will with flu and other diseases forever.

That is not, and must not be, an excuse to maintain official panic and mania. Or even official diligence. Everything must have an end. Even official panics.

After Biden accidentally told the truth, there was a major reaction from two sources: Experts and doctor Twitter. Both want the pandemic to continue. That is, they want the official pandemic to be on.

I won’t link to any of doctor Twitter, as it would be impossible to cite everybody, and you can easily look it up. The general conclusion reached by perusing those threads is that doctors must not ever be put in charge of public health—whatever that might be.

When you ask a doctor to consider the cost-benefit of a treatment, he is likely to focus solely on that which he knows best, the direct medical aspects, including what the treatment means to him, personally. The larger indirect aspects, which are more important when considering state- or nationwide mandates, are no more his specialty than they are yours, dear reader.

Doctors are often too close to the day-to-day treating of disease to see the bigger picture. But even they can read this official graph from the CDC itself.

A chief complaint on doctor Twitter was the people sick with the doom were still showing up for treatment, which you can see is true. But many fewer than before. And now even fewer than most other major diseases.

Here’s a picture that emphasizes my point. Same official source. Official doom “cases” (most of which are mild or asymptomatic):

Stare for a second before reading further. Can you see it? Try. Look now, then look then. Have it?

There was always a weekday-weekend difference in “cases”, but now that difference is huge. It can’t be that bad if most people now say “I think I might have it. But it can wait ’till Monday.”

What doctor Twitter does not consider is that the official declaration of the emergency is what is keeping them busy!

Call off the pandemic and people will calm themselves and stop showing up for minor complaints. Doctors can go back to work on more important diseases.

Experts are different. The rage against the dying of the light—of the cameras on them. It’s become so asinine, an official “Panel says US adults should get routine screening for anxiety“. Coronadoom anxiety! An anxiety created by government and Experts. Which they could stop if they admitted what is obvious.

The Experts, supposedly under Biden, rushed to correct their Boss’s truth. This headline: “White House says Covid-19 policy unchanged despite Biden’s comments that the ‘pandemic is over’“.

The article quotes official CDC sources, who still advise wringing our hands and evincing angst. There is no sense that the CDC lost all credibility and can no longer be trusted. Their boss came out and lied about the vaccine, many times. Their Experts touted superiority of the vaccine over naturally acquired immunity, a lie, or a horrific blunder. And so on.

For crying out loud, even the near gulag to the north is ending its border restrictions: “Canada to drop COVID-19 vaccine border policy, ArriveCan to be optional: sources“. Not our CDC. Foreigners still are required to be “fully” vaccinated.

The pandemic is over. Give it up, Experts.

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  1. Paul Daly

    We can see the effect of the weekend immune system.

  2. john b()

    Not our CDC. Foreigners still are required to be “fully” vaccinated.

    Except for the border?

  3. William Wallace

    If the pandemic emergency is called off, don’t the “Experts” lose their Emergency Use Authorization for their vexations? ?

  4. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”Doctors can go back to work on more important diseases.”

    Like treating all the vexx injuries they caused.

    ”The pandemic is over. Give it up, Experts.”

    The Pandemic Show was a big hit and many are loath to give it up. The scriptwriters then jumped the shark with the Monkey Pox Show, a flop. The scriptwriters need a new hit, and the people need their panic thrills. They’re currently test marketing some pilots; there’s the WWIII pilot, a Civil War II pilot, Migrant Invasion pilot, and a Famine Riots pilot is on the boards. Whether any of these have the popular appeal of the Pandemic Show remains to be seen.

  5. Tom Waits a While

    When FEMA pays people (and the hospitals) to agree to allow their loved ones to be listed as a doom death, of course we are exaggerating the numbers; it’s still incentivized.

  6. Forbes

    I really don’t know how you “walk back” the statement, “the pandemic is over.” Official policy hasn’t changed?

    Most mandates and requirements have been dropped–everywhere–in some cases by the courts.

    I guess looking like idiots is of no concern, as you can’t shame the shameless.

  7. awildgoose


    Don’t forget the Extraterrestrial Invasion pilot!

  8. Cary Cotterman

    The Church of the Face Diaper will never let go.

  9. Johnno


    “Mandatory Anxiety Screening Programs may be a contributing factor in the steep rise of anxiety cases amongst all age groups in the US, study shows.”

    “An Expert Panel points to supply chain woes caused by Russian mobilization in the East alongside far-right extremism and Climate Change as the most significant vectors affecting day to day lives.”

  10. Uncle Mike

    Does this mean all the folks AntiChrist Joe had fired will get their jobs back? Including in our gaytrans military and all the doctors and nurses who lost their jobs? Will bank accounts be unfrozen? Can the evil non-vexxed shop in grocery stores now?

    Maybe, but not if they’re super terrorists like the MAGA’s. Batterram those extremists’ doors in and haul them off to slave labor death camps. No bail just jail for registered Republicans, vexxed or not.

  11. awildgoose


    Mandatory anxiety screening is because they want us all on drugs or in camps. Maybe both!

  12. David Beckham

    “The pandemic is over”

    Can you call something ‘over’ if it never begin in the first place?

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