Release The Variant! — Rulers Used Disinformation To Frighten You Into Complying With Failed Harmful “Solutions”

Release The Variant! — Rulers Used Disinformation To Frighten You Into Complying With Failed Harmful “Solutions”

It has been, these last few weeks, a long string of one coronadoom “conspiracy theory” after another being confirmed as true.

Update: note the date of the tweet:

Before we come to the latest, and vilest, let me emphasize: WE TOLD YOU SO. And from day one, too.

Hancock was the UK’s sad ruler who led efforts to lie and “frighten the pants off” the public into complying with lockdowns, among other “solutions.” Such as (as the linked story below reveals) “‘more mask wearing‘ to be mandatory, including ‘in all settings outside home’.” I remind you it was always clear masks did not work.

Lockdowns were worse. Lockdowns killed. Lockdowns caused pain. Lockdowns spread disease. Lockdowns cost people their livelihood. Lockdowns not only did not “slow the spread”, they abetted it.

Which critics like us were screaming from low places since the beginning. Alas, our caterwauling was not heard, and the “two weeks to flatten the curve” stretched into years.

As predicted. Critics warned that if you allowed rulers to usurp this “emergency” power that they would abuse it, and use it to harm you. All history taught this, just as all history teaches all history will be ignored if people are sufficiently turned into trembling piles of unthinking goo.

Some lowlights from the news report:

Matt Hancock wanted to “deploy” a new Covid variant to “frighten the pants off” the public and ensure they complied with lockdown, leaked messages seen by The Telegraph have revealed.

The Lockdown Files – more than 100,000 WhatsApp messages sent between ministers, officials and others – show how the Government used scare tactics to force compliance and push through lockdowns.

In another message Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary, said that “the fear/ guilt factor” was “vital” in “ramping up the messaging” during the third national lockdown in Jan 2021.

The first two lockdowns, proving not to have worked, and indeed to have only caused harm, what did rulers conclude? “Let’s try for three! And lie to everybody to ensure they do not notice our mistakes.” Or words to that effect.

I lost track of the number of times we warned that every time some ruler yelled “Listen to the Science!” or “Follow the Science!”, he meant “Listen to Me!”, “Follow Me!”

The comment suggested that they believed the strain could be helpful in preparing the ground for a future lockdown and tougher restrictions in the run-up to Christmas 2020.

Mr Hancock then replied: “We frighten the pants off everyone with the new strain.”

Mr Poole agreed, saying: “Yep that’s what will get proper bahviour [sic] change.”

Loathsome. Despicable. Snot-crusted evil grasping lust for power. This behavior is in direct contradiction to the stated aims of governance. Rulers knowingly spread disinformation to manipulate the public into harmful behavior. These men should be strung up. Alas, I predict they will not suffer for these sins. Not in this life.

There is no refuge in the argument that “Nobody knew how bad it was going to be!” For one, this is not so. We knew by December 2020 the end of the world was not upon us. And two, if nobody knows how bad it will be, then it could just as easily be good, too. To claim any and all measures are allowed—Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law—because the future is unknown, is as asinine an argument as you will ever hear, one which is the direct product of the cult of Safety First! and toxic “O! Great Government, Care For Me!” femininity.

Ruler Hancock, the report reveals, tried to have critical scientists shunned, fired, and fined for daring to disagree with his aching desire to reign without being questioned. This immoral conduct we also saw in from the Fabulous Fauci, the then NIH’s Francis Collins, among others in power here.

Ruler Hancock was caught because somebody ratted him out. We await similar revelations here which may never come, the ruling class here being more firmly in charge. But it is clear that what happened in England also happened here. Happened, really, in most places, excepting Sweden and a meager handful of other locales.

As the report says:

The Lockdown Files show the nature of government during the Covid pandemic and how, despite public claims to always “follow the science”, key decisions were made on the fly for political reasons.

Just so. Just as critics were desperately trying to get people to understand. We failed.

There are many more revelations in the The Lockdown Files, which you should read. There are, however, no surprises.

By the way, you must have also heard the grudging acknowledgment the doom was created in a lab by hubris-filled scientists exploring gain of lethality “research”. In the name of Science. Science we were all forced to follow.

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  1. Vermont Crank

    If you use the wrong pronoun in communicating about or with a pervert you can lose your livelihood.

    If a Government lies to everybody and kills millions that is ok because democracy.

    The stupid party losers folks voted for will “hold a hearing” and Senator Cruz will bellow at some bohunk bureaucrat and twitter will glow with claims that bohunk has been held accountable.


    The bohunk keeps his job and continues lying.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe


    Just as critics were desperately trying to get people to understand. We failed.

    You may have failed to alert the great mass of people but were highly successful informing those with eyes to see and minds to think. A thoroughly worthy endeavor.

  3. awildgoose

    ….and no justice will be served in our current, wicked world.

  4. Steve

    Had the founding generation been a bit more prescient, there would have been a Fauci Exemption clause in the 8th Amendment.

  5. Cary Cotterman

    Kung Flu hysteria will be used to compromise our happiness and freedom for years to come. There are too many corrupt “experts” and “rulers”, and too many useful idiots, for it ever to completely fade away. The medical/government crooks and the masses of sheep who obey them are all on the alert for the next opportunity to do it all over again, in the name of science, safety, and caring. May they all fry in Hell.

  6. Cookie

    The Scamdemic only happened because the majority are scared little cowards who cling to liars and thieves because they believe these are the saviors…people are told daily by the brought and paid for media that these people – “your representatives”- are special…they must be because they have a position!

    For myself the scamdemic was cathartic, ridding me of any doubt that the Western society I believe in for so long is a lie.

  7. Milton Hathaway

    Hagfish Bagpipe: “Ye kin hae failed tae alert th’ stoatin mass o’ fowk bit wur gey went well informing they wi’ een tae see ‘n’ minds tae think. ”

    Yes, indeed. Or put another way: ‘The trouble with majority rule is that the majority are idiots.” (Andrew Fletcher)

    Those inclined to put the entire blame on our rulers should re-read “The Scorpion and the Frog”.

    One positive I see coming out of the Pansaster is the palpable increase in fear in our rulers. Greed and lust for power motivates them, but it is fear, and only fear, that keeps them in check. They hate, loathe and despise ruling in fear, illustrated no better than by the massive overreaction to January 6th. They turned up the burner on the frog-boiler hotplate too far too fast, and now they are desperately trying to cover their flanks and rear. Their biggest fear is an armed population, and there have been some decisive swings against them recently on that front, and the victories continue. Listen to them closely and you can almost taste the fear. Don’t feel sorry for them, it has to be this way. Don’t be a frog.

    I’m still a big Trump fan. True, he may not have handled the pandemic very well, and we paid a heavy price for that, but if we survive the Great Reset, it will only be because of the groundwork he laid. If you doubt this, I suggest that you play back the past six years in your mind, substituting Hillary for Trump.

  8. Johnno

    It gets worse!

    Not only did all the King’s Horses and all the Kong’s men KNOW there was no emergency or anything at all…

    But they thought to themselves… “What will the paranoid part of the public think and do if we suddenly dropped everything…?”

    And they muttered… “What will the paranoid part of the public feel and do if we suddenly admitted the vexxes and mask-ara don’t do anything…?”

    And worse… “What will the guys on the opposition party say about us if we say there is no more emergency and the masks and Vexxer don’t work? Will they scream EMERGENCY?! Will they scream ANTI-SCIENCE?! And then will the paranoid panic and give them another point over us in the polls?”

    Another wouldn’t you believe it… but the opposition parties also ALL KNEW and ALSO thought… “What will the guys on the opposition party say about us if we say there is no more emergency and the masks and Vexxer don’t work? Will they scream EMERGENCY?! Will they scream ANTI-SCIENCE?! And then will the paranoid panic and give them another point over us in the polls?”




  9. Incitadus

    Matt Haycocks’ got nothing to worry about it won’t even register with 60% of the population,
    and 30% will be relieved to know where they’re coming from.

  10. Dixon Craig

    Our local newspaper chronicled the city council debate about whether to mandate vaccines and lockdowns. The council’s consensus was that the evidence suggested both were useless, but there was also consensus the majority of voters wanted a mandate anyway. They passed the mandate.

    Hard to blame politicians or bureaucrats when they had done their due diligence and knew mandates were useless, but were over-ruled by the Electorate.

  11. Johnno

    Keep pounding this story into everyone’s heads.

    The Lockdown Files are waking people up to the real agenda of our petty tyrant elites

    What matters in this case is – if the U.K. health minister admitted to manufacturing fear, “deploying” new variants, pushing measures which ruined people’s lives on no evidence of their efficacy – then every single politician and official who did likewise is equally guilty. It is important to note what happened in Britain, and why, because it happened in your country for the same reasons. The next step is to hold them to account. To dismiss these revelations as trivial is also to dismiss the wider question of management by fear. What else have they lied to you about?

    There is still time to change the course of the world. Project Russia has been a failure whose consequences are weakening the very supranational bureaucracies set up to replace our governments. The IMF, the G20, the WHO, the WEF – these clubs for technocrats have seen their influence dramatically recede in recent months. It is a tragedy that it took a war to pause their advancement.

    The mainstream media is in disarray, as is customary when it is confronted by undeniable evidence which contradicts the regime narrative.

    The inner workings of managed democracy are revealed here. Ministers of state have a keen eye on their reception in the media, evidence by the reference to “MOS leader,” denoting the widely read Mail on Sunday newspaper. The government is concerned with the alignment of policy with public opinion. Fear plays best in the focus groups, which are now being replaced by algorithms.

    The increasing worldwide adoption of algorithms to assist in the making and presentation of public policy presents obvious dangers – to the public whose lives will be shaped by them. For this reason, France has made laws which require all official users to publish their code, thereby establishing transparency. Looking to the future, it is important that all government activity which replaces human input should be openly monitored in the public interest. If you would like to know why, note that Tony Blair’s Institute for Global Change says that “Government by Algorithm” is nothing to worry about.

    The lockdowns, and all the policies which flowed from them, caused immense and perhaps permanent damage. Businesses closed, mental health problems soared – as the following graph from U.K. NHS data shows.

    The manufactured panic was used to promote pointless masking, ritual hand washing, senseless social distancing rules and the abolition of basic freedoms. A novel and untested treatment was produced which made a fortune for the pharmaceutical industry, whose CEOs suddenly became heroes.

    The greatest wealth transfer in history from ordinary people to corporations and billionaires took place, as governments printed money to hand to them. This is theft from you and from your children for a vicious lie. The injections were unnecessary, and their impact on health has yet to be fully understood. For now, they remain the leading cause of tragic coincidence.

    These measures were undertaken by the same means in every nation which used them. They lied to you, and made anyone sensible look like a murderer for questioning them.

    Hold their feet to the fire. Demand an explanation from the politicians and bureaucrats who abolished your freedoms for your own good. To let this moment pass is to surrender. It is an opportunity to reach out and help others to unlearn the learned helplessness central to the management of posthuman society.

  12. Jan Van Betsuni

    Even the nation of Japan ~ tradition bound and obedient by nature ~ is folding its ridiculous masks carnival tents: Japan to ease COVID-19 guidelines for mask-wearing on March 13.

    The Mainichici ~ Japan’s National Daily Since 1922
    February 10, 2023 (Mainichi Japan)

  13. Rhetocrates

    But they thought to themselves… “What will the paranoid part of the public think and do if we suddenly dropped everything…?”

    And they muttered… “What will the paranoid part of the public feel and do if we suddenly admitted the vexxes and mask-ara don’t do anything…?”

    Gotta say it’s just a wee bit nice to have the government confirm they care what I think.

  14. Philip Hayward

    Nothing became of “hide the decline”. And the establishment has an even deeper grip on power now. What is most astonishing is the ability of the herd of shallow believers who comprise the voting majority, to rationalize away revelations like this. It is like the old dictum that a Big Lie is easier to put over the masses than a small one. The establishment can’t possibly be as evil as its critics are saying, even if those critics are made to look correct again and again by the establishment’s actions.

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