The Regime Makes Its Move: Federal Power Pre-Fortified — Forever?

The Regime Makes Its Move: Federal Power Pre-Fortified — Forever?


“He took a whole box of pens,” said Merrick Garland. “This is clearly illegal. It is theft, and I expect all news outlets to repeat that.”

That was the hilarious joke I made after the Regime arrested their favorite enemy. I should have added, like the Regime added to their joke, that the enemy was also “participating in a conspiracy to obstruct justice.”

Which is an even funnier.

Now I have no idea about the purported legal ins and outs of this nonsense, and don’t care. Whether with one mighty leap Trump frees himself from this latest of an endless number of attempts to take him down, or whether the Regime finally manages to, um, retire him permanently, I do not care.

Because the fix is in. The Regime will not relinquish federal power.

On 26 May, as De Santis was officially joining the so-called race, I tweeted, “Conspiracy theory: De Santis joins primary race knowing it would ordinarily be impossible to catch Trump, but here the party bosses assure him they have a plan to scupper Trump, disallowing his nomination on some obscure technicalities, like his upcoming trial.”

DeSantis may have still been in Israel at the time, signing some new anti-hate speech law, his second time, I think.

Whether the Regime’s plan succeeds I do not know, and, as said, I do not care. Because if they cannot remove Trump from the rolls through legal maneuvers, they’ll fortify the eventual vote. Again.

And even if by some miracle— like maybe the envelopes for mail-in ballots made in some faraway land have poisoned glue, and the ballots stuffers all seize up before they can fortify—if by some miracle, I say, that Trump wins, he won’t be allowed to govern.

And even if, by a further compound miracle, now a mathematical impossibility, that he is allowed to govern, he will surely govern as before. Indeed, our side always wished that Trump was what his hersterical enemies made him out to be. The celebrated Jan 6, for instance, could have been something quite important in history. But, like with most things, it fizzled out and pipped out of existence.

The inability to govern against the Regime’s wishes would apply for any anti-Regime President who somehow sneaks into office.

The oligarchs, bureaucracy, our Expertocracy, simply would not let them.

Maybe you think this is wrong. Maybe you think there is One More Chance in this, the Most Important Election Of Our Lifetimes. Vote Harder!

Or maybe you think that the move against Trump was One Step Too Far. When the people wake up the Regime will get what’s coming to it. Now it’s war! I saw many on Twitter and elsewhere saying these things.

Sigh. If people act, and not just bluster, on this, it will be like what happened to the Boxers at the end of the Opium Wars. I can see it now. Boomers will sew parchment copies of the Constitution to their breasts and charge the White House lawn, screaming “Remember Ashley Babbit!”, certain the magic in that paper will this time deflect Regime bullets.

That analogy is even more apt when you recall the Boxers hated, as we hate, the foreign invaders who were stuffing the Anti-Racist Rainbow Pride of the day (opium) down the throats of natives, foreigners keen on destroying the ancient culture of the Boxers, which they saw as backward and ugly.

I know I don’t have to remind you what happened to these martial-arts trained men.

It’s not all bad. The Regime is not in power over everything, everywhere. In small localities, there is still freedom, and indeed things appear more or less normal in most places. There are small victories, like with that piss-water beer. And where there is breath, there is hope. But recall motus in fine velocior, which in English is translated gradually, then suddently.

The scenes in Regime-led cities grow worse by the hour. Streets turning into open air zombie gatherings, shoplifting now a major sport. Weak men, strong women. Not to mention the HR-ificaton of all normal life everywhere.

Like all conquerors, the Regime is busy re-writing history. Wokepedia:

More than 160 monuments and memorials to the Confederate States of America (CSA; the Confederacy) and associated figures have been removed from public spaces in the United States, all but five since 2015. Some have been removed by state and local governments; others have been torn down by protestors.

Math: 2015 was only eight years ago. Motus in fine velocior.

Even the Revolutionary war is being erased.

How about Science, one of the shining jewels of the West? One headline: “Mayo Clinic medical college to doctor: Sit down and shut up“. The doc is told the press there are differences between men and women.

You know the rest. Get yourself ready.

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  1. McChuck

    I am a subject matter expert in the storage of classified documents.
    1) Every President has access to classified materials for life.
    2) Trump kept his classified materials in a literal vault, protected 24/7 by armed Secret Service agents.

    That’s all you really need to know about this so-called infraction. There is no more “there” there than with the Russia hoax.

    PS – You can store classified materials in a security container (commonly called a safe) in a locked room with a monitored (like ADT) security alarm. That, plus some paperwork, is the standard for the storage of Top Secret materials. You can send Secret materials through the Post Office (double wrapped, certified mail).

  2. JR Ewing

    Briggs, it depresses me to realize how much I agree with your pessimism. The problem is that the “government” is too big, too entrenched, and too powerful. It is no longer a government of the people, it’s a government of itself and for itself and the people are an afterthought. The very idea that there are secrets, whether in war or peace, that we the commoners are simply not allowed to know, is just obscene… As is the idea that a large part of the people employed in our government are untouchable and beyond the reach of the political process.

    Thank you for pointing out the way the “election” is going to go in 2024. I find all of this talk about polls and approval ratings and likely voters and all that other BS to be quaint and sad because… NONE OF IT MATTERS. 2020 and 2022 showed the dems that they can get away with it. Why wouldn’t they just do it forever? They’ll never lose another important election again.

  3. I agree: your pessimism seems realistic.

    The biggest problem is that everybody whines about trees, nobody acts against the forest. See, for example, for my May 2021 prescription on fixing things. The editor there has an updated version on hand (you can see the draft on my site at ) he’s promised to either put on that site or find a larger audience for – this week – I expect.

  4. J Smith

    Our government has never been “of the people” and “for the people”. It was a concoction of the elites from the beginning and has been run by them ever since. The only reason for 200 years of success was our natural resources, and a population still clinging to the remaining fumes of a neutered Protestant version of Christendom. Those fumes have dissipated and we are left with the inevitable. The U.S.A. has now predictably found itself at the bottom of the slippery slope. The only solution is in God’s hands. There is now way to vote yourself out of the Leviathan.

  5. McChuck:

    if I have it right the materials involved were not classified (because presidents can declasssify anything). The wording used on the indictment is “classified markings” – any doc that was once marked classified and then released (or used in the case of travel orders) has those.

  6. Rudolph Harrier

    What depresses me most is that there is a contingent of DeSantis fans who think that Trump should be dropped, due to his “legal baggage,” while simultaneously agreeing that the charges against Trump are BS. The reasoning goes that it is unjust for Trump to be made the target of lawfare in this way, but that winning the 2024 election is too important to worry about such things. Therefore, the reasoning goes, we should rally behind DeSantis who can win. Then he will fix the corruption and worry about the injustices against Trump at that point.

    But their idea that DeSantis will easily win requires there to be a fair election. They are essentially saying “yes, the regime is using the law unjustly to target a political opponent. But that won’t happen with DeSantis; with him we will just have a fair vote on the merits of each candidate.” That is, when it comes to abandoning Trump they admit that the charges are unjust, but when it comes to supporting DeSantis they pretend that they are Trump’s fault (and thus the regime would never be able to manufacture charges against the pure DeSantis.)

    Too many conservatives need to believe that we are just one good president away from everything going back to normal. Obviously we are far past that, but they refuse to believe it. So when Trump is taken down, they simply pin their hopes to another. If DeSantis is made the primary target of the media and the “justice” system (as they are already starting to do) then these people will abandon DeSantis and move onto some other miracle candidate.

  7. Milton Hathaway

    Classifiction: Classified documents are a creation of the Executive branch; the Legislative and Judicial branches aren’t supposed to have secrets (with minor exceptions for things like grand jury testimony). The power to classify documents lies solely with POTUS; documents become classified ONLY on the direction of POTUS or someone delegated that authority by POTUS. There is no other higher authority overseeing the classification or declassification of documents who can override POTUS.

    Every one of the get-Trumpers, at least the ones with half a brain, know that by definition it is not possible for POTUS to mishandle classified documents, since the moment that happens, the document becomes unclassified by default, no matter how the document is marked. Their motivations are not what they seem.

    A rough analogy would be trade secrets in the corporate world. A trade secret only exists as long as the employees keep it a secret. If any employee reveals a trade secret outside the company, any legal protections afforded to a company to protect that trade secret instantly vanishes.

    As an engineer, I am paid to be pessimistic and skeptical, so I often find it a little odd that I seem to be one of the more optimistic commenters at this blog. On the other hand, an over-pessimistic engineer will never get anything done, afraid to put nose-to-grindstone and thus risk failure. Basically you have to assume that something can be made to work through trial and error, no matter how improbable. I prefer to believe that Trump will not repeat the mistakes of his first term, which stemmed from trusting the wrong people. The solution seems simple – don’t trust anyone from inside government.

    I do agree that the Demonrats have perfected fortifying (fornicating?) elections, but by far the most impactful fortification seems to be lost on most Republicans. It isn’t outright cheating, or even borderline legal practices such as ballot harvesting. What really won this battle for the Demonrats is the now-accepted practice of mailing ballots to all registered voters unrequested.

    Mailing ballots to all registered voters is a disaster for Republicans because, even if the voter rolls are clean, it causes a huge amount of uninformed low-information voting. Normally these voters are also unmotivated, so they never bothered to vote before. In the state where I live, the Demonrats weren’t successful with their 100% mail-in voting scheme until they removed the requirement for the voter to even provide their own postage stamp. Let that sink in, the insanity of encouraging someone who doesn’t think the privilege of voting is worth even the cost of a postage stamp can only make sense to a Demonrat. Also, the Demonrats in my state made registering to vote automatic for a whole host of government services; you have to explicitly uncheck a box or decline a verbal offer NOT to get automatically registered to vote.

    So now we have a situation where a huge number of people receive ballots in the mail who don’t care to vote. There are always highly motivated activist-types in the near vicinity of those voters ready to swoop in and scoop up those ballots and vote them, being careful to first get the registered voter to sign their name to the blank ballot. Judging by the massive increase in voter “turnout” in places that have adopted this approach during the plandemic, this pseudo-cheating is widespread. It completely destroys one-person-on-vote.

  8. Johnno

    But Briggs, nobody here thinks voting for Trump will solve anything… We do it because if:

    A) He wins – we get to see even more copeing media spin and hersterical meltdowns!


    B) He gets fortified out – we’ll at least force the deep state to put all of it’s apparatuses to work and drag the reality of ‘the democratic free world’ out even further into the light! Then watch the last true-believers of Conservative Inc. and Liberalism Classic cope and spin and meltdown from trying to maintain the fair and safe system narratives! Then ignore them forever, unless their further meltdown episodes provide more hilarity.

    No matter what, we win!

  9. C-Marie

    The solution is in the hearts of all Americans. Those Americans who know, love, and serve the Living God, who have repented of their sins, who truly have Jesus Christ as their Lord, and Saviour, and God, and who seek to live their lives in the Love of God our Father, in His Son Jesus Christ, and through Him by the Holy Spirit of God, will make it through these times by Christ’s Power and Strength and Love, for He is Lord of all.

    These times are such due to the horrendous amount of unrepented sin, of rejection of God the Father’s gift of Salvation through the Life, Death, and Resurrection of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

    Belonging to Jesus Christ is available to everyone, to anyone, who is willing to live their life in Jesus Christ and through Him.

    Judgment is come in order to give visible choice … live for the Living God or lose all. Pray for salvation, for the hearts of people, families, friends, and all.

    God bless, C-Marie

  10. I’m thoroughly baffled by people supposedly so entranced with paying attention to empirical reality who are commenting as if voting and who gets elected actually makes any difference to what the governing powers of the world do. The talking heads we see on TV are merely actors shaping public opinion and have nothing much to do with what those governing the world are up to. It’s all fake and gay.

  11. It is actually a crime to remove any classified documents from government property. But all Presidents do it anyway. Trump is being prosecuted for a more serious “crime” — being Donald Trump, and a possible winner in the 2024 election. If Trump backed out of that 2024 race, the leading Republican contender would then become guilty of the “crime” of possibly winning the 2024 election. He or she would either be prosecuted, or smeared with a fake Russian collusion style hoax. And then there would be lots of 2024 election fraud. The fascist Democrats will not give up their power as the result of an honest election.

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