Regime Now Coming For Your Gas Stove. Yes, Really. They “Cause” Asthma

Regime Now Coming For Your Gas Stove. Yes, Really. They “Cause” Asthma

Since many won’t believe it:

And in a remarkable coincidence, this also came out yesterday:

So the Regime is coming for gas stoves. Not their gas stoves: Regime chiefs’ chefs will certainly still be allowed to use them. Your gas stoves are “toxic“. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission commissioner Richard Trumka “said a complete ban on new gas stoves was ‘a real possibility.'”

Because they can. They can ban anything they like.

Because “climate crisis” and because, at least for now, “asthma”. Perhaps they will add “sudden deaths” to the list soon.

Anyway, the peer-reviewed paper is “Population Attributable Fraction of Gas Stoves and Childhood Asthma in the United States” by Gruenwald and others in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

TL;DR: epidemiologist fallacy and wee p-values; children’s exposure to gas stoves never measured, confusion of correlation and causation.

Abstract (my paragraphifications):

Indoor gas stove use for cooking is associated with an increased risk of current asthma among children and is prevalent in 35% of households in the United States (US). The population-level implications of gas cooking are largely unrecognized.

We quantified the population attributable fraction (PAF) for gas stove use and current childhood asthma in the US. Effect sizes previously reported by meta-analyses for current asthma (Odds Ratio = 1.34, 95% Confidence Interval (CI) = 1.12–1.57) were utilized in the PAF estimations.

The proportion of children (<18 years old) exposed to gas stoves was obtained from the American Housing Survey for the US, and states with available data (n = 9). We found that 12.7% (95% CI = 6.3–19.3%) of current childhood asthma in the US is attributable to gas stove use... Our results quantify the US public health burden attributed to gas stove use and childhood asthma. Further research is needed to quantify the burden experienced at the county levels, as well as the impacts of implementing mitigation strategies through intervention studies.

Sigh. There it is, the epidemiologist fallacy in its full glory. Number of kids “exposed to gas stoves was obtained from the American Housing Survey for the US, and states with available data (n = 9).”

Not one kid’s exposure to gas stoves was ever measured. Just some hand-wavy proxy for it.

And then the purposeful lazy sloppy forgetting that the proxy is a proxy. Not even a gesture of taking into account of calling the proxy the actual measure—even though they falsely (probably through ignorance) say they have “quantified our uncertainty”. They did not. Which makes the results of no use.

No use to science: no use to you. The results will be very useful to the Regime, though.

I’ve said it many times, and you’ve read it many times: without this fallacy, the field of epidemiology would dry up.

How do they keep getting away with confusing correlation with causation? Because everybody does it!

As depressing as that answer is, it’s the truth. Because there is a sea of Expert epidemiologists using this fallacy, pumping out result after result, the other epidemiologists look at this mess and say to themselves, “This must be the right thing to do.” So they do it, too.

Because everybody does, as I said.

I haven’t seen this particular “study” cited by the Regime yet. Trumka was only going on about “indoor air quality”. But the propaganda push is only just beginning. So look for it.

People have been using gas stoves for uncountable number of years, with no problem. Only now a “problem”, or rather “problems”, are identified. Curious timing, no?

Incidentally, Norwegians don’t have gas cooking stoves, but one estimate says some 20% of kids have asthma (which I don’t believe, too high, but there you go).

I was also told that “the lead authors of the study are from the Rocky Mountain Institute and Rewiring America, both anti-fossil fuel and electrification advocacy organizations.”

What a, uh, shock.

I wonder what kind of relationship they have with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Twitter has many “independent” sources, many in the academy, who “suddenly” over the last two days have come out against gas stoves.

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  1. DAA

    Isn’t it how science has progressed? I have a hypothesis, I get a result equal to what that predicts, hence I have proven it? I mean, we have B, we say A=>B, and then when we do have A and get B, there you have it. But the only way you can say something is by having ~B=>~A. I mean, we induce in reality, not deduce, but isn’t everything a bir precarious? Of course, you say water puts out fire and need not a study to prove it (there are exceptions to this, but I mean old fashioned wood fire). This goes back to the nature of knowledge. And the confusion between science and technology, when people say that all this tech can only mean that we “know”.

  2. DAA

    Added: I am not Popperian or anti-Popperian. The nature of knowledge is intellectual. Reason is an instrument. And we must factor in the Original Sin, which implies a weakened intellect.

  3. DAA

    Again, and I apologize. Reason as in ratio, not as in Logos.

  4. mike fink

    A wood cookstove could fit the bill. They do double duty as a central heat source. I know they are trying to ban wood stoves too, but it is much harder for them to cut off access to the fuel supply.

  5. “I wonder what kind of relationship they have with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.”

    When I was naive, in the mid-1990s, I invented and received a patent on, a solution to the #1 cause of home fires in the US, unattended cooking. A simple, easy to use, intuitive device, cost about $1 per stove burner. It would stop about 95% of the millions of unattended cooking fires each year.

    Coincidentally with my patent, the CPSC had a working group with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) formed to find a solution to unattended cooking fires. I arranged a demonstration of my prototype for CPSC.

    At my CPSC demonstration, the attendees included CPSC staff, NIST staff, and the Washington rep of the Home Appliance Manufacturers Association. It was obvious who was interested in my solution, and who wasn’t. A couple of the CPSC technical staff were interested. The CPSC and NIST managers had zero interest, and the manufacturers rep was dismissive.

    The official response from the group came from the “Human Factors” engineer: “We cannot support a solution that requires users to change their behavior.” My device is a timer dial incorporated around each burner control knob. To energize the burner, the timer must be set first. When the time expires, the burner is switched off. That was too much “behavior change.”

    The CPSC/NIST technical group published their “research.” Instead of focusing on stopping unattended cooking by turning off the burner when no one was watching, they carried out experiments on technical methods to detect fire ignition. They tested space-age sensors for heat, particulates, motion detectors, and other signals. Their result? There is no way to reliably differentiate between normal states of attended cooking (heat, particulates, etc) and near-ignition, unattended cooking. “There is no technical solution to unattended cooking fires.”

    Thus began my 10 year battle with CPSC/NIST and appliance manufacturers.

    The next year they went through the charade of an “Unattended Cooking Fire Prevention” year. This included a technical conference at which I presented my solution: “Time, the controllable variable.”

    After a few years, hiring a couple retired appliance industry veterans, and a hallway discussion with a CPSC technical staff member who was about to retire, reality became clear: The appliance manufacturers were terrified of an actual solution. Because a solution would highlight the fact that their appliances were causing a billion dollars a year damages, killing and injuring thousands. They were terrified of the potential liability. And the government regulators were captured by the industry. They danced to the manufacturers’ tune. So, the government and industry collaborated in this elaborate fake facade of research and concern, with the intent of kicking the can down the road, pretending to care, and fake efforts at seeking a solution.

    At the end of their years of effort, the CPSC/NIST/Appliance Manufacturers’ recommended solution was: “If you must leave the kitchen while cooking, take a wooden spoon with you to remind you that your burner is on.”

    Moral: Government regulators are owned by external stakeholders. In the 1990s, it was the manufacturers. Today those owners are likely the “green/CO2 mafia.” The manufacturers are likely in on the gas stove scam as well–nearly all of them make electric as well as gas stoves. Replacing 40% of all stoves is a huge windfall for them.

  6. Anon

    Like everything else, at its root is money. It will cost money, and a lot of it, to replace every single gas stove in the US. It is like AOC’s proposal that every house in the US would need to be rebuilt every 10 or 20 years–which is just absurd–but this is a small piece of it. Replace the appliances. And besides, everyone is using an air fryer anyway, and who need to actually cook when they can just throw in their prepared food to warm? Just a small historical note. In the USSR, the family kitchen was one of the first things to go. Family kitchens/ family meals are outside the the purview of the state (usually)–and any kind of resistance, even mild or joking, must be stopped if it can’t be monitored.

  7. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Far more likely the asthma epidemic, as well as autism, “suddenly”, SIDS and [insert modern medical mystery plague] are caused by all the poison jabs satanic medical vampires inflict sucking life out of people in this Empire of Corruption.

    So they blame it on stoves.

  8. Patrick Gibbs

    it’s not even clear how they settled on gas stoves as a culprit. About the same percentage of homes own a dog. The same percentage DON’T own a dishwasher. Maybe doing dishes by hand causes asthma?

  9. Jim Fedako

    Come on folks, The Science ™ has spoken. Act accordingly.

    (Maybe the solution is everyone in the house masks while the gas stove is on … or just mask always)

  10. Incitadus

    What they’d actually like to ban is breathing…

  11. Vermont Crank

    Sneer all you want, Briggs

    Richard Trumka resurrected, returning to warn all of us about this malign practice and you do not even give him the time of day…

    As an aside, I can’t wait to email this to my BIL and SIL who are rebuilding in Venice, Florida after that wicked harricaine (Global warming caused, thank you) blowed-up their house. The lost the roof, every singe piece of sheet rock in the house, all appliances, all cupboards etc and they are putting in a gas stove


  12. Cary Cotterman

    Kent–My wife has a habit of cranking the burners up to eleven, then heading for the bathroom to read while stuff burns and boils over. We could really use your invention. Fortunately, she married me, and I’m a responsible stove watcher. Only works when I’m home, though.

  13. Cary Cotterman

    We don’t have any kids. Does the sinister miasma from our gas stove creep down the road and into the homes of people who do?

  14. Cary–
    Unfortunately, the manufacturers refused to implement my device. They literally do not want a solution!
    When I started paying attention to the problem (I created the solution when I nearly burned my own house down), I found that everyone you talk to has either had an unattended cooking fire, or knows someone who has. Most go unreported. More than a million a year in the USA alone.

  15. awildgoose

    This is to help you starve while you freeze to death in the dark, which has been one of the controllers’ key goals all along.

  16. cdquarles

    If I won the lottery ;p, I’d give you seed money to start making and selling those stoves. You’d be rich! We had an attended stove fire once, from grease, on an electric stove. I also know of a few restaurants that had grease fires, even though they cleaned out the traps regularly. Murphy’s Law still exists.

  17. CDQ–
    I gave up on the business–stopped paying the renewal fees for the patent for the last few years of the 13 years of protection. By that time, I’d decided that lawfare was the only use for the patent–wage class action war against the combination of the CDC/NIST and the manufacturers. Couldn’t even get a lawyer interested in that tack either–they said that courts would view unattended cooking as mostly the users’ fault, and couldn’t blame CDC/manufacturers for something they did not do.
    I have an automatic internet search for the term “unattended cooking,” that serves me results every morning. In the last 20+ years, it’s been painful to see daily reporting of devastating unattended cooking fires. One in Delaware wiped out a family of 15–four generations.
    Seems like a no-brainer, huh? Never mind–let’s eliminate gas stoves! That’s the ticket!

  18. Anon

    Vermont Crank: Trumka Sr. passed away in 2021. You’d think the AFL-CIO would update its experts webpage. The instigator here must be his son.

  19. Ann Cherry

    Dang. I’ll try again:

    A recent headline in a local paper: “Growth in electric heat set stage for blackouts in South”.

    Nothing gets past these geniuses in the Manson Media.

    Now that we’re reducing, or even eliminating the dense energy that provides a stable electrical grid, (ie coal, gas, and nuclear), rolling black-outs are necessary to keep those grids semi-functioning during extreme weather, even with most people still using gas stoves, gas cars, and gas heat.

    Imagine what will happen when they force us replace our gas cars and appliances with all-electric, while at the same time, they continue to eliminate the dense energy that provides that electricity.

    This they have promised to do. Why don’t we believe them?

    “All-electric” will of course include “smart meters” so they can shut off our individual power whenever they please (like when you need it most), just as they’re about to mandate remote shut-off switches for our cars.

    This IS a conspiracy, but it’s not a theory. They’re confident now of success, they’re telling us exactly what they have planned, and it no longer matters if their studies and models pass muster.

    Science™ is now free to campaign from the basement and avoid all debates, because the fix is in.

  20. I am doing my PhD dissertation with a focus on asthma. There are many causes for asthma, one being the westernized processed diet. So is Biden going to ban all processed food too? Don’t think so. Interestingly, while Fauci was head of the NIAID, allergy rates skyrocketed (asthma is included in allergy category), and at the same time the number of vaccines skyrocketed…hmm.

  21. C-Marie

    One thing I read in an article about the banning of gas stoves is that one is supposed to use the vent fan above the burners for some kind of health reason. Seems sensible.
    God bless, C-Marie

  22. Evangeline

    It’s about inflicting another “ban”, another emergency, another delicious LIMIT, on you slobs. What’s next, you might ask, well any damn thing they want! Somebody posted Costco ran out of eggs, NO eggs at Costco. Getting nervous yet? They want you nervous, and they want you to realize that whatever they say, idiotic, stupid, based on nothing, is sufficient cause for them to take away whatever they want to. You are not in control of anything, barely your own life. They…rule…all.
    Don’t forget it.

  23. Johnno


    The government needs some cover story to explain why there is a gigantic rise in asthma cases after they forced children to mask for the majority of the day for 2 years and counting!

    This load of gas of a story not only helps, but also fuels up the global warming propane-ganda, and could help get ahead of a predictable gas shortage caused by policies of the former!

    And you never know when some far right lunatic may refashion his gas canisters into bombs! Bomb that will be used to blow up a children’s LGBT sex change surgery hospital! WILL! NOT MAYBE! And that is all precious equipment and fuel that can be given to Ukrainians to fashion bombs to take the fight to Putin, and warm themselves and cook whenever the Russians take out their electric supply. They need it more than you! You are blessed and looked after by the energy experts in Washington!

    Plus when you are more dependent on government electrical supply to eat, then they can ensure good citizen behavior by turning it off to maximize your inconviences! And they’ll need all the gas they can get to power your future Tesla metered household remotely!

    Many birds, one stone! Think Briggs ! Think!

  24. Bob Johnston

    In 2007 I was diagnosed with asthma (no gas stove). Following my doctor’s orders I went on a steroid inhaler and promptly gained 10 lbs in a a month. My doctor told me I would always have asthma and it would get progressively worse as I got older. In frustration, I got on the internet and ending up changing my diet to low carb and particularly no wheat. My asthma completely disappeared in a couple days. I also lost 40 lbs, my hand tremors disappeared, my lifelong hayfever went away and my vision improved to the point where I no longer need glasses.

    My point is that I believe quite strongly that not only are these government toadies wrong about gas stoves they don’t even have a clue what actually causes asthma… which makes their threatened ban of gas stoves alarmingly stupid.

  25. Wilt Alston

    “I was also told that ‘the lead authors of the study are from the Rocky Mountain Institute and Rewiring America, both anti-fossil fuel and electrification advocacy organizations.’ ”

    Help me out. Do these obvious COI’s go over other people’s heads? I just wish these activist losers would TRY to be coy or something. Geez.

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