The Only Way To Avoid Illegal Discrimination Is To Illegally Discriminate

The Only Way To Avoid Illegal Discrimination Is To Illegally Discriminate

There is nothing holier than a Victim. No person holds a more exalted place in our culture than the Victim. Rules which must be followed by the ordinary are allowed to be broken by Victims. Indeed, we insist on this. There is no other way to remain on the right side of the law than being on the wrong side.

The woke mayor of New York City Eric Adams, who replaced the self-avowed communist mayor of NYC, recently signed a law that bans discrimination “based on someone’s weight or height in employment, housing and public accommodations.”

Similar laws banning “discrimination” based on sex, race, favorite masturbatory position (a.k.a. sexual orientation), age, veteran status, and a long, a very long, list of other items, already exist. I don’t know how long the inventory is, which varies by municipality, but I do know it only ever grows: no trait is ever removed.

Yet being accused of illegally “discriminating” becomes more difficult the longer these lists are, as we’ll see.

First, it is almost impossible to prove that an employer has discriminated against a potential employee because, say, she was too fat. As long as the employer keeps his mouth shut, and says something vague like “I don’t think you’re the right fit for our company,” or the firm has some written policy like “More blubber, more flubber”, then proof cannot be had.

The Cult of Equality knows this, which is why they define proof as statistical. That move is why you must break the law and honor the Victim.

Discrimination does not have to be proved in individual cases. It need only be asserted that the designated Victim is “under-represented”. I won’t show the math, but it should be easy to see that as the number of Victim classifications grows, the chance of breaking the law must only increase. Even if no one is “discriminating”.

And that even assumes all peoples are equal, which is blatantly false.

It is easy to imagine situations that, as Victims proliferate, it will be impossible not to be guilty of “discrimination.” The smaller the Victim group is, as a percentage of the population, the more difficult it is for every employer or organization to have just that percentage (or more) of Victims as employees or members. There are so many black women “lesbian” migrant Victims to go around, for instance.

Therefore, there are only three ways to avoid being persecuted—or rather prosecuted—for discrimination: (1) claim Victim status for yourself, (2) eliminate all standards, or (2) discriminate.

The first choice works, and is so obvious no examples are needed. But it’s not a ploy available for large public companies and organizations.

My favorite sentence in the propaganda announcing Adam’s new law highlights choice (2): “Adams said in a release that the law will ‘level the playing field’ for residents and create more inclusive workplaces.”

He’s right. Removing standards absolutely flattens all heights. No non-Victim group can be allowed prominence, which hurtfully demonstrates superiority over Victims. Because, inevitably, that superiority is thought possible only because one is discriminating against Victims. Victims are famously inferior—else they would not be Victims—and so if you hired only the superior, you must discriminate to boost the inferior.

Removing standards is insufficient, as we will now see: (3) is the only option.

To staff your company, you might think a good non-discriminatory strategy is to take the first people who walk in the door. No standards are applied, except for showing up. No discrimination has taken place. “Look how pure my heart is,” says the employer, “I have taken everybody without regard to any status, except being alive.”

Alas, that will fail and the employer will find only heartbreak—because discrimination is defined statistically. If he takes the first people who show, then he will almost certainly run afoul of proportional representation.

To make the grade, he must therefore discriminate! The law says Thous Shalt Not Discriminate On Race. Yet to prove his innocence, he must discriminate on Victim race. The law says Thou Shalt Not Discriminate On Blubber. To prove his compliance, the employer must discriminate by weight. There is no other way to get to proportional representation. One must necessarily have quotas.

Adams himself discriminates, and boasts of it. He has hired mostly (only?) Victims to run his city government, and announced to all that he did so on purpose.

He may have used for his model the White House. They bragged of hiring a black woman “lesbian” Victim for a propaganda slot. They boasted of nominating a black woman Victim to SCOTUS. Even though discriminating along these categories is illegal.

All companies do this. I hear a radio commercial regularly for Comerica Bank, triumphantly announcing that women (whose sex makes them Victims) now outnumber men, and that “minority” (i.e. Victim) employees soon will outnumber non-Victims. This is illegal. Yet they must break the law or face prosecution for breaking the law.

To not break the law and be found to have discriminated, it is essential—there is no escaping it—that one break the law and discriminate. But only to award Victims. Especially those Victims most unable, because this group is least able to merit their positions and allow the company to reach sacred proportionality.

This is why we are doomed unless we repeal the Civil Rights Act. Which won’t happen. Thus…

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  1. James J. Roper

    Discriminating commentary on discrimination. This is not the only arena of bureaucracy that, when taken to its logical end, becomes the antithesis of the beginning idea. I’m reminded of the film “Idiocracy” and Cipolla’s five basic laws of stupidity and the Peter Principle, all rolled up into one. And politicians allow it to happen because they want to be reelected.

    Let’s start with the average person. We’ve all seen that the average person isn’t very smart, and because the average is somewhere close to the middle, and so half the people are even less smart (hence Cipolla’s 1st law – we always underestimate the number of stupid people in the population). That means that politicians have to figure out how to attract both the dumb and the smart halves of the population. This is where Cipolla’s 2nd law comes in: “The probability that a certain person is stupid is independent of any other characteristic of the same person.” That tells us that of politicians, for example, half of them are dumber than a bag of hammers. Now we have dumb politicians that have to figure out how to appeal to both smart and dumb citizens.

    You would think that any job description could simply include: “to avoid discrimination, we will choose the very best applicant for the job regardless of race, color, number of thumbs or any other characteristic thereof.” and be done with it. But, as the 2nd law tells us, the HR person doing the choosing is just as likely to be dumb as smart, and so they might not know how to choose correctly. The reader can find Cipolla’s laws and peruse the description and then think, with dismay, on the implications.

    Then we have the Peter Principle. So, as people continue in their jobs and get promotions, they will eventually reach their level of ineptitude and so no more advancement will be possible. So, that means often, the higher-ups, the bosses, the politicians, have reached their level of being terrible at their job. And half of them will be really dumb about it, and the other half will simply be inept.

    While I am sure that many people have suffered discrimination and there is still a lot of it around, the solution to the problem is not being discovered by the inept and corrupt politicians that merely want to be reelected. And, the only solution to this, and other equally intractable problems, is to change the way we vote.

    Yes, we need approval voting (also called ranked-choice) to be enacted at all levels of government. We need to get rid of big money in politics because that’s the way the dumb, easily manipulated, self-serving politicians (who are bought by big business) stay in office. By these two methods, we can more easily vote OUT of office those jerks that need to be gotten rid of, and easier to vote IN to office those people that are deserving. And, the reason why it will work can be seen in Cipolla’s 3rd law: “A stupid person is one who causes harm to another person or group without at the same time obtaining a benefit for himself or even damaging himself.” Statistically speaking, the stupid vote will be more random and spread among other idiots, while the smart vote will be less-random and more focused on candidate quality, and will cause the better candidate to have the most votes. This will also eliminate the electoral college, which clearly doesn’t do anything good for any democracy.

  2. Make all taxpayers the smartest and the most trustworthy people who can vote (active & passive). On every occasion they will vote down tax rates. Don’t forsee that taxes or rates must be increased some time — the rearrangement of voting will take decades, let the future generations address that, they naturally will have more experience than you can have now.
    I think this also covers what JJR wrote.

  3. Douglas W Skinner

    I, myself, have been saying that the Civil Rights Act(s) should be repealed for the same reason for a couple of decades now. Unfortunately, it is unimaginable even by people who are on the ultra-right. They resist the concept and, naturally, they resist applying reason and experience to determine if the what they resist with might and main is, in fact, the only just course.

  4. Hagfish Bagpipe

    I don’t know what’s worse; the people claiming victimhood for illegitimate gain, or the fools who fall for it. “You can’t cheat an honest man”. Not many honest men, evidently. Victimism has become the state religion. A religion of cheats and fools. The synagogue of Satan. Jesus showed how not to be a victim. That dude gets it.

  5. Hey. I’m straight, white, male, do well on IQ tests – all of which makes me part of a pretty tiny (.97 .87 .5 .01 (oh sure ;)) =0.04%) minority. So where’s my check already?

    Sooner or later the courts will have to face this -and maybe Harvard vs Asians will make a start.

  6. William Wallace

    The only winning move is to not play. Join the folks in Galt’s Gulch and wait for the opportunity to rebuild from the ashes.

  7. Johnno

    Oh there are plenty of other ways to solve this. Like free money for nothing, taxed of course from the non-victims. Fatty will be all the more happy with that solution. But there would still have to be all that restructuring taking place, such as rebuilding all our cars and taxis and trains and airplanes to accomodate fatty. We will need to bring back the Hindenburg and Zepplins to make room.

    Statistically speaking, the stupid vote will be more random and spread among other idiots, while the smart vote will be less-random and more focused on candidate quality, and will cause the better candidate to have the most votes.

    But Roper… the stupid votes are demonstrably NOT random! They all revolve around very specific liberal leftward ideologies, all evolved from and begotten by the seed of atheism in practice if not strict belief. Then the same atheists conclude that it was all just a coincidence! But one need only observe that the stupid are the voting majority, and many of them even hold PhDs and other diplomas indicative of higher education. Why, you’d have to be formally trained to be this stupid!

  8. Johnno

    Meanwhile here is yet another story of stupidity in action, again, domonstrably NOT random, and embedded upon those holding positions amongst the press and the police department.

    A biological man who identifies as a woman was triggered by a summer camp for boys because it emphasized “authentic manhood,” a phrase Myers-Jones clearly finds offensive — and so the police were called.

    In short, a transgender person complained about a church camp for boys to the police; the authorities themselves won’t say if charges will be laid; the CBC obediently treated this as a real story and interviewed LGBT activists about how concerning this church camp really is.

    Tolerate and celebrate stupid things, win stupid prizes!

    Now regular good ol’boys’ activities must be discriminated against, least they “raise concerns” with the crazies. Crazies aren’t stupid. Crazies are crazies. The liberal luv and tolerance voting majority that gives the crazies this incremental leverage are stupid, and not just stupid, but evil!

  9. Johnno

    Also, hey why not? Pay up stupid! You wouldn’t want to look bad and be judged in public!

    Self-Checkout Machines Are Now Begging For Tips

    Not only are we being put to work, scanning our own groceries and bagging them now, but we’re expected to offer up a tip for the privilege for doing the store’s work for them.

    Fox calls it a “self-serve tipping option”, wherein “customers can leave tips including the typical 20%, despite facing minimal to no interaction with any employee”. The option has left some customer feeling “obligated” to leave a tip, the report says, without knowing where the money eventually winds up.

    It’ll wind up in the victim employee’s pockets. Fatty will get her cut for just sitting there.

  10. Cary D Cotterman

    Agree, mostly, Roper. But the Electoral College clearly did democracy a favor when it enabled us to dodge the Hillary Clinton bullet.

  11. McChuck

    The Civil Rights Act takes precedence over the Constitution.

    The will to power is everything. Words on paper are nothing.
    There is no law, only Zuul.

  12. James J. Roper

    Johnno didn’t seem to understand the 2nd law of stupidity.

  13. Johnno

    But Roper… Your solution/observation directly contradicts all 3 laws listed and is demonstrably false as evidenced by the fact that the stupid vote is also driven by the hive mind funneling them towards very specific policies, parties and candidates. What do you call that? A randomly generated coincidence?

    Do you understand the things you are quoting? Explain why my criticism is faulty. Show your math.

  14. James J. Roper

    Cary D Cotterman – calling the former president “dodging the bullet” ignores what the laws of stupidity tell us about the former president, who was by far among the stupidest presidents ever. He couldn’t complete a sentence, all the sentences he tried to complete were about himself, and he was wrong so often that fact-checking him turned out to be an impossible task – he said so much crap that it was a Gish Gallop. 25% of the national debt was because of him. Now, he’s going to fight legal cases for all the illegal things he’s done. If you don’t like the fact that I’m saying this, then do the fact checking on your own. It’s easy enough to find. Start with “the 25 stupidest things Trump said” and go from there. I can’t figure out what bullet got dodged!

  15. It’s a classic example of inverted nature of the Satanic rule of the earthly realm. Anti-discrimination laws mean you have to discriminate. Chinese or Indians are a billion strong but they’re a “minority” compared to white people. It’s all fake and gay.

  16. Johnno

    And with that we finally have a clear idea of which category Mr. Roper falls into.

    Mr. Roper doesn’t understand the the world he actually lives in. Just the modeled construct.

    Sure, there’s the fundamental atheism that underlies everything, which explains why he accepts many daft things just because a magic man with a great big white beard dressed in a big white lab coat and a doctorate said so… Sure there is the mixup between ideal imaginary conditions where the mask you use to blow out a candle never deteriorates due to moisture and you only blow once, versus actual live conditions where it does deteriorate + contamination with every breath making it more hazardous to oneself and everyone around to the point where you can spit out the candle. And sure, we know he voted for Hillary and Biden, the former with a big collection of acquaintances who all wished they’d dodged a bullet, and the latter who’s running short of them with every stockpile the Russians find and destroy…

    But that’s not really the biggest mistake Roper has made…

    No… Roper’s major error as far as this conversation is concerned is…

    The poor chap actually believes in democracy… As a solution! It’s… ah… It’s very cute… 🙂

    That’s the first litmus test of who’s stupid and who’s smart. Knowing who falls for the ‘vote better, vote harder next time’ crowd.

  17. Milton Hathaway

    “The Only Way To Avoid Illegal Discrimination Is To Illegally Discriminate”

    Yes, in practice, this is exactly what I have witnessed. But this has been going on for decades. Even back in the 80’s, as part of an interview team, I was often presented with a resume with “AA candidate” written across the top; that meant that we were encouraged to skip our normal technical interview questions and go straight into sales pitch mode, as this candidate was going to get an offer no matter what.

    So, what has been the impact of decades of AA? To be honest, the practical impact seems to have been pretty minimal, at least in the companies I worked for, and in my field of work (engineering). Some AA hires grew into the job and were successful, others got discouraged and left, not so different from the non-AA hires. Yes, it wasn’t fair that some good non-AA candidates didn’t get offers, I’m talking about the economic impact to the company.

    To really wreak havoc on a company, it’s competitors, and it’s customer base, you need a much bigger hammer than AA: unionize the employees. Unions destroy companies and markets for all the same reasons that socialism destroys countries, which is why the only successful unions anymore must be parasitic to some government-enforced monopoly. Teacher’s unions come immediately to mind.

  18. Gunther Heinz Hochleitner

    James J. Roper is a NEOCOMMUNIST. He believes in a GREAT COLLECTIVIST PROJECT for saving society from something or somebody.

    He´s also a victim of INCOGNITION. That´s when you´re some thing (like a neocommunist) and you don´t know you are that thing.

  19. James J. Roper

    Gunther Heinz Hochleitner sure does make claims without explaining. Nothing he said makes any sense. Clearly, he is a victim of his own recognition. Besides, communism, as envisioned by classical communists, won’t work, just as capitalism, as envisioned by classical capitalists, doesn’t work.

  20. James J. Roper

    Johnno also makes strange claims without explaining. For example, “Mr. Roper doesn’t understand the the world he actually lives in. Just the modeled construct.” Yet Johnno has never indicated that HE understands the the world…

    Also, he said “The poor chap actually believes in democracy… ” so I can only assume that he thinks some OTHER form of government works. I just have no idea from his words what that might be.

  21. C-Marie

    The United States of America is a Republic, not a Democracy. How it is being run now, is due to unrepentant sin.

    God bless, C-Marie

  22. Gunther Heinz Hochleitner

    Ahhh Mr. Roper! ALLOW me to splain! The NEOCOMMUNIST identifies withone (or all) of the three BOOGERS:

    1 – CLIMATE CHANGE! Very serious problem!
    2 – CORONVIRUS! Very serious problem!]
    3 – RACISTS, SEXISTS, TRANSPHOBES, HOMOPHOBES, etc.! Very bad people!

    Why “boogers”? Because of the BOOGIES MAN!

  23. James J. Roper

    C-Marie doesn’t seem to understand that a democracy can be a republic, and vice versa.

    Gunther doesn’t seem to understand that when something causes nearly 7 million deaths, it’s serious. Ask farmers about climate change. And finally, those things have nothing to do with communism.

  24. Gunther Heinz Hochleitner

    Ask farmers about climate change?

    Fifty years worth of rainfall and temperature data can be had from the following INMET station no. 83423 – Goiânia – Goiás – Brazil (

    Why don´t YOU get the data and then identify for us the clear and obvious trend regarding precipitation, and then SHOW us why it´s getting worse. Identify for us a clear and obvious trend regarding rising temperature, NOT CAUSED by the dramatic increase in urbanization in the vicinity around the INMET station. SHOW us how rising temperature is getting worse.

    Show us STUPID IGNORANT farmers!

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