Pandering To Blacks Contest Sees San Francisco Take Commanding Lead

Pandering To Blacks Contest Sees San Francisco Take Commanding Lead

Commentators expressed admiration, but not surprise, when San Francisco took what many are saying is a commanding lead in our once United States’ National Black Pandering Contest.

“There isn’t anybody as woke as a San Francisco,” said well known bookie Jimmy the Black. “We picked them as early favorites of winning this thing. It’s not over, but their latest score really puts them out of reach for the other competitors.”

No locale yet has offered so much to those suffering the unfortunate curse of being born black. Just look at the cache the city of San Francisco is proposing:

Payments of $5 million to every eligible Black adult, the elimination of personal debt and tax burdens, guaranteed annual incomes of at least $97,000 for 250 years and homes in San Francisco for just $1 a family.

Many blacks are saying they already had their winner when the cash reached $5 million. The extra $97,000 a year on top of that makes it all but certain Frisco seizes the prize.

Here are some San Francisco blacks celebrating the city’s announcement:

The City Reparations Committee said the massive payout was to compensate “for centuries of slavery”.

Yet if San Francisco can give this much away to blacks, even though slavery of blacks was never legal in that city, nor in California, and that more whites and Chinese than blacks were (illegal) slaves there, and that there were even more American Indian slaves than any other group—American Indian slave-taking was their most popular sport after pillaging—we can only wonder what places like Georgia, which had black (and white) slavery will offer.

To pay for the reparations for being black, “An estimate from Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, which leans conservative, has said it would cost each non-Black family in the city at least $600,000.”

Statistics show most families don’t have anywhere close to this amount, so these families, who by law will owe this money to their black neighbors, are going to have to explore options like indentured servitude to meet their quota.

Tinisch Hollins, vice-chair of the African American Reparations Advisory Contest Committee said, “I don’t need to impress upon you the fact that we are setting a national precedent here in San Francisco. What we are asking for and what we’re demanding for is a real commitment to what we need to move things forward. We’re going to kick Maryland’s ass,” he added.

Hollins was speaking of Maryland’s controversial entry in the Contest.

Maryland doesn’t have as much money as tech-sector-rich California, so they had to be creative with their offer. Democrat politicians hit upon the idea of reducing murder from a felony to a non-crime—for those under 25.

They’re calling this move the “Racial Justice” bill. This alludes to the well known FBI statistics which show blacks have a murder rate about 10 times higher than whites. Yes, sir, a full 1000% higher.

Maryland’s Contest representative Vincent Schiraldi, knowing how much blacks would benefit by this new law, “argued that no one under the age of 21 should be introduced to the justice system because their frontal lobes are not fully developed.”

When asked if thought people would take the unformed frontal lobes theory as “racist”, Schiraldi said, “Hey. We have to do what we can to win this thing.”

He also pointed to Democratic Delegate Charlotte Crutchfield, who softened the blow of news of unformed frontal lobes, by saying she “sponsored a hate crime bill last year to expand harsh punishments for whites who commit ‘hate crimes’ against nonwhites and empower nonwhite victims to sue their white oppressors in civil court”.

Neither Schiraldi nor Crutchfield gave their plans of what would be done with 24 year old, and younger, murderers, though they are not ruling out a cash payment to black killers. “They’re the real victims here,” Schiraldi said.

Bringing up the rear, in more ways than one, is Hollywood. Many sources say their Contest entry is anemic, lackluster, and too unfocused.

They announced that for the Oscars next year, “To Qualify For Best Picture, A Film Needs At Least One Main Actor From Underrepresented Racial or Ethnic Group“.

One critic said, “This is nonsensical. Blacks are already way over-represented. Have you seen a commercial lately? They should have just said you need blacks in the movie to be eligible. As it is, nobody can make sense of it.”

Other sources criticized the lack of specificity in the Contest entry. The new Oscar rules, they say, could also apply to gender and sexual orientation, and not just blacks.

Although it looks almost impossible for San Francisco to relinquish their early lead, the Contest has some time to go, and if politics has shown us anything, it is that anything can happen.

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  1. Al Dante

    The Black Prosperity Church will finally pays off when they realize that White People are God.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”…anything can happen.”

    Peak ponzi bubble bonkers. Enjoy while it lasts.

  3. AJ Foyt

    I thought it was illegal for the government to just take peoples’ money and hand it out to other people?

  4. Briggs


    Aren’t you cute.

  5. JohnM

    “An estimate from Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, which leans conservative, has said it would cost each non-Black family in the city at least $600,000.”

    Will they accept an IOU ?

  6. Vermont Crank

    The duty of Whites to pay the cost of Blacks living in America is not nearly sufficient

    The White man’s burden is not even noticed (Tis ‘ True. Whitey doesn’t know this cos Morning Joe hasn’t told them) so Whitey, like Simon of Cyrene who had, (accrd. to the then existing law be made to carry the Cross of Christ) must bear the burdens borne by the Holy Negro.

    Of course, Simon was saved because he had the blood of Christ touch his person, and we Whites will be saved from our seemingly irredeemable perfidy by letting the Holy Negro exsanguinate our savings.

    Even after the Holy Negro takes everything you have, it will still not be enough.

    Everything you have ever worked for and saved is really the possession of the Holy Negro owing to slavery and if that is not enough for The Holy Negro it will also be owing to slavery.

    But, take heart Whitey, The GOP will save you – keep voting

  7. PaulH

    So, what does it take to qualify as Black so as to be eligible for this prize? Do you qualify if one parent is Black and the other is non-Black? What about only one Black grandparent? One drop of Black blood? Crazy.

  8. Milton Hathaway

    “The bill was introduced after Governor Wes Moore’s pick to run the Juvenile Justice Service, Vincent Schiraldi, argued that no one under the age of 21 should be allowed to vote because their frontal lobes are not fully developed.”

    Hard to argue with that.

    I wonder what the end game is here? Is the $6M just the opening offer? How is San Francesspool going to punish whitey if all whitey has to do is move out of the city limits? Will not-whitey also have to pay the reparations if they don’t have the requisite victim bling?

    Bigger picture, this goes a long way toward explaining why the libtards are so intent on nationalizing and globalizing all their proposed solutions: when your best ideas are inane, you gotta put some crime scene tape up around that pesky arena of ideas. I suppose that also explains cancel culture; their protestations of “I’m offended by your speech!” is just a cover for poor reasoning skills.

    My message to San Francesspoolians: Go for it! I couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks.

  9. Jim

    This seems like a scheme to raise real estate prices in surrounding counties.

  10. Now that Colin Flaherty (“White Girl Bleed a Lot”) has passed away, the torch has been picked up by Kenn Gividen.

    Kenn has a website:

    He also does a monthly wrap-up on

    “Last month: ABOUT 35 BLACK-ON-WHITE HOMICIDES (GIVE OR TAKE A FEW ASIANS): January 2023—Another Month In The Death Of White America

    “February aka Black History Month saw, as usual, black-on-white wife murders and girlfriend murders, home invasions, and workplace murders caused by “disgruntlement.” Some of these things could perhaps have been avoided by the victims running away, others were almost impossible to avoid. However, to the extent that they were avoidable, they reaffirm the wisdom of John Derbyshire’s ”The Talk, Non-Black Version.”

  11. BDavi52

    It seems, I dunno, unreasonable a bit, to expect that the average non-Black family out there actually has $600K in cash just sitting around that they can donate.

    So maybe the solution is to begin early and leverage the time-value of money?

    Two newborns lying side by the side in the nursery. The White baby already owes that Black baby $600K just because. Clearly neither baby is equipped to deal with either the debt or the account due…so maybe we just require that the White Baby give the Black Baby his or her (sorry…I don’t know their pronouns) their blanket & binky? It’s not much, true — but it’s a start. And %-speaking, it is absolutely 100% of everything that White Baby actually owns.

    Besides, it’s not all that chilly lying naked in a nursery — toughens them up!

    And then maintain that level of giving until the financial calculation indicates the future value of the goods given equals $600K. Surely it wouldn’t take all that long??

    Time to start walking? White Bobby just gives Black Bert his first and only pair of shoes! I mean surely Bobby can learn to walk in bare feet.

    Time to go to school? WBobby just drops his backpack & lunchbox in the Big Donation Box.

    Time to get a job? WBobby just gives Bert the job!

    Before you know it, Bobby has adjusted completely to the fact that not only does he not have ANYTHING of value…he understands completely that it’s the State’s job to ensure he never does! This is, after all, that ‘heaven on earth’ scenario so carefully laid out by Lennon:
    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger (Bobby just stops noticing after awhile, all a matter of managing expectations!)
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world (well, not sharing exactly, giving would probably be a more accurate lyric)

    Good old Bobby! What a sport!

  12. Ann Cherry

    Delving into the AP article linked by Briggs, we find these nuggets:

    “[T]he San Francisco Board of Supervisors hearing the report for the first time Tuesday voiced enthusiastic support for the ideas listed, with some saying money should not stop the city from doing the right thing.”

    “If you’re going to try to say you’re sorry, you have to speak in the language that people understand, and money is that language,”

    My favorite bit was this, at the end of the AP article: “This story has been updated to correct what critics said about California’s plan to limit reparations to descendants of slaves. Some reparations advocates said that approach does not take into account the harms that Black immigrants suffer.”

  13. It’s likely that many Normal Americans do not have, and have not had, regular contact with the complainants in this issue.

    For an excellent overview of their reality–delusional, twisted, malicious attitudes, beliefs, and expectations that drive them, watch this:

    It’s a meeting of San Francisco’s Reparations Task Force. They solicited, and got, input from the public. The link above starts as the in-person speakers begin. Just watch and listen to one or two, if you don’t have time. If you have time, watch all of them. This is what/who we are up against. They are deluded, confused, ignorant, arrogant, and very, very demanding.

    Pandering to ’em won’t make ’em go away. What’s the plan?

  14. Johnno

    They will all be paid their reparations in *All New* Central Bank Digital Currency bucks. And all shops will be required to accept it! Thus ushering in the kingdom of the Beast and of its whore, and they’ll all enjoy lining up to get the required 666 barcoded tattoos in order to replenish one’s supplies of Dunkin’ Donuts and PepsiCo beverages and not-Ye branded sneakers and jerseys!

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