Soy Boy vs Moi Boi & The Fate Of Russia — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Soy Boy vs Moi Boi & The Fate Of Russia — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Is it possible? Can it be true that behind the scenes of the Ukrainian War there is a deep-state complicity between the Western WEF-types and the Eastern ‘Sino-Soviet’ types? That they are actually in cahoots? And maybe they are actually One? That this ‘war’ is just a front to advance the same agenda items on each side? And those agenda items? They are cultural destruction, de-industrialization, health degradation, and ultimately, de-population, just for starters.

This is what many voices on the Net are saying. They say that neither side is really different from the other. That Putin/Xi is no different than Biden/Schwab/Soros, et al. After all, both sides embraced the Covid hysteria. Both sides bought The Vax panic. Surely both sides are equivalently corrupt authoritarians masquerading as democrats, no?


They are different animals. Totally different species, in fact. But just because I call one a voracious Lion doesn’t mean I think that Bears are nice. Especially when it comes to their young. (And no, I don’t believe the Russian or Chinese vaxxes were the same as ours).

No, believing this line of reasoning requires someone to completely disregard over a thousand years of historical evidence that shows Russia to be culturally distinct from the West. To believe that Russia could easily co-operate today with those who have previously tormented her for a millennium betrays a total ignorance of actual history. Or else a deliberate misleading of the people who read them. I’m not sure which of these choices is worse.

And it’s quite possible that both motivations are true, in many ways. After all, if you are ignorant of actual history then you are easily misled, even by yourself. Many commentators are simply displaying the results of their own brainwashing over the past century. Which then begs us to ask, brainwashed by who? The list is long, but with the conglomeration of approved Oracles into the Big 5 we have today (AP, Reuters, AFP, NYT, WaPo), it’s pretty easy to see the common hand. It doesn’t take a genius to see that when two or more of these oracles speak in common, all others notice (and obey).

Why do they obey? Because all are heads of the same Hydra. We’ve all noticed this for years (if not decades), so no, I’m not going to search out the root-brain of the West. That’s for another day. But you’ll notice the rhyme when I take the time.

No, today my intent is to re-visit an issue I wrote of in my earliest of days on Perfesser Briggs site. It was an attempt to tell you of the essential difference between Russia and everyone else (East and West). And that this difference has been evident from the earliest Slavic days. From the time (even before) of Monk Nestor and the Russian Primary Chronicle. It is clear to any who read Russian primary sources there is a fundamental difference in self-awareness here. It shows up in odd ways, ways that most non-Rus don’t comprehend.

Here’s an example. Guess how many rebels were executed by Tsar Nicholas I in the Decembrist Revolution of 1825? Just five. And how many were executed in 1887 in the aftermath of the attempted assassination of Tsar Alexander III (following his father’s assassination). Another five. Including Lenin’s older brother.

What’s my point? Simply this: the Western image of a brutal autocratic Russia we have been spoon-fed for the past few centuries is in reality the exact opposite of Russia’s own self-image. And this difference boils down to one word.”>Sobornost.

Sobornost is a word that is incomprehensible to the radical individualists that populate the West. Which is to say, almost all of us. This includes many Catholic traditionalists, if you can believe it. We cannot comprehend a society that sees the human value of an in-human criminal. We cannot see the purpose of it. Why? Because we cannot see the beam in our own eye.

The Wagner Group, made up of so many convicted criminals within the Russian world, has redeemed themselves in the eyes of fellow Russians because they have put their own lives at risk in service to the Russian nation. They are one with Russia. They are one ‘with Us’.

And who is Us? It’s a simple formula. First explicated by Sergei Uvarov, (b. 1786), the Minister of National Education under Tsar Nicholas I. He explained Russia as being essentially composed of ‘Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality’. If you want to understand Russia, read about this concept. It is still in vogue on the Arbat of Moscow.

Therein lies the difference between East and West. In today’s West, there is no ‘Us’. There is only ‘Me’. Whereas in Russia, there is a ‘me’, but it rides on the back bench of the Troika, which is guided by the ‘Us’ riding up front. Where the adults ride.

The confrontation today (and for the last millennium) is simply ‘Us versus Them’. And to any real Russian, a Russian convict (or Muslim or Confucian or Tatar or Kalmyk or anyone not Slavic and/or Orthodox…) is infinitely more valuable than any individual Western pygmy. They are not just more valuable…they are worth defending, worth dying for. Why? Because they are Russian. They are (R)US!

In short, it is ‘Us versus Them’. To the end. If you are not one of Us, you are, de facto, one of Them. And that means you are against Us. Because for over a thousand years, the constant lesson has been this; They are trying to kill Us. It’s a very simple lesson. Repeated endlessly, it becomes part of the DNA. Why are you surprised that Laika learned the lesson the Western Pavlov’s taught her?

You don’t understand? Here, let my Shamanistic friend Yaroslav Dronov explain it to you. Listen to these lyrics: ‘I am Russian…I go to the end…and you can’t break me’. Notice the dedication of his fervor to the Russian sun and sky that evokes the ancient anthem of The Song of the Volga Boatmen. Shaman is not just some new rock phenom. His popularity come from his channeling of the past. The continuous millennial Russian past.

Notice him fingering the heads of wheat in the Elysian Fields of Russia? The image was not lost on me, nor on Maximus. (Look closely at the video. Look at him. And the audience too. See any tatts? Studs? Earrings? Any fat slobs? Nope, just skinny Slavs. Well-dressed Slavs. And what’s that around his neck?)

That is the real lesson here. Russia sees herself, not only as the persecuted Us, but also as the Imperial Us. And she senses her time has come. She is willing to fight to gain her rightful claim to the Throne of Caesar. She believes that she is not just the Caesar of Third Rome (Moscow), but also the true savior of Second Rome (Constantinople), to which she was inter-married for over 500 years. Finally, she sees herself as the rightful heir of First Rome.

But one step at a time, eh? First, Vlad the Current must liberate Kiev, where the northern Prince of Novgorod (Vladimir the Great) converted to Orthodoxy and married the Emperor’s sister, Anna, in 988 AD. To do this today, Vladimir the Greater must first cleanse the Kievan temple. He must restore Kiev to its (northern) Russian roots. That time is upon us. Woe unto any who resist this. Poles, beware. You may soon disappear, again. For good.

And all you Bandera Boys, remember what happened the last time you bought that line about Mein Kampf. My Struggle. There is renewed version of the Battle of Kursk awaiting you. It’s the Russian version of your Teutonic Kant. The renewed Russian response to My Struggle is called Moi Boi. My Fight. Here’s what it sounds like in Russian. The result will be the same as 1944.

And when the smoke of the latest Battle of Kursk clears, Russia will repeat the feat of Vlad’s lieutenants, Askold and Dir, when they sailed down the Dneiper River, into the Black Sea, to attack Constantinople (in 860 AD). Vladimir the Greater will sail this route again, soon.

But he won’t be going to marry Erdogan’s sister. Or to make nice with Klaus. Or anyone else from the West. He’ll be sailing to claim what Russia’s already paid for, Komrade.

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  1. JerryR

    “ it’s pretty easy to see the common hand. It doesn’t take a genius to see that when two or more of these oracles speak in common, all others notice (and obey).”

    But who is the common hand? Is the brainwashing from both sides and is this piece just brainwashing?

    There is one Truth which means the Russians have the same human nature as Ianto and everyone reading this. So what does that mean in the ecology of our/their environment?

  2. Get a grip Briggs. This insane word salad is crazier than the stuff I post in the comments. Or are you planning on letting me guest post?

  3. Briggs


    Depends. Have anything worthy of relating?

  4. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Pate, that’s crazy.

  5. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”In short, it is ‘Us versus Them’. To the end. If you are not one of Us, you are, de facto, one of Them. And that means you are against Us. Because for over a thousand years, the constant lesson has been this; They are trying to kill Us.”


  6. Briggs


    We’re still hoping for a guest post from Hagfish.

  7. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Watt, this is an interesting topic and it’s good you’re addressing it here. There are quite a number of policies pursued by Moscow that appear to line up with WEF powermonger’s; covid panic mongering mandatory vexxaciousness, central bank digital rectal exams, Stupid Cities and similar nonsense. Watts up with that? (By the way, “They (R)US!” was pretty good.)

    There is a video out there where Putin is telling an interviewer that he has seen, in his time, three US presidents come into office and they all start out thinking they’re top dog and it’s time to peel bananas, but then some anonymous looking guy in a bland suit and tie comes in the Oval Office and tells him who actually runs things and what the president’s orders are. It makes you wonder whether there isn’t some anonymous looking guy in a bland suit and tie coming into Putin’s office and giving him orders, too.

    They don’t all have to be from the same cartel. Could be different warring mob factions. Every constituted state being somewhat like a mob cartel. Concerned with worldly power, getting more of it, and trying the keep the Bonanno Family, or Meyer Lansky, or the Dead Rabbits, or whoever, from horning in on your rackets. Maybe Putin or his boss thinks he’s going to be the Third Rome and Capo di Tutti Capi and that WEF policies are effective tools for consolidating power. Wasn’t the divide between “Holy Rome” (God) and “Roman Empire” (Satan), a big theme in your barbarous tome? Interesting topic and you cover it in your inimitable style.

  8. Johnno

    I dunno Mr. Ianto…

    Sure I can believe the Russian people to be one thing, but I’m not so sure the Russian government and oligarchs are of the same rationale. Wagner and Prigozhin certainly seemed to think so, and the Russian Deep State certainly saw him as a threat to the point they needed to create their own January 6th Reischtag out of Prigozhin’s protest.

    We know for a fact that Putin has long laboured to get Russia into the same globalist club, and it seems his membership application was rejected. But that doesn’t mean Russia has given up being interested in globalist pleasures. It will simply pursue them in its own interests. If the Western globalists don’t want to share their ball, Russia will get its own ball and play with the BRICS team or anyone else. But it is the same old ball game.

    I recall when Edward Snowden fled to Russia as a last resort as his original destination was no longer viable, people pointed out that Russia spies on its population no differently than the Americans. When confronted about this, one Russian general told RT that the Russia had no choice, because if the Americans were doing it then they had to also do it, if only to counter American spying activities in Russia, therefore everyone was being surveilled! Ain’t that just the icing on the cake?!

    Also as Riley Waggaman documented, Russia’s Sputnik V -is- AstraZeneca’s concoction in disguise. It’s essentially the same stuff, and the Russian people largely refused it and even beat the shit out of some vexxine/mask-pushers, to the point that Putin was chuffed and chastising the Russian people in public for not taking their mandated pharma. At least the West has access to some vexxine results information, Russia has no such thing. It’s all top secret comrade. But as the Australian investigations are finding, there are indeed two different vexxines out there. One for the cattle, and a different “untested” one for Big Pharma’s own staff. No, you can’t check what’s in either of them to compare.

    Maybe Putin’s heart is in all the nicer places with better intentions… but the roadmap is still the same.

    The Ukranian war dragging on, I’m 50/50 on the Russian motives. It could be coordination. But it also could be a waiting game where Russia is simply waiting for NATO to grow tired of wasting money and eventually running low on stockpiles to the point where they expend more in a week than they can manufacture in a year and decide to go home.

    So the Ukraine is one big trench and a stalemate has settled in. And it remains a gamble as NATO still comes out the winner here, considering membership has gone up, and if the Poles decide to take Ukranian territory, that means the missiles are that much closer to Russia. So even if the West gives up on Ukraine, they still come out the overall winners regarding expansion, the devastation of their economies is only a concern for the little guys, which is also a success for the Western psychopaths as the crisis brings in opportunity for more over-regulation and digital control and socialism.

    Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if Russia is holding back until the entirety on NATO nations exhaust all their ammunition and decide to finally just sweep across all of Europe to put a permanent end to this affair. Given the western symbols have left their borders porous to the point thatcartela with machine guns and rocket mortars are easily waltzing in, Russia could just sneak troops in as easily.

    Considering how much Biden is compromised, I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility that all of our establishment woke politicians actually work for Russia, blaming Trump for what they actually are.

  9. Incitadus

    There are those blinded by a beam in the eye then there are those impeded
    by a laminated engineered piece of lumber. Hope this guys wrong but it’s looking
    more and more like a duck every day. Remember wars are not fought to be won
    they are fought to be sustained. Think of all those lovely contracts to replace all
    that equipment. There is an argument I suppose that abandoning a hundred billion
    dollars of equipment in Afghanistan is morally superior to what’s going on in Ukraine.
    This guys a self proclaimed tsarist but a bit of an atheist.

    Yes, Russia is complicit in the Great Reset

  10. Ann Cherry

    Johnno, it’s hard to pinpoint who our establishment politicians work for, but it certainly isn’t us, is it? Themselves, mostly, and whomever offers the largest bribes and most treacherous blackmails. I read this on a comment thread, and it seems apropos:

    “Signs your President is working for China:
    -China floated a spy balloon across the entire country [more than one, it seems]
    -China has opened police stations in the US.
    -China-based hackers have breached email accounts at two-dozen organizations, including some United States government agencies, in an apparent spying campaign.
    -Chinese malware is showing up in US military installations
    -Biden had Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm meet with Chinese energy officials prior to his emptying the Strategic Reserve and selling it to China
    -China jets are harassing US military aircraft
    -China and Russia are conducting joint military operations off the coast of Alaska”
    I’d add, China sells us the windmills and solar panels, and both China and Russia are funding the propaganda that led us to destroying our own energy infrastructure, and China is being allowed to purchase land adjacent to military installations. The list goes on and on and on, according to our lyin’ eyes.

    I think Ianto Watt is a genius of sorts. What sorts? “Quirky” and “Misunderstood” come to mind.

    I try to read his linked items, because they are important to the whole picture of what he is saying.

    This time, I especially liked the video of “Shaman”, Russia’s patriotic rock star, of whom I hadn’t heard before today:

    I liked it well enough to subscribe to Shaman’s channel, but will this put me in the cross-hairs of our own “KGB” as “a supporter of Putin?” We must be so careful these days, because Russia is out of vogue with leftists since it stopped being overtly communist; the honeymoon is over, right Bernie?

    I do have a question with respect to the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as she requested at Fatima. Why does almost everyone assume that this didn’t take place? Is it because the outcome wasn’t what we might have expected?

  11. El Koraco

    I think you are very much onto something g with the Constantinople angle. The end of days prophecies notwithstanding.

  12. Incitadus

    Wall Street built modern China just like it did Stalin and Hitler best enemy’s money
    could buy. Since the beginning of time princes have conspired to set their respective
    populations upon one another. Nothing has changed. Shaman is a useful tool to rouse
    the patriotic fervor.

  13. This post made me understand the Holy Scripture a tiny bit more. Here, Ianto says “Why do they obey? Because all are heads of the same Hydra.” and I think of the multi-headed Beast from Revelation. Hmm… maybe the Book of Revelation is trying to convey that when the Beast arrives (in whichever iteration), it will be visible as multiple “heads” that are all part of the same body.


  14. Ann Cherry

    Incitadus, you say Russian musician Shaman “is a useful tool to arouse patriotic fervor.” Isn’t patriotism and national pride an (at least partial) antidote to globalism and “the great reset”? Are only Americans allowed to be patriotic and love their country? Are the “Star Spangled Banner” and “America the Beautiful” also just “useful tools”?

    If an American musician were standing in a field of wheat, wearing the Cross of Christ, raising his arms to the heavens and singing about his love for OUR country, would you feel that he was just a “tool”? Is there something inherently wrong with loving one’s country, and by implication, fighting to preserve and defend it, whether that’s against foreign invaders or globalist totalitarians?

    Even if you hate Putin, doesn’t love of country rise above whatever leader is in charge? Otherwise, with the Biden crime family currently occupying the Whitehouse, we Americans may as well fold up our flags and call it a day.

  15. My conspiracy theories may be to far out for this blog. If I ever get round to writing something long form enough to make a decent blog post I’ll run it past you. I’m trying to get my head around the Elite Gender Inversion hypothesis at present. It’s pretty convincing to me in that Kate Middleton is so obviously a trannie when you step back and take a proper look. As for Big Mike that’s been getting some play lately in a fairly widespread fashion. The other major one for me is the fact that the moon landing pictures are undoubtedly fake but that doesn’t tell us whether or not they actually went to the moon and what they got up to if they did.

  16. spaceranger

    “The Russians are our adversary,
    The Navy is our enemy.”

    -Gen. Curtis LeMay

  17. Patient

    Incredible, inspiring, extraordinary. This really deeply explained the things to me and again proved that
    in Russia

    Only a fool would not notice the essential differences.

  18. Johnno

    Ann –

    I recommend checking out the work of Fr. Nicolas Gruner while he was still alive and speaking at various Fatima conferences held by his Fatima Center to get into the details. But to put it briefly…

    The Consecration of Russia has to have all of this criteria simultaneously to be legitimate:

    – The Consecration must be public.
    – The object of the consecration must be Russia – and ONLY Russia.
    – It must be done specifically as an act of REPARATION for Russia’s SPECIFIC sins and errors towards God.
    – It must be led by the Pope.
    – It must be done together with ALL the Catholic Bishops around the world IN UNION with the Pope at the same time (hint-hint)!

    For one reason or another, or several, none of the above has ever been done simultaneously. One was allegedly done in private by Pius XII, alone. John XXIII refused to do it. John Paul died before getting around to doing anything. John Paul II only did several World Consecrations publicly and never involved the other bishops. Benedict XVI did nothing. Frankie’s likely an Anti-Pope, but even if he wasn’t, he consecrated Russia and Ukraine together, without ordering the other bishops to do it simultaneously with him, and without any intention of reparation for Russia’s specific errors, just the usual vague we’re-all-in-this-together schtick.

    For all we know the request was asked to be done in 1929, with Christ Himself warning that the Pope should not fall into the same trap as the Kings of France, who were likewise requested to Consecrate France to His Sacred Heart, but refused or neglected to, and 100 years later the French Revolution destroyed both the Monarchy and terrorized the Church. So many, like me, believe the clock is ticking until 1929 as the cut-off date. Though some believe that the deadline to do it has long past and failure and chastisement is inevitable.

    And what does that chastisement entail? Russia will spread her errors – political and spiritual – Schism and Persecution of the Church and the Papacy to the point of near-destruction, the United States of America and Europe will fall to the errors of Communism, World War with Russia, and what is bluntly stated simply as – The Annihilation of Nations. Either because of war or God Himself doing something unprecedented since the Flood so that you can be certain it was Him.

    As we edge closer to 2029, it’s clearly the case that our Church leaders are neglectfully woke, and fornicating with schism and heresy, and that lefties the world over are driving every nation towards centralized systems that are essentially global communism, and increasingly nobody trusts that there is any actual democratic process anymore, assuming there ever was to matter.

    I believe the Consecration is the only thing that will save us from the worst case scenario and turn things around. Precisely because it is a total act of faith, completely counter-intuitive to the modern mindset, and putting it all on the line publicly with a high chance of embarrassment if it doesn’t work out.

    It exposes the fact that the modern occupants of the Church don’t have faith, it’d be like as if Moses got cold feet and refused to stretch his arms and staff over the Sea in case nothing happened and he looked stupid in front of everyone, so instead he got political and went over to engage in ecumenism and negotiated a deal with the Pharoah. In exchange, the Hebrews became slaves again, but with some concessions for more tolerable conditions, after all, many complained and wanted to go back anyway. So likewise, the Vaty-Me-Too church has sold us out too, for government funding of social programs and schooling and health care, and in exchange they’ll tolerate the public sins of politicians and anything China wants and support any Democrat policies so long as there’s some half-assed looking opt-out that saves appearances or is under the veneer of the common good of society. What’s a little sodomy or a jab in the bum if people are happier and it saves lives or something?

    May every last one of them live the remainder of their shortened lives in absolute terror of their coming judgment until they repent and get out if the way, so that superior men will no longer be hindered by their disgusting insouciance.

  19. Ann Cherry

    Johnno, thank you so much for this knowledgable and detailed response. Like many if not most Catholics, I understood that one of the Fatima Seers, Sister Lucy, had confirmed in her later years that the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary had indeed taken place as directed. That in itself was “good enough for me.”

    I thought that the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and other events might have confirmed this, despite the preponderance of the evidence to the contrary. Who am I to say, right?

    So I looked up Fr. Nicholas Gruner, per your suggestion, and went to the Wikipedia article, thinking that however misinformed it was, I’d be led to the crux of the matter in another linked source. The Wiki article noted that this priest was a supporter of the “Bayside” apparitions, wherein The Mother of God, as “Our Lady of Roses”, visited Veronica Lueken in apparitions at Bayside, NY. (These apparitions were dismissed by her bishop, despite the fact that he never once interviewed her. I see now that they were probably dismissed because of their anti-modernist, anti-Vatican II content.)

    Bayside rang a bell, because my husband came into the church, before we met, through a local Bayside group which later dissolved for various reasons, and he just now pulled out his old book concerning these heavenly apparitions, “Our Lady of the Roses – Mary, Helper of Mothers.” I look forward to reading it.

    This is the on-line article about Bayside that I found:

    Because everything I thought true about the consecration of Russia was based on the veracity of later statements by “Sister Lucy”, I did some more digging this morning:

    It’s now became clear that Sister Lucy was replaced by an imposter sometime after 1957. This, too, my husband had mentioned, and I sort of brushed it off at the time. It’s so scandalous!

    I’ve completely changed my mind about this, thanks to the evidential reading I’ve done this morning. When I told my husband about it, he suggested I read “Holy Blood, Holy Grail”, so I’ve downloaded that book for my next Audible read.

    Thanks for everything, I always appreciate your comments and links.

    P.s. Incitadus, I think I gave your comment short shrift, and I was feeling argumentative. I do get what you’re saying. But that WAS a good music video, and I don’t think Ianto Watt is an atheist – just, as I said, a quirky and misunderstood genius of sorts.

    God bless ya’ll, and especially Prof. Briggs.

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