CDC Panel Unanimously Recommends Truth Be Damned: Kids & The Coronadoom Vex

Update Well, they voted the wrong way. I’m also a bit surprised there doesn’t seem much interest in this news. How quickly we surrender?

Rochelle Walensky, the head of CDC, on camera, multiple times, said that if you got the mRNA shot you couldn’t get sick. And couldn’t pass on the coronadoom.

Remember that? Or has it been sufficiently memory-holed by now?

The question is this: was she lying, or just incompetent?

Whatever the answer, the result is the same. We are governed by evil ignorant fools, saturated in hubris.

The CDC’s Expert panel of Experts used their awesome powers of Doing What Was Expected Of Them and voted to add the doom vex to the vex for kids program. (Here’s a video of the vote.) Today, they vote on the routine childhood vaccination schedule.

Among other things, if today’s vote passes, it means schools could use this as an excuse to bar kids who aren’t vexxed.

A government which insists that men can be pregnant voted to force your child to take a drug that it does not need. Yes. Here is how the CDC, that Expert-filled bureaucracy, announced in its agenda the doom vex item: “COVID-19 in pregnant people and infants ages 0-5 months”.

So its Experts are both wrong and evil.

According to one source, “The CDC earlier opened up its scheduled vote for public comment and received fierce blowback. Tens of thousands of comments poured into the CDC, the great majority seemingly in direct opposition to the vote to add the Covid vaccines to the childhood schedule.”

You might ask why were these voices ignored? But that’s the wrong question. They were not ignored. Indeed, the voices were used by Experts as evidence that they, the Experts, were right.

That non-Experts disagreed with Experts is proof to the Experts that the Experts are right. This happens wherever Experts gather and are given authority. They survive only by the Appeal To Authority fallacy. Crystalline, pure hubris.

The incompetents at the CDC don’t even mandate flu vaccines for kids, which is much deadlier by far than coronadoom, but they insist kids must have the mRNA shot.

Why? No scientific reason.

Because they can’t bear to be disrespected.

Somebody on Twitter suggested to me that the CDC panel was bribed (a picture of this group, proving physiognomy does not lie, head today’s post). No. They didn’t need bribing. Not with money, at any rate.

All these Experts needed was a little intellectual recognition, which types like this prize above all things.

Evil won with flattery, not dollars.

I’ve given the CDC’s own statistics, which they are too stupid to look at, so many times I’ve lost count. Here they are again.

Since January 2020, now almost three years ago, 416 school-aged kids, 5-14, have died of coronadoom, about 140 a year. Some 559 died from pneumonia. That 559 is more than 416. There is no moral panic over pneumonia.

I’ve done the calculation many times, but about 10 times as many kids die in car crashes as the doom. Ten Times!

So that if we were really serious about saving kids’ lives, then we’d ban kids from riding in cars. Right?

Since flu all but disappeared when the doom arrived, only 108 kids died from flu in that same time. But flu has returned, and it is traditionally much deadlier for kids. In the next two years, it’s an unfortunately good bet more kids will die of flu than the doom.

Flu shots are not part of the childhood vaccination schedule. Though some localities do require them for school attendance.

Now many, and something approaching even all, kids, and likely you, too, dear reader, have already had the coronadoom. Meaning you don’t need the vex.

Another reason we know the CDC is staffed by poor scientists is that prior infection was never considered in vaccination. Even more incredulously, at one point the CDC put out a “study” that “proved” the vex gave better protection that naturally acquired immunity! Insanity.

I see no indication in the current program that previous infection will count in any way. It’s still “Vex all, and be damned the consequences.”

The CDC is still officially denying the very real possibility of vaccine injury. They began by lying, and saying myocarditis and pericarditis were all but impossible. Then the numbers started coming in.

I believe they have stopped calling such claims “disinformation.” Their new strategy, it appears, is to pretend not to have heard the objection.

Let’s remind them of the kids who were killed by the shot.

Never listen to The Science.

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  1. The “Vex For Kids” is a program to provide “free” Vaccinations for qualifying families
    (with the VEXX, it’s one way to eliminate the unsuspecting poor)

    The final vote on immunization schedules (for schools) will take place at 1:20 EST, Thursday, October 20.

  2. The vexxine has killed three times as many children as the disease it purports to prevent. Most of the children who died of Covid had other terminal illnesses or conditions.

    In not unrelated news this week, the CDC approved the vexxine for infants down to the age of six months.

    In not unrelated news this week, the CDC also voted to grant perpetual immunity to the makers of the vexxine.

  3. ”Never listen to The Science”

    Good advice. The world would be a happier, healthier place if everyone took it. But there are an awful lot of people incapable of rational or moral discernment — witness the face mask hordes. And those hordes are fearful; frightened of dying, and terrified of being thought one of those bad, anti-v’axe conspiracy-nutter Hitlers. And so the poor fools will bring in their own unfortunate children to be poisoned by people more evil than H-man. Crazy. And the wicked power knows it. That wicked power knows it has a huge number of people under a spell and can induce them to do monstrous things, and so, being wicked, the wicked power will proceed with its wicked plan. And parents will kill and injure their own children.

    The Devil will say, “I’m not forcing anyone, they freely choose.”

    “Oh no”, one may reply, “you lied about the jab’s effects, Devil, you threatened to take their jobs, and you told them good people get jabbed and refuseniks are hitlers.”

    “It’s true”, says Mr. D, “I may have exaggerated the jab’s benefits while downplaying the downsides, but every patent medicine salesman does the same, people know that, just as people know never to trust politicians, lawyers, or media, so that’s not on me. The evidence was out there for anyone who bothered to look. And people were free to quit their job and take another if they didn’t want the jab, nobody forced the jab anyone. It’s just that many found it easier to get jabbed and bitch about it rather than get another job. And as for the claim I used social pressure to adversely influence people, everyone knows social pressure is no guarantee of moral correctness, and that “I was only following orders”, or, “I was only following the herd” does not relieve a man from the consequences of his own turpitude. So I reject your accusation that I am to blame and point the finger back at you”.

    “We’re it not for your own sin”, continued the Devil, “I would have no power over you. We’re it not for your own ill-disciplined desires, pride, stupidity, lies, and folly, you would turn a deaf ear to my nonsense. If you had listened to that fellow from Nazareth, who directed you to the narrow path, and had faithfully followed it, you never would have gotten lost in my swamp. No sir. Not on me. Look in the mirror, and search your own stony heart.”

    Saying this, the Evil One fixed his fiery eyes on mine while extending a bony forefinger at my chest and hissing, j’accuse!”

  4. “Whatever the answer, the result is the same.”

    We are surrounded by…
    willfully ignorant dupes, saturated in social media and seed oils. who view experts as parental substitutes. As do researchers and commentators nourished on daily exhortations of mommy/daddy sez. Our socio-political landscape has morphed into a playpen! What if they gave a safe and effective photo-op and nobody came, nor commented, and people ignored them for a year? What would we do with ourselves, but get stronger, wiser, and realize:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” — H. L. Mencken

    Note: in addition to the vexx being, arguably, a bio-weapon altering our genetic code, who knows its effects on gender? In partnership with the rainbow agenda, the code words = do not breed

  5. Briggs writes “Somebody on Twitter suggested to me that the CDC panel was bribed (a picture of this group, proving physiognomy does not lie, head today’s post). No. They didn’t need bribing. Not with money, at any rate.”

    While bribery isn’t the total picture, it certainly must figure prominently. For example, The “CDC Foundation” might be looked at as a giant government agency slush fund (they are Legion), in that it receives tens of millions of dollars every year from the very same companies that the CDC and FDA are tasked with regulating, including and especially Pfizer.

    Might not a corrupt gov’t agency and its leaders be inclined to approve, and even mandate, almost anything, if it receives tens of millions in donations to it’s slush fund, and its leaders make personal commissions? Didn’t Dr. Fraudci’s personal wealth increase by $5 million during the past two years?

    For many articles on this topic, most of them tasked with smothering the facts, just google “CDC foundation receives large donations from Pfizer” at DuckDuckGo:

  6. Maybe more American will awaken to the fact their govt hates them and wants to kill as many of them as possible because of overpopulation and the burden on Social Security and Medicare. Most Americans will be jake with this depopulation agenda (gee, why are so many depopulation ideologues involved with these kill shots?) and will continue to vote for the leaders of the death cult.

    Remember back in the glorious 2010 midterms when the Tea Party blowed-up the HOR and took it over with a massive flip of seats?

    Was the result an increase in Constitutional Govt and an increase of liberty?


    Did the 2010 Midterms result in the GOP repealing one Anti White Discrimination action program or act?


    But keep voting because it really matters

  7. The real reason is this now ensures that the vexxine makers can no longer be sued.

    Gotta keep those Pharma bucks rolling in.

  8. How quickly dost the speed of THE SCIENCE ™ trample the young b’neath it’s perilous wheel.

  9. Abortionists, anti-motherhood, anti-children, anti-parents. Grab the kids and poison them, mutilate them, drug them up and teach them to hate.

    The Lunatic Left has gone full demonic. It’s horrifying. Decency is dead. There is no way to fix these sickos; no human way. You can pray for their souls, but it’s up to God to deal with them as He chooses. If it was up to me, well… I’d rather not say it in public.

  10. Well said, Hagfish Bagpipe:

    “We’re it not for your own sin”, continued the Devil, “I would have no power over you. We’re it not for your own ill-disciplined desires, pride, stupidity, lies, and folly, you would turn a deaf ear to my nonsense. If you had listened to that fellow from Nazareth, who directed you to the narrow path, and had faithfully followed it, you never would have gotten lost in my swamp. No sir. Not on me. Look in the mirror, and search your own stony heart.”

    That is the whole reason that our country and church are in such messes!! Receive Jesus of Nazareth for His salvation to be yours, everyone!! Repent now so as to be strengthened as time goes on.

    God bless, C-Marie

  11. Fascinating.
    OT: What do you think about the sitch with the artist formerly known as “Kanye?”

  12. Broken Record Response:

    Two local mortuaries (one I talk to directly and another my friend talks to) are doing VERY well fiscally these last two years (since January 2021, before Jan of that year, things were a little dicey). They bank accounts are doing very well. Mortgages are paid off way earlier than expected. Can’t find enough people to hire. They are still getting the bodies picked up in a “reasonable” time, but just barely. Cooling capacity has been expanded to handle the extra flow.

    That column for “unknown” in the CDC data has been monkeyed with. I want to see procedure that lets them reduce the count on that column.

  13. One suspects there is an essential nexus of some kind between (a further enhanced) manufacturer immunity from liability and inclusion on the Routine Childhood Vaccination Schedule. Captured Regulatory Agencies do the bidding of their Captors.

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