The University of Michigan Longhouse Requires Students To Be Vaxxed Again & Again & Again & …

The University of Michigan Longhouse Requires Students To Be Vaxxed Again & Again & Again & …

(The featured image shows the U of Michigan’s future public health “leaders”.)

I’ve been calling it the matriarchal and effeminate cult of Safety First! But another, superior, name is the Longhouse.

First Things‘ editor Rusty Reno brought on L0m3z to tell us what the longhouse is (many of you already know; Reno is already catching Hell for this):

The most important feature of the Longhouse, and why it makes such a resonant (and controversial) symbol of our current circumstances, is the ubiquitous rule of the Den Mother. More than anything, the Longhouse refers to the remarkable overcorrection of the last two generations toward social norms centering feminine needs and feminine methods for controlling, directing, and modeling behavior. Many from left, right, and center have made note of this shift. In 2010, Hanna Rosin announced “The End of Men.” Hillary Clinton made it a slogan of her 2016 campaign: “The future is female.” She was correct.


The emphasis on “feelings” is rooted in a deeper ideology of Safetyism. Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff, in their 2018 book The Coddling of the American Mind, define Safetyism as “a culture or belief system in which safety has become a sacred value, which means that people are unwilling to make trade-offs demanded by other practical and moral concerns.”…

The economy, our dying loved ones, our faith practices, our children’s education, all of it served up on the altar of Safetyism. Think of the Covid Karen: Triple-masked. Quad-boosted. Self-confined for months on end. Hyperventilating in panic as she ventures to the grocery store for the first time in a year. Then scolding the rest of us for wanting to send our kids back to school, and demanding instead that we all abide by her hypochondria, on pain of punishment by the bureaucratic state. This person—who is as often male as female—is the avatar of the Longhouse.

A complete, and hilarious, example of a covid Karen is in this tweet, from a woman calling herself “Monica McLemore PhD, MPH, RN” and a “Badass thinker” (tweet is now protected; I neglected to screenshot it, but it matches the description above, including a weepy lament of having caught covid again).

The Cult is fully in charge at many, even most, American universities. Like the University of Michigan:

Even funnier is that the university allows the kiddies to opt out of traditional vaccines, like polio, MMR and so on.

The kids, unvaxxed, are almost no risk of dying from the doom, or in becoming severely ill. Or even moderately ill.

So why does the Cult require at least four shots for the kiddies? Because the women and effeminates in charge of the U of M longhouse are desperately frightened they themselves might get the doom—or get it again. How embarrassing that would be! After all they’ve gone through. Shot after shot after shot. Masks on when alone in the car. Wiping down the grocery store cart. Running from the maskless. Forcing the kiddies to mask up in class. Obsessively testing. Fretting daily over “case” numbers.

Only to test positive. And be forced to “self-isolate.” And to tell all their associates that the end might very well be nigh for them. And force them into making up a story where they caught the bug—again. Likely from some MAGA-hat wearing brute or maskless kid.

The New York Times, of all places, had an opinion piece the other day stating what regular readers knew from the beginning, that mask mandates did no good, and would any lessons be learned?

No. No lessons will have been learned. And aren’t learned even now. Not in institutions where the Cult is strong and the longhouse thrives.

We earlier covered the paper “COVID-19 vaccine boosters for young adults: a risk benefit assessment and ethical analysis of mandate policies at universities” in the BMJ by Kevin Bardosh and others. Among other things, they concluded “expected harms are not outweighed by public health benefits given modest and transient effectiveness of vaccines against transmission”.

So the U of M longhouse is not following The Science. Or, rather, they are. Just not reliable science, but The Science they hand-picked to conform to their fears. That’s how the Expertocracy works, aided, as it is, by the tremendous amount of science produced, with, of course, most of it wrong.

You might guess the quality of the kids graduating from longhouses like Michigan, forced to vax again and again and again, all in the name of Safety First!

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  1. Ann Cherry

    Does U. of Michigan receive funding from Communist China, Pfizer, and others, to push these mandates, along with their poisonous ideology? Inquiring minds want to know. According to many, the CCP has its tentacles throughout our universities.

    Meanwhile, Joe Biden aka China Joe intends to yoke the United States to the World Health Organization, which is primarily controlled by Communist China. This will happen on February 27th.

    Peter Navarro Sounds the Alarm Over the WHO’s Attack on American Taxpayers and Sovereignty:

    “Hi. I’m Peter Navarro, its February 22, 2023, and in this edition of the Taking Back Trump’s America podcast, I want to sound the alarm over an upcoming meeting at the World Health Organization that may drag the United States deeper into the morass of this corrupt world body, further burden the US taxpayers, and further cede American sovereignty to a puppet international organization controlled by Communist China.”

    Here os the podcast and text, not too long:

    After China Joe & Co. hand our sovereignty over the W.H.O., rest assured, “New Plandemics are Certain.”

    German health minister says ‘new pandemics are certain’ after meeting with Bill Gates, WHO director – LifeSite

    If our pesky immune systems and generic drugs like Ivermectin keep getting in the way, they’re ready to declare “racism is a health crisis” and proceed with The W.H.O.’s protocols, including but not limited to mandatory vexxines, digital ID passports, mandatory lockdowns, rationing, and all the usual tactics of practitioners of forced collectivism.

    Searching “racism is a health crisis” gave me these first two entries, and there are pages more:

    Racism and Health | Minority Health | CDC

    Why declaring racism a public health crisis matters | News | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

  2. awildgoose

    UM’s new president is an Asian biosecurity enthusiast from the Chicom-colony of Vancouver, BC.

    Those idiots also had Fraudchi as a graduation speaker.

    A formerly proud alum.

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    The history of women’s lib in America has a fine Protestant pedigree. This is one aspect of the revolution we cooked up on our own without any help from the tikkun olam mob. Mike Jones might object that Protestantism itself is a Hebraic plot, and maybe it is, but I think we should own it. At the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848, the ladies drew up a document they called a, Declaration of Sentiments, that, sentimentally:

    …utilises similar rhetoric to the United States Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, a gesture which was neither an accident nor a submissive action.[16] Such a purposeful mimicking of language and form meant that Stanton tied together the complaints of women in America with the Declaration of Independence, in order to ensure that in the eyes of the America people, such requests were not seen as overly radical.

    Women’s lib was a natural corollary of our own hallowed revolution, the ladies claimed, rightly or wrongly. Frederick Douglas was at the Seneca convention advocating for women’s suffrage with some top-drawer sophistry:

    Nature has given woman the same powers, and subjected her to the same earth, breathes the same air, subsists on the same food, physical, moral, mental and spiritual. She has, therefore, an equal right with man, in all efforts to obtain and maintain a perfect existence.

    Don’t you just love that, She has, therefore…? So this disaster has been a long time cooking and has its roots in the follies of weak men and will end when the whole ridiculous farce collapses and strong men climb out of the ruins to rebuild on a firm foundation.

  4. Ann Cherry

    Woke America — Through North Korean Eyes | Frontpage Mag

    “She’d learn the truth soon enough – and much of that learning took place on the lecture circuit. Attending a 2014 women’s conference alongside Hillary Clinton and Meryl Streep, Park described women’s suffering in North Korea, but discovered that this glitzy gathering was all about “the suffering of women in America” – for example, “being only the vice president of a Fortune 500 company rather than the CEO.”

    “Then Jeff Bezos flew her on a Gulfstream to a Santa Barbara event called Campfire, where another star-studded crowd (Tom Hanks, Reese Witherspoon) cheered Harvey Weinstein’s rags-to-riches story. They also applauded Park’s talk about North Korea – until she started in on the evils of China. These elites’ wealth, she came to realize, depended largely on the CCP. They were, Park grasped, “more immoral than I’d thought they were,” and events like Campfire, swathed in noble rhetoric, were fundamentally unserious – opportunities for the beau monde to schmooze. (Later, by the way, when Weinstein was disgraced, Park asked someone she’d met at Campfire if she’d known about Weinstein’s conduct. “[O]f course she knew – everyone did.”)”

  5. awildgoose


    My thinking is that signing away US sovereignty to the WHO with the plandemic agreement is an attempt to provide the beginnings of legal cover for PLA troops in UN drag on the streets of the US to enforce martial law.

  6. Incitadus

    The jaws of hell have opened beneath us while we slept.
    Ten years ago who would have believed those zombie tropes
    would be a close approximation of what’s going on? But then
    we’ve all been warned that art mimics life.

  7. Incitadus

    That’s a very good link Crank…

  8. Johnno

    Alongside my coming around to the idea that universities should vomit away all women from leadership positions, I am also coming around to the idea that women have no place in the judicial system, especially as members of any jury. Gaze upon this example and despair:

    Speaking of the Cult of the Mask with the Mark of the Vexx… they are strongly enraged by the NYTimes breaking ranks… After all, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence etc.

  9. AndrewE

    Is any vaccine a vaccine?

    Indeed. It’s passed time to begin re-thinking all vaccines, not just covid mRNA jabs.

  10. cook

    You have to admit the feminist movement has been one of the most successful movement over the last century, they have been able to unseat males from their role in the family, in society through nagging on every media platform and forum available.

    And it continues unabated if any male has the stomach to listen to the media and its not just white males the black has been kicked out of the family unit more which has destroyed the prospects of young black males with no authority figure to control them.

    And it hasn’t been the savior either for most females only the loud minority have benefited.

  11. Uncle Mike

    Interesting experiment. Are the Experts going to track the kids for myocarditis, sterility, still birth, various capillary lesions in various organs, mental illness, frontal lobe failure, IQ subsidence, etc.? How much are the pee-values? Who will pay the reparations? Haha, that last one is a joke.

    And kids, come on! Do you really want to go into debt for life to get a worthless degree while being jabbed repeatedly with a known poison? Maybe get a J.O.B instead, something that pays in — unless that requires the Master Jab, too.

  12. Mens Bellator

    God bless Florida and our governor.

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