The Great Climate Anxiety Grift

The Great Climate Anxiety Grift

I, dear reader, am not a climate denier. I do not deny there is a climate. Some do: even many, given the popularity of the phrase. Further—and this follows logically—I am aware there is a climate.

Which is why I am considering registering as a climate-aware therapist.

This seems entirely natural for a man like myself: a man who is aware there is a climate and who enjoys telling people what to do.

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What is a climate-aware therapist? Glad you asked. According to the Climate Psychiatry Alliance:

A climate-aware therapist is a professionally-trained psychotherapist who recognizes that the climate crisis is both a global threat to all life on Earth and a deeply personal threat to the mental and physical well-being—the sense of safety, meaning, and purpose—of each individual, family, and community on the planet.

I lack the professional training, but if we go by the results of professionally-trained climate anxiety psychotherapists, which are driven by their training, I’m guessing I could knock out the requirements they have over a long weekend.

After that, all I have to do is “Pledge to deliver professional mental health services that are consistent with the established scientific consensus on the climate crisis.”

Then I could begin “Treating specific psychiatric syndromes associated with climate-related traumas”.

Climate-related traumas?

Such as the anxiety of realizing the earth is precessing, and that no government anywhere can stop it, no matter how pure their hearts?

Or maybe the depression that follows the black realization that the earth’s statistically defined global mean temperature will be a few tenths of a degree warmer than it is now, maybe, with some hefty plus or minus window around that guess?

Perhaps the feeling of bereftness that develops after you realize that the number of hurricanes and typhoons are down down down, ever after they promised they would be up up up?

Maybe these are wrong. I’m just guessing. I haven’t had my professional training yet. But I wonder, after all, if these psychiatrists have any real idea themselves.

Obviously they do not. What’s that old line about institutions devolving into graft? I don’t doubt that some of the people in the Climate Psychiatry Alliance are True Believers, women, most likely, who have imbibed at the Fountain of Propaganda (that others call the Media) for far, far too long.

But the rest are merely hoping to cash in on a good thing. Hey, why not “treat” somebody who claims they have “climate anxiety”? Maybe these patients will calm themselves a little, and my billing gets a boost.

It’s easy to talk yourself into this kind of thing. Especially when everybody else is doing it.

Plus, “climate anxiety” is a real thing. Which was inevitable. Here’s NPR (of course) with propaganda aimed at the kiddies: “A kid’s guide to climate change (plus a printable comic).

In the comic we see a kid develop “climate anxiety” after viewing some bad weather, which only happens, apparently, under “climate change”.

We saw earlier that at least one school in New Jersey teaches “climate change” in every class, including gym, to every student for every year of school. It would be a rare child to emerge from this incessant barrage of nonsense and retain his sanity.

For those few who slip through unscathed, perhaps the home-schooled who learned old-fashioned science, Harvard is ready to sting them.

What is climate anxiety?

Climate anxiety, or eco-anxiety, is distress related to worries about the effects of climate change…

According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, more than two-thirds of Americans experience some climate anxiety. A study published by The Lancet found that 84% of children and young adults ages 16 to 25 are at least moderately worried about climate change, and 59% are very or extremely worried. This makes sense, as children and young adults will disproportionately suffer the consequences of environmental changes.

The numbers are surely bloated by exaggerated counting methods: I refuse to check.

But that any of these is taken seriously is proof of madness, though. Not of the folks reporting “climate anxiety”, but of our elites and intellectuals who publicly profess a belief the world will soon be ending because of “climate change”.

Unless—there’s always this unless—they are given greater power.

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  1. JDaveF

    “I lack the professional training, but if we go by the results of professionally-trained psychotherapists, which are driven by their training, I’m guessing I could knock out the requirements they have over a long weekend.”
    -spoken like a person who has never had to deal with a wildly agitated paranoid schizophrenic off their meds, or a person so seriously depressed they poured gasoline on themselves and set themselves on fire – yet lived. I’ve dealt with both.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    My friends, gather round, come closer, that’s it, now listen, if you’re feeling anxious about the climate, fearful for your future, terrified of tomorrow why I’ve just the cure for you right here in this innocent looking bottle — a scientific concoction scientific I say! called “Clime-X”, just a shot glass full will have you feeling swell, and we have it in pills and injectables too, also cures covid, for no extra charge! Step right up ladies and gents just $50 a bottle Clime-X will have you fit as fiddle in no time flat or my name isn’t Dr. Griftershifter.

  3. Jan Van Betsuni

    Predictive Programming of Climate Disaster came to The Big Screen as far back as 1939, although few foresaw how many more catastrophic events were yet to come:

    The Wizard of Oz (1939) – It’s a Twister!

  4. Rudolph Harrier

    “Climate Anxiety” strikes me as similar to “Food Insecurity.” Only a level worse, since with “Food Insecurity” we can interpret it as “suffering from hunger” but it’s unclear what “Climate Anxiety” is meant to refer to.

    But I bring up “Food Insecurity” because I’ve seen how it was gamed. There was a poster at a local university which said that over 3/4 of university students are food insecure and that being on a full meal plan had no impact whatsoever on being food insecure. This made no sense if being “food insecure” meant going hungry, so I dug into it.

    The results were based off a food insecurity survey. Some questions were consistent with what people thought of as going hungry, like “have you had to skip a meal in the last month because you were unable to afford food?” But as you went down the list the questions got less and less severe, such as “have you worried about how to find a meal (even if you were always able to eat)”, “when shopping for food, have you actively tried to find less expensive options” or “have you had trouble finding meals appropriate to your cultural background.” Answering even a single “yes” marked you as “food insecure,” which of course led to a very high number. And with that high number came all sorts of grift in the form of grants, new positions, new programs, etc. I saw that poster five years ago and there are still new posters at that university talking about how “food insecurity” is a dire problem. It will never be fixed because, by design, it is impossible to fix.

  5. Congrats on your new career!

    But allow me to suggest that to succeed financially you need lots of publicity and you won’t get that by calling yourself a climate-aware therapist. So go for accuracy and call yourself a deprogrammer specializing in climate cultists. The media will hate you, but be forced to tell people what services you offer before they can tell people how these proves you’re an ignorant, far-right, racist bigot… or, if they really pull out all the stops that you’re male, white, straight, and Christian.

  6. Incitadus

    Psychology/psychiatry is the biggest grift of all from the myriad psychiatric drug$ that
    damage the brain to violent interventions. Asylums were built out of compassion with the
    craze originating in Europe & hitting America in the early 1800’s. They were places of asylum
    of quiet, of rest, of productive work for the dispossessed chronically mentally ill. The work
    was principally farm work which over time branched into carpentry, upholstery, shoe repair,
    or whatever was necessary to meet the material needs needs of the inhabitants. The scheme
    was sold to the public as a self sustaining enterprise which provided asylum from the penal
    system with the expectation that those that could work would work and those that couldn’t
    would be humanely cared for. The system was entirely patriarchal the expectation was that
    the superintendent and his helpers would live on the grounds with their families to model
    a healthy lifestyle for the residents. These asylums for a hundred and fifty years operated
    on this basis many actually turning a profit and costing the taxpayers nothing. By the mid
    1950’s with the synthesis of thorazine from the rauwolfia plant they morphed into hospitals
    staffed with doctors, nurses, and ‘attendants’. By the 1960’s self worth was stripped from the
    now ‘patients’ then the the liberal crusade against unpaid employment was launched resulting
    in stultifying wards filled with people/patients left with nothing more than their thoughts. By
    the 1970’s the transfer of wealth got underway with the privatization movement of ‘community
    based care’ which has closed the asylum and provided society with the spectacle of homeless
    camps in every major city. So much for the good work of the modern liberal order sold to the
    public with shrieking headlines and broadcasts of abuses taking place in the state hospitals.
    Abuses as with any human institution exist but overall the asylum was infinitely more humane
    than treating the worried well with insurance for profit and leaving the rest to incarceration or
    death on the streets. Climate change is just the latest psy-op to raise the price of oil and to control
    and fleece the masses. In my book the climate left to itself is always perfect with an unexpected
    outburst here and there.

  7. Phil R

    New word of the day (from the CPA page link): Solastalgia.

    Solastalgia is new term recognizing the existential grief and psychic distress when one’s homeland had been impacted by environmental change.

    Try to work this into a conversation today and see what sort of looks it generates.

  8. Cary Cotterman

    “…if we go by the results of professionally-trained climate anxiety psychotherapists, which are driven by their training, I’m guessing I could knock out the requirements they have over a long weekend.”

    The psychology profession is one of the biggest pseudoscience grifts going. A long weekend? One morning’s bathroom reading would probably overqualify you for a Ph.D in that bogus field.

  9. AG

    “the climate crisis is both a global threat to all life on Earth”

    Oh no, a sterilization event?! Does that happen at global temperature increase of +2.01 C or +2.02 C? This whole time I was thinking it would take aliens with laser beams to sterilize the planet!

    JDaveF — I don’t think Briggs was referring to all psychologists, only the “climate psychologists”. Thank you for the work you do — you make a difference by helping people (and those people are often in dire condition and need someone to help them get out of it).

    For the rest of you, psychology and psychiatry are not grifts or scams. Sure, Freud was wrong about everything. Since them, psychology has grown up as a natural science, and psychiatry has grown up as a medical specialty. God bless them for dedicating their lives to helping people.

  10. Johnno

    “With greater power, comes greta anxious irresponsibility.”

  11. Johnno

    Briggs and Hagfish, you FOOLS!

    Davos already has the best coping mechanisms in place, ready whenever our beleagured anxious depressed ranting Al Gore-ish elites gather for their therapy sessionsin the alps to warn us about boiling oceans and thinning trophospheres…

    Top-of-the-line 700 Euro/hour 2300 Euro/night Swiss Prostitutes!

    I know what I’d rather spend money on during these dark climatic days.

  12. Ann Cherry

    Al Gore, Lunatic | The Pipeline:

    “Somebody help this man. Speaking at the World Economic Forum’s annual wankfest in Davos, Switzerland, the inventor of the internet and the scourge of massage therapists everywhere went on an unhinged rant that tells you all you need to know about the psychosis currently afflicting politicians all over the world. Gesticulating wildly, his face reddening, his voice rising, the former vice president of the United States became a man in the deadly grip of a panicked, violent, superstitious reaction to… the weather.”

  13. Kip Hansen

    Briggs ==> Maybe I could use some climate anxiety therapy? But if I were suffering from kleptomania, I wouldn’t go to a kleptomanical therapist, would I? He’d just tell me how perfectly normal kleptomania was and how I should celebrate my insensitively-labeled condition. The intellectually disabled leading the intellectually disabled?

  14. JohnM

    BBC has a programme about psychiatry.

    Although psychiatry helped writer Horatio Clare when he was in crisis, some people in difficulty, their families, clinicians, psychologists and psychiatrists themselves will tell you there are serious questions about the ways psychiatry understands and treats people in trouble.

  15. Phil R

    Although the existance of an organization like the “Climate Psychiatry Alliance” is jaw-dropping and disturbing enough, what I missed in my first pass-through of the website is that their is also a “Climate Psychology Alliance of North America.” I wonder what their purpose for existence is (other than continuing the graft)?

  16. Phil R

    …there is also…

  17. PhilH

    I’m scared of precession. Please make it stop.

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