Men, Don’t Fight For The Regime

Men, Don’t Fight For The Regime

News last week: “JUST IN – German Defence Minister sees danger of war in Europe; the military and society ‘must become fit for war,’ Pistorius told ZDF.”

The Regime is radiating belligerent noisome fumes, more so than usual. They seem anxious to go to war. Which is to say, eager to send you to war: you, your children. Not them. They will stay behind. You will fight for them. You will die. For them.

They think.

Do not do it. With Veteran’s Day hard upon us, take some advice from your Uncle Sergeant Briggs, who comes from a family with a military tradition (I did six years myself). Do not fight for the Regime. Do not enlist. Do not be sworn in. Stay home and watch after yourself and your loved ones. Do not let them ship you off to die in an absurd conflict that has nothing to do with you, and in which you will not benefit in any way, even if the Regime wins. And especially if the Regime loses. And their loss is almost guaranteed.

Have your forgotten Iraq? Afghanistan?

There is nothing you can gain from fighting for this corrupt inept evil Regime. You need money? The pay is pathetic. You can’t collect if you are dead. You won’t want to collect if you’re maimed. All in service to a cause that is theirs, not yours. Not ours.

You’re white? Then you’ll have mandatory—the real kind of mandatory which you cannot escape—Diversity training to learn how awful your whiteness is. Save them the trouble, accept they don’t love you, and stay away.

Here are the official military statistics on deaths in “Operation Iraqi Freedom” and “Operation Enduring Freedom” (recall everything is now named for its opposite):

What do you notice about them?

Why would you want to add to these totals?

Don’t want to be vaccinated? No way to avoid it. Or maybe you’ll be assigned to guard the tranny ward. Here’s a story from “Here’s How Much the Pentagon Has Spent So Far to Treat Transgender Troops“.

The Pentagon has spent $15 million in the past five years to treat 1,892 transgender troops, including $11.5 million for psychotherapy and $3.1 million for surgeries, according to Defense Department data provided to

…[In]…the two years after President Donald Trump announced via Twitter that he would bar transgender individuals from serving in the U.S. military.

According to the Defense Health Agency, the surgeries were performed in military health facilities and included removal of breasts or testicles, hysterectomies and labiaplasty — creation of or reshaping the flesh around a vagina.

That sound good to you? You want to fight next to, and count on, the ladies and almost ladies? Did you see who the Regime put in charge of the Navy?

You can lie to HR and say different, or you can pretend to be “outraged” by what I say next, but no man wants to fight for a woman he can take with one hand. Especially one who looks like that.

What concerns us is the possibility—and I don’t want you to seize up reading this: I am going to prove this using mainstream sources—the possibility of a false flag to juice support for a war.

Surely you remember the “weapon of mass destruction” hoax. Yes? Then you will also recall the “war on terror”. Which only result, besides a stack of dead Americans, is the TSA giving you a rub down when you try to board a plane.

False flags and propaganda have juiced us into every major war. It’s not that the wars were unreal, it’s that American participation was not obvious or necessary. Until rulers made it that way by large-scale deception.

Remember the Maine? Our beneficent government did it. Gulf of Tonkin? Same thing.

WWII? I’ve quoted this before, from John Mearshimer’s Why Leaders Lie, and it bears repeating:

Franklin Roosevelt lied about the USS Greer incident in the late summer of 1941 to mobilize public opinion against Germany and hopefully get the United States into World War II. The USS Greer, an American destroyer operating in the North Atlantic, joined up with a British military aircraft that was pursuing a German submarine. The plane eventually dropped depth charges, but then had to return to its base because it was running low on fuel. The Greer, however, continued to pursue…

A week later President Roosevelt went on radio and told the American people three lies about the Greer incident. He clearly implied that the attack on the Greer was unprovoked. He did not mention the British aircraft, much less that the Greer was pursuing the German submarine in tandem with that plane, which dropped depth charges against the submarine before it fired on the Greer. Instead, he simply said that the German submarine “fired first upon this American destroyer without warning, and with deliberate design to sink her” in American “defensive waters.” This attack, he said, was “piracy—piracy legally and morally.”

There are disturbing indicators they want war. No single item is proof by itself, and even the totality is not yet convincing. Yet.

But take things like this: “The army just expanded eligibility for those who can receive casualty affairs training (CAOs are the people who knock on your door to inform you if your loved one has died in combat) in ‘the event of a Large Scale Combat Operation or Mass Casualty event.'”

Coincidence? Probably. But.

Official sources have gone out of their way, when nobody was asking, to say they do not “want” a draft. What draft? Who was talking about a draft? Well, the Army War College, that’s who, when they played pretend war with China.

Then there is a remarkable ad the Army ran yesterday on Twitter. It was really quite extraordinary. Do watch it. Only a fleeting glimpse of Diversity. No focus on women, no men in dresses. No gay activities.

Just a man doing a manly thing. A man of the kind the Regime hates. But the kind they love to use. Do not be used.

The good news are the comments to that Army ad. Many are not buying the propaganda, and are laughing at the attempt. Makes my heart soar like a hawk to see.

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  1. Thanks for getting the word out. No doubt Roosevelt was a warmonger; as his New Deal Program didn’t work. My father, who was a World War Two veteran, hated Roosevelt to his dying day. I’m also a vet, a white woman, but I do my best to discourage anyone, especially young white men, from joining the military. You are right: it’s a total, pathetic joke today. No one should fight for a regime which hates us.

  2. JerryR

    But we vote these people in.

    The real problem is not the regime but those who vote for them.

  3. McChuck

    @JerryR – Biden was not voted into office. His handlers most assuredly hold no publicly elected position. Most of the members of the Deep State have never run for any office.

    My son is, unfortunately, currently serving, with a year of active duty remaining on his contract. (And four years of reserve commitment beyond that, of course.) He despises the modern Army with every fiber of his being. And with very good reason, given his experiences so far.

  4. Kenan Meyer

    Given the technologies we (as humans ) have now, we will soon become extinct, if we don’t learn to resolve conflicts peacefully. Period.

  5. JerryR

    “ Biden was not voted into office”

    Maybe you should look at yesterday’s vote. It was almost a sweep for Democrats.

    We were fooled by fools on the conservative side as to how Biden was elected and the Georgia senators and Fetterman. So the conservatives were/are the fools. No one has yet come up with how Trump lost. Including Trump.

    I have done an analysis of the voting by county in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin. Have you seen any conservative publication do that? By the way, Fulton county in Georgia was not the problem. It has always been a red herring.

    The problem lies elsewhere.

  6. Incitadus

    Rich people stick together peasants don’t. The principal past time of the rich
    across all borders is to keep the peasants dumbed down and divided. It’s been this
    way for centuries and relies on the fecklessness of youth anxious to don a uniform and
    die in a trench. Wars are never patriotic and should be viewed as peasant culls. The
    British aristocracy was always very open about this. False flags to gin up patriotism
    are an integral tool of those with enough money and vision to sculpt the future.

  7. cdquarles

    Multigenerational military brat here and yes, I’d not only advise against enlistment today, I’d also advise against doing medical care. It is that bad.

  8. jwm

    “Woman” in charge of the navy?
    That ain’t no woman.


  9. Incitadus

    Good News, Patriots! President Putin Has Built 8K Mosques and Let Millions of Muslims Into Russia Already!

    Putin our mortal enemy is running the same program as Brussels and Washington.
    The greatest most lavishly funded false flag of all time ‘climate change’ is at the top
    of the menu there as well. The only thing they lack are the men in dresses but then
    they’ve got a pussy riot to contend with.

  10. v?ta h?m?na est supplicium


    vote harder jerry, vote harder.

    p.s. that picture has me hearing “in the navy” by the village people…

  11. luke2236

    Sorry jerry R – if you believe ‘votes’ are legit , then do I have a Florida real estate deal for you…
    Until we remove (((those))) behind this all, then we have no legitimate vote. Or country.

  12. JerryR

    “ if you believe ‘votes’ are legit”

    When Trump can show how the votes were not legitimate, perhaps I will take him seriously on it. I think he knows how it happened but there is no legal recourse so he doesn’t say it.

    By the way I believe I know how the 2020 election was rigged. But somehow Trump will not say how it happened. And Republicans haven’t a clue how to stop it.

    Also tell us how the vote yesterday was rigged? Practically a Democratic sweep in anything’s that counts. Conservatives were prepared for a big win and like 2022, it didn’t happen. Doesn’t bode well for next year.

  13. Tony

    If a fit young man is drafted, what are his options to avoid serving in the military?

  14. realwesterner

    In spite of patriotic stirrings we have been trained to foster, and in spite of the 400k plus Americans that died in WWII, the purpose of WWII was NOT to defeat neither fascism or nor Fascism. The purpose was to defeat Germany-which was a threat to the burgeoning USSR and then so communism in Europe and western Asia, and to defeat Japan which in turn was a threat to China and then so Mao and then so communism in eastern Asia. 400k plus Americans died to defend communism, statism, satanism, totalitarianism. Let that nest a bit. The globalists have been hatching this plot for a hot minute.

  15. Incitadus

    It’s gonna be worse his time around because unlike the Middle Ages
    you won’t be allowed to have a horse or a milk cow because of their carbon

  16. john b()


    She says: This is the most bizarre war ad I have ever seen.

    It’s not a war ad, it’s a don’t snipe at Israel ad

  17. cookie

    Spot on Briggs, only thing my people got from fighting is destroyed health and more of the same when they got home…oh and some platitudes about democracy.

  18. JH

    Have your forgotten Iraq?

    Nope. Mr. Briggs, you wholeheartedly supported the Iraq War! It’s absolutely okay to change your mind, though for strange reasons in my opinion.

  19. Cary D Cotterman

    I had to look up Franchetti to verify she’s actually a woman (you know–XX, vagina, and all that stuff). It’s tragic that things have come to that.

  20. Incitadus

    That cartoon is perfect what better way to communicate
    with a sub-species? Europe better spread it’s legs and open
    it’s wallet. Who led Europe down the migrant path and really
    got the ball rolling? Started all those wars…

  21. pyrrhus

    The Republicans ran crappy candidates who didn’t offer anything to the MAGA voters, many of whom stayed home…

  22. pete johnson

    “But we vote these people in.”

    No we don’t because they don’t count the votes. Post-2020 anyone whp says “they get what they voted for” deserves to be caned Singapore style. The elections are all rigged.

  23. The True Nolan

    At this time in our history, anyone who joins the US Military is fighting AGAINST America.

    Active military = treason.

  24. spaceranger

    If Roosevelt had wanted war, he could have had it after the Japanese deliberately bombed the USS Panay and 3 US tankers on the Yangtze in ’37. Instead, it was sort of soft-pedaled as a “mistake” and a reparation was negotiated.

  25. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Men, Don’t Fight For The Regime

    Excellent advice, and well said.

    “False flags and propaganda have juiced us into every major war.”

    Recently read great book on this very topic, Day of Deceit — The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor — about how FDR kicked the Jap dog until it attacked then played the victim and got his war. Author Robert B. Stinnett spent seventeen years researching, made heavy use of FOIA requests and interviews. Fascinating read. Briggs, you’d love all the stuff about cryptography and radio operations. Wicked deceivers have been tricking us into war for a long time. Its way past time people wised up.

  26. Milton Hathaway

    JerryR: “I believe I know how the 2020 election was rigged.”

    Are you talking about the obvious, universal mail-in voting? Sending a ballot unrequested to all registered voters, justified by Covid? Universal mail-in voting effectively turns elections into caucuses. Many (most?) of the frantic changeover to universal mail-in voting was done by emergency decree and was at least technically illegal, but the courts refused to step in. Funny how quickly that whole topic became un-newsworthy.

    William Wallace: Interesting article about the shortage of military recruiters. They play the familiar blame game, with the usual targets: “… flagging performance on the academic entrance exam, blamed on underfunding at America’s public schools …” Underfunding? Sure, a few more teacher’s union salary increases and class size reductions will surely reverse the academic performance trend any year now. Yet another example of how an unwillingness to understand the underlying causes of a problem preclude any chance at a workable solution.

    The thing I hate most about election season is immediately after the results are announced, when the smug self-serving axe-grinders come out of the woodwork to tell us what the voters REALLY said.

    Say, isn’t that new US Army ad ( a tad racist? Only white people can be all that they can be? Only white people are stupid enough to join the army anymore? Racist either way. (BTW, I really wish people would stop linking to videos on Twitter when the video is also available on YouTube, which doesn’t have a registration-wall and has a less hostile user interface.)

  27. Johnno

    Also tell us how the vote yesterday was rigged? Practically a Democratic sweep in anything’s that counts. Conservatives were prepared for a big win and like 2022, it didn’t happen. Doesn’t bode well for next year.

    A question, Jerry.

    Were the “conservative” names proffered up actually RINO candidates that actual conservatives hate who’d do no differently than a democrat?

    Because if that’s the case, as Ramaswamy pointed out on the debate stage, little wonder nobody showed up.

    And Good! **** ’em!

    Republican’ts continue to learn that MAGA and actual Conservatives don’t give a shit about default party affiliation.

    America is done. Salvage as many souls as you can to prepare for their end when it finally comes, because democracy has proven to either be a nonexistent illusion or a mistake.

  28. Gunther Heinz

    Looks like Admiral Admirable has only two sea service awards. Couldn’t get enough of that shore time, yes?

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