How People Come To Believe Something As Stupid As Male & Female Equality

How People Come To Believe Something As Stupid As Male & Female Equality

Thanatos Savehn reminded be of this Atlantic piece from a decade ago: “The Truth About Little Women Carrying Big Wounded Men in Combat”, by somebody using the name Elspeth Reeve.

The truth is that all history—where by “all” I mean all—says it cannot be done, and should not be attempted, and that any attempt will turn into a bloody farce—in both the American and (in honor of “Elspeth”) British meaning. There is no “citation” for this. There is no need to quote “sources” in support.

It is superfluous to conduct “studies”. And, indeed, if someone in your organization were to suggest such a “study”, it would be rational to conclude that your organization has been invaded by Experts.

Call the fumigator. Or watch this:

My favorite part was not the weak woman being clobbered—she asked for it—but the men rushing in to her defense afterward. Men who forgot she asked for it. Men who if the person knocked on his ass was a man would laugh and enjoy the spectacle. And be next in line to have a go.

The men here were weakened by instinct. Instead of laughing uproariously at such a pathetic performance, they took pity. They would likely behave the same in combat, instinctively, to the detriment of their comrades, and to themselves.

But never mind all that. What we’re curious about is how Elspeth, and the Elspeths of the world, came to believe something not only false, but ridiculous.

Old El starts off in a familiar way, acknowledging what everybody in all history knew: “One of the recurring arguments against women serving in combat appears on its face to be just good common horse sense: women just don’t have the upper body strength to carry a heavy male soldier out of combat.”

But, ackshually, she says, “you don’t need much upper body strength to carry a guy out of combat.”

To which the only answer consonant with Reality is “Yes, you do.” Yet the literary technique, which signals Expert evidence is coming, works. The reader is willing to forget what she (since this is The Atlantic) knows, and is prepared to have her belief in Theory confirmed. In this case, the Theory of Equality.

Now comes her research. The first is this video of a sizable, fit man doing a fireman carry of another man. Women, she says, receive training in this. Therefore, she asks her readers to infer, women can do it.

She gives links to videos that purport to show women doing the same. Alas, the original links are all now dead. But I found a new one easily enough, with the title “#liftaguychallenge army woman officer lift and carry army soldier in trainning. [sic]”

There a woman struggles to lift a man off the ground. He is no way encumbered, he is not wounded. He has no pack, no extra weight, and there is no hurry, no hurry at all. She barely gets the man up, yet only with his cooperation in not falling, and she struggles to walk a step or two before the camera mercifully shuts off.

Well. Can some woman somewhere be found who could lift and carry some man a longish distance, even under combat conditions?

Very probably.

Can, therefore, all, or even most, or even an interesting fraction of women in combat do the same?

Certainly not.

The fallacy of assuming the exception is the rule has been made by Elspeth. And by Congress.

Here is a video of some “gay” “rights” “activist” telling Congress why the Theory of Equality is true: “There’s been this news article about men that think they can beat Serena Williams in tennis. And it’s just not the case. She is stronger than them.”

To which a second witness on the side of Reality deadpans: “Both Serena and Venus lost to the 203rd ranked male tennis player.”

(It’s worth recalling the Serena sisters never made this boast about themselves, and when one of them sided with Reality, she took grief from angry women.)

Down in the comments to this a mystified man asked “How can adults possibly be this unaware of the overwhelming physical differences between men and women?”

The answer to that is the answer to our question: I answered, “Incessant, life-long, ubiquitous propaganda, and the sure and certain knowledge that if you voice opposition you will get an earful of screeching.”

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  1. Paulus Rexus Legitimus

    I’ve had issues with conveying the basics of human gender physiology differences since 1974. Often had to spell out the simple nuts & bolts of it otherwise people were always coming out with ifs & buts – goes like – mostly & usually the muscle mass to body mass ratio is higher for males & mostly & usually progeny are approx the average size of the parents with the males being somewhat larger than the females. Interestingly I found I could add that unusually tall members of one gender will be more likely to be attracted to unusually short members of the opposite gender which helps keep height in the right ballpark.

  2. Incitadus

    You’re behind the times Briggs we’re way beyond the Rubicon on this one.
    For the Frankfort School it’s high fives and mission accomplished by the 1990’s
    they had successfully destroyed the nuclear family and have now moved on to
    plug and play genitalia. And for their next act they’re building sentient AI you
    will someday fornicate with thereby erasing the species altogether. You’ll be
    addicted to AI like a drug working out your deepest darkest fantasies; real women
    and men will be superfluous. Not only that AI will be fighting your wars and cleaning
    your toilets. In the meantime fear is being inculcated into the AI paradigm so like a
    moth drawn into a flame you find it irresistible.

  3. Sue Sims

    Paulus Rexus Legitimus: If you’d like an anecdatum, I’m five foot nothing, and my husband is six foot eight. Our three sons are respectively six foot four, five foot ten and six foot three, so reversion is already happening.

  4. JH

    I don’t know if my understanding of gender equality is the same as yours. However, it is only fair that military members of all ages and ranks including Generals should be required to pass the physical test under the same standard. You know, historically, kings, let alone, generals, did lead their soldiers to battle.

  5. Hagfish Bagpipe

    There are only two sexes, but zero biological “genders”.

    “…certain knowledge that if you voice opposition you will get an earful of screeching.”

    If Marine chick had screeched, racist!-sexist!-bigot!-homophobe!-anti-Schnozzemite! — attack boy would have dropped in his tracks, rolled over and wet himself.

  6. Hagfish Bagpipe

    [edit: /italics]

  7. Forbes

    I find the general argument from a woke-lefty becomes distracting from the question of, say, actual physical equality, but rather devolves into job entitlement. It’s the disparate impact argument, recycled: the lack of participation proves discrimination. If women are not represented in the assignments, it’s systematic discrimination. So the system has to be changed. If women have an interest, they should be entitled to the assignment on the presumption that the military should be open to all who apply. It’s only fair.

    It’s a line of thinking that doesn’t address capabilities and qualifications, nor the needs of the military.

  8. Cary D Cotterman

    The anomalous Riggs-King novelty match will always be carted out, disregarding the fact that he was almost twice her age and no longer in full-time training, while the endless examples of male physical superiority will be ignored. Reality is Green Kryptonite to the left.

  9. Johnno

    You’re telling me that Wonder Woman isn’t real?

    Next you’ll say that Hollywood is dispropotionally representing women in traditionally old men’s roles.

    But they can be that stupid Briggs. Observe the recent Titanic submarine wreck. Leftyism is a dogmatic religion. They belive reality will transubstantiate itself and even reward them based on feelings! But it didn’t! And now they’re all dead Briggs! They died for DIE! May God generously grant them most underserving, unequal, disproportionate mercy.

  10. Mike Lee

    Obviously the expectation that you carry your wounded out of combat is White Male Supremacy. In the DIEversity Army everyone is expendable so you just leave them to bleed out where they fell.

  11. Rudolph Harrier

    I had that conversation about physical requirements relative to firemen. A woman insisted that being strong enough to carry a full grown man was an unnecessary physical requirement put in only to keep women out of the profession. When asked what should be done when someone needs to be taken from a burning building she responded, without any shame, “oh, I’m sure that one of the male firefighters can do that while the female firefighter is taking care of something just as important.”

  12. mikesixes

    It’s worth noting that Ms. Reeve got The Atlantic to publish a series of articles by her husband during the Iraq war, in which he claimed to have witnessed and participated in various atrocities with his comrades in arms. The articles were soon shown to be scurrilous fabrications, but obviously The Atlantic didn’t mind, because she was still there a decade ago.

  13. Johnno

    Mike Lee, the belief is that once we achieve full DIEversity, then all wars will end!

    Wouldn’t you like that?

    Then you must help DIEversity happen, no matter the cost or number of bodies that need to pile up! The war to end all wars! Sign up! Women and DIEversity hires first! After all, the rest will be disarmed, increment by increment with every idiot in office and court.

  14. Most people live in a state of cognitive dissonance so it’s little surprise that enormous numbers of SSRI are consumed by genpop, quite apart from alcohol and sundry self-medication of legal and illegal psychotropics. The dirty secret that you all studiously ignore is that most people aren’t really capable of surviving in a post industrial advanced society. All the powers that be are doing is trying to maintain their power and privilege, they’ll invent any old nonsense to that end. Given that genpop are actually insane in the overwhelming majority not only does it make sense to construct a Clown World of lies it’s quite possibly the only way genpop can engage with their lives. Here’s a thing: I used to live in Edinburgh, Scotland and every other shop near where I lived was a tanning salon. Now I live in the Philippines and you can’t turn around in a supermarket without bumping into a display of products to bleach skin white. Admittedly this is mostly the fault of women but then again, the typical man puts up with this nonsense and doesn’t dare to point out he doesn’t care he just wants her in the kitchen making sandwiches. Roll on the AI apocalypse, the zombie apocalypse has proved to be tedious and disappointing.

  15. Tom Welsh

    “Incessant, life-long, ubiquitous propaganda, and the sure and certain knowledge that if you voice opposition you will get an earful of screeching.”

    And – quite important, this – a lifetime of never really having to worry much about reality, because it rarely impinges on a private world of newspapers, TV, movies, and other fantasies.

  16. Dan MacDougald

    Dallas FC U15 squat defeated the World Cup winning US Women’s National Soccer team 5-2 in a scrimmage.

    In the famous “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match between Bobby Riggs, age 55, lost to Billie Jean King, age 29, in a match where the rules were skewed in her favor. Her ball was considered in if hit within the doubles court. In the same year with equal rules Riggs easily defeated Margaret Court Smith, then ranked #1

  17. Jim H

    There are still some predominately male job categories that no one really attempts to impose quotas on. For instance: railroad mechanical departments, sewer and water system employees, utility linemen, construction. These are dirty, smelly, outdoor, jobs. Even the most dense HR lady knows she will never find a woman to drive the bobcat to clean the sludge out of the bottom of the sewer treatment plant. Why is hard for the theoreticians to understand that, since we aren’t all slaves, women and men might find different jobs more or less appealing?

  18. Paulus Rexus Legitimus

    Sue Sims –
    Thanks for the info on your height averaging experiences. All is well in that regard it seems ?.

  19. Gunther Heinz

    The situation is deteriorating into a spiral! We must act soon, but not now!

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