Welcome To Pride In The Ability To Masturbate Into The Rectum Of Another Month

Welcome To Pride In The Ability To Masturbate Into The Rectum Of Another Month

What a strange time we live in. Sodomy has always existed, and it is therefore rational to conclude it will always be with us. Every other culture has looked on the act with anything from amusement to disgust, but we are the first people who insist on celebrating it, like it was some shocking new discovery, one that will lead mankind, and womankind, into a glorious future where no one need work, where there is no want, and where we can spend the day, as the title says, masturbating into the rectums of others.

We have parades for this. (Is the rumor that Depends is sponsoring a float in this year’s parade true?) We take pride in this act. We insist everybody not only say it must be allowed, but we make them swear it is good.

Most of us would rather ignore the whole thing, the anus not being an object of fascination. But this indifference won’t do. Our Experts, elites, and rulers must dress men in strange costumes and have them read books speaking of sodomy’s delights to the kiddies. People who stop this are accused of “book burnings.”

Some of this attitude exists because people believe such creatures as “gays”, “lesbians”, “bisexuals”, “transsexuals”, and other suchlike inventions exist. They do not. How could they?

To say “gays” exist because some men particularly enjoy sodomy with other men is like saying “cheeseburgerites” exist because some men like Whoppers above all other foods. To say “lesbians” exist is like saying “hypertensives” exist as separate kinds of humans, because something has gone wrong with them, like it has with “lesbians” (they won’t reproduce like women). Should we have high blood pressure pride parades? To say “bisexuals” exist is like saying “statisticians” exist, because one’s preferred and enjoyable profession makes one into a separate kind of being.

What’s that? You say it’s only sexual preference that creates different kinds of people, and that other desires, such as taste for violence and foods, do not? Or that degree of brokenness and illness do not count? Or that ability to do and enjoyment of a task, like integrating functions, does not make one a separate kind of creature like we think “gays” are?


There is never an answer to that question, except for the classic, “Shut up.”

Perhaps you believe genetics plays a role making “gays” (and the others). That doesn’t seem to be true, given identical twins don’t all hold the same sexual preferences. Even if genetics did, it’s not interesting. Genetics might create sociopaths and politicians, too, but because somebody is “born that way” doesn’t mean their preferred behavior is therefore good, mandatory, and worthy of celebration.

Where do we class necrophiliacs (there is, indeed, growing interest: I do not jest)? Zoophiles (let’s hope none are veterinarians)? Pedophiles (drag time story hour come alive)? Ecosexuals (people, I swear to you, who enjoy masturbating into dirt and holes in trees)? Are all these folks “born that way”, and therefore their acts are good and to be celebrated? If not, why not? What differentiates them from the more usual abnormalities? These questions have been asked many times. Answers come there none.

Experts say they have developed sophisticated questionnaires to discern who is “gay” and whatnot. Philosophically, these are all of the form “If you really like sodomy, check this box.” This should be obvious, because you can’t fit a person into a box unless you first think the boxes exists. Which they do not: these boxes are bad science. They assume what they want to prove.

Some think viruses infect some men, and turn their natural desire for women into an unnatural desire for other men. I don’t believe it, but suppose it’s true. Other infections make men into covidians. Or smallpoxers. Or any of every other disease spread by bugs (and do not ask me about bug-hunting). We don’t think those other vectors create different kinds of men, as we do for “gays”. What viruses are then responsible for “lesbians”, “non-binaries”, “transsexuals”, and the burgeoning multitude of other “orientations”?

One for each? The same for all? How do they work and keep their differentiation? At least the disease theory of sexual deviancy—deviating from normal reproductive activities, that is—acknowledges something has gone wrong with the body. And gives us the happy suggestion that cures might be found!

Would it do any good to point out the terms homosexual and heterosexual were invented a century ago, both to describe kinds of unhealthy sexual behavior? No, probably not. How about the idea that if you let people define themselves by their sexual desires, then we must not only have “gays”, but we much accept everything?

For it is true: sexual desire is infinitely variable. Therefore, every different kind of desire creates a new kind of being. Biology no longer plays a role. There are not men and women, but a blizzard of sub-sexes constantly coming into being. (The people saying this curiously also think the idea of race is false.)

This creation of new kinds of beings is not fixed. For today you might have one desire, and tomorrow another. The act of desire, your very will, like with God himself, brings this new creation into existence, each time. Genuine miracles.

Which then means we should take pride in Experts who are drugging children with falsely labeled “puberty-blockers” (none exist), and is it right that surgeons slice the tits off of young girls (do they take the excised parts home and use them in strange rituals?). Because sometimes miracles need help. Desire is not enough, and surgical cosmetic alteration helps fill in the areas where imagination fails.

On the other hand, maybe I’m right and only men and women exist, which means that creating a label for behavior doesn’t make that behavior worthy of taking pride in.

“Briggs, you’re being judgmental.”

Are you judging me?

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  1. V

    This is a master…piece.

  2. PaulH

    What the heck is a “puberty blocker”? If such things exist, do they have “old-age blockers” as well? Has “The Science” created a fountain of youth? 😉

  3. brad tittle

    “Are you sick?” — When the doctor hears the answer “no, I am not sick”.

    A lot of weight should be given to the answer.

    The answer to “Yes, I am sick”, should likely be met with “Here are two aspirin, you can take them now and call me in a week, or take them in the morning and call me in 7 days!”

    The nurse can give the person that answer… But that doesn’t help the doctor pay his bills. When we had a dearth of doctors, it was a phenomenal answer. DO NOT WASTE time attending to things that will resolve themselves… (kids will adapt to the hormones that start flowing through their bodies).

    ANYONE, and once again this includes all of us, who follows the better path and doesn’t waste time of problems that can solve themselves, ends up trying to figure out how to put food on the table..

    I keep eyeing the seeds at Home Depot…

  4. brad tittle

    Completely related: See Bettina Arndt’s conversations about her book “the Sex Diaries”. 9 in 10

    this 9 in 10 exists elsewhere in the sexual universe…

    “4 out 10 men suffer from ED, only 1 in 10 seek treatment!”

    “What is a 12 pack of condoms for dad? That is for when you get married son, 1 for Jan, …”

    “How did you get to keep playing golf every weekend? ”
    “I slap my wife on the ass and say ‘Intercourse or Golf Course’ sweety!”…

    9 in 10 according to Bettina Arndts research, 9 in 10 women tend to back away from intimacy within 3 to 5 years of starting with a partner. Clever folks might joke about the list of things a woman needs (sideways 8) … And the flipside needs of men… 1…

    Suddenly, one wonders if that puts ANY pressure on this situation..

  5. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”Are you judging me?”

    Yup; that’s a corker, Boss.

  6. I have friends in bioscience who assure me that enough is now known to make a simple three pill supplement women could take during pregnancy to ensure the normal sexual development of the child. They also tell me that saying so out loud would end their careeers.

  7. Forbes

    I’ve said for some time that the encroachment of the Rainbow Reich has reached the point where neither tolerance nor acceptance nor even championing LBGTQWERTY would be sufficient–that one will be expected to participate in order to demonstrate one’s bona fides.

    It’s curious how much closer to this state of play we seem to get every year. Obergefell was 2015, which followed Lawrence v Texas in 2003 overturning Bowers v Hardwick from ’86. Bizarre world.

  8. Cary D Cotterman

    Celebrate THIS.

  9. Milton Hathaway

    In the culture wars, like all warfare, early battles that are too-easily won leads to overconfidence, which can lead to surprise defeats. For those of us that weren’t paying attention, gay marriage seemed to come out of nowhere. This had much to do with an indifferent population that couldn’t work up much interest in how consenting adults got their jollies.

    Instead of resting on their laurels, and frenzied by what they perceived as the scent of the spilled blood of their defeated and now helpless enemies, the alphabet crowd raced to add more letters to their group and ram home their agenda, cementing their victory with permanent societal attitude changes. But they chose their next battles very poorly – they went after the kids.

    Why did they go after the kids? That seems insane. One explanation is that the alphabet crowd has always chafed against the reality of their very small numbers, percentage-wise, and they have always greatly exaggerated their numbers. They possess a firm belief that their numbers would be much larger if only society let kids be kids, free to experiment and choose, shoving parents aside when they interfere. Of course, the kids need guidance on this voyage of discovery, and the alphabet crowd wants to provide that guidance.

    That guidance has a name – “grooming”. Indifference was quickly replaced with white-hot rage on the part of parents; they woke the sleeping giant.

    The tide of battle has turned. There is a palpable fear in some of the alphabet crowd that their zeal for ongoing culture warfare has back-fired badly, even jeopardizing their early blitzkrieg victories. For example, awakened to the grooming tactics, there is an increasing awareness that a majority of gay adults were groomed as children at vulnerable times in their life. Parents have finally roared to life, and the painful realization that their past indifference has allowed immense harm to be inflicted on their kids is going to keep them extremely vigilant for the duration.

    Many of the alphabet crowd are in deep denial. When asked about the recent anti-woke boycotts, one woke commentator recently said of the backlash “it can’t last, it will end when they run out of places to shop”.

  10. Today and yesterday for reasons beyond my understanding, I’ve been remembering the term “behavioral sink” and it’s close relative “rat utopia”. Well, it’s actually “mouse utopia”. Today I dug up an old video on the topic.

    You should watch it Briggs, and all interested, and then ponder on the implications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgGLFozNM2o

    They keep talking about “overcrowding”, but maybe there are other ways that a species can be pushed into a behavioral sink? Maybe… the West went over the edge in the beginning of 20th century? That’s when infant mortality crashed, producing families with 12 live and healthy children. Maybe it went over the edge in 19th century, when the massive migration from the village to the city first started, and factories gobbled up people? Or maybe it never started and I’m just seeing things. But if it started, does that mean the rest of the world is trailing the West and will enter the behavioral sink in the next 50-100 years?

  11. Rudolph Harrier

    Last year they introduced that “progress” pride flag on a wide scale, which even gay people mocked. Today it is literally everywhere. I don’t think I’ve seen a single “classic” pride flag since last year. A sort of object lesson for how new delusions spread in culture, and how quickly they spread. There is no need for a central command; what is needed is the fear of being insufficiently woke.

    This is hardly a new phenomenon though; Havel talked about the same thing with his discussion of a greengrocer putting up a “Workers of the World Unite!” sign.

    The only thing that surprises me at this point is that the “official” flag didn’t end up being that joke one where they also put the colors of Ukraine on it.

  12. Put “transvestigation” into your favourite search engine and get back to me.

  13. Antigon

    Viva Uganda month!

  14. James J. Roper

    I notice the “statistic” that “Heterosexual anal intercourse (HAI) is not an uncommon behavior with 36% of women and 44% of men 25–44 years old in the United States reporting ever having HAI in their lifetime.”

    So, how do all of these people fit in given the title of the piece here?

    While these issues are complex and often entertaining, the proportion of people involved is minuscule (less than 5% of the US population. In other words, they’re getting more attention than necessary. If we all simply ignored them and let them live their lives, we’d never even notice the difference. I personally think all this attention is merely another political ploy to drive a wedge among Americans to keep us polemic, keep us bogged down in the issues that don’t really matter. Politicians love these kinds of issues, because they’re just too complicated to solve, but they are perfect for getting voters riled.

    If we didn’t have nonsense to get riled about, we might start going after political corruption! Can’t have that.

  15. Paid protest is always the cause of something getting out of control; after something is defeated, the flame of greed burns all the higher; history is full of exploitation and subjugation by dwarf minorities.

  16. Eclipse

    Look up Karl Ulrichs and Karl Maria Kertbeny the 19th century inventors of totally made up concept of “gay people”. It is all made up. None of these “identities” are real. It is all fake. The sadness of it all is that sexual identity radicals have been defining the rules of the game for 160 years. They even came up with the name you use for normal non-perverted people. When you let the enemy define all the terms you’ve already lost. The invention of the LGBTQ identity cult is just one part of the death of the West that Chinese historians will study one day.

  17. Gunther Heinz Hochleitner

    Most people are too ugly for sex, and too boring for conversation .

  18. Johnno

    So, how do all of these people fit in given the title of the piece here?

    Welcome to Pride In The Ability To Masturbate Into The Rectum Of Another Month.

    the proportion of people involved is miniscule

    The liberal voting half of the country, and it’s favorite other half of politicians all pushing this shit is miniscule? Hey, it’s at least 36-44% according to you. And don’t bait and switch us here about how you are only referring to that strict 5% demo here. The politics IS driven here by a very big number who’ve MADE it THE issue above all, so they can show what “good people” hipster secularists they are, and attack that particular Religion that judges them for sleeping around and sodomizing each other as a cheaper method of contraception while keeping the friction with a bonus of sadism for thrills. Perversion loves company. And the nastier others in society become, the better one can feel about their own perverse activities by comparison.

    Also, does Roper consider adult/child sex a miniscule minority issue that society and politics ought to ignore and not get bogged down with and keep the focus on political corruption? Or is that a convenient exception in Roper’s book? You know… while it is still, for now, alright to publicly HATE it as it has not yet officially been added to the flag that bestows on it institutional protection and proselytization rights, made possible by dismissing all the dominoes there as miniscule issues, supposedly artificially pushed by politicians as part of some wedgy conspiracy theory.

  19. James J. Roper

    Funny, if there is a way for someone to misconstrue an argument, Johnno will find it. First, I mentioned that AI (not the artificial intelligence type) was practiced by more than a third of heterosexual people in the country, so the issue is not just about any one group of people. Second, I said that considering the proportion of people involved, and consenting adults at that, I figured that it was just another issue used by politicians to divide us, and we’d be better off if we just ignored it – there are other, more important, issues that should have our attention. And, just because it’s a small percentage isn’t the only issue – after all, mass murderers are also a small percentage of all the people, but we recognize that they need to be dealt with, without causing polemics.

    Polemics are how politicians get us bogged down in unimportant issues, and that keeps us from addressing the real issues.

  20. WTF

    A man putting his dck into another mans ahole is not cause for a flag nor a months long celebration.

  21. James J. Roper

    While I agree that what you stated about putting what where isn’t any reason to celebrate (and sex in general isn’t a reason for a public celebration), I’m pretty sure that’s not what they’re celebrating. I think what they are celebrating is having basic human rights. Over 30% of the population of heterosexuals put things in the same place, and anatomically, a woman’s and a man’s anus are essentially the same thing. The celebration isn’t that, but rather the right to live with the same rights everybody else has is the celebration. While we may not agree with their choices of in whom to put what where, that should not take away from their ability to live their lives in freedom, just like we all want.

  22. Gunther Heinz Hochleitner

    From Roper:

    “Over 30% of the population of heterosexuals put things in the same place, and anatomically, a woman´s and man´s anus are essentially the same thing.”

    Only if you´re doing it with YOUR EYES SHUT, Roper!

  23. James J. Roper

    On “doing it with your eyes shut” – no, doesn’t matter how you do it, I said “anatomically” and that’s still true. Another interesting fact is about 30% of adult Americans have participated in a threesome – I wonder who put what where in those!? In fact, I really don’t, it just doesn’t matter.

  24. David WS

    Beware of Sith mind tricks… “heterosexual” is a term developed with the express intent to affirm “homosexual”.

    There are no “heterosexual” persons, only male and female.

    Affirmation is what it’s all about, that’s why there’s Pride Month, Pride Year, Pride Decade.
    Conscience.. in this case bad conscience… is a very powerful motivator.

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