What Are Your Best Theories For Carlson, Bongino, Lemon Firings?

What Are Your Best Theories For Carlson, Bongino, Lemon Firings?

My guess is that the oligarchs pushed out Don Lemon at CNN, and Tucker Carlson and Dan Bongino at Fox, in an effort to cool the flames the oligarchs lit.

Word is out that Rupert Murdoch axed Carlson:

Fox News announced the stunning departure of its top-rated host Monday with no explanation, but people familiar with the situation who were not authorized to comment publicly said the decision to fire Carlson came straight from Fox Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch with input from board members and other Fox Corp. executives.

All three were considered “extreme”. All three were known for roiling their audiences.

Bongino is less well known. He, like Lemon (in the clips I’ve seen; indeed I’m only going by clips and radio, since I’ve not seen anybody’s shows), is not in Carlson’s intellectual class, but like Lemon, Bongino is uncompromising. I’ve only heard his radio show, but he sticks it to the left and laughs as he does it. He, like Carlson, is not a fan of our latest proxy war.

I don’t know Lemon’s views on the oligarch-enriching Russian proxy war.

Contrast others like Hannity and Mark “Bomb ‘Em!” Levine. They nibble at the edges of the outer party, but never question central dogma. Both are for the war. Levine last night (I made a point of listening) was on about some “whistle blower” at the IRS. Paraphrasing, “The left has their whistle blowers, why can’t we have ours! They ignore our whistle blower!” Hypocrisy is never a charge that sticks, which is why it’s not threatening.

Hannity, ah, you may be a fan, but—well, let me say something nice. He looks good in a suit. He can worry a word more than dog could any bone. I once heard a show where I tried counting the number of times he said “monoclonal antibodies”, and lost track after fifty.

Central dogma? Here’s what I mean, a video that surely contributed to Carlson’s firing:

Bongino says similar things. Calling our elite evil, which they indeed are, evil I mean, is not done. Not on “major platforms.” They’ll allow certain policy disputes, but they’ll take being called demonic personally.

Yes, Carlson was pushing the opposite end of the Jan 6 hilarities, which the left must pretend was an “insurrection” or “coup”. The official line is that this was akin to the British burning the White House in the war of 1812, though by MAGA-inflamed “homophobic” “racist” rednecks carrying torches. I don’t know what view Lemon took. Our rulers are not allowing any major dissension from the official view. Especially they are not allowing questioning the government’s own provocations on that day.

Biden The Senile is about to be told he is running again for President, which is preposterous. He is an empty vessel into which the oligarchs, and leading Experts sitting atop our Expertocracy, pour their policies. This alone shows our rulers not only lack a sense of humor, but sense itself. They cannot muster the brain power to imagine a replacement.

Yet since this event will very likely happy, and will surely be laughed at by nearly everybody, and our rulers are anxious to fortify 2024, they have to cool things down now. They have no choice.

Rulers already announced the Democrat party won’t have internal debates. This will effectively quash Kennedy, the only serious challenger to Biden. If Trump survives, both literally and legally speaking figuratively, I give it 50 to 1 against Trump-Biden Presidential debates. If it’s somebody else besides Trump, the chances are slightly better. Depends on how intelligent the nominee is.

Anyway, that’s my theory, which has its weaknesses. But I like it for the facts states and because of its timing: all these firings happened at once. That speaks of coordination.

What do you say?

Oh, Fox will not die, just like CNN didn’t die when they lost a huge chunk of their viewers. They make their money by carriage fees. If you have cable TV you are paying both networks, if you watch them or not. Interesting, no?

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  1. JR Ewing

    Supposedly, it was Rupert Murdoch himself who made the decision to fire Carlson.

    And a second order comment, inspired by your remarks about Biden “running again” and the lack of any kind of public exposure is to say that this only reinforces the idea that we no longer have a “democracy”, at least at the federal level.

    The dems know they can manipulate the electoral process in certain states, and no one will stop them, so there’s no need to worry about things like debates and public opinion. They just decide what they want and “make it happen” and it does.

    I’m finding it to be increasingly laughable and annoying (and sad) to hear all of these “conservative” pundits who earnestly talk about horseraces and polls and favorability and elections like nothing has changed over the past 4 years and its all still a fair fight. It’s not.

  2. Leo

    A wise philosopher of science has pointed out that theories/models are used to inform decisions. For an insignificant powerless peasant the only decision I have is whether to watch their replacements. I don’t need much of a theory for that.

  3. Incitadus

    It’s always better to just rip the band aid off…

  4. Robin

    This is why constitutional Monarchy is a better political system.

    America’s ills are a direct result of rapacious, globalist elites. They have become so wealthy and powerful that they have bought out the entire federal system and are chomping their way down to grass roots local levels, Soros style.

    The UK at least has a Monarchy that can act as a firewall against this sort of debauchery and treachery. It may not be perfect, but at least there is some connection between the Monarchy, its subjects and the traditions that underpin the nation’s heritage.

    America, on the other hand, has no such safeguard. The elites, and these are not just American elites but global ones, are on the rampage; raping and pillaging the peasants like drunken Vikings.

  5. Vermont Crank

    It has been apparent to me that the Toad imitator, Brett Baier, wants the respect other news readers get from the establishment, men like Lester Holt, who reminds me of a Fuller Brush Salesman.

    I think FOX wants to shed its reputation, like a snake sheds its skin, and it wants to be considered “mainstream.”

    I can see Brett Baier at a cocktail party in DC , soaking up the atmosphere of acceptance while trying to suppress his instinct to use his tongue to catch flies.

    Tucker, banging on and on about Jan 6th, was not helpful. I think the average American was disgusted by what happened there and Tuck should have let those disgusting sleeping dogs lie rather than trying to pet and cuddle them and blame their behavior on spooks.

    A man from my Parish was there and I spoke with him about it and whether or not he was tempted to join the rioters. “NO”

    And I don’t think any reader here would have entered the building- for what purpose? To sit on a desk in Pelosi’s office?

    Notice how Levin, an Israel Firster, was to ape the behavior of his opponents.

    MAGA folks are dangerous in that they have not the first clue that Trump cares only about his own self and far to many of them want to act like the left does- How come we’re arrested when we are only doing what the left does ?

    FOX is trying to go mainstream…

  6. McChuck

    @ Vermont Crank – What a descriptive name.
    January 6th, 2021 was no riot. Nothing burned. The only parties injured were patriotic Americans, asking for justice and openness in our political process after a blatantly and obviously stolen election, beaten, broken, and murdered by the police. For crying out loud, the police themselves opened the doors to the Capitol building and escorted curious people inside, who then proceeded to take a tour, staying inside the velveteen guide ropes.

    If you are disgusted by this, and not by their later arrest on spurious charges, their physical and mental abuse while being held in one of the worst prisons in the nation, indefinitely awaiting trial for (at worst) misdemeanor offenses (while rapists and murderers walk free), then your priorities ans sensibilities are misplaced.

  7. Justin Maderer

    Fox and CNN will just roll-out another puppet stooge to read a teleprompter of never-ending propaganda. Business as usual will continue

  8. Ann Cherry

    It’s understood that Tucker’s team was planning Monday evening’s show to counter the recent “60 Minutes” propaganda piece about Ray Epps’ involvement, or lack thereof, in Jan 6.

    The powers that be did not like Tucker talking about Ray Epps, and Tucker’s producer pulled the show. Some say he quit in response.

    Others say Murdoch fired him because he plans to sell the network, and the Uni-party doesn’t want Tucker; as Briggs points out, ratings don’t matter anymore, Fox News will be in the cable package in any case.

    I’ll throw in a book plug here: the best explanation I’ve seen for the seemingly inexplicable events we are witnessing, can be found in the newly released “The Return of the Gods”, by Jonathan Cahn. Still in hardback, but the Audible version is excellent. (I first heard about this book on Glenn Beck’s show, where he interviewed the author.)

  9. Jeff

    I feel we should not miss the impact of the Dominion case here in the decision to axe Carlson – he was simply the easiest fall guy.

    ALL of the Fox hosts enabled the feeble Dominion crazy theories put forward by Sidney Powell – while privately admitting they thought she was crazy. They were so terrified by their own audience they went along with her. When they should have been hammering on Time magazine and the pressure government and corporate types enacted on the election. Dominion was the wrong focus. And they knew it. But they had to satiate their base.

    Carlson was the most disruptive and therefore he was the fall guy. Hannity is a stupid, retarded puppy just happy to be at the party. On the occassion where I do watch Fox News I last about 30 seconds through Hannity. He’s an idiot who cloaks himself in patriotism, glib words, and cliches. Rush Limbaugh’s biggest mistake was giving Hannity a platform.

    Bongino – honestly, I think that was just happenstance. Nice guy but unlistenable and unwatcheable.

  10. Zundfolge

    My guess is that Carlson was fired as part of the Dominion settlement, Bongino was probably told that post settlement there would be more editorial oversight (or he was planning on leaving soon anyway considering he’s already putting most of his effort in his show on Rumble). Lemon was fired because CNN is losing money and they had to cut fat somewhere. Moving him to mornings was the first step in the preparations they needed to make behind the scenes to cut him. Nobody likes Lemon on either side.

  11. Don B

    On April 19 Tucker’s monologue was about the media pushing the Covid vaccines which were ineffective and harmful because Big Pharma was their biggest advertiser. Less than a week later he was gone. Straw which broke the camel’s back.

  12. Obviously I do not know – so, my guess:

    The dominion lawsuit settlement makes no sense. That was an easy win for Fox and instead they give the bad guys nearly a billion bucks? In that context the timing of Tucker’s firing makes financial sense since taking all the big hits in the same quarter makes stock market sense

    The firing itself, of course, like the settlement, makes no sense – unless you assume that most of the board members making these decisions get their news/info from within the progressive bubble. i.e. let’s assume they’re very rich people who are so disconnected from reality that they accept the same opinions the NYT and CNN do – then both decisions make sense because they would have believed FOX in the wrong on dominion and Tucker in the wrong on big Pharma, J6, etc etc

    –in addition: I think there is some basis to the claim that someone sent Tucker video showing Ashli Babbit’s killer checking his weapon and muttering into his lapel before entering the corridor where he shot her. If so I can believe the fight inside Fox to prevent that coming out could have become very nasty indeed.

  13. cdquarles

    They were all liabilities to their employers. Lemon for his own actions, for he otherwise toed the party line. Carlson and Bongino for bucking the party line. Both men will become more powerful than the evil oligarchs thought possible, for He That IS is using them for His purposes.

    Remember, the USA’s structure was made for a moral and religious people. Marxism has been attacking that for nearly 200 years now. A constitutional monarchy will prove no better. Man’s nature is evil. As sad as it is to contemplate; but I expect England to suffer under a corrupt monarch as much as the USA does without one.

  14. charly

    Fox News settled with Dominion because they were boxed-in, no-exit. This shows how low this country has gone or rather how high up the corruption scale the judicial has gone. Who has not lived in Venezuela with Smartmatic, Dominon’s old pal, fixing elections doesn’t know what I am talking about. To me the vote counting stoppage in the middle of the night in typical Venezuelan fashion in the 2020 US presidential election was revealing. I simply could not believe that the rot had set-in.
    What I believe though is that, with these clowns at the helm, Trump included, the Chinese who have never won a battle worth remembering will kick our asses solid with a hand tied behind their back.

  15. Ann Cherry

    From the Brownstone Institute:

    “…What if the people who own Fox have far more interest in neutering criticism of their other economic holdings than they do in the success of Fox’s television department? 

    “Last Wednesday, Carlson opened his show with an attack on the pharmaceutical industry’s manipulation of the news media.

    “Sometimes you wonder just how filthy and dishonest our news media are,” Carlson started. “Ask yourself, is any news organization you know of so corrupt that it’s willing to hurt you on behalf of its biggest advertisers?”

    “Carlson then attacked the news media for taking
    “hundreds of millions of dollars from Big Pharma companies” and promoting “their sketchy products on the air and as they did that, they maligned anyone who was skeptical of those products.”

    “Five days later, Carlson was fired. Perhaps, his stardom was not large enough to overcome the issue that he described.

    “When Carlson attacked the pharmaceutical industry, he was attacking the same funds that owned his network [Vanguard and BlackRock]. But those investments in Big Pharma were 300 times larger than their equity in Fox. Carlson may have stepped on a landmine, speaking the unspeakable against the intertwined economic interests of the world’s most powerful companies.”  


  16. Cookie

    Yes this was the Devil himself thumb print, consistent with firings he has conducted in the past.

    Rupert is a creature of the evil ruling class, he will bow to their will always.

  17. Milton Hathaway

    Of those three, Tucker Carlson is the only one that elicits any non-zero level of interest from me. My theory is … I have no clue.

    I still mourn Rush Limbaugh daily, not for him, but for my personal loss as a regular listener. He couldn’t be fired or demonetized or silenced, which made him a fearless teller of truths, on top of his prodigious talent. Rush had a delivery style that sounded like he was constantly making stuff up to prove a point, which drove the fact-checkers bonkers. Trump practices a variation of that, stretching an underlying truth past it’s breaking point to trick the media into covering it. TDS sufferers only see the exaggeration, Trump fans focus on the underlying truth, and Trump avoids the death-spiral of obscurity.

    Will Tucker Carlson now find his way into a Limbaughesque situation? I have only a passing familiarity with Tucker Carlson, but admittedly I avoided him mostly because of his association with Fox News. Fox News lost me from the start with their taglines, “Fair and Balanced”, “We Report You Decide”, etc, since that implied that they had to report all the liberal lies at face value, which I find intellectually insulting. I was taught to avoid “impartial” reporting, since humans are incapable of that anyway, and instead seek out well-supported opposing viewpoints, to have the best chance of discerning the underlying facts. Besides, forming opinions is one of the great joys of being a human, why would I delegate that?

    Now that Tucker Carlson is out from under the cloud of Fox News, I’ll keep tabs on him to see where he lands. If he lands at another media organization, back he goes in the same pigeonhole. But if he goes independent, I’ll give him another chance. There’s no replacing Rush, but at this point I’m willing to settle. I was a loyal subscriber at Rush’s website for many, many years, along with several millions others; there’s a pile of money sitting on that table now.

  18. Vermont Crank

    Dear McChuck. Jan 6th was a riot and many cops were beaten. I was disgusted by that senseless and pointless riot and the MAGA folks in prison have their God-Emperor to blame for their jail time.

    The God-Emperor asked them to come to DC and stop the steal. They did, they rioted and he left office without bothering to pardon them because he does not give a shit about anyone not named Donald Trump.

    Trump collected a lot of money from the MAGA folks, presumably to fight the steal

    What did the God-Emperor do with the money? He bought himself a plane.

    He is THE biggest political grifter of all time but the MAGA folks think he is their savior and they are burning their savings, in the form of campaign contributions, to continue their worship of him.

  19. Murray

    It wasn’t Dominion. Fox has already stated that Tucker’s firing had nothing to do with that lawsuit. Which makes sense, since Tucker was the only host who pushed back against some of the more outlandish election theories coming from (e.g.) Sidney Powell. More likely that Fox decided to put the TCT financial hit in the same quarter as the Dominion settlement to minimize the impact, as Paul Murphy says above.

    Theories abound as to Tucker’s firing:
    – His January 6 reporting, particularly around the mysteriously unindicted Ray Epps.
    – His increasingly strident criticism of the media-industrial complex, implicitly including Fox.
    – His condemnation of the networks (again, including Fox) for being paid shills of Big Pharma.
    – His mockery of the elite class for being dumb and evil (including Larry Fink of 15.1% Fox owner Blackrock).
    – His crossover appeal (including hilariously overt dog-whistling) to the Dissident Right.
    – The lawsuit by that yenta.
    – Internal politics at Fox, which is staffed to the gills with left-liberal media scum.

    Most likely it was some combination of all these that led Rupert to cut the cord.

    Fox may survive on carriage fees, but in a severely degraded state. Tucker was their only connection to non-boomer audiences, and if they think they can recover that audience with someone like Ben Shapiro…well, I invite them to try. He had the top-rated show in cable-television history, and his long-form documentaries were the only reason many subscribed to Fox Nation. They’re left with a monotonically dwindling audience of boomers and silents, and not a single one of their personalities has any appeal outside those demos.

  20. Yancey Ward

    Lemon’s firing is not like the other two- Lemon is just a moron that never had an audience- he was a failure as a program host.

    The firing of Bongino and Carlson is just another pre-election fortification of Democratcy.

  21. Yancey Ward

    FoxNews appears to be angling to fill that niche between MSNBC and CNN.

  22. Zundfolge

    “FoxNews appears to be angling to fill that niche between MSNBC and CNN.”

    Actually I think FoxNews sees CNN on the brink of collapse and intend to step into their shoes when they go under. So they’re “moving to the middle” by moving to the far left.

  23. Brad

    Fox was regime media like all the others except for Tucker. Tucker was anti-regime, so he was removed. It doesn’t matter who made the actual decision; the regime did. All part of the coordinated plan to control who wins the next election. Coordinated by demons, that is.

  24. William Wallace

    It’s simple, evil always consumes its own in along with the innocents.

  25. C-Marie

    Among other things, here is something God does do, from Daniel 2 …

    “20“Blessed be the name of God forever and ever,
    for wisdom and power are his.
    21He causes the changes of the times and seasons,
    establishes kings and deposes them.
    He gives wisdom to the wise
    and knowledge to those who understand.
    22He reveals deep and hidden things
    and knows what is in the darkness,
    for the light dwells with him.”

    So, remember, that no matter what goes on, stay close with Him and never leave Him.

    God bless, C-Marie

  26. Jan Van Betsuni

    Tucker was born into a (CIA) family collecting their ample daily bread by blithely serving those phantom powers behind broadcast media. He eventually underwent some sort of mid-life-crisis (epiphany/revelation) – call it what you will – and with youthful esprit started saying (just) some of the quiet parts out loud. [The timing of his ouster coincident with Bongino & Lemon is basically theatrical smoke ~ deus ex machina.]

    WATCH: The Establishment Came After Tucker Carlson // Syriana Analysis // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwn-w45gBbQ

    Financial considerations (operational) [i.e. The Dominion Lawsuit] do matter to global media (business) management – but ultimately they are of far less concern than maintaining secure power alliances inside political circles. Tucker had become a fly-in-the-ointment of public opinion maintenance at a sensitive point in the U.S. electoral cycle (time-stamped by Biden’s candidacy announcement). Its all for the best.

  27. VermontCrank:

    “Jan 6th was a riot and many cops were beaten.”

    False and false. Though a small army of federal agents tried to provoke both, the best they got was an innocent woman shot and killed and an orderly walk through the capital with minor vandalism of a few token items.

    The left riots. The left burns down courthouses and occupies capital buildings and calls for blood. The right doesn’t. Never has. The state media (which is approximately just “the media” at this point) ensures that rightist political violence will backfire and be trot out for years and leftist political violence will be blessed and encouraged when it isn’t outright ignored. See Watergate vs the hundreds of scandals of far more gravity in the past two decades. Obama’s IRS scandal is orders of magnitude more important and was ignored but midwits still fantasize about all that journalisming that went into catching that villain, Nixon.

    You’re engaged in that propaganda mechanism yourself here. Nothing to be proud of.

    The funny thing about revolutions is that they have no brakes, and so as long as they don’t kill absolutely everyone, they eventually result in a Reaction of some kind. At that point your propaganda may actually contain some truth, but it will no longer have the function and it won’t be quite as convenient to spread.

  28. Vermont Crank

    Dear Antemodernist. The vids of the Jan 6 riot can be seen on You Tube. Orderly walk through the capital?

    Only an ideologue denies reality.

  29. Milton Hathaway

    Vermont Crank – The vid’s of the Jan 6 riot on YouTube? You mean like this one?:


    Can you cite some videos that illustrate your point so I can judge for myself? The “many cops were beaten” in particular, since I haven’t heard that claim before. (Caveat – I can’t tune out fast enough when a Democrat hyper-partisan starts blathering, they tend to insult my intelligence at least once in every sentence they utter. I.e., if the “many cops were beaten” claim came from the Nancy Pelosi ilk, I wouldn’t have heard about it.)

    A reminder about YouTube – once you watch a video with a certain slant on an issue, the algorithm keeps feeding you more of the same. (Yes, even a conservative slant elicits more of the same.)

    I’ve gone on record here before that the Jan 6 “riot” or “mass trespass” or “insurrection” was a good thing, since those in power should have a healthy fear of those they rule over. That they even came up with the descriptor “insurrection” ices that cake nicely. They stood back and watched the George Floyd riots destroy the neighborhoods of their true believers, but they have a hyper-tizzy snit-fit about Jan 6? The smell test was invented for a reason.

  30. Vermont Crank

    Dear Milton. I went to You Tube and typed in – Jan 6 riot – and more than a few vids surfaced.

    Cops beaten Jan 6 – can be searched for on google

    I understand you not trusting particular sources but that can lead one into the quicksand of genetic fallacy and sining to the point where one only listens to a particular sources – Like Tucker – who are not all they are cracked up yo be.

    Don’t get me wrong, he was pretty good, among the best out there – but every bit of the media is always biased.

    So, be skeptical, distrust and verify for your own self

  31. Aaron

    Best he’s gotten out now before someone thought it best he be taken out later.

  32. Johnno

    “Dear Milton. I went to You Tube and typed in – Jan 6 riot – and more than a few vids surfaced.”

    Care to link to 1-2 specific examples?

    It is my understanding that, yes, there were cops beaten in Jan 6th, but not at the Capitol location where the MAGA crowds were, and not by the MAGA people, but Antifa-type agitators. Likely also all those undercover agents that the gubmint refuses to confirm or deny.

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