Briggs’s Best Broken Science Blast

Briggs’s Best Broken Science Blast

Here’s my talk at the fourth Broken Science Initiative event in Aromas, California, from just over a week ago. (Direct link.)

The content in the speech is different than in the first three.

There is no direct evidence for it, though if you subject yourself to watching you will discover plenty of indirect evidence, but I suspect there is Italian blood in our family.

And, no. I am not trying to conceal a contraband ferret around my middle. That is where the microphone cord and transmitter wrapped around my belt.

As the comments to the video says:

“William Briggs discusses the importance of the BSI and the danger of broken scientific models.

“In an effort to maintain the integrity of open discussion, we are asking all viewers to direct their thoughts and comments to the forums and posts on our website:

We covered Greg’s talk last week. But here it is now in living color.

It is your clear patriotic and scientific duty to pass these talks on. If you liked them, then you must show your friends and loved ones.

If you hated them, then send them to your enemies.

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  1. Uncle Mike

    Wonderful. You’ve found your voice, with confidence and passion. You connect with your audience much betterly now. Fun stuff. KUTGW

  2. Briggs

    Danke gracias arigato, Uncle Mike.

  3. Dors

    Just listened to this. Most of it is a well-trodden ground, but two points provoked me to reply :

    1) Nocebo: There is one other helpful term on the topic : ‘mass psychogenic illness’

    2) 15-minute cities, they don’t want us move freely, hence they limits our use of cars… …
    * Let’s make it clear that intimidation with force, use of force, police surveillance are abhorrent policies that should be opposed uncompromisingly.
    * Do you know that the biggest proponents of these 15-minute things are anti-establishment urbanists and traditionalists, like the guy you follow called Wrath of Gnon? Ever read Wrath of Gnon’s substack on ‘the human scale,’ or ‘how to build a small town in Texas’? There’s a whole anti-car online movement called ‘Fuck Cars,’ and, contrary to how it sounds, they’re quite civil, sharing arguments & book resources.
    All in all, when we see news on 15-minute-cities development, in our mind’s eyes we see a wolf in sheep’s clothing. That frees us from the obligation to attack sheep as contrived, inherently bad & evil things.

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