Climate Propaganda Doing A Magnificent Job, Pew Confirms

Climate Propaganda Doing A Magnificent Job, Pew Confirms

Remember that New Jersey school system that adds “climate change” propaganda to every class in each year of schooling, kindergarten through twelfth grade? They, and schools like them, are doing a magnificent job. I mean it.

The new Pew survey “views of climate change” proves it.

Now I don’t mean to be cruel when I say that the majority of Americans do not know anything about the thermodynamics of fluid flow over a rough, differentially heated rotating sphere. They do not know why there are, on average, temperature differences between latitudes. They, most of them, do not even know why the sky is blue, or why, when it is not blue, those fluffy white things obscure the view. And some don’t even know why it gets dark out. (In the majority’s favor, there is little reason they should know these things.)

Because of all this, the majority therefore cannot know that we have reached “global boiling” because of “carbon.”

Now this “global boiling” may be true (it isn’t), but if it is, given their ignorance, most can only know it is so because Experts insist the majority profess belief in it. And if it isn’t true, which it is not, they can only believe it is because of Expert propaganda and error.

There is no symmetry here, because the question of what to do about “global boiling” is separate from whether “global boiling” exists. Folks can suspect that the “solutions” to “global boiling”, even if “global boiling” is true, are flawed or harmful, because those “solutions” touch on areas of their lives on which they themselves know best. Like what they eat, where they live, who they are allowed to talk to and what they are allowed to say, and matters like that.

This doesn’t exhaust this line of thought, but that’s enough for us to grasp the survey results.

As with all surveys, there is always a plus-and-minus we have to keep in mind, so don’t fixate on any particular number.

Here’s the most important result, the percentage (+/-) of adults who say what particular groups are “doing too little to reduce climate change effects”:

And the most important item in this most important result is the confessional. Just under half of respondents say they themselves aren’t doing enough to save the planet from “global boiling.”

This is astonishing. It is absolute proof that decades of propaganda have had, as I say, magnificent effect. We have seen endless examples of weepy hand-wringing of ordinary people who think the world is coming to its Heat Death, and they believe that they themselves are responsible. This is why we see things like many young adults saying, at least to pollsters, that they won’t have children because they Fear The Worst.

Because, of course, they were taught this Fear. They were made to have it. Indeed, they were rewarded, at many steps of their career, for having and expressing it, as that New Jersey school system proves. They cannot understand it themselves; that is, they cannot fathom the reasons behind it. They only know that it is good to be afraid.

The majority have been given a simple formula: “carbon” bad. Experts and propagandists, tiring of the effort by repetition, cannot anymore bring themselves to say “carbon dioxide”. Too many syllables. Nor “photosynthesis”, which gives emphasis to the politically incorrect side of the equation. (That most won’t get that joke illustrates our predicament.)

Here’s a more curious result of the survey: “A majority of Americans (61%) say that global climate change is affecting their local community either a great deal or some.”

In order to hold this belief, one must not only accept the word of Experts that the weather grows worse and worse, but one must reject the evidence of one’s own eyes and ears. People must forget to look out the weather window, or, if they do, they must purge what they have seen from their minds. They must substitute what they see from propagandists, who exaggerate every bit of evidence they can, for what they themselves have seen for themselves. Because it hasn’t been growing worse outside, which objective statistics reveal.

That is the real danger of propaganda. Not in repeating some Expert shibboleth, because the majority are not equipped to question Experts on their own ground, so it is natural to take Experts at their word. At least for a time. But we must be under a powerful delusion to reject what we see because Experts have declared what we see cannot be so.

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  1. Tim Owens

    Not to worry, children! We have prepared Global Kool-Aid for you to drink to help save Mother Earth from being destroyed by Climate Change HEAT by reducing your personal carbon footprint down to a simple pile of harmless ashes.

  2. Briggs


    Reminder: Don’t feed the trolls.

  3. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    Bertrand Russell speaking for the powers that shouldn’t be, said the the scientific government of his future -our today- wouldn’t need police, because of the educational system: it’s a future where people will say snow is black or, rather, dark grey. It’s Chesterton’s prophecy: it’s daring to say that the grass is green nowadays.

    I’m utterly convinced that one important feature of all the nonsense, transgenderism, coronaBS, climate change, blm, the mostly peaceful protests, the J6 bs, etc. Is to humiliate our intelligence, prove to themselves how clever they are, how much control they have, how stupid humanity is. It is satanic despise of the human species and satanic hubris.

    I hope soon comes the One who will finish them off with the breath of His mouth. The One the hate the most.

  4. Tim Owens

    I think that I understand why all these Satanists are always so grouchy and totally full of beans…their lord and master and all of his evil minions could be blinked out of existence at ANY given moment by their enemy, God, who holds ALL power. In other words, there never was a chance for them to win and rule…it’s all just window dressing, kabuki dancing, and whistling past the graveyard for their ilk.

  5. Rudolph Harrier

    Check out the reporting on the Held v. Montana case to see some fine propaganda; and from every major news outlet across the world.

  6. Ann Cherry

    Another wonderful column, Prof. Briggs.

    The GlobalClimateWarmingChange Psy-Op is part of a larger edifice, “The Infrastructure for the Immanent Reign of Antichrist”:

    For further perspective, the always entertaining Yuri Bezmenov (pseudonym for a based substack writer of Chinese heritage) gives us “How to Become a Cult Leader”:

  7. Cary D Cotterman

    The tragedy of our time is that the evil have gained control of the low-wattage minds of the ignorant masses, and there’s not a damned thing we can do about it. It’s all over.

  8. The True Nolan

    @ Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra: “I’m utterly convinced that one important feature of all the nonsense, transgenderism, coronaBS, climate change, blm, the mostly peaceful protests, the J6 bs, etc. Is to humiliate our intelligence, prove to themselves how clever they are, how much control they have, how stupid humanity is”

    One of my favorite quotes is from Theodore Dalrymple — “In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”

    As for the CO2 hysteria, for some reason the reference to CO2 as “carbon” just really sets my teeth on edge. I know what carbon is, and CO2 is NOT carbon. Whenever anyone refers to CO2 as “carbon”, I always correct them — but I correct them incorrectly. “Carbon? Don’t you mean oxygen? When fires burn it produces oxygen!” They will usually at that point says something about carbon dioxide. My response — “CO2? Yes, you mean oxygen. By weight, CO2 is only about a quarter carbon and about three quarters oxygen. Why on earth would you call it carbon? If you can’t be bothered to call it carbon dioxide, at least call it oxygen. For Pete’s sake, follow the science!”

  9. C-Marie

    I read the article recommended above, at One Peter Five, and it was of interest, firey and true, and 666 is on its way up only to fail utterly later on after much carnage and more, but the article left out, unless I missed it, the complete need for repentance by all and not just the hierarchy, and the probable lack of daily prayer for the hierarchy and for each other …. and most of all ….. the great need of personal relationship we each completely need, with God our Father, as well as with Jesus Christ, and with the Holy Spirit’s daily leading and guiding us each, in all of our thoughts, words, and deeds, in all that we think, say, and do.

    Do pray for the Cardinals who will be voting at the next election of the Pope, that every one of them absolutely know for whom the Living God would have them vote for …. not that they will vote for the one God desires … but they will Know and will be responsible for their choice. And pray for their full return to Jesus Christ as needed.

    God bless, C-Marie

  10. Ann Cherry

    Thank you, C-Marie, your words are important and true. (As always.) Happy Feast of the Assumption!

  11. C-Marie

    And to you, and, Our Mother Mary’s Love to you, too!
    God bless, C-Marie

  12. The sad truth is that for all the imaginings of progress that we’re sold, it’s all still just magic and bullshit. Everyone wonders why the pyramids were built at vast expense, there’s all sorts conspiracy theories about advanced ancient technology, when there’s no mystery at all. It was all about mind control. The pyramids are what kept that civilization together and the proles in line. When the pyramid mind control magic failed, likely because it became too ridiculously expensive, the so-called civilization went away.

  13. Milton Hathaway

    The Pew survey on climate change absolutely reeks of the increasing desperation of the CAGW crowd. After decades of trying to push-poll people into caring, the best they get is “Americans … rank … climate change 17th out of 21 national issues” (their item 6):

    Keep in mind that the pain inflicted on the American populace so far in the service of the CAGW agenda has been pretty minimal, or at least well disguised. People will tolerate, or even embrace, PC as long as its someone else paying the price.

  14. Johnno

    Of course there are plenty of somethings we can do about it Cary D. We all know what that is!

    We just have many excuses, justifiable and not, that makes us not so eager to…

    But we need only realize that they also want to do many of the same somethings to us, but, like us, they too are waiting for the right circumstances. And that primary circumstance is that the other guy should go first, thereby removing one major psychological barrier that allows for us to commit to that something without burdening our conscience. After all we’d then only be defending ourselves! Hence why they routinely try to villainize us in the worst light at every opportunity, hoping to convince themselves that those circumstances are finally here at last! At least in spirit if not in fact .

  15. Gunther Heinz

    Look at it this way. If people are getting fatter and fatter, life MUST necessarily be feeling hotter and hotter. It’s like puting on more and more sweaters while the temperature stays the same. Yes, overall, it can be said that a WARMING is happening.

  16. Gunther Heinz

    … In fact, I did a study that showed that fat people tend to feel much warmer than skinny people. I can’t remember where I put it though.

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