Happy Easter!

Today we celebrate the most singular marvelous unique day in all of history, since history began.

Joyous Easter to one and all.


  1. Stephen Frick

    Jesus Christ is risen!

  2. Kip Hansen

    Yes, He is Risen….the world changing event of all time and beyond.

  3. Richard Brimage

    Amen, He is risen indeed.

  4. Jim Fedako

    He is risen

  5. McChuck

    Happy Easter!
    Remember, all you need do to receive grace, is to accept it.

  6. James Joseph Hutchins

    He is risen!

  7. C-Marie

    Beautiful, Matt!! Agree with all of my heart, Jesus Christ is Risen from the dead and He is with us always and forever!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  8. Chao Feng

    Amen. Alleluia!

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