The Greatest Reset Movie — In Which Yours Truly Has A Cameo

The Greatest Reset Movie — In Which Yours Truly Has A Cameo

Last summer a pair of gentlemen came to interview me about the coronadoom. It was to be for the movie The Greatest Reset.

Which is now out. (It’s free, but you have to register.)

I’m only in it about two minutes (start 1 hour 13), which is about three minutes too long for most viewers.

I can save you most of that two minutes, too: I spoke of the Fabulous Fauci, camera whore, who lied about masks, among other matters. Good clip of Fauci first saying masks are worthless, then swearing masks are the one true faith. Regular readers already know all this.

Many others worth watching, though. The late Dr Zelenko, physician Peter McCullough, restaurateur Tony Roman, Tim Gordon, Pat Coffin, Archbishop Vigano, and so on.

It seems there were…difficulties releasing this film. I had thought it was coming out late last year. I had also gathered from my interview the focus was to be different, something more along the lines of a science-gone-wrong kind of thing.

The funder, however, as he says, wanted something more Christian-centric, which is of course perfectly fine, too. And it was his money. His was the version that was released.

Speaking of that first (completed) take on the movie, he said:

The film did not turn out my way. Throughout the film production, several employees involved with the film repeatedly clashed with me as I attempted to oversee the film’s production to make sure it fit this church’s mission.

Eventually, the tension came to a head. One employee resigned and the other employee was terminated.

Those two employees immediately embarked on a course of conduct that compelled Flowing Streams Church to file a lawsuit in US Federal Court to protect our intellectual property and to stop infringers from releasing, copying or publishing the film. I am relieved to say that the lawsuit was successfully settled out of court. I can say that I am very satisfied with those terms.

There were also differences about possible copyright infringements with certain music clips and the like. And I guess one of the people interviewed never signed a disclosure, and got mad about it.

Well, that’s one side of the story. The other side, who knows?

I have tried contacting the gents who filmed me. Both were absolute sweethearts. We had a long conversation about “The Science”, how people came to worship Experts, how things can appear like conspiracies but are caused by likemindedness, the loss of transcendence and the need to worship something. All things we all know and hate.

I have tried, but failed, contacting them, I should have said. I worry they were the employees mentioned above, and that legal mumbo jumbo might be forbidding them to say anything about the movie. This is why I do not give their names, in case it would lead to further difficulties. (However, if I discover all is well, I’ll update this post later.)

This post, then, is a small note to them to let them know I appreciated their work with me. And with everybody else. They were going all over the country, setting up, tearing down, one day to the next. Brutal schedule, but they kept it.

Also do not blame them for putting me in the film. Everybody makes mistakes.

Of course, this is the third documentary I have been in, the first two being Climate Hustle and Climate Hustle 2, and now that my total Big Screen face time is approaching something very near five minutes, I’m afraid I’ll have to raise my autograph rates. Again.

I’m sure you understand.

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  1. Gail Finke

    I have a feeling “The Great Reset: BEAST RISING” (see giant Tower of Babel graphics!!!) is going to have a hard time finding viewers who don’t already agree with its premise… People who make this kind of film often think it will convince everyone of what they’re certain is obvious, and fail to see that the people who think it’s obvious already agree, and the people who don’t agree do not find it obvious. They generally are so sure of their vision they don’t take the advice of professionals who know how to show evidence in order to persuade, because they assume that such professionals are all in on hiding what they think is obvious. Oh well.

  2. Briggs


    Holy moly, I forgot all about Where the Grass Is Greener .

    The rates are really going up.



  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Gail makes a good point. Nothing wrong with producing a Christian view of covid, but if the intention is persuading covid cultists then likely not very effective. But if the intended audience is Christian then it may well satisfy the producers’ intention.

    Persuading covid cultists is a tricky biz. You’d want to consult eggspurts in fields such as cult deprogramming, rhetorical persuasion, political consultants, hypnotists, advertising agencies, apostate Elders of Zion, et cetera, for methods of breaking spells and infiltrating truth past programming defenses. That could make for a very interesting movie.

    That pic of you on the porch is good, Briggs. I see it as the set of a podcast: Sunsets from Briggs’ Porch. Where you and a guest or two are sitting on the porch talking about this and that, admiring the sunset… should have a good view over the lake to the west… mint tea is served, maybe juleps, maybe a musical guest, real Americana. Two camera setup, lighting, production assistant, editor, pretty basic, couple million dollars and we’re off to the races.

  4. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Sample dialog, “Sunsets From Briggs’ Porch”:

    Guest: “That there’s one miiiighty fine sunset, yessiree bob.”

    Briggs: “Mighty fine, mighty fine indeed. [sips drink, ice cubes tinkling] Go on about that electromagnetic, hydromatic transubstantiationalism thing you were saying.”

  5. spudjr60

    Well, that was a slog; my time would have been better spent watching “Detour” and “Decoy” again, or re-reading a couple of chapters of EYBIW.

    Very little mention of how our Triune God is on offense every second of every day, and little mention of how we can ask God for help. Come Holy Spirit grant me the wisdom to know Your will and the strength to do Thy will. As our Blessed Lord told the apostles when asked why they couldn’t drive out that particular demon; “this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting.”
    I believe that the Holy Spirit has informed me that the Prince of Darkness always seems likes he is winning is because his pride demands that he be on the news, the Holy Spirit humbly doesn’t care. Lucifer works from the top down, while the Holy Spirit works from the bottom up. How many people knew of Saint Therese the Little Flower , when she died in 1897 at the age of 24. A couple of thousand at the most. But, her life and devotion to Christ has affected hundreds of millions of people.

  6. Cary Cotterman

    Convincing covid cultists that they’re mistaken is, as a few here have noted, probably impossible. As Thomas Paine said, “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.”

  7. Johnno

    Tis true. The moment you turn on the Christ, many audience members of the secular sort shriek and shrivel, and that was only the trailer!

    However, this covid-hoax-hersteria has also proven one thing, and it’s that a great majority of Christians and clergy are just as gullible and stupid. So they also need to be slapped straight. So this is still useful viewing to inform the target audience.

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