Outsourcing Our Protection Made Us Weak

Outsourcing Our Protection Made Us Weak

It’s too bad we didn’t accept the woke’s offer to defund the police. They never thought their slogan through, and we should have closed with them before they had the chance.

Just you think about it.

Those two “teens” who, for fun, ran over the man in Vegas (not their first victim, incidentally), who ended up in court laughing and flipping off their victim’s families? Well, they might have still killed for gruesome glee, but they would not have had the chance to be disrespectful after.

One day after the precincts and sheriff’s offices are shuttered, the mass lootings plaguing American cities would cease. Or perhaps it’s better to say one week. It would take that long for people to realize what they all along should have known: that they are responsible for their own defense.

These examples are admittedly somewhat fanciful, but you will now be able to think of many more realistic ones.

We have outsourced our defense to Experts—the police—in the hopes they would see to justice, and remove from us the burdens of enforcement, investigation, arrest, and punishment. In many ways, this worked well, especially when we had a more homogeneous high-trust society, as is well known. For instance, feuds and vendettas were far rarer.

Yet we have paid a very great price for this leisure.

Especially since military service is only voluntary, because there are only Expert law enforcement, men have forgotten not just how to defend themselves, but they have lost the mindset. Like in everything else, they defer to Experts and let themselves become weak. Worse, as I’ll prove to you, we are forced by law to be weak.

Michigan requires a license to carry a concealed pistol, and part of the procedure is to get fingerprinted at the sheriff’s. When I had mine taken I asked the deputy his opinion of citizens carrying. This, I thought, was necessary knowledge, because in the state you have a legal obligation immediately upon any interaction with the police to announce you are carrying. I wanted to know if those interactions would be, well, difficult.

The deputy chewed on the question a moment and said, “If it were up to me, I’d make it mandatory.” He thinks, and he said his brother officers think, as I think, and as you should, that defending yourselves and your loved ones is a duty.

Now I live in a very “red” area (most of Michigan is; only a couple large cities and university towns are woke). People have Trump signs on their lawns, some of them crudely creative. Many hunt; guns are not rare. The attitude of the police reflect this.

But this attitude is not everywhere, and is growing rarer and rarer, as Richard Greenhorn (a lawyer) reminds us.

In Republican Georgia, the right to citizen’s arrest was eradicated following the Arbery case. The basis for citizen’s arrest lay with the fact that the law is universal. The government may give this universal law concrete application, but it does not create the law out of whole cloth. This is a weak statement of natural law, such that all Christian jurists believed, such that Blackstone noted and all lawyers implicitly understood into the Twentieth Century. Even men like Holmes, in recognizing the common law’s defects and absurdities, could not argue against the premise that justice predates the state. And yet with the eradication of citizen’s arrest, we arrive at the conclusion that only the state can make and give the law effect. This is a complete upending of the basic premises of our law and all real republican government. But who has even noticed?

As proof the defense mindset is fading, by habit and by decree, not one person was armed in the Maine “mass shooting”, except the (certifiable) bad guy. The attitude was call the Experts and wait. Maybe you’ll get lucky. Or stay locked in your homes (“shelter in place”), shivering in fear.

After these incidents, we hear calls for “gun control”, which means only that the Regime should and would control all use of violence. You would be allowed none. Including that of defending your own person. Under “gun control” there would not only be no duty for self defense, there would be no excuse for it.

As Greenhorn reminds us, we’re already well down this road. Need more evidence? The law, here anyway, says you can only use violence if your person is endangered. Not your property. If a group of thugs were to, say, try to burn down your house, knowing nobody was inside, or the same with you car, or your business, all objects it takes years of your life to own, you cannot use violence to stop them. You must call the Experts.

We used to shoot looters. When we were civilized.

If it were strictly illegal for any but Regime employees (like the IRS, Department of Agriculture, D of Education, DNR, police, etc.) to have guns, then people in our Expertocracy would still suffer violence. But it would be seen as a kind of natural phenomenon, like a bad storm. It would be sad that people died in a robbery, but you wouldn’t hear of the means. Guns, in these stories, would fade into the background. Like you now don’t hear of the race of the bad guy. “Shootings” would disappear.

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  1. Briggs

    At the Substack mirror, a reader reminds us Chesterton agrees.


    Jon Cutchins
    Writes Comfort with Truth
    8 mins ago
    In his Foundations of Distributism, Chesterton makes the argument that in order for there to be real democracy crimes must be punished in public. He suggests that the will of the people began to be thwarted as soon as executions began being conducted out of their sight and without their participation.

    I think that that is much the same thing that you are suggesting. We hired people to do the nasty bits of governance for us and they took the nice bits as well. We farmed out the responsibilities and found that we had lost the power and privilege. Which is pretty inevitable in hindsight. We all want to eat sausage but nobody wants to make the sausage.

  2. john b()

    For some reason, this brought to mind the movie “High Noon”

    John Wayne called the movie unamerican

    John Wayne felt that there was no way… [people who got to the town] suffered all kinds of hardships are suddenly afraid to help out a sheriff because three men are coming into the town that are tough
    “I don’t think that ever happens in the United States.”

  3. cdquarles

    Cities: “The environment is ‘tame’, the people are wild.”
    Every where else: “The environment is ‘wild’, the people are tame.”

    Some 10 degrees closer to the equator, in a state that is somewhat more sane and its cities are not quite so large nor completely ruined (yet), those old rules still exist.

    When seconds count, the “Experts” are minutes away. Be prepared!

  4. Cary D Cotterman

    I’m all for bringing back public executions of psychopaths like those two worthless monsters who hit the guy on the bicycle. And I’m not talking about “lethal injection”, that kinder method that’s like the euthanasia we give our beloved dogs and cats. I mean the frightful, violent methods of the 20th century–hanging, shooting, and electrocution. No fifteen years of being pampered on death row, watching tv and weight lifting–give ’em a weekend to sit in their cage in terrified anticipation, then drag ’em to the scaffold. I’ll volunteer to spring the trap, pull the trigger, or throw the switch.

    As far as concealed or open carrying of firearms is concerned, it seems as if we’re in a period where it’s the only way to ensure we’ll have a chance at protecting ourselves. Calling the cops in the town where I live means being put on hold or cut off, and if you’re lucky they might show up ninety minutes later. Unfortunately, I live in California, where it’s next to impossible to defend yourself legally. And unfortunately, as our beloved Hair Gel never tires of reminding us, California leads the way. Watch out, U.S.A., he’s determined to be president.

  5. Gunther Heinz

    Chesterton’s 19th century views on urban crime take no account of its 18th century origins. For a more realistic account see Robert Hughes’ “The Fatal Shore”. Similarly, most Americans simply assume that our own past was “low crime” or “crime free”. Nonsense. Read David Mccullough’s book on the young TR, “Mornings on Horseback”. These are not books on crime, but stories where crime is simply a very present part of the human landscape.

  6. Cookie

    It’s no coincidence any of this. If the Israeli war on Palistinians continues to December then the stretch of months from the 1967 six days war until the total cleansing of the Palistinians from the “holy land” will be 666 months!

    And we are coming up to the sixth covid booster shot soon…what is the target number? I suggest it will have a leading six.

    We are coming to end days, will humans repent before its to late?

  7. The police were always about “protecting public order” which has nothing to do with protecting you. Most people are simply useless eaters who would be a terrible waste of oxygen if humans lived on a space habitat. The Georgia Guidestones revealed what the powers that be would like to see.

  8. C-Marie

    Am going to read Mornings On Horseback!! Thank you!!
    God bless, C-Marie

  9. Well, the main problem with this are those feuds that you mentioned. People would want revenge for their fallen family members and then the other family would want revenge and then the cycle would continue. In order to break this cycle, you HAVE to entrust justice to a higher power. After all, God himself declares at one point in the Bible “revenge is mine, I will deliver it”. If not, high-density society would disintegrate into tribal warfare like in New Guinea. You can’t run a society if there’s a lynching every other week.

    And this all before we even get to the question of criminal investigations and how are they to be conducted. You can rail against Experts all you want, but until Random Joe has the skillset to perform DNA matching on crime scene evidence, you need Experts. The only alternative is medieval justice where most criminals escape unharmed and the only way of obtaining a conviction was by admission. Which has to be extracted under torture, so everybody gets tortured, which turns the very idea of pursuit of justice on it’s head since now justice isn’t dished out according to the investigator’s ability to discover the truth but according to the torture victim’s ability to withstand suffering.

    This is one of those instances where a proposed cure hasn’t been thought out through or was simply made without sufficient real-world data. Specifically, the data on how likely people are to stand down and not lynch people who they (wrongly) think are guilty, when they have the power and the authorization to utilize that power.

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