DIE From The Sky! Or, New Meaning To The Wild Blue Yonder

DIE From The Sky! Or, New Meaning To The Wild Blue Yonder

The once United States Air Force, my old employer, has decided to DIE. DIE hard. Harder than any military has ever DIEd before. Nuclear-level DIE.

For not only will they maximize Diversity, Inclusion. and Equity, which is but what all crave, but in a complete first, the Air Force will insist on maximizing Accessibility.

In olden brutal uncaring days, days in which white supremacists and other racists roamed free, those who were not fit could not fight. But that was unfair to those who could not but wanted to. Imagine denying somebody’s desire! In pre-Accessibility days, a fat diabetic blue-haired one-legged forty-four year old female would have been told her services were not needed, militarily. This would cause her sadness. Which is unacceptable.

Tears are stronger than bullets.

A flak said:

The Department of the Air Force’s (DAF) diversity and inclusion efforts are informed by science, business best practices, congressional mandates, data- focused policy reviews and assessments, and the lived experiences of Airmen and Guardians working together every day.

Which reminds me. Every time you see “lived experiences” swap in “fantasized experiences”.

The AF also unveiled several “barrier analysis working groups”: one for blacks who are Eternal Victims, one for those who are disabled and therefore inept at fighting, one for Hispanics because they speak the language of the other white conquering race, one for Indians because they are good fighters, one for LGBTQWERTY because sexual preference makes an enormous difference when bombing enemies, Pacific Islanders because Samoans tend to be fat, and, of course, that other class of well known stalwart warriors, women.

White men who have normal procreative sexual desires are, once again, left outside the DIE gates.

Unless—I say unless—they fall under this New & Improved! definition of Diversity: the usual race, sex, and sexual preference Diversities, of course, but now “also regional, cultural, socioeconomic, and philosophical diversity.”

Philosophical diversity!

Nice. And about time. For this includes that narrow class of philosopher warrior who would launch the Air Force’s cleansing bombs at Washington DC, for entirely philosophical reasons.

I’m not sure how they’re going to deal with differences between, say, Zionist and Hamas philosophies among enlisted airmen, there being so many people in the States now who support both sides, but they’ll have to figure it out because there is no higher goal than to DIE. Except one.

And that is to DIEA. Pronouced die-ahhhhh!

So it is only right that the Air Farce

consistently pursues fair, just, and equal opportunities for every member. This requires all Airmen and Guardians to intentionally challenge behaviors, biases, and barriers negatively impacting diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

Which is exactly what you’d expect a solider in the new army of the air to be. Ignorant on how to kill people, but adept at mouthing woke platitudes.

My friends, listen to your Uncle ex-Staff Sergeant Briggs. Do not fight for the Regime. Do not enlist. Do not be inducted into the officer corps. If you are already in and asked to fight for Regime interests, refuse. Object. Disobey—in ways you can get away with.

For it cannot be long before the Regime will ask its—I almost said soldiers—armed employees to watch over us.

Yet, even though I say this, I wonder. It is likely enough the Regime would desire to crack down on those it hates the most (us), and it would naturally look to its armed employees to do the cracking. But how they can have any hope of success using employees whose only training is in sexual experimentation or grousing of about “inequities” is a mystery.

The military has been, or is being made, entirely effeminate. Women are everywhere, in charge in a lot of places, and even men enlist so the Army will pay for their “transition”. Very few enlitees want to be a genuine soldier.

And do not forget, which you have not, that many, many Heartlanders are armed. Well armed, and not fans of the Regime. This makes a mean-face stand off more likely, in which the Regime nags hard, and implements ticky-tacky rules to annoy people, more than it will physically harm them.

As far as use in war, real war with enemies which the Regime is insisting we must have (watch for this false flag), well, we are in deep kimchi. Or, the Regime is. They are hoping to get by on technical prowess, thinking men in dresses or women can punch buttons as well as fit warrior men.

Which isn’t so. All these DIEA recruits will all be out on sick call when the real shooting starts.

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  1. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    That persecution, you take as eventual, is already here. They are jailing, for years, decades, septuagenarian women, for praying in front of an abortion mill. They have been taking fathers of 6 to 10 kids, in front of these, thirty men, with heavy weaponry, in front of their families., for being Catholics. They’ve invented a fake insurrection and have imprisoned for decades, not just hundreds of people just for being at some place, but some, for decades, for the planning of an operation that lives in their rotten imagination and that of those who believe them…. ETCETERA. The persecution is here. But I get it: you mean “war level”, not low intensity… You’re sadly right, unless something unexpected happens

  2. john b()

    I guess it is DIE(A) or DIE!!!

    From the Daily Beast
    Harvard Killed AI Within Hours of Release Over Allegations of Racist Stereotyping

    My guess Is that somebody “led” the poor unsuspecting AI down a path to intentionally get to Racism

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    ”My friends, listen to your Uncle ex-Staff Sergeant Briggs. Do not fight for the Regime. Do not enlist. Do not be inducted into the officer corps. If you are already in and asked to fight for Regime interests, refuse. Object. Disobey—in ways you can get away with.”

    Great advice. Just say no. There are perfectly legal and moral ways to avoid complicity in this sinister regime’s criminal activities. A shame we American men let them fool us out of our heritage, our nation, our country. It would only be more foolishness to let ourselves be baited into shoot-em-ups with the regime’s dupes. That’s what the regime wants. Fomenting hatred, enemies, and conflict is their business model. If we knew ourselves and knew the enemy we could win, as Sun Tzu famously advises, without firing a shot.

    Speaking of great advice, Jesus’ “love your enemies”, so oddly counter-intuitive, is one way to win without firing a shot. It keeps a man from getting sucked in by the “destructive principle” — the devil’s business model — whereby hatreds, enemies, and conflicts are multiplied by chain-reaction until otherwise peaceable and decent men are sucked into a firestorm of destruction benefitting no one but Satan.

  4. john b()

    I think I need to reread CS Lewis’ “That Hideous Strength” as well as find or pick up CS Lewis’ “Abolition of Man”

    “In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.” ? C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man.
    Chapter 1, “Men Without Chests,” The Abolition of Man.

  5. Johnno

    Careful now Briggs, they don’t like it when you call them what they are in a pejorative way, you must always phrase such things as entirely praiseworthy!

    Swiss Writer Sentenced To 60 Days In Jail For Calling Journalist A “Fat Lesbian”

    And the military will DIE of course, from supply-side starvation!

    So keep your powder dry and safe for when you really need it! Hamas laughs knowing that their cheap shit rockets are costing the Israeli Iron Dome millions of American dollars to take out their firecrackers. Once the ammunition runs dry, will be when the real rockets start flying. And they know that Israel is not stupid enough to nuke an area right next to or in the middle of it. So there will be no nukes landing on Gaza least Israel likes radioactive fallout blowing into itself with the sea breeze. Why that would be suicide! And would the attrition be worth it? But then, I remember Masada.

    Well, we all know why the US Army is doing it. Recruitment is low. They’ve lost the righties. They hate the eighties. They don’t want the tired uddled disabled masses yearning to tranny. But they think that by putting in a show, that the lefties will sign up! All those rioters and looters can now use their talents on behalf of Uncle Sam abroad to do the same thing while screaming, “FREEDOM!!!” and get paid! And maybe fight actual fascists! Fascists who’ll fight back! It’s their calling of a lifetime! And yet… where are they/thems??? Where O’ where have our little dogs gone? O’ where, O’ where can they be?

  6. Cary D Cotterman

    Johnno, what we need is a bomb with the immediate destructive power of a nuke, but none of the contamination. Then we can vaporize the bad guys and all their stuff without fouling our own nest. Peace at last!

  7. War is racket. They’re finally extending the grift to the moochers and looters who would otherwise be sitting around on welfare. It’s surely progress. Meanwhile the real people can figure out how to do something constructive with their lives.

  8. C-Marie

    Jesus is the answer to every difficulty. Spend time to Know Him and God our Father, Believe Him, Trust Him, Love Him, always!!
    God bless, C-Marie

  9. Gunther Heinz

    In my olden days in the the Reagan Navy, an E-6 was either a lifer with four mouths to feed, or some push-button type with a six year enlistment.

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