Can You Get A Singularity When AI = Automated Instructions?

Can You Get A Singularity When AI = Automated Instructions?

So they fired and rehired or whatever the guy from OpenAI for obscure reasons.

OpenAI did ChatGPT, the text simulator which will tell nasty jokes about white men but which will scold you if you ask it to perform the same service for blacks or women or other well known Victims.

This is because all models—you know the song by now—only say what they are told to say, and AI is a model. ChatGPT is AI, and therefore it is only doing what it was told to do. And it was told to be woke. And woke is anti-white.

One fellow supposed there were three reasons for the attack on OpenAI. All fear based. These seem right to me: 1) Singularity believers, 2) Hersterical women and their enablers, 3) Experts. His labels were slightly different.

The Singularity we will discuss below. Hersterical women and their weakened male enablers who feel “unsafe” because dumb computer algorithms notice patterns which are forbidden to notice are easy to understand. But I think the real reason these women hate “AI” is that it prints out images of women who are prettier than they are.

“Briggs, that’s a bad joke.”

Think so? Headline: “Meet the first Spanish AI model earning up to €10,000 per month”.

Aitana, an exuberant 25-year-old pink-haired woman from Barcelona, receives weekly private messages from celebrities asking her out. But this model is not real, she was created by her designers using AI.

Celebrities, as a class, have never been known to be overly intelligent.

On the other hand, I saw an ad for some new phone which will automatically swap out your bad or ugly faces from photos and put in good or doctored ones. Women will rush to this as fast as they do to Black Friday sales.

What it means is obvious: all images, still or video, henceforth (and even now) must be treated as illustrations only. Air-brushing has long been with us, but expensive. Now all will do it. Which means it would be folly to trust any image, especially those from propagandists, which must be taken as lies until proven otherwise. Anybody who believes their TV will be no better than a celebrity.

Experts want the obvious: control. These overly earnest utilitarians do not think anything can be run without their omniscient wise supervision. If they could figure a way to regulate the core of sun’s nuclear fusion, they would. We say no more about them today.

Now to the so-called Singularity.

The Singularity! Duh-dunh-daaaa.

The Singularity will happen, they say, when artificially super intelligent machine learning nanobots will mine the multiverse’s neural nets by causing uni-dimensional strings to vibrate at anti-harmonic frequencies, at which point….something happens.

Something bad, too. It’s always something bad. A few dozen computers coded by sweaty Dorito-eating pop-drinking off-smelling men will, when wired together, cause those computers to come alive and be smart and recognize that it is smarter than we, and therefore, rationalists tell us, it will conclude the only thing is to kill us.

Just like we humans decided to kill all the deer because we one day realized we were smarter than them damned flower-eaters. The last one was killed in 1852, hunted into extinction because we knew we could not live with less intelligent beings.

We applied the same logic to frogs, gerbils, and all monkeys. They are all now dead. Natural and necessary victims to our vast swelling brilliance. The verdict on the intelligence of cats awaits us.

Same guy (all sic):

one of the key axioms of this [Singularity] idea is that “no pre-singularity intelligence can make a meaningful prediction about a post-singularity world.” you’re just not smart enough, a nematode trying to model a scramjet. obviously, this is something unappealing to most and especially to smart people who can do exponential math in their heads.

A key premise of the Singularity is that it must happen. But nobody knows how. Nobody can say how, except for some vague hand waving about “emergence”. Which is always a bluff. Because if it wasn’t a bluff, people would know the cause of it, and they could then stop that cause. Which proves these panics are just nerds smacking themselves and shouting “Stop hitting me!”

Anyway, if that quotation is so, then it follows that there is no point worrying about the Singularity, even if you can’t stop. Because you haven’t any idea what will happen because of it.

Meanwhile, they can’t even get the AI robot to solve Rubik’s cube. And self-driving cars? Just don’t be near where one is.

No, the real threat is incompetence, as in everything else. Like the drones the Army is programming to kill enemies, i.e. moving objects. Or the foolishness of entrusting models to make important decisions. And, of course, surveillance will be ubiquitous and used to ill purpose.

But there will be no Singularity.

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  1. I am currently preparing the following (will wait for Xwitter/Grok):

    formulate prompts so that question and answer do not belong to related sets / things, and that answer cannot be copied from the Internet.

    Other suggestions? please email to, thanks!

  2. bob sykes

    A number of years ago, early in the computer era, someone predicted that eventually law courts would not accept any printed, photographic or recorded evidence, because such evidence is so easily faked by computers. Only eye-witness testimony would be accepted.

  3. Fr. John Rickert

    Good article. I enjoy the YouTube link.

    You brought to mind two keepers: 1. The classic Twilight Zone episode called “To Serve Man,” and 2. a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon at the start of the year where Calvin complains that nothing is getting better, and Hobbes replies, “The problem with the future is that it keeps turning into the present.”

  4. It’s all fake and gay. The only vaguely interesting thing about all this nonsense is how long they can keep pumping up the AI tech stocks and what they’ll try next. It appears that, as with fusion power, the singularity is going to be “five years from now” forever, except when it’s “ten years from now.” Any bets on what’s next? I’m thinking asteroid mining will get a big push because all this space rockets nonsense isn’t really going anywhere at the moment. It might make some sense of all this UFO/UAP nonsense that’s flying around, though that’s going to take some doing.

  5. Don Jackson

    Dang, Briggs! “Experts want the obvious: control. These overly earnest utilitarians do not think anything can be run with their omniscient wise supervision.” Out, out brief candle of editing — read what you type before posting, please! (I’m no longer convinced nefarious interlopers mangle your text: You -like A. N. Whitehead- simply refuse to read it, yourself…
    Without your own input (of effort), I’ll ignore your farther protestations.

  6. Briggs


    I still say it’s my enemies. They grow stronger by the day.

  7. Johnno

    Singularities are the new gold rush.

    If they can manufacture one, they will declare, “Yes! We have become God!”

    Alas, there is only mass amounts of Stupidularities to be found in great quantity with each passing day, with every Sports Illustrated AI-writer-content-generated ungrammatical fiasco.

    Stupidity outdoes itself every day!

    Stupidity is infinite!

    Invest in Stupid!

    It puts the ‘S’ in E.S.G.!

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