The Spirit Has Left Us

The Spirit Has Left Us

They always tell stories of the quiet unproductive or dissolute wasteful sorry debauched lives many of the heirs of the wealthy and powerful lead. The lack of ambition or corruption is not invariable or inevitable, but it is common. The “regression to the mean” kicks in especially strong by the generation at two removes and more from the great man who sired the line. Think of Paris Hilton. Et cetera.

The point of these stories is in part to let us, the readers, feel better about ourselves. We didn’t have a stratospherically rich granddaddy, but at least we’re not desperately leaking perverted sex tapes to regain waning attention.

The other part is the cautionary tale aspect: these stories are metaphors showing the majority of the high and mighty fall despite their best attempts to secure their legacies.

You have it by now: these stories are us. Not all in the West are shooting straight for the crapper, but most are.

Our first proof is this headline from the Great Not-As-White-As-It-Used-To-Be North: Minors should be eligible for assisted dying, parliamentary committee says.

Seems the cult of Equality was upset that only adults could be killed by their doctors. Legally killed. This was “discrimination”. Cultists argued that doctors should be able to kill all their patients, legally, both young and old.

Some of these cultists called themselves “witnesses”, though it’s not clear what they were witness to, except perhaps certain occult rituals where killings are said to be usual.

Many witnesses told the committee they strongly believed the capacity for a minor to make an informed health-care decision is not a function of age, nor is the level of suffering they might endure during an illness, a view supported by clinical observations, the report said.

See what I mean? To which “clinical observations” do these cultists refer? Have a lot of kids been asking doctors “I feel I am now mature enough to ask you to kill me; please do so now, or at your earliest convenience”? And the doctors have been complying?

If you have a cultured sense of humor, black humor, like I have, then you will enjoy learning that Canada calls its new program to allow doctors to kill their patients “MAID”, for “medically assisted dying”. What a pleasant word, MAID. The MAID will clean up the blood and dispose of your corpse after the doctor slits your throat. Neat and tidy.

That euphemism itself, though, needs work. “Medically assisted dying” is like saying “CIA assisted relocation” or “Clinton early retirement plan”.

Tale two comes in this headline, from the Cornell longhouse: “New male birth control shows promising results in lab mice“.

We note the qualification “in mice”, the sort of qualification that accounts for vast hordes of unrealized headlines “in men.” Never mind.

Seems a shot made the mice go limp, and sterilized them. For a time. They say. Will it result in long-term complications in the wee beasties? Cancers? Mutations? Miscarried births?

Who knows.

What’s more important is this quote:

“Nearly half of all pregnancies are unintended; thus, existing family planning options are inadequate,” says the study, which points out that the only available birth control options for people with penises are condoms and a vasectomy.

Unintended pregnancies? How can this be in a land where sex “education” is mandatory? Did the kids forget their lessons and not recall how babies are made?

The euphemisms are thick here: “family planning” means its opposite, as in most modern euphemisms, like “birth control”, which means “no birth”.

What possibly could “people with penises” mean? People with penises? “See that doc over there? He has the world’s largest penis collection.”

Not everything wrong with Western culture is in these two stories. But if you had to pick just two, you wouldn’t be far off.

The will to live, the need to survive and thrive. All gone. Replaced with the earnest yet “nice” desire to prevent new births and to kill off the unwanted as sweetly and quietly as possible. Let’s not do anything that might inconvenience us, and isn’t all suffering bad and to be avoided at all costs?

The inability to speak plain English, the need to hide hard Reality behind soft untruths and euphemism. All because we are determined to take it easy and live off the wealth produced by our ancestors. There seems to be no escaping the “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times” cycle.

Because of weak men the hard times are beginning.

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  1. Hagfish Bagpipe

    In the morning I felt Weak and was having a Hard Time. As the day wore on I felt Stronger and was having a Good Time. By the evening my Strength waned and I felt Weaker and had a Hard Time even crawling into bed. Next day was the same. Good Times.

  2. Incitadus

    Being hung like a buck field mouse is the aspirational equivalent of an ‘ideal’ presented to
    western youth of today. Offspring are by law immediately injected at birth to biologically
    prelude undesirable aspirations. Autistic malleable cognition reinforced by idealized stupidity
    masquerading as humor is then propagated continually across all media platforms throughout
    the lifetime of the subject. The extinction of critical thinking skills is paramount to our success.

  3. Johnno

    “To which “clinical observations” do these cultists refer? ”

    The word of Experts, Briggs!

    They have simulated models of children on a computer. An ideal child, like a Tamagotchi. Add a little programmable ChatGPT and they could sell this thing to single lonely unbangable women.

    It consented to getting a sex-change operation. Government embraced these findings. And then after the surgery, to their delight, it consented to die! A natural pattern, government must prepare!

    Soon it will be told to say that it consents to sexual intercourse, because DIE is always on its mind.

  4. BDavi52

    This all makes sense now.
    If 50% of all pregnancies are unintended that means — roughly — that 50% of all lives are unintended. Perhaps even unwanted by those who ‘unintendedly’ brought them into existence. That’s roughly 3.7B people taking up unintended space, making unintended carbon footprints out the wazoo!

    That sounds bad, doesn’t it?

    Do we really need to wait until all these unintended people tell us life is too painful when they weren’t even intended to be here in the first place?

    Kinda like discovering — back when people actually got physical newspapers — that there were TWO papers in your driveway. One intended, of course, and the other an unintended byproduct of a sloppy newspaper circulation department. So what did we do with it? Did we nurture it, give it a place at the table, do double-sets of crosswords? Read Blondie twice? Nah. We put it out of its misery.

    Why can’t MAID do the same here? Clean-up not just the messy lives that are no longer wanted….but ALL the unwanted lives period? Doesn’t matter if the holder of an unwanted life (from a parental perspective) actually now wants it…. I mean aren’t there property rights here or something?

    Think of how much lighter the globe would be!

  5. Johnno

    Speaking of spirits and cultists, the non-Catholics are catching on that something is very very wrong…

    If only the actual Catholic institution’s bench warmers cared to help them finally connect the dots instead of ecumenistically fapping around like the liberal apostates they are.

  6. Vermont Crank

    Ms. Wolf is an interesting woman. A Jew who went to a college founded to produce protestant men for church and state, she was really irked over the Vax requirement – for women – and she led a protest on campus but she is fine now with girls going to that liberal shit hole because no mandate.

    Those women can be taught the secular religion of America and to become pro gay and pro abortion but she does not seem to be concerned that once stolid protestant enclave has become a neo-pagan progressive factory.

    She married a nominal catholic and they make-up their own holidays etc yet she worries about bad spirits etc.

  7. Forbes

    –>”Nearly half of all pregnancies are unintended…” I don’t think unintended is the right word here. Human copulation, historically, has a pretty high success rate at what, historically, is the consequence or effect of said copulation. To suggest otherwise is a denial of reality. Though, denial of reality is embedded in the zeitgeist.

    As a curiosity, perusing Miriam-Webster online reveals all the examples and one-half of the definitions offered referred to unintended pregnancies–so the usage is well-imbedded in English language.

    A gambling analogy might be closer, i.e., gamblers in Las Vegas are odds-on losers to the house despite no one saying their losses were intended. They all intended to win, irrespective of reality, so their losses must be unintended. I imaging Gamblers Anonymous is filled with these types–just as is Planed Parenthood.

    –>”the study, which points out that the only available birth control options for people with penises are condoms and a vasectomy.” Only available? Apparently, that is, for people with penises.

    For human males, abstinence or dare I even suggest self-control, is a possibility. The more imaginative among us can probably figure out other ways to avoid pregnancy while engaging in sexual relations, and therefore practice “birth control.” BTW, don’t the “safe sex” brigades in the public health community have thoughts on this that extends beyond the apparent limitations of the penis people crowd…

  8. awildgoose


    Agree about Ms. Wolf. She’s been great about the jabs and other parts of the coof scam, she hangs out on Bannon’s podcast all the time, and she has even mentioned packing heat and going to the range with her ex-mil hubs.

    Yet her mental gears grind to a complete halt when an interviewer even mentions J6.

    She may be one of the most intriguing, yet frustrating characters we’ve seen during the last three years of chaos.

  9. Rudolph Harrier

    Minor assisted “MAID” will usually go like this:

    “Timmy, the doctor said it would be better if you were just dead. Your Mommy and I have been discussing things, and as your parents, we agree that you should just die. Now, this is your choice: if you want to disappoint your Mommy and Daddy and all the smart doctors here by staying around in world where you’ll only be miserable for the rest of your life you can. But wouldn’t it be better if you were dead?”

    Modern society keeps finding new ways to be shockingly evil and banal and saccharine ways.

  10. Johnno

    Indeed Rudolph,

    I can easily picture mommy sitting down with a child to groom them into accepting suicide to help mommy out. They love Kathy my, don’t they? They just need to be a sleepy head for awhile, and when they wake up, they’ll be in heaven! Wouldn’t they like that? There is lots of cake and toys up there! So many friends! So just tell the nice doctor that this is where you want to go. Sign with your thumbprint, don’t uncheck the box that presumes by default that your organs will be repurposed and sold for science, and they will make sure that the last week of your life is the BEST EVER! Why, you’ll even get to throw the opening pitch at the ball game! Be the Top Queen of the Pride Parade! Everyone will wave at you! Superman himself will knock on your door and shake your hand Timmy! You’ll be spoilt at government expense before you go to permanent sleepy time!

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