Bad Ideas Never Die: Why They’ll Still Come For Gas Stoves — Guest Post by Otto Moibul

Bad Ideas Never Die: Why They’ll Still Come For Gas Stoves  — Guest Post by Otto Moibul

In this space, our host eviscerated the study on which the recommendation to do away with gas stove was based on. What was hilarious was that overnight, experts, congress critters, and pundits put out fully formed positions against gas stoves that they spewed on social media.

No one objected to gas stoves the week before, the year before, the decade before, or ever. But once Richard Trumka, Jr. had spoken, everyone who thought they were someone scrambled to line up behind him and this ridiculous idea.

I would be willing to wager that 90% of those are who newly against gas stoves have one installed in their kitchen. And 10% of those might actually do a spot of cooking on occasion. It is well known that the restaurant-quality gas stove is often a fixture in homes that do little or no cooking, but having such a stove is a marvelous means to show off one’s wealth.

When I was a wee lad, my family lived in an area that was prone to blackouts. The slightest bit of wind could mean hours of sitting in the dark, with only a kerosene lamp for light. My father would roll a sheet of newspaper very tightly and touch the flame on the gas stove to ignite the lamp and little lumps of leftover Christmas candles retrieved from the backs of drawers.

The stove wasn’t generally used for cooking, as the blackouts conveniently often occurred after dinner, but kettle might be put on for a boil for a cup of instant coffee or as a means to “wrench” the dishes. (In our peculiar vocabulary, to wrench was to rinse.)

The furor has subsided, with declarations of “Joe Biden isn’t banning gas stoves.” But it’s not clear that a truce is in place. One’s position on gas stoves seems to have devolved into a Red vs. Blue issue, where Red is doing the cooking and the Blue is ordering from Uber Eats.

One thing is certain: Bad ideas never die.

Maybe it won’t be this year or next year, but there will be a time when someone will march out the “gas stoves cause XYZ and must be eliminated” trope. Since the idea will be relatively fresh, historically speaking, as a collective, we may be more open to it.

The reception the second time around will be a little warmer (no pun intended). In the meantime, before there is any sort of mandate or regulatory supervision, forward-thinking one-time gas stove lovers—looking for a replacement stove—may deliberately give electric stoves a second look, especially if there is the lurking thought that in some period of years they may have to go through the hassle and expense of de-installing a gas stove to replace it with electric.

They may opt for electric to pre-empt any potential future headache. Consequently, the demand for gas stoves may drop without anyone actually doing anything other than sounding off on Twitter.

With this recent coverage, the barrier has been breached and the idea is “out there” on its own without a leash, there is no one to rein it in. There is no one to say, “Let’s have a second look at this study with a sample of children (N=9).” There is no expert saying, “Gas stoves have their place in kitchens of America, and we must honor that.”

No. The experts are in retreat, and will come forward to attack after they have had a chance to marshal their resources, re-frame their arguments, and get some regulators on their side.

The people, the largely Red people, must not sleep. They must be ready for this new attack and be prepared for it. Otherwise, this very bad idea has a very good chance of seeing the light of day.

Remember: If you like your gas stove, you can keep it.

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  1. MadPiper

    First gas stoves followed by gas grills, clothes dryers, and generators. oh, and your home heating system.

    Nothing like increasing electrical consumption when generation is already stressed.

  2. JohnM

    My mother in the UK often would say, “(Something/somebody) has turned up like a bad penny”. One time I asked her what she meant. She explained that if one is given counterfeit money and one is able to pass it of to someone else, then “As sure as eggs is (sic) eggs***” you will receive it back.

    i.e. Another confirmation that ‘Bad ideas never die.’

    *** Another of her countless aphorisms.

  3. imnobody00

    As somebody said on the Internet, it will be silent. You will go to buy some stove and gas stoves won’t be available. Only electric stoves will be in the shop. When you ask, they will tell you: “Companies don’t make gas stoves anymore. It seems that they are not profitable”. When you complain, they will tell you: “But it’s a good thing! It is for the planet!” It is the Law of Merited Impossibility: “This is not happening, you paranoid, but it is a good thing that it happens”.

  4. Burp

    In my neck of the woods, a local chemistry boffin was interviewed by the media and advocated against gas ranges, based on a study they were involved in. I checked their paper. They measured various NOx in a house for a couple of months. Elevated NOx, still in the low ppb levels mind you and hardly dangerous, was caused by cooking and that house had a gas range. The paper did not attribute NOx to the gas. No comparative study was performed on a residence that cooked the same menu for the same number of meals with electric, and no study was performed on a residence with the gas burners turned on for the same amount of time but without cooking. So much of science has fallen prey to high-tech machinery that year by year can measure smaller and smaller amounts, and thus deal with more and more trivial subject matter. And this is compounded by *experts* who bask in the limelight trained on them by the ignorant and gullible media. We see this in spades with climate change, polar bears, covid, vaccines, mercury…

  5. Our city council is now getting form emails from people all around the town (and outside it) asking why they haven’t banned gas stoves yet.

  6. spudjr60

    They have already done it with automatic dishwashers.

  7. Hagfish Bagpipe

    “What sort of stove have you made for us, Mr. Franklin?”

    “A gas stove — if you can keep it.”

  8. Rudolph Harrier

    One of the surest ways to tell that the left is planning to do something is when they say that the right would look foolish if they claimed the left was going to do that.

  9. Incitadus

    is…that is.

  10. Cary Cotterman

    Incitadus–I have no doubt it’s real. And her mask will be just as affective against natural gas as it was for corona virus.

  11. Cary Cotterman

    effective, of course. (Briggs–an edit function, please!)

  12. awildgoose


    They will do the same thing with gasoline.

    Eventually they will stop delivering to rural gas stations that will shut due to lack of business.

    They will proceed to shut gas stations closer and closer to urban areas with the goal of forcing everyone into their Smart Cities.

  13. A J Foyt

    Since when was this any of the governments business?

  14. Ann Cherry

    Good post, Otto Moibul. You rightly noted how bad ideas never die. We can also explain “why”: because the bad ideas are useful to the right people.

    “Altho the end be last in order of execution, it is first in order of intention.” -St. Thomas Aquinas

    In this case, the end goal is not reducing childhood asthma; rather, the end goal is an off-switch, and that requires all-electric, with the emphasis on “all”.

    Forced collectivism requires there be no control group of free people. Hence, EVERYONE must use electricity to run their cars and appliances, just as EVERYONE must be vexinated, and soon, EVERYONE must give up beef and butter, in exchange for bugs and seed oils.

    They are passionate about this “sameness” of (what they consider) the masses, because it is the only way they can SET THEMSELVES APART. We’ve said it before, in various ways: this sense of exclusivity is their Little Blue Pill.

    We will dine on bugs while they dine on Kobe beef.

    We will wear masks, and fly commercial, while they go maskless (unless the cameras are rolling), and fly private jets.

    Despite (totally engineered) “energy shortages” and inevitable “power grid failures” we will be all-electric, with “smart” meters that can dial down and shut off our power if we’re deemed non-essential.

    (Hey, if they can keep you from working, or shut down your business because you’re deemed “non-essential”, they can bloody well shut off your power for the same reason. They’ll do it because they can.)

    Lastly, the truly special elites are fine with rattling their sabres at Russia, because they have nuclear bunkers, with years of power and food supplies, and so think they will withstand a “limited nuclear war” and that it might even “slow down climate change.”

    Yes, these syphilitic “elites” have lost their effin’ minds, but the guy who said “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” wasn’t just whistling Dixie.

    First they came for our stoves……

  15. Ann Cherry

    Gas stoves may be the least of our worries, Otto. Here’s a nice short video featuring Klaus Schwab’s co-conspirator, Yuval Noah Harari, who may be familiar to Briggs readers.

    [Here is a litmus test: If these people make you want to vomit on their shoes, then you’re probably sane.]

    “Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab’s lead advisor at the Word Economic Forum, has announced that human beings are no better than “viruses or bananas” and the WEF has now reached the point where they can “hack humanity.”

    “According to Harari, the idea that humans have free will is over, and for those who oppose, there will be no escaping what Harari refers to as the “Secret Police.”

    “The messaging coming out of the WEF is becoming increasingly sinister, with Klaus Schwab taking on the role of terrorist group leader, using communications channels to issue ultimatums to humanity. Do what I say, or else.

    “According to Schwab, the new internet will only be available to those who submit to the WEF’s biometric digital ID.”

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