Here’s How They Say Conservatives Are Destroying Science

Here’s How They Say Conservatives Are Destroying Science

My favorite headline of late is from Stat, which I’ll reveal in a brief moment. First, as I was discovering that headline, I saw the site’s top crawl, which asked us to buy their stunning new report “See how top drug companies rank in fighting climate change.

Only $499! United State dollars. There is no typo. Four hundred ninety nine. Dollars. To learn how drug companies are “fighting climate change.”

Drug companies? Fighting “climate change”? You mean there’s a pill for that? Ask your doctor if Kimaatstop&tm; is right for you?

To the main event. Or main headline: “As conservative views collide with science, doctors find themselves navigating political landmines.”

Conservatives colliding with Science. Again! What are those rascally crusty old so-and-sos doing now. Vicious endless disrespectful denial of Science, no doubt. Let’s see.

It started with a tweet: A year-old, 43-second clip of Kevin Wang talking about how parents and teachers can help affirm and support a child’s gender identity, encouraging children to explore.

The vitriolic tweets were swift, and they snowballed. Right-wing influencers accused Wang, an unassuming Seattle physician, of “mutilating” and “destroying” children, though he did not discuss surgery in the clip. They made fun of his name and eventually even posted his workplace and contact details online, setting off enough red flags to convince his hospital’s security department to pull down his employee page.

Come now. Making fun of Wang? How juvenile can you get. I mean, it’s not like his nurse said, “Dr Wang, your patient is here for his surname removal.”

To which the science-minded Dr Wang surely never replied, “Is he young? I like ’em young. The flesh cuts best young.” Which he never said right after he never said, “A new patient? Call my stock broker.”

“They are butchers not doctors,” tweeted Elizabeth Economou, a Seattle-based reporter for sites like Fox News.

The viral moment reverberated through the family physician and pediatrician community, as doctors across the country increasingly find their medical advice at odds with Republican political leaders across the nation. What was most baffling, Wang said, was that only other doctors who attended the event had access to the clip.

“It is definitely a dangerous time for many of my friends who provide care, especially in places which are more hostile,” Wang said.

Do people really questions medical advice? From doctors? Doctors are Experts. There is no way people can know as much as doctoral Experts at medicine. I am not being facetious. I will prove it to you.

Young girl, say 11, pre-menarchal, or even just post pre, if you like. She comes to you, this little girl, you, a non-Expert non-doctor, and says, “The girls in my class want to become boys. I do, too. Teacher said it is a wonderful idea.”

Now, I ask you, Mr Conservative Non-Expert Non-Doctor, just where would you begin the incision to slice this girl’s breasts off? Well—where? I’m asking. Come on. Don’t Google it. Tell me.

You have no answer. You would start cutting (pardon me) at random, and the goodness knows what organs you’d have left over after the operation is over.

So it’s right Experts like Wang worry. You don’t know even Science to do the job properly. As an aside, I suggest he hide his scalpels from anybody wearing a MAGA hat.

Scores of practicing physicians and the national groups that represent them are increasingly at the center of a widening cleave between conservative America and science writ large. The gap has doctors young and old questioning how to navigate political landmines and limits in their communities — or whether they should at all.

The challenges only show signs of worsening as 2024 Republican presidential candidates make health care restrictions — and a deep distrust of science — tent poles in their campaigns. Limits and outright bans on abortion, and the very existence of gender-affirming care are already heated talking points in primary debates.

I wonder if Wang’s mother ever said, “I wish I had an abortion”? I wonder if readers are thinking it. I mean, doctors are the real Experts. Can they now look inside women and see which lives growing in there are best slaughtered and which should be allowed to live? I mean, maybe they have the technology. I’m not an Expert.

I also not one to question affirming surgeries. Our culture is all about affirming desires. I need to affirm my desire to fly. Wings, dammit. And now. You bigots.

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  1. PhilH

    I would love to be at the center of a widening cleavage.

  2. But.. But… Science…

    The best quote I’ve heard so far, “How many of us over 40 — ever grew up with anyone who was trans?”

    The fact that all of this came out of nowhere — is proof that it’s contrived. There were minimal amount of “trans” children less than 5-years ago. Unless children are being drugged, or there is a serious issue with the gene pool, shit went sideways awful fast!

    It’s a social contagion, not science in the clinical sense, but science in the brainwashing crowd following sense.

  3. Paul Blase

    We laugh, but I’ve had this sort of thing quoted to me to justify trans-sexual promotion. “The science is on our side!” And they can not be convinced otherwise.

  4. Carlos Julio Casanova Guerra

    Yeah, of course, since Egyptian and Babylonian astrologer priests started looking at the heavens, Thales of Miletus founded science as such, as the study of the natural, intrinsic causes of the different phenomena, since Aristotle founded physics, biology and logic, science has been based on the possibility of those great men to chop little children’s body parts and killing unborn babies. You, conservatives, don’t you see that you are killing science? It’s the great tragedy of our days

  5. cdquarles

    Look in the mirror, bub (the paper’s author(s)). You and your ideological fellow travelers are the ones killing science, in order to exalt The Science Religion.

    Yeah, the evil side of me is thinking “To bad Dr. Wang’s mother didn’t abort him”. Father, forgive me for that evil thought.

    And they do have the technology, for that’s how sex selective, and “defect” selective abortions are suggested, promoted, and done.

  6. A little historical perspective. Lobotomies. Anybody remember them? In the middle of 20th century, a mania swept USA and many many people got lobotomized. How about another? BRCA1 breast removal. After the discovery of the link, people in the USA started serially testing women for the gene and removing the brests of any that had defective genes. Want another? Snake oil. Want another? Eugenics. I’m not even mentioning the Prohibition.

    There’s something wrong in the makeup of USA since every so often it gets swept by an irrational mania that leaves destruction and a human wasteland in it’s wake.

  7. Johnno

    Imagine if Darwinist Eugenicists used Twitter back then…

    “All I said was that the Jew and the Negro passing on their genes was not the best case for the improvement of the human species, and how government, educators and community leaders can help encourage the lesser races to explore the benefits of sterilization. But then suddenly all this baffling vitriol kept coming my way from the creationist fundamentalist mobs!

    What is most baffling is that I only said this in the presence of other credentialed Expurts. So how did my words become broadcast beyond the X-Club meeting? It is definitely a dangerous time for many of my friends and colleagues who promote the advancement of civilization, especially in places which are more hostile.”

    – Dr. Cock, The Scientist

  8. Cary D Cotterman

    Dr. Wang and his ilk certainly have the medical and scientific expertise to amputate the breasts of brainwashed girls. As a conservative, it’s not the science I’m against, it’s the the stupidity, immorality, and pure evil that’s done in its name.

  9. Gunther Heinz

    Making fun of the name Wang should be a penal offense.

  10. Milton Hathaway

    Johnno – whoa, your comment trespasses well into Anne-Coulter-level devastational brevity/wit territory.

    (The thought of publicly debating Ann Coulter would be terrifying to me. To bad I agree with her less and less these days, she wields words and analogies with lethal precision, reducing her targets to quivering lumps of cognitive excrement. She’ll always have my respect, though.)

  11. Uncle Mike

    Tell Automatic Slim
    Tell Razor Totin’ Jim
    Tell Butcher Knife Totin’ Annie
    Tell Fast Talking Fanny
    We gonna pitch a ball
    A down to that union hall
    We gonna romp and tromp till midnight
    We gonna fuss and fight till daylight
    We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle
    All night long
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    We gonna pitch a wang dang doodle
    All night long

  12. Burning the so-called “scientists” at the stake as heretics is the only reasonable solution. This is a spiritual war of competing philosophies which, in the end, means the sword.

  13. C-Marie

    So glad that many young biological women and men are now suing those who encouraged them to transition without genuine counseling and more. The most important counsel being that God created each person, biologically, EITHER male or female …. with no genuine change of biological sex possible. He does the creating.

    These persons’ experiences being publicized, are wonderfully causing these manipulations of God’s creating of us, to be much more clearly understood, and to how wrong the surgeries, drugs, and more, are.

    God bless, C-Marie

  14. Hoyos

    Same thought I had during the pandemic, “how many times do the experts have to get it completely wrong before I’m allowed to not automatically believe whatever they say next?”

    The medical community has routinely throughout its history gotten things wrong in a get people killed way. Does that mean I’m never seeing a doctor, taking medication, etc.? Of course not, because they also get it right. What it does mean though is the one thing nobody wants to talk about, you need personal judgement.

    So, based on the evidence, no it’s not science the trans thing is mutilating kids mentally and eventually physically. There’s no debate not because there’s not enough evidence it’s because there is more than enough.

  15. Tom Welsh

    “Stupidity cannot be cured with money, or through education, or by legislation. Stupidity isn’t a sin, the victim can’t help being stupid. But stupidity is the only universal capital crime; the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity”.

    – Lazarus Long, in “Time Enough for Love” (Robert A Heinlein)

  16. Forbes

    –>”Kevin Wang talking about how parents and teachers can help affirm and support a child’s gender identity, encouraging children to explore.”

    Why? The dubious assumptions loaded in that statement boggle the mind. Teachers? Why? Gender identity? Why? Explore? Why?

    This is not science.

  17. Jan Van Betsuni

    “Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other.”

    –Benjamin Franklin (Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1743)

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