Experts: Take The Children, Make Them Gay, The Parents Should Not, Have A Say

Experts: Take The Children, Make Them Gay, The Parents Should Not, Have A Say

So there’s this pervert high school tennis coach in Gettysburg, a man named Yates, who enjoys going into the girl’s locker room and watching them undress and shower.

Some of the girls squealed, the parents heard, the administration got involved, and the man was fired. Rather, they let his contract expire and decided not to renew it.

Which you may think is fair treatment, if not indulgent. In the old days somebody would have asked, “Whatever happened to that pervert who was caught peeking at your daughter showering?”, and the answer would come back, “Oh, Yates? You won’t see him around anymore.”

But today, well, things are different. Experts heard the man was pretending to be a woman and they convinced the school board to reinstate the man’s contract. Voted 6 to 2 in favor. One of the two sane people who voted no is speaking out in public, not that it will do much good.

The pervert Yates was so delighted at being reinstated, he wrote an email to the district saying he was “‘extremely delighted’ to continue at Gettysburg, where” he “has coached the girls’ and boys’ tennis teams since 2018.”

Some of Yates’s supporters wonder why there was such a fuss over the matter. I think maybe it was because Yates was caught stripping off his clothes in the girl’s locker room. And that he “talked to students about undergarment preferences and menstruation”, about which he has as much practical knowledge as Fr James Martin.

The other male coach was one of those who didn’t think it was a big deal, because, and thinks the whole incident “would not have happened if it was a cisgender coach using the locker room.” School board President Kenneth Hassinger insisted “that Yates’ gender was not the core issue for the board”.

Every person in power, save two, pretended to believe other than what they really believed, because they did not want to be thought of as bad people. Except for Experts and a handful of lunatic ideologues, everybody knows that a man pretending to be a woman should not be let into the shower room with girls. And, assuming the impossible and he is given the thumbs up to stare at the girls in the shower, he should not be allowed to strip off in the shower room with them.

The people in power thus do not care, at all, about the people in their care. They do care about their own skins. Which is cowardly.

This madness began in the minds of perverts, it’s true, and to some extent grows that way. But it spreads mostly by cowardice.

And by fiat.

The California Department of Education has published official guidance “that parents do not have the right to be notified if their children choose to participate in activities based on perceived gender identity rather than their biological sex.”

The State knows better about your kids than you do. Experts decide. You don’t have a PhD in momming, do you? You do not. How can you argue with an Expert who has theorized that kids, encouraged by teachers like Yates, should be allowed to be any “gender” they want? And that if you, mom and dad, interfere with this “natural” process, you are a criminal.

Parents, activists, rulers and Experts had a meeting about this dictum recently, at Southern California’s Chino Valley Unified School District. Before Experts knew what was happening, some parents who did not want their kids to have “genders” got on the school board. And they managed to make a new policy that “would require schools to notify parents if their child wants to identify as a different gender.”

That’s when ruler California Attorney General Rob Bonta sued the school, saying no way, Experts know best. “[S]tudents have a right to privacy,” he said. But only to keep secrets from parents, not from the Experts and quacks who would be there to assist the kids on their gender journey.

The school set up a big meeting, at which “More than 80 individuals spoke either for or against the policy. Some members of the audience held American flags. Others held pride flags.”

Both nations were represented, in other words.

An Expert from the Rainbow nation warned that if kids aren’t allowed to keep secrets from parents, they would kill themselves. He did not say how teacher-student secrets removed the urge to die.

Parents sued in another California district, when a pervert teacher convinced a 11 year old girl to “transition” secretly. Parents hated it. Experts loved it. The judge “dismissed the…case on July 11, ruling that it addressed a political issue and that there is no constitutional law requiring parents to be notified of a minor’s gender identity change.”

So there it is. What are you going to do about it? Refuse to obey a judge? Why, if you do that, all manner of things would change.

Give it up and give your kids to the State. They have Experts. Experts know best.

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  1. JR Ewing

    “Every person in power, save two, pretended to believe other than what they really believed, because they did not want to be thought of as bad people.”


    Love this line, Briggs, because it’s 100% true. I’ve thought this for a long time about the people who profess to be “allies”, not just of trans people but most all of these perverts they are promoting.

    They know the truth, they just choose to ignore it.

  2. Anon

    Yes, the drive to be “cool” and “accepted” and “acceptable” to others is very strong. The Bad Thief, as his life was draining from him, joined the crowd in jeering Jesus–because it was cool, and he didn’t want the crowd to think badly of him.

  3. Johnno

    Well folks, you’ve tried to fight it, and tried to fight it FAIRLY, peacefully by the rules, their rules, which is why you lost, and will continue to lose, because we all know none of you have the straight men’s balls to do what needs to be done, you losers!

    But be that as it may, I now repeat – pull your kids from the schools. At this point they don’t need it. What do you expect from educators who don’t know what a boy/girl is? Math? History? More like herstory! Inevitably leading to a hysterectomy; yes, for the boys too, why not? You’ll never need to know, that’s teacher/student confidentiality!

    Your kids are better off with the free YouTube videos online and old British children’s programs teaching them simple things, and taking them with you to do practical shit. We need to be just as progressive! We are a post-school society now! Leave behind the outdated matriarchy and it’s herstory of molesting, school-shooting, low grading, underachieving, no standards, equalizing legacy.

    Just take them out! WTF are you expecting them to be when they grow up? Run for office? Be qualified to mandate masks and vexxines? Repeat what THE SCIENCE ™ says? Expurt on TeeVee? Hollywood stars? Ask approved questions at the White House? For what? For mom-me to feel good? They can make more money driving a garbage truck! They’ll be happier as unqualified common sense individuals in the world to come! They can bounce a ball and swing a bat just as good in the park as they can on the school grounds under the watchful gaze of the servants of the servants of he who shall not serve! What’s the matter with you?

    Yeah, the State will come for them eventually, but at least you’ve bought yourself some time to immunize them into straight rational logical thinking enlightened dogmatically Catholic wannabe martyr little bastards who’ll make the state social workers jobs that much more frustrating and difficult, and that’s enough of a win in my book.

    Just take them out and tell the judge that there’s no constitutional law requiring kids to go to school. There’s no point fighting to keep your kids in the office space. It’s time to let things go…

  4. JerryR

    The modern world is built on two things and few know what they are. We look out at all the wonders that technology has created and assume it’s normal. But it isn’t. The world has been going on for tens of thousands of years with little change and then something happened.

    A fairly large part of the world developed a culture of consistent internal monitoring of right and wrong. There were certain things one must do or not do. This was not just for a stable society but for religious purposes that transcended our earthly society. A stable society resulted in general not because of this internal monitoring but due to oppressive control by a few that didn’t object to this internal monitoring.

    Then in a small part of the world, a new culture broke out in limited ways. It was a culture of individual freedom due to conflicting Protestant religions finding accords with each other. That was 16th and 17th century England. The modern world began, culminating in the United States.

    So the modern technological world was built on freedom and internal religious restraints. Both are going fast. As an example of freedom disappearing, look at the OP. The tennis coach has freedoms but the girls sports teams do not. They do not have the freedom to shower and dress in an environment they would choose. Why not?

    I bet if you asked the girls which shower/dressing environment they would choose, the answer would be close to unanimous. One without the pervert there.

    So there is a bait and switch going on. One person’s freedom comes at the expense of several other people’s freedom.

    So in this particular case, both of the pillars of freedom and moral responsibility are being violated. All under the bogus idea of fairness.

    Yes, cowards.

  5. Rudolph Harrier

    I will second the homeschooling advice. It was clear that you need to homeschool your children a decade ago. Now it is so blindingly obvious that it is straight up willful child abuse to leave your kids in the public school system.

    Even if we ignore the gender ideology stuff, the pandemic response gave a very clear insight into how much schools care about kids (i.e., not at all.) Rather than redouble their efforts to provide children a quality education in an online environment which made things difficult, most teachers did practically nothing and hoped that the kids would figure it out themselves. I’ve seen “online classes” which consisted of nothing but links to youtube videos made by someone other than the teacher, many of which weren’t even relevant for the class. Parents also got to see the “instruction” firsthand, and it often consisted more of political rants and teachers complaining about their personal issues than it did anything resembling teaching. Even after other things opened up, the majority of teachers insisted on continuing on this method. Really it is because they are lazy, but if we are charitable and listen to their claimed motivations they are still horrible (they would rather that your kids never learn another thing again than have a teacher feel slightly unsafe.)

    It’s not like anything has gotten better since 2020. So why are you allowing your kids to still undergo the abuse of public schooling?

  6. Cary D Cotterman

    Government-run schooling has become pure crap. There’s only one rational choice left: home school.

  7. herman dutchnan

    Lobby the state legislature to ban PE and health classes. PE only exists for bullies to attack others in a state of undress. And health only to squeeze sex ed into. School should just let out earlier or star later having lost two useless, nay harmful, subjects.

  8. Gunther Heinz

    I wonder if 3rd graders still need mom or dad to sign a permission slip to go to the zoo with the rest of the class ….

  9. C-Marie

    Interesting that the majority of attacks are on womanhood …. and as such ….. are attacks upon the Blessed Mother Mary of God, for she is the preeminent woman of all women …. wonder if the “theys” realize this in their push to destroy God’s creation of human sexuality with their counterfeit of human sexuality ….. whether pushing L,G, B, T, etc.

    So very sad is the weakness of the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy concerning these attacks against God’s creation of human sexuality ….. which sexuality is created at conception and not at birth …. Fear probably ….. because a person feels or believes against the Truth …. does not make it so …. and sets one’s self up as one’s god …. a very bad place to be.

    Pray for as many as possible to receive Him Who is the Truth …. Jesus Christ ….
    God bless, C-Marie

  10. The powers that be have to throttle back on population growth, it’s that simple. Last century and in spite of all the wars, famines, and diseases the human population went from 1.6 billion to 6.1 billion. It’s 8 billion now. Lowball estimates put it at 10 billion in 2050. Given the growth in the C20th that looks like a very low estimate. The countries with declining fertility are out of the game but those countries still above replacement are very above replacement. The countries with the expanding populations are unable to support them, they must relocate to the (formerly) developed world. Sustaining an increased population on the Earth isn’t so much a resource problem as a political problem. I believe the actions of the globalists are all aimed at population management. They would like reduction, that’s clear, but in spite of sterling efforts on their part this doesn’t seem to be on the cards. The failing fertility of the developed nations is being used as a red herring to get your eyes off the ball. They’re not flooding the advanced industrialized nations with migrants to destroy these nations, they’re simply firefighting the problem of excess population in the wrong places. I believe vaccinations are all about fertility reduction worldwide and always have been apart from the very early history. Gates says so, he just pretends it’s all benign and some kind of side effect of improved social conditions that leads to lowered fertility (which is a fairly bizarre proposition if you think about it critically). Gates appears bemused that the coof lockdowns with the vax coming to the rescue appears to have the opposite effect to what he anticipated in that people are becoming more skeptical of vaccines rather than less. The oligarchs need a managed decline of population not a catastrophic extinction level event crash which is what will happen if the population gets too large. The global food system is interconnected and heavily dependent on fossil fuels, it could unwind for numerous reasons including some unrelated economic factors causing industrial scale farming to become uneconomic. If population crashes catastrophically due to widespread famine in a large number of regions then it’s game over for so-called civilization, certainly for globalism. I think the technocrats are insane to imagine they can manage a controlled decline of world population. I believe there’s an oligarch faction that takes my view and are looting as much as they can and relying on hiding out in bunkers for an extinction level event. On the bright side I think this a process that will certainly take many decades to play out and, given how old I am, I expect to have died of old age before the real fun starts. You read it here first.

  11. McChuck

    O/T: To be filed under “Models only say what they are programmed to say”:

    When the team rank individuals by wealth, the distribution is exactly like that seen in real-world societies. “The ‘80-20’ rule is respected, since 80 percent of the population owns only 20 percent of the total capital, while the remaining 20 percent owns 80 percent of the same capital,” report Pluchino and co.

    That may not be surprising or unfair if the wealthiest 20 percent turn out to be the most talented. But that isn’t what happens. The wealthiest individuals are typically not the most talented or anywhere near it. “The maximum success never coincides with the maximum talent, and vice-versa,” say the researchers.

    So if not talent, what other factor causes this skewed wealth distribution? “Our simulation clearly shows that such a factor is just pure luck,” say Pluchino and co.

  12. Johnno

    Herman, no, no, no! First we should stop wasting time lobbying anything. Stop voting. Stop begging. Stop being a contestant on their game shows. Just STOP. Don’t lobby the Bud Light. Just stop drinking the Bud Light. Then let them crash. Then when they try to reel you back in with empty promise bait and appeals to blessed democratic proccess, the “we’re listening and consulting” schtick, and the American flag, DO NOT BITE! DO NOT GO TO THE BBQs! DO NOT COLLECT $200 IN RACKETEERING TAXABLE FEES! Let them collapse, and do not be a good Samaritan when you see them in the ditch, you don’t give any rides to scorpions across the lake.

    And you’re never getting rid of PE. It’s part of PUBLIC HEALTH (she/her) and you can do anything in her name, literally anything!

  13. Orson

    Men are called upon to FIGHT FOR WOMEN’S Rights to have their own Safe Spaces! This was my take-away from Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, when mobbed and effectively arrested by a gang of thugs at San Francisco State aUniversity, last Spring.

    There is an important and neglected corollary. Namely, that men also have the right to safe spaces (beyond de facto ones like cigar rooms; eg, let’s bring back the old-style Boy Scouts!).

  14. Johnno

    Here’s another example of stupid, and how the parents are reacting. First, yes, fight to have the school humiliated, and the administrators fired, and apologize to your son. But you’d have to be an idiot to re-enroll your son back into the same environment of stupidity.

    The next time, the parents should be blamed. Look at what happened to your son the FIRST time, Stupid! This is not lightnining, honey, stupidity WILL strike twice and repeatedly, because STUPIDITY IS POLICY!!! The school is gone sweetheart, it ain’t coming back short of a violent revolution. If you’re optimistic about the passage of time righting things, you son will be an old man by then! Speed things along, pull him out!

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