UPDATE: Everything We Warned About Official Disinformation Requiring Official Truths Was True

UPDATE: Everything We Warned About Official Disinformation Requiring Official Truths Was True

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You likely heard the news, unless all you follow is the media—whose job, as Iowahawk long ago told us, is to cover stories, with a pillow, until they stop moving.

The Department of Homeland Security has been caught, if that is the word we want, manipulating Big Tech and, in turn, Big Tech has been manipulating us.

A brilliant exposé in The Intercept lays it all out in the article “Truth Cops: Leaked Documents Outline DHS’s Plans to Police Disinformation“. The authors are Ken Klippenstein and Lee Fang. Fang has a long Twitter thread distilling the information.

Our side has been warning about the frighteningly named Department of Homeland Security since before its inception, and of course long after. Here’s one unheeded warning from 2011; another from the year before; I’d go back to the beginning, but my earlier site was hacked by global warming zealots in 2015, and most of the indexes from before then were lost.

It was impossible, as all sane predictions at the time had it, that an organization designed to root out bad foreigners on US soil would not eventually be turned against citizens. Such was predicted, and such is the case.

The DHS was created in the 9/11 panic, with little opposition, in the oppositely named Patriot Act. Which might have been the Act that specified all new government laws and rules be named by the spirit of George Orwell. Whether that little joke is true, the end result is the same. Government names now always lie.

Now we all recall the publicly abortive attempt to create a Disinformation Governance Board. That is, the public aspects of that agency, part of the DHS, were put on hold. The secretive ones were not. As we all predicted.

As I’ve said a hundred times, if there is Official Disinformation, there must necessarily exist Official Truths. And there must necessarily exist an agency, or agencies, charged with promulgating, disseminating, and creating and curating those Official Truths. This all must be so. There is no other way if there is any notion of Official Disinformation.

I can’t quote the whole article, which should be read. But here’s a couple of juicy bits.

There is also a formalized process for government officials to directly flag content on Facebook or Instagram and request that it be throttled or suppressed through a special Facebook portal that requires a government or law enforcement email to use. At the time of writing, the “content request system” at facebook.com/xtakedowns/login is still live. DHS and Meta, the parent company of Facebook, did not respond to a request for comment. The FBI declined to comment.

Did they indeed.

The stepped up counter-disinformation effort began in 2018 following high-profile hacking incidents of U.S. firms, when Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency Act, forming a new wing of DHS devoted to protecting critical national infrastructure…

From the outset, CISA boasted of an “evolved mission” to monitor social media discussions while “routing disinformation concerns” to private sector platforms.

Who signed it? Never mind.

Following up on the platforms angle, Fang tweeted “DHS official working on disinfo noted, during an internal strategy discussion, that the agency should use third party nonprofits as a ‘clearing house for information to avoid the appearance of government propaganda.'” (There is a pic of the language used in the DHS document.)

This is another prediction of ours verified. I picked universities, and their offshoots, as the most likely third party Official Truth factories and blessing agencies. This looks more like fund-raising organizations like ADL and SPLC. I’m not sure of the mix.

But whoever these third parties are, because of the Expansion Team Effect, it’s always possible to find Experts willing to provide whatever Official Truth, or whatever The Science, you need. The government will always be able to say “It’s not us, it’s Experts.” And they’ll always forget to tell you it was they, the government, who picked the Experts.

Incidentally, the DHS has not stopped its efforts. They are working now to fortify the 2022 election, like how they quashed the Hunter Biden laptop story, among other things. This exposé has not stopped them, nor will it stop them.

What about Twitter?

You think Musk might be your Reality-based speech hero on Twitter? Well, you might be right. But I’m guessing you’re wrong. He’s already out praising Yoel Roth, who (with the DHS) fortified Twitter in the 2020 election, a man who spoke of “ACTUAL NAZIS IN THE WHITE HOUSE” (caps original). Actual Nazis in the White House. Sigh.

No, Musk is at Twitter to make money. He wants to charge suckers a hundred bucks a year to join the Blue Checka. He’s not going to make war against the entire government.

Late addition:

Update Sigh. As predicted. Censorship remains in place.


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  1. Russo

    Fascinating. I will take exception to Mearsheimer stating that the United States is a democracy; it is most decidedly not a democracy. It is a Federal Republic. Indeed, “democracy” is never mentioned in our Constitution, whereas a guarantee of a “Republican form of government” explicitly is spelled out.

  2. john b()

    Listening on Spotify

    Sounds good

    Searched on “william m briggs”

  3. john b()

    I do agree

    Trump is not/was not the where all/be all

    I blame him for “Operation Warp Speed” which is another name for the “Speed of Science”

    Not the biggest Musk fan

  4. BadThinker

    @Russo are you still living in 1970? We are clearly a Liberal Democracy. Just because some dusty document in a museum says otherwise doesn’t change reality. Open your eyes!

  5. Russo

    @BadThinker: funny! You know someone who was brutally educated to the fact that ours is a Republic was our favorite harridan: hrc. She has bitched about losing because our country is a Republic ever since her second failed attempt at hoodwinking the great unwashed into electing her to the presidency.

    Imagine being “the smartest person in the room” and “the most qualified candidate for the presidency ever”, and apparently not even knowing that Electoral College exists! Proof in and of itself that she was not qualified for any role in the federal government; much less the presidency.

  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    There’s something fishy going on here.

  7. DAA

    Innocent question about the USA: when the Chief of Staff of the US Armed Forces (if that is the title) says that they swore to protect the Constitution and not a people, what do you want? They’d rather die for an ideal out of the enlightenment, than for some real reason, to wit, people. Care not for a system, care for the truth. Wherever it may lead you.

  8. John B()

    DAA …protect the Constitution and not a people…

    We the People … Preamble to the Constitution

    …government of the people, by the people, for the people… Abraham Lincoln

    DAA – I don’t see a problem, maybe you could elucidate further

  9. john b()


    I believe there are people who don’t know the Constitution
    … they’ve never read the Constitution
    … they don’t understand the Constitution

  10. Vermont Crank

    Our crummy form of government is a representative democracy and The Preamble refers to the white European people-essentially one common people of the same race language culture and Christian faith- and the posterity referred to in the preamble refers to their white European Christians descendants and not to Bobby Jindal or Tim Scott

    However, The Civil Rights Act of the 1960s made anti white male discrimination the law that replaced the constitution but if you vote GOP in the midterms that red tsunami will cleanse These United Stated of all the Constitutional statuary schisms

  11. DAA

    To John B() and john b() (the same person?): I believe that that answer, given in the context of the elections of 2020, tells that we are discussing the wrong thing. Like the phrase “no taxation without representation”. Which is best: the present representation with the known results or the previous taxation, without representation? Even the supposed british representation covered less than 20% of the population. They had already tens of millions of people and some tens of thousands elected Westminster. What is this, after all? Eg, discussion about the USA: republic or democracy? What about people’s lives? Electoral college or direct election? Finally, who and how was the Constitution drafted? Was it “we the people”? Or some lawyers and financiers who decided for all? How can we be satisfied with some theoretical assumption when we know that those who vote can never, ever, represent? The old regime was more “democratic” in a way. I am afraid that no regime will ever replace a people’s morality. That is why they decided to erode it: then and only then, democracy becomes the regime for evil. And no need to steal elections.

  12. BadThinker

    My point simply is that if you need a piece of paper to ‘protect’ your rights, then you’ve already lost. The endarkenment was a disaster for humanity, and John Locke was just a lesser evil among many greater ones.

  13. DAA

    To put in another way, simpler way: the military exist to defend materially a nation, not a regime. That statement by the Chief of Staff is worrying. We should spare our efforts for the real thing and not waste our time discussing whether we live in this or that regime. A king can be a good or a bad thing. A nation-state that is 900 years old has to have necessarily a different regime from a recent 250 year old country that cannot yet be called a nation by any standards. Another example: is it correct to kill someone, just because you are a law enforcer and you have some suspicion about someone? And yet it seems that if someone runs from the police, the police can shoot that person in the back. Rationale: they had that legal prerogative. They made a judgement call. What about the actual deed, the real thing? The law is replacing the reality that the law should help to uphold. Murder is against the law because it is morally wrong. Not the other way. I apologize, but I see what I want to say, but words fail me.

  14. Vermont Crank

    The several states sent representatives to Philadelphia to re-work the Articles of Confederation but those representatives broke their vows to represent the several states in reworking/strengthening the Articles of Confederation by staging a silent coup and presenting to the states the US Constitution and sought approval for their lies and treasonous coup.

    This being America, of course the liar’s coup was approved even though the majority of the several states thought they retained their soverignity and could quit the Coup if it thought their state was being screwed; that is, the states which ratified the Constitution thought it retained the right, moral and legal, to secede from the Coup.


    Now, how many years have you heard the GOP say it would restore the Constitution (Chickens coming home to roost in the coup) and elect judges that would restore the original intent, of the Coup?

    I am the same age as Israel and I have never heard anything other than that from them and they never speak to the double govt we have with the secret part infinitely stronger than the putative power possessed by the political liars we elect.


    Ezechiel writes beautifully of the wonders of Tyre, how it was beautiful and powerful and how its then leader was seen as one possessed of the wisdom of David and then how it was destroyed by God because its King (Like an American POTUS) thought he was God.



    Our once beautiful powerful and impressive America is following the same path as Tyre and voting will not change it.

    IF a POTUS publicly repented of American sins and put on sack cloth and ashes, did penance and asked all Americans to join him…

    Come on, we all know that will never happen.

  15. I was just reading about the origin of the term disinformation and that it really comes from the Russian term instead of the vice versa.
    And I’m reading The Secret Team.
    Sounding good though.

  16. C-Marie

    Actually, regarding ” Murder is against the law because it is morally wrong .” …. the murder of unborn children is legal here in the United States of America and yet abortion is morally wrong …. they are evil sacrifices to the god of self’s desires …. Abortion is America’s first legal right to kill innocents… are more coming???

    No wonder our country is under God’s judgment. Killing His children …. making mockeries of His creation of human sexuality …. mockery of His creation of marriage …. desiring the things of the earth more than Him and His gifts to us …

    God bless, C-Marie

  17. Ann Cherry

    Professor Briggs, I wouldn’t be too hard on Elon Musk; he is, after all, a businessman, even if he IS being strong-armed to provide StarLink to Ukraine at his company’s own expense.

    Elon tweeted that Twitter has been losing $4 million per month, and even Jack Dorsey recently admitted he “grew Twitter too fast.”

    The Chief Twit (his own chosen title) just fired an entire Twitter department, formerly known as the “Human Rights Team”; they were “enormously proud of the work they did to implement the U.N. Guiding Principals.”

    Human Rights Experts™ have denounced this as Elon Musk’s ‘Ominous Start’ to Twitter….Ominous for THEM, anyway, since their whole department was fired, and they’ll now have to get jobs as coal miners, or maybe learn to code:


    Here are 27 OTHER positions At Twitter most likely to be eliminated, according to the Newspaper of Record, Babylon Bee:


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