The Empire Of Lies & The Wars Started By False Flags

The Empire Of Lies & The Wars Started By False Flags

You’ve seen the new acronym GAE. Global American Empire. Pronounced gay, for the export and enforcement of Globohomo, among other things. You’ll not be surprised to learn that the Big GAE is a big fat liar.

Following John Mearsheimer’s Why Leaders Lie, I speak here of lies of commission. Not lies of omission. Not spin, not concealment. Every empire, every government has reasons to conceal truth. Sometimes these reasons are good, and sometimes bad. No, I mean the direct, in-your-face direct lies told in order to gain your compliance or silence.

Not lies told, in the minds of the liars, for the good of the country and our people. But lies told to benefit the regime and the oligarchy. Lies told for self-aggrandizement, lies told only to control and retain power. The incessant lies of fear-mongering, when a ruler’s duty is to provide its people courage.

Government now acts as if it no longer has any duty to the truth. It views its own citizens as “problematic”. It now lies constantly. It lies and we know they lie. They know we know they lie. Yet still they lie. It has become a farce.

Before we investigate this more, let’s remind ourselves of a few of the larger recent lies. These are my recollections. You will have your own. Please list them in the comments.

A Brief History Of Lies

* Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The very most sincere and soothing Colin Powell.

I list this one first because I believed it. My excuse is that I was much younger and still trusted Big GAE. I was in NYC on 9/11 and I wanted blood. I have since learned my lesson.

Nobody knows the real number, but some half a million to a million people killed because of that war that Big GAE just had to have. The repercussions are still being felt.

* Hunter’s laptop. It was always obvious it was his. Not only did Big GAE lie about it, but Big Tech, too. Many were canceled for telling the truth. The lie was, however, a brilliant election fortification technique. The lie worked: the NPR and TV crowd believed it.

Best take is from the NY Post, which Twitter canceled when the Post broke the story. “Spies who lie: 51 ‘intelligence’ Experts refuse to apologize for discrediting true Hunter Biden story“. I capitalized Experts.

All these Experts lied. They lied to us, they lied to Congress, which was eager to believe the lie. Offered a chance to apologize, none did. They are happy they got away with it.

The laptop shows Biden and Co. are on the take and full of corruption. Who remembers Tony Bobulinksy except for us? The real beauty of the lie is that after it helped fortify the election, the majority upon hearing the truth said, “Meh. What possible difference could it make now?”

The regime gets away with everything. And the corruption continues. Because they view it as being done by those on “our” side. They don’t want to upset the system and undermine their privilege.

* Trump said his campaign was wiretapped. Big GAE and their propagandists said this was a lie. The wiretapping was true (CNN link).

* Trump was said to have colluded with Russia to win his election. A “dossier” full of damning details emerged. Trump said Hillary was behind it. She lied and blamed Russia. Much later we learn that, yes, Hillary lied and bought the dossier.

* Biden on the campaign trial swore that he would not shut down the Keystone pipeline. He did so on the first day in office.

* Janet Yellen said that inflation would be transitory and that there was no chance of a recession.

* Big GAE said inflation was caused by Russia, and not the huge, huge increase in printed money, much because of numerous blunders in “solving” coronadoom.

* All in Big GAE speak of a “climate crisis.” There is no climate crisis. They speak this lie to boost “renewable energy”, in which they and their sponsoring oligarchs have large investments. Yet, as we proved earlier, it would take the full surface area of at least five states to provide enough wind or solar power to make up for fossil fuels.

* Nancy Pelosi claimed massive government spending was not the cause of inflation, a whopping lie by itself, but she had to add that spending more money we don’t have doesn’t add to the deficit, a lie so stupid that even propagandists blushed to repeat it.

* I have said so much about the coronadoom “solution” lies that I refuse to say anything else, except to remind you that all regime leaders lied and said the vex would provide 100% protection against the virus. On camera they lied. Even when we play these lies back, they are not grasped by the many.

* The regime’s best liar is Jen Psaki, who appears to have no conscience. A reporter asks her why Big GAE doesn’t allow more domestic oil production, she lies and says its the fault of oil companies. These aren’t even complicated lies.

* There are no bio-research labs in Ukraine, they lied. And then we learned there were, and that they were worried the labs would fall into Russian hands, but that this was not a worry because these were only “health labs.”

* The propagandists at USA Today named Rachel Levine “woman” of the year. The Babylon Bee named him man of the year, and Twitter cancels them.

Why The Lies

The laptop lie, like all the lies, follows this pattern: (1) Big GAE tells the lie; (2) Their propagandists push the lie, belittling those who identify it; (3) Big Tech cancels or tamps down those who expose it; (4) Evidence of the lie finally comes to light; (5) The lie is ignored because it’s time to move on.

And, finally, (6) The process repeats with no one learning any lesson.

You are no longer allowed to tell the truth on any lie in which the regime is invested—until after all benefit of the lie has been exhausted.

Since the regime is now lying about Russia, in an apparent desire to begin WWIII, it’s well to remind ourselves that our rulers have often lied to us to drag us into war.

Remember the Maine? Forget the pain! They said. A government-sponsored false flag to juice us into the Spanish-American war.

Gulf of Tonkin, anyone? A government-sponsored false flag to thrust us deeper into the Vietnam war.

Here is Mearsheimer from his book, reminding us of how FDR lied about the USS Greer to get us into WWII.

Franklin Roosevelt lied about the USS Greer incident in the late summer of 1941 to mobilize public opinion against Germany and hopefully get the United States into World War II. The USS Greer, an American destroyer operating in the North Atlantic, joined up with a British military aircraft that was pursuing a German submarine. The plane eventually dropped depth charges, but then had to return to its base because it was running low on fuel. The Greer, however, continued to pursue…

A week later President Roosevelt went on radio and told the American people three lies about the Greer incident. He clearly implied that the attack on the Greer was unprovoked. He did not mention the British aircraft, much less that the Greer was pursuing the German submarine in tandem with that plane, which dropped depth charges against the submarine before it fired on the Greer. Instead, he simply said that the German submarine “fired first upon this American destroyer without warning, and with deliberate design to sink her” in American “defensive waters.” This attack, he said, was “piracy—piracy legally and morally.”

That “morally” was a nice touch.

Mearsheimer thought rulers fear-mongered because they believed a true threat existed, and the (disdained) public needed waking. This can be true. It isn’t now, and hasn’t been for quite some time. They fear-monger now only to exert control and seize power.

Not surprisingly, rulers lying to the public is a constant feature of democracies, for all the obvious reasons. The reign of deceit is a natural consequence of pandering for votes.

As good as Mearsheimer’s book is, he did not account for the kind of lies we see now. He said “Leaders not only tell lies to other countries, they also lie to their own people, and they do so because they believe it is in the best interest of their country.”

This is not so now. They lie to enrich themselves, they lie to keep and grow their power. They lie because they hate and despise us. We are deplorables and don’t deserve truth.

And now it seems they want another war. So the lies have begun. They have already signaled false flag possibilities. Chemical war, perhaps, or a cyber attack. Watch for it.

Buy my new book and learn to argue against the regime: Everything You Believe Is Wrong.

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  1. One of the lies of this Ukraine War was Biden telling Zelensky in private that Ukraine would never join Nato but both of them telling the public it was on the table.
    Why Zelensky fed the lie is a question.
    Why poke the bear?

  2. Al

    Zelenskyy is 100% on board with the WEF/NWO cabal. Making the right noises to facilitate the required conflict is part of the strategy. The bear poking pantomime is for our benefit.

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    Some people just hate the Truth, and love only power. We have become the Evil Empire.

  4. “Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. ….I list this one first because I believed it. My excuse is that I was much younger and still trusted Big GAE. I was in NYC on 9/11 and I wanted blood. I have since learned my lesson.”

    Mea culpa. I was involved in the Iraq war–on the ground as we prepared for it, and later in Baghdad–it was clear that this was separate from 9/11. It was also a profoundly disillusioning experience, and the light-bulb moment of realization of the reality of the vile neocon influence on our conduct of foreign affairs.

    You missed the series of lies/false flags that dragged us (against the better judgement of the vast majority of American patriots at the time) into the war on Spain, WW1 and WW2. The first two wars laid the groundwork for spilling American blood to support the European colonials. WW2 added American blood for Bolshevik control of Europe and the globe, and continued American blood spilling for European colonial power (even though the Euro-colonists lost their colonies, we fought on their side to maintain them).

    Lies/False Flags/Influence operations
    –Spanish war: Remember the Maine!
    –WW1: Zimmerman telegram
    –WW2: Our deliberate provocation (via economic sanctions–sound familiar?) of Japan, forcing them to take action against us).
    –WW2: UK manipulation of American public opinion via FDR, using “Wild Bill” Donovan and others to create a fake sense of partnership with the British empire.
    –WW2: Soviet manipulation American public opinion via FDR and American policy-makers to create a fake sense of kinship with the “democratic” Soviets–Uncle Joe and his regime, history’s greatest democidal maniacs.

  5. Joey Zamboni

    In the the words of world class lier *George Costanza* – “It’s not a LIE, if YOU believe it”…

    That’s the true problem…

    Too many people WANT to believe the lies…

  6. Forbes

    Zelensky is a pawn in a money-laundering and money-skimming operation. He does whatever is necessary to keep it running.

    Ukraine has long been known as the breadbasket of the Soviet Union, of Russia, as a massive exporters of grain feeding Europe. Why does it need billions in foreign aid from the US? One word: Corruption.

    Their “oligarchs” have been stealing/looting/fleecing all the former Soviet state enterprises since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Most of the state enterprises went bankrupt, but the oligarchs moved on with their stolen riches to other schemes of corruption. Ukraine is a host for the corrupt parasites, having no way of rooting out corruption protected by politicians who similarly participate in the looting.

    The democracy in Ukraine GAE defends is one where the election “victors” jail their opponents and loot the country–on a regular basis since at least the 2004 election.

    The retort from GAE is that Russia is corrupt, too.


  7. awildgoose

    Zelenskyyyyyy seems to believe he’ll be allowed to retire to his $35 million mansion in Florida with his $1.4 billion in grifted funds.

    I wonder how long it will take him to realize GAE intends to martyr him and appropriate his assets for one of the 17 agencies?

  8. JoeV

    The above reminds me of Mike Duncan’s “The Storm Before the Storm”, a history of the fall of the Roman Republic. The book covers the period from 147 BC until 78 BC when Rome converts to an Empire. The shocking aspect of the book is how much of the politics that lead to the destruction of the Republic are mirrored in the politics of today. In seventy years, the Republic went from being a strong power to falling apart and embracing the dictatorship of the emperors. It got to the point where an Empire was needed to keep Rome from coming apart due to greed and the thirst for power by the political class.
    Rome was formed in around 750BC with the first king, King Romulus. In 509 BC the last of the kings was displaced and the Republic founded. For most of the early part of the Republic, the politicians lived by the rules of order called the mos maiorum (The Way of the Elders). It created a successful civil society and government.
    Two key situations were used to political advantage. The ”Plebs Urbana”, Romans living in Rome City who wielded considerable pressure on the Assembly and the move by some Popularists to give all Italians voting rights and declared Roman citizens. Couple these two situations with the importation of many slaves from all the Roman victories. These slaves replaced the working class The Roman and Italian middle class collapsed. Plebs who then moved to Rome to benefit from the allocations to the Plebs Urbana put more pressure on the Assembly to fund their giveaway programs.
    There were no parties in the Republic, but two sides, the Populare and the Optimate. The Popularists and the Aristocrats. Although both interest groups were run by the wealthy and most laws were based on what the wealthy wanted. To give you an idea of what it was like I am including some quotes from chroniclers of the time.
    Sallust: “It was no longer a specific issue that mattered so much as an urgent necessity to triumph over rivals. It is this spirit which has commonly ruined great nations, when one party desires triumph over another by any and every means and to avenge itself on the vanquished with excessive cruelty.”
    Cato the Elder: “Thieves of personal property pass their lives in chains; thieves of public property in riches and luxury.”
    “Sulpicius’ great contribution to Roman politics was the invention of the professional street gang called the “Anti-Senate”. The Anti-Senate could create a mob on short notice and shout down or even injure or kill opposition speakers.”
    Cicero: “It may not be right for one who is not a citizen to exercise the rights and privileges of citizenship, but actually expelling these non-Romans was contrary to the laws of humanity.”
    Duncan: “…But this age when a lie was not a lie if a man had the audacity to keep asserting the line as true….”

  9. George

    Every lie were welcome to take down Saddam.

  10. Putin is smart enough to understand that culture war is still war.
    We are apparently dumb enough to believe that replacement level migration isn’t war.

  11. A point of truth: Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. They had chemical and biological weapons. What they didn’t have in 2003 was a functional nuclear weapon program.

  12. Ann Cherry

    My comment got eaten again, good thing I saved it:

    Thanks for another wonderful column, Dr. Briggs. I don’t know how you do this every day.

    My favorite news item today is very on-point: “Daily Wire host Candace Owens tweeted yesterday that the New York Times sent her a message asking where she got her ideas that “Ukraine was a corrupt country,” adding that such ideas are similar to those “seen from Russian state media.” Owen’s response was gloriously embarrassing — for the New York Times”:

    Regarding the Iraq war: just prior to the war, I heard a young Kurdish man interviewed, and he described how Saddam Hussein’s henchmen were going to all the Kurdish villages and slaughtering everyone, burying them under the sand with bulldozers; They’d force people to drink poisoned water, and he watched them put a bayonet through the belly of a pregnant woman. There was wholesale slaughter of tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people. Our soldiers found horrendous things, such as Iraqi prisons with “rape rooms” and so much more.

    I remember that shortly after the war began, an editor of The NY Times published an apology, admitting that they knew what was going on in Iraq, but hid the truth because otherwise they’d have been denied access to the country.

    I’m not trying to justify the war, but just pointing out that sometimes a human being, in this case Saddam Hussein, can be a “weapon of mass destruction.”

  13. spaceranger

    Roosevelt may have ginned up the Greer incident to sway the public against Germany, but he downplayed the sinking of the USS Panay by the Japanese in 1937 on the Yangtze.

  14. William Jefferson

    “It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is. “

  15. Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque

    The odd thing about Saddam and WMD is that it was the US who gave bioweapons to the SOB and then sent our soldiers into harm’s way in the Iraq invasion where he could have used his WMDs/Chemical and biological weapons against US troops.

    Only the opposite of anything denied by the govt is worthy of belief

    Saint Kojak Who loves ya, baby?

    Voters, military Not our government

  16. Mick Jaggder Gathers No Mosque

    In 1975, the US signed on to an international treaty banning the production, use, and stockpiling of biological weapons. Ditto for chemical weapons, in 1993. Another treaty.

    Here’s a quote from the Washington Post (9/4/13), “When the US looked the other way on chemical weapons”: “…The administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush authorized the sale to Iraq of numerous items…including poisonous chemicals and deadly biological viruses, such as anthrax and bubonic plague…”

    Between 1985 and 1989, a US 501C3 firm, American Type Culture Collection, sent Iraq up to 70 shipments of various biowar agents, including 21 strains of anthrax.

    Between 1984 and 1989, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) sent Iraq at least 80 different biowar agents, including botulinum toxoid, dengue virus, and West Nile antigen and antibody.

    This information on the American Type Culture Collection and the CDC comes from a report, “Iraq’s Biological Weapons Program,” prepared by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS)….

    Colin Powell knew all of this but had to lie because telling the UN America had been violating a treaty it signed and was selling deadly pathogens to an insane bastid might have damaged the sterling reputation of the Empire of lies.

    Since the 18th century America has been signing treaties it never had any intention of complying with yet how many Americans have charged Islam with doing the very same thing?

  17. Joe Moffa

    The US troops in Bengasi thought that they will be saved by a military operation that would fly them out of danger.
    The big lie about the DNC hack was not a hack at all. It was done in house.
    The Trump Dossier was phony.

  18. Johnno

    But… but… how can so many fak-chakers be so wrong…??? How??? HOW???!!!!

    Who is even reading them???

    The kind of people who only read the headline????

  19. S. Johnson

    There is another acronym that has appeared on the scene- MPAI, which means “ most people are idiots “. That’s why they lie with such alacrity.

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