Why School Boards Ignore Parents: Or, How The Expertocracy Works

There is still considerable confusion about our present form of government, which is a form of the managerial society predicted by Burnham, and outlined in intricate detail by Sam Francis. However, their works are still largely unread, which is a shame. If there was ever a case of predictions made and verified, their books are it.

Now we’ve all seen countless videos of school boards rolling their eyes, sighing, snorting, ignoring, and even calling the cops on angry parents. The latest row is in Dearborn, Michigan (the majority of my family hails from there). A majority of Muslim parents are incensed their children are being shown pornographic instruction manuals by pervert teachers.

Firstly, the parents are a majority, and they are furious, and are, so far, tireless, which puts lie to the theory that the most visible or angriest group gets what it wants.

Secondly, they are Muslim, and playing the religion card—which, God bless them, they should. But the school board is not being called out for “Islamophobia.” Curious, no?

In any case, given the many instances we have seen, all of a similar pattern, you’d think that the school boards would back down. A handful of board members against thousands of parents. It should be no contest.

Too, the board’s stated clients are the kids at the school, and those kids’ parents. Members ran for their offices pledging to oversee the kids’ welfare. Board members serve the kids and the parents. On paper.

But not, of course, in Reality. In Reality, they have a different master. It is that master that explains everything.

By this I do not mean, I most emphatically do not mean, that there is a conspiracy. The master I mean is not some secret cabal with a plan to reduce the population, issuing bizarre complex orders which are gleefully followed. A conspiracy just isn’t needed.

No. The master is other school board members. I mean, members on boards other than theirs. And members of the education bureaucracy above their board. It is also members of boards beside the school board, like the public health board, and the members of the bureaucracy above it.

In other words, nearly every school board member has an eye fixed on his colleagues and superiors in the Expertocracy, and not only anything below themselves, like the kids and parents.

If the Dearborn board voted to remove the explicit perverted pornography from classrooms, they wouldn’t be able to live it down. They’d have to hang their heads in shame in every gathering of Experts. (Unless, like a losing General, they can demonstrate that they were destroyed by a superior force far greater than any Expert could resist.)

If they voted for the kids and with the parents, they certainly would sacrifice their ability to climb the Expert hierarchy.

If they did their job as they swore they would, they would be committing professional and social suicide.

It isn’t only about enabling perversion and grooming. This happens on every subject on which Experts have declared a Consensus.

For instance, I wrote to every member of a school board in a very small northern Michigan town, well before they were to meet about mandating masks. I wrote a kind (yes, really) letter, filled with CDC official numbers, paper citations, my own bona fides, everything. I never received the courtesy of a reply or answer from any board member, all of whom dutifully ignored all opposition. They signaled to the health board, and state higher ups.

The precise same thing happened the other day with the CDC recommending an unneeded and potentially harmful vaccination for kids. We saw that the board members received a tsunami of requests to vote no. They ignored all of it.

They didn’t give a damn about the genuine arguments against the vaccine. They knew who their masters were.

I don’t mean they are heartless! I mean that they themselves deferred to Experts above them, Experts who assured them all would be well. Questioning, or publicly doubting, those above you is forbidden in the Expertocracy. This attitude gets to be habitual, and to them it seems not just rational, but ideal.

That’s why they got to be the designated Experts. They were picked from a sea of credentialed people with expertise, not because they were intellectually superior, but because they knew, instinctively, what the rules of the game are.

The Expertocracy is a filtering system, like any good system. This is why sometimes based school boards can still be found, because angry parents who care only about their kids can take over local boards. The higher up you go, though, the closer the fidelity to The Consensuses.

Not only is there no conspiracy, bribes aren’t needed anywhere (though the big money sets the Consensuses). The coin of the realm is flattery, not money. It works so well because it’s cheap. Experts are recruited by praise. And flattery, if accepted, enervates. It leads to pandering, and a stunted curiosity.

Learn these lessons well about the Expertocracy. The same thing we saw with the Fabulous Fauci is about the start in earnest with “climate change”.

It may seem a system based on expertise would not be a bad thing. And it wouldn’t, in a sense. Except we haven’t said here how the Expertocracy tends toward corruption and rejection of Reality. We’ll save that for later.

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  1. > not because they were intellectually superior, but because they knew, instinctively, what the rules of the game are.

    Kick down, kiss up ? the universal mo, explains a lot. The trick is to identify the hierarchy correctly.

    Michael McConkey is yet another great champion of managerial society framework; casts floods of bright light on how the experts™ operate, the all-permeating ruling meshwork that would rather remain safe in thick shadows 🙂

  2. Briggs — And the Librarians — not just school librarians, but public library librarians, who believe that their duty is to the American Librarians Association. Not the school board or the parents of the children in heir school, not to the public that owns the Public Library, but to the ALA, whose God is BOOKS (all books being sacred, therefore none may be removed or objected to).

    The run an entire fake “Banned Books Week” every year — despite the fact that there are no banned books in the USA.

  3. I sent many things on masks-not-working to the North Carolina department of health head, Doctor Mandy Cohen showing that masks do not work. She passed me off to an MPH person, and he pointed me to some very weak literature. I had a meta-analysis of randomized trials. Dr. Mandy did not give up on masks. I was told she had her sights set on bigger things in DC. I even wrote to her external science board. They did not respond.

    So much for data and analysis carrying the day.

  4. As for me and my house, we will:
    1. speak the truth,
    2. refuse assent to things we don’t know to be true.
    Solzhenitsyn is the inspiration.
    Before these two, is Serve the Lord.

  5. Kipling had quite a few appropriate words.

    If, drunk with sight of power, we loose
    Wild tongues that have not Thee in awe,
    Such boastings as the Gentiles use,
    Or lesser breeds without the Law—
    Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,
    Lest we forget—lest we forget!

    For heathen heart that puts her trust
    In reeking tube and iron shard,
    All valiant dust that builds on dust,
    And guarding, calls not Thee to guard,
    For frantic boast and foolish word—
    Thy mercy on Thy People, Lord!

  6. ”It may seem a system based on expertise would not be a bad thing. And it wouldn’t, in a sense. Except we haven’t said here how the Expertocracy tends toward corruption and rejection of Reality. We’ll save that for later.”

    “Tends toward corruption” — that is a striking, curious, and defining characteristic of this “managerial revolution”. Although “tends toward” seems too mild a descriptor for a system that aspires to be corruption personified, a system whose “managers” manage the destruction of virtue while promoting vice so as to reduce as many as possible to the status of demoralized slaves serving the perverse desires of a criminal, degenerate elite. And since everything this System does is ordered to this destructive end it is not unreasonable to think there is a conspiracy of like-minded devils driving it.

    That’s not to say they all get together in sulphur-filled rooms and hash out nefarious plots. Like-minded devils all sense the desired result and coordinate their actions intuitively, just as Christians know how to act cooperatively in accordance with their faith. At the lower levels of the power pyramid many people are simple fools who believe they’re doing the right thing, or cooperate out of cynicism, fear, or opportunism. But at the top of the pyramid they know they serve Satan, for the sake of worldly power, and for revenge against their hated enemy— the whole of mankind.

    But that’s as old as Adam and Eve. These nefarious plots have been popping up like poison mushrooms, then collapsing, since forever. And through it all men lived, and served God, and built beautiful things, often while bearing considerable burdens. Can’t change the world but you can change yourself, you can align yourself more with Christ’s teaching and join with like-minded men in your own conspiracy to build good, true, and beautiful stuff. “They” don’t rule the world. God does.

  7. Mr. Briggs,

    The Internet is full of papers and experts. Who to trust? (I trust myself.) You want the board members to listen to you because of your bona fides. However, you are telling your readers not to trust experts. Well, I guess we trust the experts who say what I want to hear.

    Firstly, I seriously doubt any teachers would show pornographic instruction manuals to children knowing the background of their students. A big difference between a book standing idly on a shelf and a teacher showing the book. Facts.

    Secondly, maybe some board members are Muslims. No religion card is needed. No parents want pornographic books in their children’s classrooms.

    The school district probably has already pulled all the books from school library shelves and classrooms

    Mr. Briggs, here is an actionable solution – volunteer to be a school board member or run for it. With flattery on board, maybe you will end up serving on the Board.

  8. JH, Whether any of the board members are Muslim is pretty easy to check:

    Two of the board members out of seven look like potential Muslims, though of the extremely assimilated sort (I think the one of them who touts involvement with the League of Women Voters is unlikely to be a fundamentalist Muslim), probably not the sort that is protesting. Unfortunately, while they have many documents available at their site, meeting minutes are conspicuously unavailable, so I cannot check their actions during the meeting.

  9. JH: “Firstly, I seriously doubt any teachers would show pornographic instruction manuals to children knowing the background of their students. A big difference between a book standing idly on a shelf and a teacher showing the book. Facts.”

    Don’t gaslight us about what teachers are introducing in the classroom. I’ve seen far too many leftist teachers say as much in their on words. Thank you, LibsofTikTok.

  10. Very true. CS Lewis’ novel That Hideous Strength and his philosophical book The Abolition of Man both also predicted the rise of the Expertocracy quite presciently.

  11. JH obviously doesn’t know about TikTok and TikTokking Teachers.

    They are showing the books to the children. They boast about that and more.

    And even if they didn’t, they shouldn’t be any more accessibly sitting idly on a school shelf any more than a vintage Playboy collection or a loaded handgun.

    If JH’s doubts could magically sprout, why, we’d have enough beans to feed all of Harlem, but well… that’s just magical wishful thinking in the end crossdressing as a skeptical doubt. I wouldn’t buy stock in his “probablies” either. This here is what we like to scientifically call useful guillablity, exactly the sort that the Expurts want infecting the voting pool.

  12. There are banned books in America. Try finding an English-language version of Nobel-prize winner Solzhenitsyn’s last book, “200 Years Together”… it was published twenty years ago in Russian, but for some reason never in English.

  13. Bgc – What term do you use for Real experts?

    Briggs October 24, 2022 at 8:36 am Bcg,

    Named individually, as per profession. E.g. statistician, physician, etc.

    I would regard 99.something percent of statisticians, physicians etc as ‘experts’ by your definition.

    I remain convinced that re-naming ‘bureaucrats’ as ‘experts’ is a rhetorical error, liable to be counter-productive.

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