Experts want to take uteruses out of women and put them into men

Experts want to take uteruses out of women and put them into men

To read today’s article, it is helpful to recall that in the context of biology and medicine the prefix trans can always be translated by not a or just not. Try it below.

Keep this helpful tip in mind as we read the peer-reviewed paper “Should Uterus Transplantation for Transwomen and Transmen Be Subsidized?” by Timothy F. Murphy, who tells us he has a “PhD”, and Kelsey Mumford, in the AMA Journal of Ethics.

The title is biological nonsense. This is not to say it is empty of meaning; in woke madness discourse it doubtless carries rich meaning. But in Reality, the real world, it is absurd.

A uterus may, one supposes, be transferred from one female to another, the operation variously successful depending on a host of reasons, some obvious, some not. A uterus might even be cut out of one female and shoehorned to the insides of a man. This operation will not be successful, even if, by some chance, the organ can be kept from rotting away.

The reason some would consider putting a uterus into a man is because of several reasons. One is madness. Pure insanity. Some men pretend to be a woman for the sexual satisfaction it brings them. Others are deluded enough to believe they can be turned into a woman, if only given enough drugs and with sufficient surgery. That goal is impossible—not unlikely, impossible. It is not possible. It will never happen, not matter how “advanced” medical science becomes.

The sexual perversion is easy enough to understand, and from reports these men do not ordinarily seek internal surgeries, and are satisfied with fake breasts and certain cosmetic procedures. Of the kind that when they look in the mirror, and take their glasses off, and squint, and get liquored up, allows them the meager pleasures they seek.

Those men wanting to have a uterus cut out of a woman and superglued to their colon, or wherever, are in a different class. That level of madness has to be cultivated. It must have explicit cooperation from Experts.

Experts convince men that their madness is sanity. Experts have to prescribe the punishing regime of drugs which corrupts the bodies and (further) addles the minds of those who take it. Experts have to sharpen their knives, dig into the gut of a women, cut open the men, and suture the wounded organ into the men.

This is all most lucrative. For Experts.

Since it does not, and cannot, because it is impossible, bring the satisfaction the insane men desire, they often descend into blackness. Many kill themselves.

Which is bad news for Experts. Because they can no longer bill dead men for the lifetime of “treatment” they have chained the men to. Well, let us not feel too bad for them. Experts, I mean. They can always create new victims.

Now I want you to understand. Not all Experts are mere greedy evil cynical creatures who care only about fattening their bank accounts. Some are. Not all. Many are as deluded, divorced from Reality and insane as the men who seek to become women.

These deluded Experts are the real danger.

Which can be seen in the paper. They advocate taking your money, giving it to government, which would hire bureaucrats to pay Experts to conduct Impossible Surgeries on delusional men. Well, we have Impossible Meat, which is not meat, so why not Impossible Surgeries?

These Experts also misunderstand insurance—which is you making a bet you hope you don’t win—but since almost everybody does, we’ll let them slide here. This we won’t:

…private insurers are free to offer coverage largely (but not entirely) as they choose. Some may be expected to resist coverage should UTx become possible for transwomen and transmen, especially employers that use their closely held businesses to express religious views.

This is the Imposing Your Belief Fallacy. They do not like that certain religions remind them of the impossibility of their goals, so they seek to cancel them.

Look, friends: somebody’s belief must be imposed—what in the world do you think laws and regulations are? Impositions of beliefs. It’s us or them. And they are winning.

To prove how lost Experts can become, this their concluding sentence: “there seems to be no fully persuasive argument against gestating a child via [a uterus transplantation].”

Yes, there is. Reality. But Reality is no longer persuasive.

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  1. McChuck

    Remember, opposing trannie madness is anti-Semitic.
    Ever wonder what books the Germans burned, and why?

  2. RT

    Each and every day, the news surrounding this small segment of society becomes more and more “in your face” and bizarre. No longer are rats in labs considered for experimentation and protested by organizations such as PETA. Human beings are fair game also, especially under the umbrella of LGBTQ+ perceived “rights.” And others cannot protest human experimentation without being labeled “phobic.”

  3. Johnno

    This is why we must kill the Expurts. I’m tempted to say we ought to also harvest their organs, but the stupidity might be contagious and therefore risky. Instead we should only redistribute their bank accounts and property to provide Government subsidy opportunities.

    We should also all together work on a new paper: ““Should Expurt’s bodies be used to subsidize the hunger of endangered carnivorous species within wildlife preservations, alive ?”

    Note, that like their own paper’s title, the question is not whether the surgery or the feeding to tigers and crocodiles ought to be done, that has already been concluded, it is only a question of government subsidies and whether or not they should still be conscious and wriggling, and capable of meagre flight once we set them loose onto the preserve near the hungry animals who might appreciate the freshness of the nutrition and the physical exercise of the hunt.

  4. 1 – wouldn’t it be simpler and more effective to just transplant (switch) the brains ( whole heads would look odd 😉 ) from men who want to be women to the bodies of women who want to be men?

    2 – or, maybe, just give pregnant women a shot that ensures the foetus has the right hormone balance to not suffer gender confusion at all?

  5. Pro Relaxation at Work

    Part of this is the result of the needless complication of corporations insisting you work constantly through all 8 hours. Hear me out. If the culture was that people could relax at work when there wasn’t actual work to do then the corporate doctors would not be looking to make busy work like swapping genitals from one person to another. But hey, we have to find busy work to keep everyone busy for a full 8 hours so the CEO sadomasochist is happy, so have the doctors start swapping people’s heads on their necks just so they are working the full shift and never relaxing.

  6. Johnno

    Paul Murphy has a capital idea with #1. But he forgets the truth, that despite all the tranny hand wringing to be referred to completely as the other sex, the truth is that many want to be not actually fully male or fully female, but something OTHER! They have TRANScended humanity! They are a category of their own, but with all the advantageous buffet benefits of both men and women, but none of the social obligations!

    They want Expurts to mass manufacture them, just like Expurts manufacture diseases and then manufacture cures for the disease that are worse than the disease they manufactured!

    The catastrophic cartage of Expurts must be destroyed!

  7. The disestablishment of the universities and the confiscation of their wealth and assets. With heads on sticks pour encourager les autres.

  8. spaceranger

    I never knew pig uterus was a thing until I saw it on the Food Network the other day. On Chopped, one of the challenges in the ingredient basket was for the contestants to come up with a dish using pig uterus. Moreover, listening to the judges discuss the ins and outs of pig uterus, I didn’t know there were that many experts out there.
    Presumably, human trials of uterus transplants would begin with pig organs, similar to the now two-month trial of a successful pig kidney working in a brain-dead donor human.
    Seemingly, there are a lot of brain-dead uterus transplant candidates out there.

  9. re: “Experts want to take uteruses out of women and put them into men”

    At this point, wouldn’t psychiatry be a more cost effective solution? Does no one study Freud anymore?

    Okay, maybe psychiatry AND hypnotism …

  10. Cary D Cotterman

    “…by Timothy F. Murphy, who tells us he has a ‘PhD’…”

    I’ve lost count of the people with Ph.D. degrees I’ve known, and (unfortunately) had to work with. I’m still waiting to be impressed.

  11. PhilH

    Orthodox Jewish men wake up every morning and say, “Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the universe, who has not made me a woman.” (I imagine Orthodox Jewish women can gratefully say the opposite.)

    It can be pretty challenging to wake up every morning and not think that.

  12. Peter K

    Don’t give in to the de-personalising, de-humanising language of “uteruses” instead of the simple familiar Anglo Saxon word wombs.

  13. Mark

    ‘To prove how lost Experts can become, this their concluding sentence: “there seems to be no fully persuasive argument against gestating a child via [a uterus transplantation].”’

    Given the number of these men who want this operation in order to have an abortion (no, I’m not making this up), I’m wondering if the Experts know this and are just lying here.

  14. Gunther Heinz

    Is Joe Biden a real man, or more like a woman? Does it matter anymore? Is Jill Biden more like a modern man than a woman? Yes, no? Is mommy really mommy? Is daddy really daddy? Does it really matter anymore? How MAN-like is it to be a ninety year old geezer with prostate cancer and a diaper? It’s all so ANACHRONISTIC. Resistance MAY BE FUTILE.

  15. Anon

    There is this now rather dated depressing Dutch documentary on the trans phenomenon. At the time of the filming, people had to live as their new selves for some prescribed period of time before they would be administered any hormones or other interventions. So, people had to be their biological selves whilst pretending (very obviously) to be the other in a bid to test how badly they wanted to transition. In any case, a physician who was interviewed for this piece said something to the effect that the ideal would be for women-desiring-to-be-men give up their uteruses to men-desiring-to-be women. But at the same time he acknowledged that the feasibility of this would be nearly nil. Altho as a class, trans women (narcissistic men) are terrible candidates for “motherhood” and would never put the needs of the child ahead of their own.

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