Hurricane paper featured on AIR-Worldwide

Roger Pielke, Jr., who’s at the University of Colorado Center for Science Technology Policy Research, has written a year-end summary of the 2007 hurricane season. The summary appears in two places: AIR-Worldwide, a fairly large and subsidiary of a well known insurance and risk modeling company; and Pielke’s own Prometheus blog.

The best thing is that he reviews two of the papers that I’ve written that show (through 2006), that hurricanes (including tropical storms) have not increased in number or intensity in the North Atlantic nor worldwide. My papers are linked under my Global Warming category under various posts and can be downloaded there, but I warn you that they are fairly technical and use advanced statistical methods. They are, however, perfect reading for insomniacs.

If I get enough requests, I’ll work on putting up a simplified summary of the methods.


  1. Roger Pielke, Jr.

    Here is one request for a simplified summary, which I’d be happy to post as a main entry on our blog . . . Thanks!

  2. Demesure

    Here is another request for summary.
    Thank you for your great blog. I like your science and your sense of humor.

  3. Bob

    Is a third request coming from distant Germany sufficient to make you print a simplified summary?

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