Every Place On Earth Warming Faster Than Every Other Place On Earth

Every Place On Earth Warming Faster Than Every Other Place On Earth
Science Gone Wild with William M Briggs
Science Gone Wild with William M Briggs
Every Place On Earth Warming Faster Than Every Other Place On Earth

There is more material in the podcast that I had time to transcribe. Listen on Bitchute, or Gab.

The other day we saw a UN report which claimed that “billions live in regions that have already experienced warming greater than the global average.”

They didn’t say where those regions were, a strange lacuna for such a large number of souls. I thought this an interesting question, so I looked it up, searching with terms like “warming faster than rest of the world” and the like. I used the Regime-approved search engine Google.

Here are the regions of the world which Regime-approved government and media sources—I would never quote from conspiracy-believing denier sites!—think are warming faster than the rest of the world. I believe all of these links are from the last year or two. I did not cheat and use anything from the 2000s or earlier.

Have I left anywhere out? I grew bored with the task after thirty minutes, especially when I started to do each individual state. I invite to try your own search and fill in those geographic areas (if any) that I missed.

We all live in Lake Woeonus, where it’s always worse than we thought, there are always five years left to SAVE THE PLANET!, and all the temperatures are rising faster than average.

I’ll save the larger, and more important, conclusion that models, and those that create them, cannot be trusted for another day.

I was scooped on this by at least three years. Here’s a guy who found that same “twice as high” goofiness three years ago.

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  1. It’s hilarious. The government can mandate any blatant nonsense due to “science” and the plebs follow dutifully along. It has always been thus, thanks to the intarw3bz we can see it clearly now.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”We all live in Lake Woeonus, where it’s always worse than we thought, there are always five years left to SAVE THE PLANET!, and all the temperatures are rising faster than average.”

    Trouble! Ya got trouble, my friend, right here,
    I say, trouble right here in River City,
    And that starts with T and that rhymes with C
    And that stands for CLIMATE!

  3. Chaeremon

    With the digitization of press products as cheapest spacers between billion-dollar generating advertising blocks, character assassination & damage to reputation & academizated junk have jumped to the top of journalistic content.

  4. JohnM

    “Science is Settled” is the most unscientific bilge ever spoken. I went to University in the late 1950s. During the first week the Head of Department gave a talk and in it he taught us the little poem of Rudyard Kipling ;-

    I keep six honest serving-men;
    (They taught me all I know).
    Their names are What and Where and When
    and How and Why and Who.

    We were encouraged to use one of these word if a Lecturer made an unsubstantiated statement.

    Such a talk would not be given today. Students are taught WHAT to think, not HOW to think.

  5. Kip Hansen

    Briggs ==> They may be half-right by accident. If the whole planet is truly warming, then 1/2 of the world’s place have to be warming faster than average (while the other half warms slower than average.) That’s how “average” works.

  6. Daiva

    By luck, dear Kip, by sheer luck not quite accident. You’d be kindly advised to get your act right, ie try a byte harder to keep up to date with current lingua trends ;-b

    >> In the face of so much uncertainty, getting something right had a hefty element of luck.
    >> In some instances, the right people were right for the wrong reasons. In other instances, they had a prescient understanding of the available information.
    (h/t Emily-y’know-what, aka trial balloon pilot)

  7. David Kindltot

    Next you can do “Every major river in the world is suffering from the effects of drought this year”

  8. Cloudbuster

    You’ve got it all wrong, Briggs. There’s undoubtedly some very small, undisclosed piece of the planet’s surface that has cooled so dramatically that it’s throwing off the average!

  9. Cloudbuster

    Kip: “(while the other half warms slower than average.)”

    Based on the locations Briggs lists, I defy you to identify the half of the world that’s warming slower than average.

  10. Yancey Ward

    There is a 1 meter square spot, somewhere on the planet, that is at minus 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 degrees.

  11. gareth


    Great stuff, and I’ve made a note to use this sillyness in the Abington Guinea Pig’s Early Spring Prediction next Candlemass (aka Groundhog day, when each year the guinea pig predicts an early spring and various parody false climate prophets explain why it’s all doom and our fault). However…


    As any (physicist) fule of course know, the “Globe” is composed of different materials, in different phases, is rotating and sunny on one side only – and wobbles a bit in its solar orbit.

    And that temperature is an intrinsic property of matter. So – you can add up the temperatures of a lump of ice, some gin, a splash of tonic and a slice of lemon, divide by four and announce the result in a peer reviewed paper but it don’t mean nuffin useful.

    But this is what these charlatans are doing – and nobody questions it. Maybe it’s time we started. Even “so, tell me, what is the current temperature of the globe? And how will we know if it’s 1.5oC warmer?”

    Maybe worth some thought and a post?

  12. Vermont Crank


    You are a blast to read Briggs.

    Laughing at liberals is fun and dangerous.

    I hope they don’t ever get to you and by “they” I mean the Tribe that controls discourse in America

  13. C.R.Dickson

    For gareth:
    You can find posts about numbers, averages, and temperatures as they pertain to averages and climate change at these four links. The posts are 2 to 3 pages long and are illustrated. Together, I think it gives a good picture (though hardly complete) of how science (the method, process, practice, etc) is supposed to work.
    1) The Scientific Process, 2) Numbers in Science, 3) and Pathological Science 4) Temp Anomalies
    These links have been posted here before, so I hope repeating them again is OK. Science is dead in the US, but a slight glimmer remains in Europe where you can see links to three of these articles: https://meteo.lcd.lu/ . Scroll down at the site … I’m just below Roy Spencer.

  14. gareth


    Thanks, I scanned the linked articles. And “yes, we know (most of) that”. However my point is that there is meaningless to talk about global temperature, or average temperature, or even regional temperature. And using temperature anomalies does not fix this.

    The reason is that temperature is an intrinsic property property of matter, as opposed to extrinsic: you can take a series of temperatures of different samples of matter and calculate the average, but that average (oC, oF, Kelvin or Rankine) has no meaning, except as a kind of hand-waving proxy for heat (Joules).

    Take my silly example from before: if I tell you that the ice was at -15oC, the gin at 20oC, the tonic and lemon both at 5oC, what is the temperature of the whole? 3.75oC? Answer: We don’t know. We don’t have the masses of each element, nor the specific heat capacities, nor the latent heat, nor any knowledge of the environment.

    Now try this with a planet composed of many different materials, with different specific heat capacities, water in three phases, gasses at varying pressures, one side sunny, the other dark, rotating, heating, cooling all at the same time… It has no “temperature” in any meaningful sense. And if it has no temperature, it is meaningless to discuss a future 1.5oC warming because that won’t exist either.

    See what I mean? The whole Global Doominess is underpinned by an unspoken assumption of temperature that just isn’t true.

  15. daiva

    Ty an imperial ton for your brilliant parallel! You made me see, in sharp focus 😀
    Temperature = nonsensical proxy, just as are all the clinically irrelevant biomarkers the vaccinators pull over our eyes like sticky wool.

    PS Useful addition to treasure trove of @C.R.Dickson’s links ;-b ? https://www.wmbriggs.com/post/43453/#comment-212516

  16. Alfred Naujocks

    I’m not very bright (obviously) but it seems to me that half of all the data points will lie to the right of the center of mass.
    So only half of the “places” are warming faster than every place else…er…right?

  17. Alfred Naujocks

    PS To combat this, I recently purchased a second pair of shorts.

  18. ScienceABC123

    I guess it’s the “natural” outcome of having to invent facts to support you point of view…

  19. Dan Tige

    Great post. I had a laugh today when I read this article: https:/lin/www.eurekalert.org/news-releases/972047

    I sent a link to your post to the study contact: Paul Glantz in Stockholm.

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