If We Cannot Reject Woke Premises (Like Equality), We Must Suffer Their Logical Conclusions

If We Cannot Reject Woke Premises (Like Equality), We Must Suffer Their Logical Conclusions

This paper is going around: “A Pediatrician’s Manifesto for the Modernization of Gender Medicine“, by Erica Li. About the “queering” of medicine. The author is against it, as am I, as are you, dear reader, and as would anybody who loves Reality would be.

Alas, right near the beginning of this demonstration of the madness of “queering” she announces anxiously that she is a good person: “It is crucial to clarify that I am a steadfast supporter of LGBT civil rights,” she says.


No, sorry. This will not work. She has lost the war right there. It is pointless to read further and discover the woke depredations of medicine. Because she supports them—without realizing it.

One of those “rights” it was so crucial for her to avow is the “right” to have quacks butcher and drug kids, to the delight of “queers” and perverts, because of the false theory that “gender” is infinitely malleable, and Reality false. Another “right” is the open and accepted teaching sodomy to kids.

Another “right” is to define yourself as your “sexual orientation”, such as being a “minor attracted person”. Our most beneficent government has ensured that “sexual orientations” may not be discriminated against.

Since Li says it is crucial for her to support these “rights”, she must acknowledge queers (their own word) have a better and faster way to get them—including all the “rights” inherent in “queering” medicine. They can secure those “rights” faster and more efficiently than her tepid “support”.

Li says “I strongly advocate for high-quality Modern medical care for sexual minorities.” But “I reject the overmedicalization of children propagated by many gender activists”.

This fails. It fails because medicalizing and cutting up children are just what gender “activists” think is modern medical care.

Li’s arguments fail because they are self-contradictory. You cannot be for the “rights” and against the goal of those “rights”. It is not consistent. The woke are smarter. They see this.

They see the logical endpoint, and they push for it. And you must surrender to their argument, eventually, dear con-servatives, because you have granted their central premise.

If you think the perverted mutilation of children is wrong then the only consistent position is to be against lgbtqwerty+ “rights”. There is no other way.

The same genre of mistake was made by the nice folks who argued in a well-publicized paper for the superiority of merit in science, against woke DIE quotas.

Those same authors also said they believed “diversity” and “inclusion” are important goals.

Like Li, they lost the argument right there. If you want to DIE, the woke have a superior way to reach DIE. They can get there quicker and more efficiently. And they don’t have to compromise with merit. Merit is what holds back the DIE. Merit, by definition, is the opposite of diversity and inclusion. The woke, again, are smart enough to see this.

The only way to win is to say you are against Diversity & Inclusion. Can you say that? Can you?

We are so far gone that people who want to save science, God bless them, do not see how saturated they are in Enlightenment thinking, and neither does Li. And, as it turns out, neither did I.

I was talking on this subject to Anon, and it was Anon’s idea that the Great Barrington Declaration, of which I was an early signer, suffers to a degree from this same fault. I did not see it at the time, to my shame, but I see it now.

Right away in January of 2020, I was screaming my head off that the only solution was not to panic about covid. I kept up my ranting that our most loving government should stand there, and not do something. Because everything they were doing was making things worse. Indeed, some friends and I started writing this book beginning April 2020: The Price of Panic: How the Tyranny of Experts Turned a Pandemic into a Catastrophe (it came out that October, before the vaccine panic).

Yet, as said, I was one of the early signers of the Great Barrington declaration. Which argued for “focused protection” of the most vulnerable.

Which is granting the premise—no different in effect than Li and the science-merit folks—that it is right for the government to take action by locking some people down. And not realizing the government had a better, faster, more efficient path to “action” (tyranny) than I allowed.

I should have been consistent and rejected all calls for top-down Expert “solutions”. Especially at that late date, when it was clear to any who cared to think about it that “solutions” were the problem.

Since I know how easy it is to screw up, I have some sympathy for people like Patrick Deneen, who wrote Regime Change: Toward a Postliberal Future. Charles Haywood opens his pitiless review of that book like this:

Vladimir Lenin taught that “he who says A must say B.” He was correct, but Patrick Deneen has not listened. Deneen says A, that our Regime, our ruling class, is destructive and evil. But he then refuses to say B, that the Regime is therefore wholly odious and illegitimate, and before any new system is possible, it must be destroyed. Instead, Deneen’s response to A is magical thinking. When the people peacefully complain enough, you see, the Regime will dismantle itself voluntarily and hand over power to a new ruling class, which will hold and implement opposite views on every matter under the sun. This absurd fantasy, even when cushioned within much fancy philosophy, harms rather than advances the postliberal project.

Deneen grants that premise that “racism” (by whites) is a problem. That being so, the Regime has a far superior path to correcting that “racism” than Deneen.

The lesson is clear enough. Either we reject all woke (a.k.a. liberal) premises, or must suffer the fate of the consequences of those premises.

Update Another example, this time about the administrative state. If we can’t reject the central premise that Experts know best and should be in charge, then we are doomed to the consequences. Read this article.

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  1. Kevin Brau

    Thank you for retracting your support for the GBD. I have had this argument with Clare Craig on Twitter saying that she cannot on the one hand say that because the virus is aerosolized, there is no way to “protect” those in care homes, while at the same time, support the GBD. She admitted this to me in a tweet, but didn’t publicly renounce GBD. (Not that it would matter.) As far as I know, this ridiculous concept of “focused protection” is still worshipped by the majority of the anti-lockdowners.

  2. Half measures seem to be unreasonably popular on the Right, at least among prominent conservative pundits. Few of them, it seems, are sufficiently familiar with Thoreau’s maxim: “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” The branches of an evil idea grow back more swiftly than most can imagine.

  3. Pk

    These losing arguments are ubiquitous. Labor unions are too powerful, but they were really needed back in the day. We have to restrict welfare, but I’m all for it for those that really need it.

  4. Well, duh.

    But how do we fix any of this?

    (hint: see winface.com; telearb.net; or teaparty911.com for my attempts at explanations and/or positive actions.)

  5. Johnno

    Li is what the Lord God of hosts categorizes as a ‘Lukewarm.’

    Lukewarm is the prefered identity of Conservatism.

    We are all guilty of being attracted to making lukewarmness our personal pronoun because we know exactly what it will take to “fix all of this.” We pretend we don’t, but we do and it is taboo to say it.

    TOTAL F****** WAR. Destruction! Casualties! Loss of modern conveniences! Etc. In other words, no peace, and risk to our lives and the trauma of the terrible terrible things we will have to do.

    Despise the trannies all we want. Some are at least willing to put more than their skin in the game and cut themselves to pieces. It is rightly idiotic to do so for stupid reasons, but what then do we call not doing so for the right reasons?

    The ‘Right’ has their own taboos folks, and it is the dogmatic insistence that peace and non-confrontation and non-violence MUST be maintained at all cost! After all, we don’t want the left and all the reporters and the little girls who run the FBI calling us – Violent! Insurrectionists! Hatey-Hate-Hate-Hates! Nooooo!!!! We’re such Mahatma Ghandis, we’ll take beating after beating and march straight into the camps and the ovens to show what loyal peacenik democratic voting freemasonic constitution-loving puppy dogs we are! See? See? We’re the good guys! We believe in the doctrines of America! George Washington received them on tablets from Mt. Sinai and these are the unbreakable Protestant humanist laws we are bound to by an unbreakable bond! We must protect this covenant at all costs! For America! For the union! For the west! For the rules based order! For NATO! For modernity! For our comfortable pension, healthcare and retirement! Our 401Ks! For our interests in Blackrock and Vanguard! For little Katie’s University degree! For free internet apps! For Amazon shipping! For Burger King! For Netflix!

    Are we willing to give up all that and more? All this our government will promise to allow us to access and more, if we only now down and worship it, and that starts by paying that little incense to the sex-supremacists.

    The truth is that the lefties are only yelling Violence! Fascist! Terrorism! at you because they know you are not, and are desperately hoping you will never be, because they are the most cowardly of all. And if the State falls and the internet goes down, they will piss themselves and grovel and gnash their teeth in the dark!

    When the Church ruled and kicked their asses, things were good. We will once again need to become ass-kickers. We might even need to be… (shudder) RUDE! We might even stop turning to the government for anything at all! Election day might come andbit’d just be another Tuesday and we’ll sleep in. And we might spit on the ground whenever an Expert or State Servant walks by and let them know it. Use your eyes, give them dirty unwelcome looks! Hide your children behind you as they pass while glaring at them threateningly and make sure they notice! Publish your paper and say you don’t need any stinking Queer-reviews! Start by treating them with utter contempt! Contempt for them and their new ‘kulture’! ESCALATE! And be willing to go ALL the way!

    Or… you know… do what God requested and demand the Church and an actual Pope and bishops consecrate Russia.

    And, no, it’s not Frankie, he’s currently investigating good bishops for saying the right things about the rainbow pests and his circus synodality. But even these bishops are lukewarms for the same reasons that they don’t all call Frankie a heretic to his face in public. There is no St. Paul amongst them.

  6. Gunther Heinz

    I don’t think the Barrington Declaration was that great, but I signed it anyway. I’ll sign anything!

  7. Incitadus

    Cast your mind back all of this started innocently enough with Obama’s promotion of gay marriage,
    I still remember hearing perfectly sane people saying ‘well if they love each other why not’.
    Why not; because marriage is a legal instrument devised to legally protect and support women
    and children that were abandoned and abused for centuries by a chattel system treating them as
    little more than property. Not surprisingly women and children now are the ones under the greatest
    threat and will eventually again revert to the status of property, as will we all, if this madness continues
    on its present trajectory.

  8. Gail Finke

    I do think the frail elderly should have been the focus of protections — not necessarily governmental protections, but SOME sort of efforts to keep them safe. It was obvious very early on that most of those who got sickest were over 70, and most of those who died were WELL over 70. How is it wrong to say this?

    As for Patrick Deneen’s book, I haven’t read it but the criticism made me laugh. Our state school board put out a statement saying Ohio’s schools are systemically racist. I wrote to them and said that if the entire SYSTEM is racist, then everyone in it has to go–why the people trained in, and currently working to perpetuate, a racist system would or even could fix it? No, every single teacher, administrator, school board member, and education professor had to be replaced PRONTO. Strangely, they did not agree.

  9. Milton Hathaway

    This brings to mind “Compassionate Conservatism”. Attacking your base while providing aid and comfort to the enemy proved to be an excellent way to make yourself irrelevant.

    My mind keeps coming back to January 6th; specifically, how the lefties and the deep state so thoroughly crapped their pants over it. My intuition tells me that there is still much to be learned from the over-the-top reaction.

    No, it wasn’t an insurrection, but maybe it should have been? A peaceful insurrection, that is. The left going after the kids has really fired up many of the normally complacent, that might be the best focus for the next one. January 6 teaches us that you don’t have to actually break any laws to scare the crap out of them, you just need overwhelming numbers of mad and noisy people congregating in front of their sacred institutions. If many of those people were conspicuously but legally armed, that would be icing on the cake. The not-so-subtle purpose of the second amendment is to insure that every decision our leaders make is accompanied by some measure of fear. The steady stream of evil excretions from the ruling class are a sure sign that their level of fear is inadequately low, and needs to be fortified.

    I’d like to see a grassroots groundswell for a commemoration event on January 6th, 2024. I’d really like to see them crap their pants all over again. The deep state thinks they won that one, with all the persecutions and prosecutions of the participants. They really need ongoing reminders that even complacent people have their limits.

  10. JerryR

    Does anyone have information on just how many gender surgeries have been performed? Is it less than 10? Greater than 50? If so by how much.

    I keep on seeing the horrors of these surgeries. But how many?

    I personally believe one is too many but just how prevalent is it?

  11. Briggs


    Hilarious. Prime example of following premises to logical conclusions.

  12. Y’all should be ruck training. There’s only one way you can make this end.

  13. McChuck

    Heed the wisdom of your ancestors!
    “The negro is at your feet or at your throat.”
    “The queer is in the closet or in your face.”

  14. imnobody00

    200 years ago, the winners of revolutions in America and France enshrined two absurdities as self-evident truths and the higher goods. These absurdities are liberty and equality. This is the leaven and modernity is the logical development of these BS notions: their reductio ad absurdum.

    Jefferson wrote that “all men are created equal”. Who are you going to believe: the declaration or your lying eyes?

    So if Jack wants to be called Karen, this is liberty. He must have equality with biological women. The leaven has been growing for two centuries and has created a monster.

    This is why conservatives always lose. They accept the absurd premise and 100 insane conclusions that are old, but they pretend to reject the 101-th insane conclusion until they get used to it. After that, they will defend it as a part of the conservative creed.

  15. cdquarles

    That we are created equal (under God and by Him; which in the flesh is the union of a sperm cell and an egg cell), does not mean we will be anything other than individuals with differing abilities and personalities. Liberty is always bounded, too; within the just rules that God showed us. Jack may wish to be called Karen; but that does not make him Karen or that anyone else has to enable his delusions.

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