Nature’s Pretend History Of “Racism” In Science

Nature’s Pretend History Of “Racism” In Science

There is no “racism”, systemic or otherwise, against blacks in science. But you are supposed to say there is, and decry it. Indeed, the less actual racism there is, the more you are expected to how bad it is. Below, we see Nature magazine’s efforts along these lines.

Now even mildly incompetent (that’s the word: mildly incompetent) black scientists are greedily sought after, feted, praised, hired, promoted. Standards are everywhere lowered for them. To increase “Diversity”.

And, of course, whenever incompetent blacks fail at their jobs, they can be assured that their faults will be blamed on others, or on mystical non-existence entities, like “whiteness.”

There not any hint of a chimera of a fantasy of “racism” toward blacks in any university, corporation, think tank, or private research group. Not one institution gives any black fewer resources or rewards because the scientist is black: the opposite is everywhere true.

Everybody knows this. We know it at the least because if any white official were to treat a black badly because of his race, it would be screamed from every orifice of the regime, and every propaganda outlet, non-stop, and for a very long time.

We do hear vague nagging wholly unspecific complaints of “racism”, where there are no individual concrete instances that can be cited, and which nobody can really define. Nobody can point to any actual person or entity doing the specific “racism”.

This is how we got the special huge edition of Nature devoted to “Racism: overcoming science’s toxic legacy.

The good news, which Nature would hate hearing, is as we saw above. There is no “racism” against blacks in science, anywhere in science. At all, in any form.

Yet they say, “For centuries, science has built a legacy of excluding people of colour and those from other historically marginalized groups from the scientific enterprise.”

No it hasn’t. There is no legacy of anything but hunger for including blacks and “people of color”. There are no groups except whites and east Asians who are negatively discriminated against, and neither of these groups would be called “historically marginalized”.

So they start with a fiction.

Hilariously, the self-hating whites who run Nature say “Nature has played a part in creating this racist legacy. After the killing of George Floyd by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 2020, Nature committed to becoming an agent of change, and helping to end discriminatory practices and systemic racism.”

What do you call confessing to a crime you never committed? And didn’t we say the other day George Floyd would be made into an honorary scientist?

Here are some instances of “racism”:

In the minds of many who do not experience it day to day, racism consists of egregious acts of violence or abuse. But that is only part of what many people experience in science.

That’s not part of anything anybody experiences in science. Nature is content to lie and say it is, because theses lies are part of the “racism” ritual. Where sins never made are confessed, for the good they think the confession does them.

It is also, in the words of Black geoscientist Martha Gilmore, a “persistent current in everyday interactions” — of belittlement, of denial of opportunity, of feeling that you do not belong.

There is no belittlement, there is no denial of opportunity. The opposite of both is true. Feeling like one does not belong, might however be real, especially is one is complaining of non-existent “racism” and demands others nod along.

“I didn’t see another Black person in computer science until more than a decade after high school,” says Juan Gilbert, now at the University of Florida in Gainesville. This is not just a problem in computer science: Black people make up 13% of the US workforce, yet received barely more than 2% of the country’s PhDs in the natural sciences and engineering in 2021. Other communities of colour are also under-represented.

This is likely true, or close enough to it. But isn’t for lack of effort and earnestness on the part of those doing the hiring. And the reasons for the dearth don’t include “racism”.

The real reason is the false god Equality, which commands not only do all people have equal capability but all must have equal desires. Blacks must have equal motivations to become scientists as east Asians. This is why any departure from equal desire is due to white “racism.”

Equality is why history must be purged. It wasn’t Equal, and should have been. Therefore it will be made Equal by purposeful forgetting of the past.

Proposals to rename buildings, remove statues and rewrite curricula have become a central theme in discussions about combating racism in academia. They are mischaracterized by some as a distraction, or an attempt to skew history.

But efforts to decolonize science and scientific spaces are as much about ensuring an accurate scientific record as righting historical wrongs.

It will ensure a deliberate inaccurate record. Look instead for the aggressive colonization of “anti-racism”. Say, George Floyd Invents Penicillin, a new statue at Nature offices.

This kind of nonsense simply cannot be cooperated with. They use this nonsense as a weapon, to put you on the defensive, so that you will accept any ridiculous program to “correct” “historical wrongs.”

When it comes to “anti-racism”, just say no.

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  1. JDaveF

    I was friends with a female black physician, who got through her training with no help from affirmative action programs, or any other programs. She told me patients, both black and white, would doubt her ability because they’d assume she got into med school and her residency program with lower qualifications that her white colleagues.

  2. jwm

    Every time the pit bull growls, someone throws it a treat to keep it quiet. The pit bull’s brain can process this.


  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs: ”They use this nonsense as a weapon…”

    Indeed. It’s odd that nonsense so flagrant would be swallowed whole by so many. I swallowed some of it myself when a young fool but once the nonsense was diagrammed by a capable teacher I quickly spit it out. That such a mess of rhetorical trickery, contradictory and nonsensical, could make people — regular people, not just Jonestown cultists! — crazy enough to commit mass-murder-suicide is quite a revelation. Explains a lot of history. Once you and Greg are done fixing the broken science, Briggs, you might get to work on fixing the broken human spirit.

  4. The immigration act of 1965 and the civil rights acts of 1964 institutionalized racism against whites in the USA. Ever since, we must pretend to believe that good is bad, true is false, beauty is ugliness, and black is white.

    The practice of Leftism is the abject denial of the existence of reality.

  5. Johnno

    “So they start with a fiction.”

    So what else is new? Atheism has been at it for awhile now. Current trends are just their bastard offspring. In fact, so too was Muh Whyte Supremacy, it’s older brother. All this concern and yet the daft revolutionaries will never pull Charles Darwin off the shelves and burn his statues… really makes you wonder…

  6. Ray

    I can easily explain systemic racism. Blacks aren’t too bright. On average, blacks score 85 points on an IQ test, a full standard deviation below whites. This means about 83 percent score less than 100 points. If you assume you need to score at least 110 points to do college level work, that’s only about 4 percent and if you asume that you need to score 120 points to become a doctor, lawyer or mathematician, that’s less than 1 percent.


    The green bar is for a narrowed scope on GPA and SAT. But the other bars might have been construed to be for the same cohorts. Unless. I misunderstand it does not make sense for the Asian cohort in more ways than one.

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