How To Guarantee There Will Be A Perpetual “Climate Emergency”

How To Guarantee There Will Be A Perpetual “Climate Emergency”

How to guarantee there will be a perpetual “climate emergency”: Appoint a Minister of Climate Change.

This Shaw is “Minister of Climate Change, Associate Minister for the Environment (Biodiversity)” in New Zealand.

Having a ‘Minister of Climate Change’ ensures there will be a perpetual ‘climate emergency’, even if the weather is forever placid.

Notice his religious fervor: “It *is* bad,” he says. Pretending or, worse, believing that changes in the weather can only be bad is ideological, religious.

As we have discussed many times, it is not logically impossible that only bad things can happen if the global average temperature warms slightly because of man, but it is absurd t believe it. It is preposterous.

Here is why New Zealand’s contribution to the possible-potential unverified maybe-maybe-not minuscule changes in climate must approach zero.

New Zealand has three or four million fewer people than New York City. For comparison, it barely beats out, and is maybe even tied, with Mauritania. Mauritania: a country nobody could find on a map—unless the Regime decides to go to war with it.

World population is something like 7.9 billion, plus or minus. And New Zealand is about 0.06% of that number. Even if you double that to account for their greater electrification of New Zealand compared to the world average, or even triple it, their contribution to “climate change” is on the order of nothing. Not a damned thing. If New Zealand met the fate of Atlantis and sank into the ocean tomorrow, man’s total contribution to “climate change” would not change in any measurable way.

These numbers are not difficult to grasp. Even an NPR listener can apprehend them. A “Minister of Climate Change” can be brought to understand them, if he is willing. He will not be willing. His job, his livelihood, depends on him being unwilling.

Scientifically or politically, there is no need for New Zealand to have a “Minister of Climate Change”.

“But Briggs, they need a Minister of Climate Change not to prevent change, because as you point out that is clearly absurd, but to prepare for the coming ravages of a changing climate.”

You mean like becoming slightly warmer? Longer growing seasons? Greener greens, sturdier and more plentiful sheep and cows? No, there is no need for the position. Not as that position relates to the climate, or weather.

There is use of a Climate Change Minister politically, for one to beg at the Trough of Empire for funds tagged as related to “climate change”. And there is more use as a tool of the NZ regime, to bother and mother its citizens over whatever the rulers there think they can get away with by tying situations to “the climate.”

Which situations? Just about everything. All it takes is a bit of creativity, and not even a bit. It is a matter of faith all changes in the weather, of any kind, are bad. It shouldn’t, but does, follow that everything touched by the weather, which is everything, directly or indirectly, will also suffer because of “climate change.”

This means the Minister can be perpetually busy, because the climate will always change. What will he do? His main task will be to gain power for himself and his friends, power which he (and they) will use to enrich himself and his friends, and to punish his enemies. Punishing them because he enjoys it, because he can, and because of the “climate”.

The climate itself will remain touched to any measurable degree regardless what this Minister does.

New Zealand will be lucky is this man is only the usual, old school politician, whose greed may some day be sated, and who tires of interfering uselessly with others because he’d rather spend his time indulging in his proclivities.

The worst case is that the Minister is the ideologue he pretends to be. Then he will be blind to all evidence that the weather is not as bad as he desires it to be. Then his mania can be never quieted. He will never tire of meddling.

And the climate will never care.

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  1. John Hudock

    The stages of fomenting a Climate Emergency Hoax:

    1. Temperatures are rising (don’t mention that they are rising from the Little Ice Age, most of the rise occurred before 1940, or that land measured temps may be biased due to location and conditions of thermometers). Pointing out that it was warmer in the 30s is problematic, so let’s modify the temperature history with some vague hand-waving excuses (or just change them without comment).
    2. The Temperature rise is secular, not cyclical. (Yes, temperatures have risen and fallen in the past, we likely at the tail end of the current interglacial, but this time the rise is secular, we’re sure).
    3. The secular Temperature is due solely to increases in CO2, even though CO2 alone can’t be used to explain it, we will assume, without support, that all the feedbacks from the slight CO2 warming are positive.
    4. If the Temperature is rising, it will be bad for humanity, even though humans have flourished in previous warm periods and have done much worse in colder periods. So worry about the warming, not the potential end of the current interglacial.
    5. Anyone who points out any of this is obviously in the pay of the evil fossil fuel industry, even though the folks promoting the warming have received tens of billions of funding from governments and NGOs around the world and any papers with contrary views are kept out of the journals which are completely run by the warming crowd (see the Bishopgate emails).

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs writes:

    His main task will be to gain power for himself and his friends, power which he (and they) will use to enrich himself and his friends, and to punish his enemies.

    Distilled to its putrid essence. All their scripts follow the same plot. You can be a low-down, power-lusting snake who gets to strut about the stage acting as the savior of mankind. And fools play along with the comedy for the cheap virtue, prestige, and money all dressed up as noble ideals. A perfect farce. A show as old as Adam. Don’t buy tickets for that clown show, stay away from their theater, and don’t get duped into playing an extra.

  3. spaceranger

    The burden of proof is on the affirmative. Prove that climate change is real, and us, and bad, and that we can do specific things about it. Instead, Shaw reverts to the tool of Marxists, supporting his case by diagnosing symptoms of “denial” as if it were a dysfunction.

  4. PhilH

    If Wellington were to sink beneath the sea, the climate emergency within immediately.

  5. Incitadus

    I can remember back in the 60’s and 70’s when they were about to pull the last
    barrel of oil out of the ground and we were doomed to enter an ice age. The price
    has doubled and tripled from one political or economic crisis to the next. In the 70’s
    there were gas lines 5 and 6 miles long due to oil embargos, coincidental with the Iran
    hostage crisis. This was when Ronald Regan’s team made a back door deal with the Iranians
    to extend the imprisonment of U.S. hostages until he was in office so he could shower
    them with manna in the form of TOW missiles for their war with Iraq. This was also the time
    when ‘Have Gun Will Travel Kissinger’ solidified the petro-dollar price fixing scheme which
    under Emperor Biden seems to have lost it’s legs.

    We’re seeing much of the same phenomena in our crisis du jour in Ukraine War II,
    the best thing that has happened to oil stocks since Syria, and the best thing that has
    happened to Putin was the destruction of the pipelines which has doubled and tripled
    revenues flowing into his coffers. It’s a two for one home run because overpriced American
    fuels can now be sold to the defenestrated populations of Europe. A meager victory
    because we lack the terminal infrastructure to compete at scale.

    It’s actually a three for one because all that cold war equipment sitting around in warehouses
    is being eliminated to be replaced with new overpriced stock for the next gambit. Like
    all wars it’s just peasants killing other peasants. In this case primarily the self identified
    ‘NAZIs’ of Western Ukraine which I can assure you Nuland, Blinken, and Nod are loosing
    no sleep over. It’s a test bed or all their new war toys and the biggest bonus of all is Faux
    Cold War II perpetual war with East Asia or West Asia take your pick. One of the most
    over looked aspects of Orwell’s novel was that all warring parties were working together
    to subjugate the peasants.

    The biggest message is to you sinners using all that evil oil life blood of modern civilization
    is you’ll just have to do more with less at much higher prices. The only saving grace is good old
    human greed when the oil producers start cutting each others throats and price wars erupt.
    Oil, gas, and coal empires are some of the biggest supporters of climate change an imponderable
    contradiction of self interest to befuddle the masses.

  6. Cary Cotterman

    “This was when Ronald Regan’s team made a back door deal with the Iranians
    to extend the imprisonment of U.S. hostages until he was in office so he could shower
    them with manna in the form of TOW missiles for their war with Iraq.”

    This conspiracy theory was completely debunked by Senate and House investigations in 1992. Both houses of Congress were Democrat-controlled at that time, so the likelihood of political bias on the part of the committees can be eliminated. In addition to determining that there was no credible evidence of any Reagan-Iran deal, the Senate investigation’s Democrat chairman, Lee Hamilton, stated that it was “wholesale fabrication”, and that several key witnesses had committed perjury.

    Iran gave up the hostages as soon as Reagan was in office most likely because they knew that, unlike Carter, Reagan wasn’t going to put up with their BS.

  7. Ann Cherry

    So NZ has a Minister of Climate who promises to “fix” climate change. Uh Huh. Do tell. Ah-so. $Ka-Ching! The hubris and certainty are stunning, but hey, he’s gotta make the sale….the Suicide Sale. That’s what it is, of course.

    The Western nations are falling on their swords to Save the Planet. Meanwhile, China and India and Russia, et al. are building more coal, natural gas, and nuclear…that is, when they aren’t laughing themselves silly at what a bunch of whipped dogs we are, showing them our bellies at every opportunity.

    Meanwhile, in the “Please, Sir, may I have more gruel?” Department, the Dutch have an even more specialized public orafice, the “Ministry of Nitrogen” which seeks to destroy the Dutch agriculture sector.

    Apparently their Nitrogen Ministress has partnered with Bill Gates in a factory food company, to manufacture bug wafers and extrude fake meat products, at least until Soylent Green, which is people, becomes socially acceptable due to mass starvation. We’ll give that a year or two.

    GlobalClimateWarmingChange is an ancient religion, one of the oldest and most primitive, really; it allows… nay, requires… the powerful to sacrifice whomever and whatever they please; in this case, in perpetuity, because the climate is always changing, and the weather is often unfair; but rather than facilitating adaptation, they (pretend to) demand that the climate itself become more equitable.

    They don’t want adaptation, they want shortages, crisis and control. A good example is the Peoples Republic of California, where, after several years of drought, “Yosemite snow totals smash 54-year-old record”:

    Most of this snowpack will end up in the sea, as no new reservoirs have been built since the early sixties, despite a doubling of the population. Victor Davis Hanson wrote about this a few years ago, in “Lessons From California’s Drought | Hoover Institution”:

    The upside is, we may be spared having Greasy Newscum as our next el Presidente; even his own constituents don’t want him Californicating the rest of the country:

    Californians Overwhelmingly Do Not Want Newsom to Run for President:

  8. Incitadus

    Cotterman: It’s not even debatable at this point I would suggest you do a little
    nosing around on the internet. I don’t blame Regan I voted for him twice facts
    are facts. Far too many coincidences the hostage release the day after his inauguration and
    the arms deal and the arming of the contras with drug sales in the U.S.; there’s long list of
    duplicity and criminality of pretty much every administration. I’m not here to debate with
    you but the lady doth protest too much comes to mind surrounding this painful chapter of
    Republican electioneering.

    Not a fan of the Intercept but there are a few links of interest..

    Obits Black Out Claims That Reagan Conspired to Keep Hostages in Iran Until After 1980 Election

  9. Vermont Crank

    Upton Sinclair; “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    Briggs. On page 89 of “Everything you believe is wrong ” you define Climate Change A popular subject at the time of writing is the thermodynamics of externally heated fluid flow on a rotating sphere

    If that New Zealand zealot knows that I will eat every Palm Tree in Palm Beach County, Florida.

  10. gardener

    Its government weather manuipulation as a weapon against growing your own food.

  11. Mann Friedman

    JFK: perpetrators go Scot free;
    9/11: No planes, no hijackers, no passengers;
    Legality and risk of GMO: lawfare;
    Climate Change; perpetual atmospheric manipulation via ‘geo-engineering’.

    (nasty sentiment censored for quality control)

  12. Mann Friedman

    I left out the CoronaPrank – it is so far past its expriy date.

  13. Forbes

    I’d be curious to see the historic documentation that Reagan had a backdoor deal with the Iranians regarding the hostage release. Sources? Citations?

  14. Vermont Crank

    Dear Forbes. Unicorns ate the evidence

  15. Mann Friedman

    Back in 1979 it was reported that one of the helicopters in the rescue mission crashed without being hit.
    Whether that report still sees the light of day…?

  16. Dreadnougt007

    You’re a little hard on our Climate Minister, he’s in the Green Party, so he has to try and keep the party vote up along with bolstering his own position.
    Fortunately, the East Coast of the North Island has suffered 2 consecutive cyclones in the past 6 weeks with very severe damage to a large section of NZ’s agriculture. James promptly blamed this on Catastrophic Man-made Climate Change and doubled down on reducing our emissions as the best thing to do.
    Plenty of others have piled on the bandwagon, including the Spinoff and our MSM. Stories of moving towns, “strategic retreat” abound. There’s also a lot of talk about forestry “slash”, branches and trees that washed down valleys destroying bridges and property, but not much talk about misguided green policy that pushed for forestry and contributed to the damage.

  17. Indeed – NZ’s weather agency (NIWA) predicted in October last year that we could expect a ‘near normal’ tropical cyclone season with 6 – 10 named cyclones. But they advised to maintain ‘vigilance’ as at least one or more will pass within 500 kms of NZ. So, not ‘climate change’ but ‘climate near-normal.’

  18. TheFeebleClone

    In my bookmarks, I file climate and sustainability related posts into a category called “planfamine”. They’re not pricing in the welfare of future generations. Their pricing policies are intended, I contend, to be part of some sort of eugenic winnowing.

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