How I Will Use Michigan’s New Law That Criminalizes Making Hersterical Women And Effeminate Men Feel Bad

How I Will Use Michigan’s New Law That Criminalizes Making  Hersterical Women And Effeminate Men Feel Bad

The purpose of today’s column is to tell you one of the things that I will do, and the reasons for my action, when I and my friends seize power and I become Emperor William (“The Magnificent”), of the sovereign state of Michigan.

The Michigan House passed a bill (House Bill 4474) that will allow hersterical women and effeminate men to have whoever makes them feel bad or frightened arrested. And serve up to five years inside.

Quoting from the news source:

“We know that at this time in history, extremism is on the rise. But also, our hate speech has translated into hate actions that put our most vulnerable populations at risk,” said Rep. Emily Dievendorf, a Michigan State Democrat.

“Extremism” means making complaints against rulers.

“I’m sick of checking for hiding spots at the gay bar should a gunman open fire. I’m sick of my Chaldean constituents being murdered in their place of business. I’m sick of reading headlines about Mosques and Churches being desecrated … Michigan can be so much better, and it’s about time that we were,” said Michigan State Rep. Noah Arbit…

I’m guessing he’s checking for hiding spots in gay bars to welcome other kinds of fire, since nobody is shooting up gay bars in Michigan. It’s clear from this little speech that Arbit is a flaming effeminate.

Here’s the meat of the law:

The language about “feelings” is found in the legislation’s defining of “intimidation” as being the “willful course of conduct, involving repeated or continuing harassment of another individual that would cause a reasonable individual to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested, and that actually causes the victim to feel terrorized, frightened, or threatened.”

There you go. Give a woman bad feelz and you’re a criminal. Express disgust over men running around in public waving their pertinents at passersby and you are guilty of threatening the LGBTQWERTY++ “community.”

The self-styled “lesbian” Attorney General of Michigan, Dana Nessel, who recently was fortified to another term in office, said “Michigan will be a safer state for all our residents and visitors once these Hate Crimes bills are passed by the MI Senate and signed into law. ”

Arbit, whom we met above, believes the law will protect his people from abuse. Yet when the law is used to arrest his political enemies, it will backfire, and his people will be blamed.

(See his bio, especially.)

He is worried about “anti-Semitism”, which there is none in West Bloomfield, a Jewish area he represents, but when this law is invoked to arrest somebody for making a West Bloomfield resident feel bad, there will be. Especially since the person arrested will most likely be of a different religion than Arbit and Nessel.

Yet this squeamish perverted boy will not see this. After the arrest, which the ADL and SPLC will charge in and try to fund raise over, Arbit will say to himself, “It was worse than I thought. That is why we needed this law.”

Self-fulfilling prophecy, which takes very little thought to figure out. You must have noticed by now that the Regime is not staffing itself with great brains.

There are many people in the comments to Arbit’s tweet expressing various forms of disgust over Nessel’s and Arbit’s actions, which is nice, but meaningless. They have the power and they’re likely to get away with this. Others say that the law is “unconstitutional”, which it might be, but which is also meaningless, because those in power get to decide what this means in practice.

My take is that they are doing this because they understand how power works. Which is like this: (1) Get it, and (2) Use it. The got it, and they’re using it to shut down their opposition.

So. To my point. I am a reasonable man, and will make a reasonable emperor. Therefore, any action which makes me feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, or harassed will be punished swiftly, certainly, and mercilessly.

I am not a hypocrite. I am not calling for unbridled free speech for everybody, and be damned the consequences. I am calling for restrictions of speech, as my enemies do now. Like my enemies do now, when I am in power I will use this very law to have my political opponents arrested. Not jailed. Jail is too expensive. It keeps the riffraff off the street for a time, yes, but they come back out often in worse shape and even more criminally minded.

So no jail. It’s slavery, of the classical kind, not chattel, or corporal or capital punishment, or some combination of the above. Yet let it not be said I am without pity. A priest will be provided to all criminals, free of charge.

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  1. Ann Cherry

    Here’s a Daily Mail article:

    Michigan residents could be charged with felony face up to five years prison using wrong pronouns:

    “Michigan’s House of Representatives has passed a hate speech bill, known as HB 4474, which criminalizes causing someone to feel threatened by words, including the misusing of their pronouns, with the possibility of a hefty fine or even jail time.”

    But wait, there’s more:

    “Earlier this week Michigan lawmakers gave final approval to legislation banning so-called conversion therapy for minors.

    “The legislation would prohibit mental health professionals from engaging youths in the scientifically discredited practice of trying to convert people who are LGBTQ+ to heterosexuality and traditional gender expectations.’”

    Remember that the “+” stands for “pedophilia,” and that it may soon be a felony to say that out loud in Michigan. In fact, you might call these twin pieces of Michigan legislation the “Pedo Protection Plan.”

  2. AJ Foyt

    So when normal reasonable people feel intimidated and continually harassed by openly sexual conduct in “pride month” , we need to arrest those people. Right?

  3. Cary D Cotterman

    Will I get arrested in Michigan for flipping the finger at a stupid driver?

  4. Cloudbuster

    A gay Jew at the forefront of speech restrictions. I’m shocked. Shocked, I say.

  5. Cloudbuster

    @Cary D Cotterman: “Will I get arrested in Michigan for flipping the finger at a stupid driver?”

    If they’re one of the protected elite classes, then absolutely, yes, that is a danger.

  6. Gunther Heinz

    I got an ‘F’ in grammar. Don’t know what a pronoun does or is.

  7. …and yet normies shrug this off as reasonable actions by government because “democracy.” The problem is us not the gay Jewish man. It is deeds that count, not words.

  8. hilaire du berrier

    “I’m sick of my Chaldean constituents being murdered in their place of business.”

    Everybody in the State of Michigan knows it’s blacks doing the murdering. IIRC, the Chaldeans typically own liquor stores and the like.

  9. JH

    Form the bill:

    intimidates or harasses another individual; causes bodily injury or severe mental anguish to another individual; uses force or violence on another individual; damages, destroys, or defaces any real, personal, digital, or online property of another individual; or threatens, by word or act, to do any of the above-described actions, if the person, regardless of the existence of any other motivating factors, intentionally targets the individual or engages in the action based in whole or in part on any of the following actual or perceived characteristics of another individual:
    (a) Race or color.
    (b) Religion.
    (c) Sex.
    (d) Sexual orientation.
    (e) Gender identity or expression.
    (f) Physical or mental disability.
    (g) Age.
    (h) Ethnicity.
    (i) National origin.
    (j) Association or affiliation with an individual or group of individuals with a characteristic described under subdivisions (a) to (i).
    “Intimidate or harass” means a willful course of conduct involving repeated or continuing harassment of another individual that would cause a reasonable individual to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested and that actually causes the victim to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested.

  10. JH

    Mr. Briggs,

    Yes, be scared. The revised bill shall allow LGBTQ people to come after you because of your conspicuous, repeated condescending judgment toward them. (lol. Well, this is no laughing matter.)

    Seriously, what kind of person would intimidate (as defined in the bill) another individual due to his or her own actual or perceived characteristics of this individual as if those characteristics have done him/her wrong?

    A sociopath.

    I wouldn’t want anyone to “intimidate” my children because of their race. If someone does so, I would not hesitate to hire a lawyer for my children and put the perpetrator behind the bar since I cannot just use my gun to shoot the sociopath.

    You can speak for the victim or the perpetrator. Your choice.

    It’s not about hate speech but hate crime.

  11. Johnno

    Remember everyone!

    JH voted for Hillary. And voted for Biden, and still loves and defends him and will vote for Biden again, and JH wants THE FULL WEIGHT OF THE LAW brought down on Donald Duck for every reason they can contrive, even violations on procedural grounds!

    So you already know what JH and his Q-based I’ll consider ‘hate crimes’ aka ‘hate speech’ – aka ‘Thought crimes’ which may or may not be related to actual crimes.

    After all, it doesn’t take much to make a snowflake feel “to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed”, so JH is putting us on notice that he will prosecute us for not using zis imaginary pronouns. As the law he so proudly quotes tells us, he is ready to have an episode for digitally making fun of him. Each reply you’ve ever made to him accumulatedly over the years will be counted by him as repeated and continual harassment against his affiliation with the demodumb group. What a fatso!

    Will the law extend the same courtesy towards straight white Christian children too, JH? I’m guessing not.

  12. Johnno

    Can’t wait until pedophiles get their feeling hurt. JH says you are a sociopath if you repeatedly intimidate them over such characteristics, Briggsy. We should report him, as surely somewhere out there JH is repeatedly screaming slurs at ethnic Russians and threatening them with violent military reprisals for trying to protect the people of the Donbass.

  13. Ed Bonderenka

    Those idiots in Lansing and elsewhere have no regard for the Constitutional protections of our Natural Rights.
    Their law has no authority.
    JH says: It’s not about hate speech but hate crime.
    The law makes one out of the other.
    Try and keep up.

  14. Dave Bagwill

    You, sir are Da Man!

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