Women Firemen To Be Allowed To Battle Fires With Feelings In Connecticut

Women Firemen To Be Allowed To Battle Fires With Feelings In Connecticut

I always have mixed feelings when I see stories with headlines like this: “Connecticut Law Would Axe Fitness Requirements for Female Firefighters“.

My first reaction is to laugh. Not solely at the absurdity, but in a warped sense of happiness, because the headline confirms one of the predictions I have been making. And as we all know, if a theory makes good predictions, it has earned at least our respect, if not our trust.

So I’m pleased with myself for being right.

This pleasure soon sinks into sadness when I imagine the bodies that will roast in the DIE and in the great fires Connecticut will undergo.

Naturally, other states, anxious not to be left behind in the race to see who can DIE hardest, will also soon face the same.

Here’s the story (my emphasis).

Connecticut Democrats are working to lower the physical fitness requirements for female firefighters, saying that less onerous standards will make fire departments “more diverse.”

A law introduced earlier this month in the Connecticut State Assembly would let women skip the Candidate Physical Ability Test, a timed gauntlet used by fire departments across the country. The test, which only 10 to 15 percent of women pass, requires candidates to complete intense physical tasks while wearing a 50 pound vest. It’s designed to simulate the experience of navigating a fire in heavy gear—and to weed out those unable to do so.

Shall we recite our Standards Litany once again?

A “disparity” is noticed: not enough Official Victims have attained a desirable goal. Demands for redress are made.

It is promised Standards will not be lowered.

Standard are then lowered.

It is then announced that the Standards were never really necessary.

Later, it is discovered the “disparities” mysteriously remain.

It is then promised remaining Standards will not be further lowered.

Guess what happens next.

That Litany is a prediction based on the theory of Equality. This states that all people are fundamentally identical, interchangeable, really, and that until proportionally many more Official Victims than non-Victims achieve some goal, the ideal of Equity has not been reached. Because of the aching desire for this Equity, Standards, which are variously described as “racist”, “sexist”, “homophobic” and so on, are blamed.

It is always proportionally many more Official Victims, too. Take women in college. At one time women were in the minority of students, and were thus, under Equality, Official Victims. Now they are a hard majority, and yet men are not also Official Victims. They deserve whatever evils come to them for once having been Official Oppressors.

Or take, say, professional basketball. There is no hue nor cry to lower standards and fix the disparity of proportionately too few white men. But there are cries, at least from time to time, for there to be women.

There is no word from the legislators why women should not undergo physical testing that male firemen must endure, except that dropping the testing will lead to a greater number of Official Victims in firehouses. Here it is in their own words:

Statement of Purpose:

To allow for a more diverse class of candidates for firefighter positions at municipal and volunteer fire departments by recognizing that additional female candidates would qualify for such positions based on revised physical standards that offer an alternative to the fifty-pound simulated vest test component of the Candidate Physical Ability Test.

This move toward Equity is seen as a good in and of itself. As if when this glorious state is reached the sun will shine a little brighter, the winds will blow a little sweeter—and the fires will, well, what’s the difference what the fires will do?

Of course, they can also eliminate literacy requirements, age requirements, even respiratory requirements to achieve their goal. Yes, respiratory. I mean, what’s the difference if the fireman is dead or alive if he doesn’t need to put out fires? Might as well do all we can to reach Equity.

I imagine, though, that Connecticut, at least for a time, will still require women to attend fires for the sake of appearances (good pun!). Putting on the gear and carrying heavy objects is out, so what will the women do at the fires?

Glare at them? Give them the silent treatment? Lecture them on how fires are examples of patriarchal combustion and male toxicity?

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  1. Kenan Meyer

    Men will be busy to safe their female colleagues instead of fighting fires. Similarly, here in Germany, police patrols are all mixed gender. What is the male gonna do if the going gets tough?!

  2. Vermont Crank

    According to the greatest American ever, Martin Luther King, the percentage of negro fire-haters in Connecticut must equal the percentage of negroes of the population of Connecticut because disparate impact and racism.

  3. McChuck

    Inevitably, on the day of the physical fitness tests, some of the men will show up in dresses and claim an exemption.


    what you will get is what has happened in construction. anyone who has seen a woman “manning” the traffic controls with a a stop go sign in a pole knows what I mean. they get all the benefits of the pay and Healthcare etc… but so none of the actual work. so if you see a woman firefighter recognize that she will never actually fight any fires nor run into a burning building to rescue anyone.

  5. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Start building incombustible structures now so when the empire of matchstick buildings burns to the ground, taking all the stupid with it, they’re the only things left standing.

  6. Cary Cotterman

    I participated in a 10K run in which there was a group of marines from the local base. There were a couple of dozen of them, and they ran together in a close, disciplined formation, wearing olive green t-shirts, long pants, and combat boots. All but one were young men. The young woman marine would drop farther and farther behind, and periodically the men would stop their forward progress and run in place until she caught up. A couple of times, they reversed and ran back to meet her, then reversed again and went forward until she eventually began to drop back. I wondered what a group like this would do if they were in combat conditions, required to move out quickly to a remote location. Would they leave her behind to die, or would they jeopardize the entire group to hang back so she could keep up, as they were doing in this 10K run?

  7. C-Marie

    Very, very, sad indeed. How is it that the “theys” came to power, so that all of this could take place??? And the young, so many growing up thinking that this is how all should be.
    God bless, C-Marie

  8. Yer I Ah Heap

    And the young, so many growing up thinking that this is how all should be.

    Wow. Such a profound statement.

    And unfortunately, so damningly true. It’s scary, really.

  9. Jim Fedako

    We were camping at a Michigan state park with large sand dunes. A teenaged girl fell from a rope swing hanging high from a tree. Those of us by the lake shore rushed up the dune to see if she was OK. She was definitely in pain and needed assistance. A few went to get help. When the park ranger arrived, he tried to climb the dune to assess the situation. However, he couldn’t get his obese body even halfway up. And for a short time, we thought he might need CPR.

    I am certain he passed some physical exam in the academy. Big deal.

    The days of police, deputies, rangers, etc. having fitness has long passed, negotiated out of civil service contracts decades ago. If he can be a ranger, anyone can be a firefighter.

  10. Jan Van Betsuni

    There was an All Volunteer Firehouse nearby my parents’ home. Out in front of the Firehouse was an extra-wide sidewalk. Many casual passersby noticed a bright shiny Walking Liberty Silver Dollar lying invitingly in the middle of this sidewalk. Some (myself included) attempted to pick it up. The Volunteer Fire Brigade immensely enjoyed this free-entertainment (which they watched from benches at the entrance) since the day the coin was welded onto a railroad-tie and embedded in freshly poured concrete for the Grand Opening. If you wanted to Volunteer your fledgling duty was to Shine The Dollar early in the mornings. I don’t recall any girl volunteers, but it was a job which anyone could do.

  11. Forbes

    The curious aspect of relieving female applicants from the qualifying physical fitness test is that the fitness test is an indication of the applicants prospect at the sometimes grueling training encountered at the training academy. You will now (likely) encounter many dropouts by those lacking physical strength and stamina, thereby taking a spot in the training academy otherwise filled by someone with the requisite fitness.

    As the Briggs’ Litany predicts, the grueling training will be toned-down, the requisite tasks modified or eliminated in order that any performance evaluation is no longer diminished by those unable to complete the physically-intense tasks or training.

    Just as in primary, secondary, and higher education–now firefighting candidates will get social promotion in the awarding of graduation credentials. Unfortunately, in firefighting, lives are put at risk when physically strenuous work cannot be performed–it might be a trapped victim who cannot be rescued, it might be a fellow firefighter who’s felled by injury in the same dangerous environment of the conflagration, or it simply may be the speed necessary to bring forth the heavy equipment (ladders, charged hoses, saws for ventilating roofs, etc.) necessary to prevent the moment from getting out-of-control.

    Being a firefighter is specialized, requiring a combination of physical strength and mental toughness for doing often grueling, dirty work. It’s not a job for everyone. Meanwhile, our political masters believes it a govt job open and available to anyone.

  12. mike

    “what you will get is what has happened in construction. anyone who has seen a woman “manning” the traffic controls with a a stop go sign in a pole knows what I mean. they get all the benefits of the pay and Healthcare etc… but so none of the actual work.”

    I worked in a heavy construction job for a few years with a 4.5 foot overweight female. She as hired largely on her being a national guard truck driver, and I suspect she was bad at that too. She was a skater and spent most of the day goofing off and texting her girlfriend constantly. She was unwilling to contribute to any physical chores, but would stand around distracting people who were working. The ladies restroom had a couch in it, believe it or not, and she was even known to disappear and take naps there during the work day, an offence that would result in immediate firing for any male employees. The short of it was she was worse then useless.

    She eventually took a job in a union steelworking outfit as a welder/rigger for grotesque amounts of money. She was hired for no other reason than she was lesbian female and checked off 2 special interest demographics. She was sent to a 3 week professional welding class by her new employer and we received back reports from her that she spent most of her time trying to seduce her female classmates. I’m sure she still cannot weld. High rise building construction is very technical and dangerous and naturally involves lot of crane work. My understanding at last report is that she is making 6 figures in salary to set up cones and caution tape around the crane safety perimeter and stand there during crane ops to enforce it. America is doomed.

  13. Jeff Bryan

    No one lowered the physical requirements for me. I am the First career Amputee Firefighter in Colorado. I’m done now thank God. I embraced Female Firefighters. I trained them. Yet physical requirements are a standard.

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