Hate Is Good: Laws Which Ban “Hate” Speech Are Bad: Ireland’s New “Hate” Laws Are Tyrannical

Hate Is Good: Laws Which Ban “Hate” Speech Are Bad: Ireland’s New “Hate” Laws Are Tyrannical

So the sodomy enjoying non-Irish leader of the Irish, who famously declared there were too many whites in Ireland’s government, his very words, now “says new hate speech laws” will be implemented (link).

This was in reaction to an immigrant who stabbed some children and a woman. Rather, it was in reaction to the Irish rising up after the violent attack and saying “Enough!” Among other things, the Irish burned down the Immigration Center, which is a nice touch.

Before we get to the meat, here is the New York Times describing the background of the Irish Rising, which is a piece of propaganda more masterful than you are likely to see ever again.

An adult woman in her 30s and a 5-year-old girl sustained serious wounds in the attack, in which a knife was used, the police said, while a 5-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl were being treated for less serious injuries.

In which a knife was used. The writer will go straight to Hell for that one.

Anyway, here’s what the non-Irish person who runs Ireland wants.

Varadkar announced that the government would pass two significant pieces of legislation in the coming weeks. One would grant police the authority to use facial recognition technology to identify individuals involved in the Thursday night riots as captured by surveillance cameras on various vehicles and shops. The other would provide law enforcement with new tools to prosecute individuals promoting hate speech online.

“It’s clear to anyone who may have doubted it that our current laws addressing incitement to hatred are inadequate for the social media era,” Varadkar remarked.

What is clear is that he is a raving effeminate who hates the people over which he rules. The laws he spoke of encode the hissy nature of his attitude. Here they are:

7. Offence of incitement to violence or hatred against persons on account of their protected

8. Offence of condonation, denial or gross trivialisation of genocide, etc., against persons
on account of their protected characteristics

9. Provisions relating to offences under sections 7 and 8

10. Offence of preparing or possessing material likely to incite violence or hatred against
persons on account of their protected characteristics

11. Protection of freedom of expression

You have to love the last one, which is a complete negation of the laws which come before. This is Irish rulers grabbing your fist, smacking you with it, while saying “Stop hitting yourself.”

You also have to admire they not only outlaw denying some historical events, but also their “trivialisation”, which proves a certain fund-raising entity has a branch office in Ireland. The law is a piece of hersterical effeminacy, because while denial is more or less easy to define, “trivialisation” is not. It depends on the shifting mood of the accuser. Which implies only gross adulation of favored events is welcome.

Which reminds me. We need laws to prosecute haters who deny this most important historical event.

Even being suspected of a “hate” crime will now be illegal. And if you do not cooperate with authorities who seek to replace you, they will jail you for non-cooperation. Yes.

People who are merely suspected of hate must surrender “any password necessary to operate it and any encryption key or code necessary to unencrypt the information accessible by the computer” or any device on which the “hate” is suspected to be. If they do not cooperate, they get “A fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or both.”

Hate is good. Do not be cowed into saying you should not hate what you should hate. Hate that which is evil, we are commanded. Speak out against evil. The Irish should hate the infinity immigration their ersatz rulers are imposing on them, and they should speak out against it.

Attempts to ban hate are the result of toxic femininity, which brought us the Cult of Safety First!, and greedy cosmopolitan rulers and Experts, who cannot bear criticism. For they know they are liars and hate—there’s that word again—having their lies exposed.

Western rulers are everywhere opening borders and welcoming clients who will vote for them, because native populations no longer will. Mass immigration is the only way they can continue to hold power. It is extremely short-sighted maneuver, to be sure, because mass immigration corrupts the lands over which they rule. But you must remember, rulers love only themselves, and hate—again that word—the people over which they rule. People who “cling to their Bibles” etc.

Because all this is obvious, the only ploy left for decadent rulers, who only want to steal as much as humanly possible before their time is up, is to make it a crime to criticize them by proxy, which is why it becomes a crime to speak out against immigrants themselves.

Rulers will condone “mostly peaceful” hate-filled riots which advance their own goals, but will make it a crime to attend a rally at which hatred of them is present. All while pretending their only goal is love and peace.

Our rulers are evil.

Late Addendum “Ireland’s Green Party Senator O’Reilly: “‘We are restricting freedom for the common good.'” Yes, female.

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  1. McChuck

    The Irish government has elected to import a new populace. They’re just more open and honest about it than ours is.

  2. Hagfish Bagpipe

    “Our rulers are evil.”

    People get the rulers they deserve.

  3. “Hate is good” is a very strange and offensive title that does not make sense, even though the article itself makes sense.

    Hatred of evil is good would also be a questionable conclusion, because there are large differences of opinions on who is evil.

    Among Democrats, Trump is considered to be evil, along with Trump voters.

    Some Democrats and Republicans think Israelis are evil. Some think the attack on Israel was a genocide. Others think Israel fighting back is genocide.

    Some people think the US attack on Iraq in 2003 was a genocide (I do), while most Americans disagree.

    Hate is never good. Hate is a strong emotion that prevents clear thinking and rational decisions.

    Fighting evil is good, if evil is judged by deeds rather than just words and thoughts.

    Laws to “prevent” hate speech are even worse than hate itself, because the leaders in charge of the laws will eventually define hate speech as anyone who disagrees with them. As fascists, Communists, leftists and other scoundrels already do.

  4. JohnM

    Can a government make a new law, and then back date its implementation?

    If the speed limit is 60mph on a certain road, then the government (National or Local) change it to 50mph. Can the Police examine the speeding records and send a summons to everyone who was driving at the perfectly legal speed of 51 to 60 mph ?

    Or, in this case, can the Police troll back to the CCTV pictures of the night in question to bring to justice under the new law that was passed several weeks after the CCTV images were taken?

    If so, we are in a crazy world and I want to get off.

  5. Milton Hathaway

    Given that humans have to learn everything the hard way, and that the lessons thus learned are soon forgotten and require painful repetition, and that half the population has below-average IQ, one can say that stupid laws are good, as long as they happen elsewhere.

    To the people of Ireland who elected a clown-car government, I sincerely say “Thank you for your service, hopefully your pain is my gain”.

  6. Pucillus Grex

    It is St Paul who encourages us to hate evil. He wouldn’t have to if some evils were not attractive

  7. Cary D Cotterman

    Richard Greene: Yes, some people think this, and some people think that. What’s important is that they cannot all be right. Some of them are wrong. All opinions are not equal.

  8. The governments of the West know they are illegitimate but in this day and age it’s not a problem for them they can simply import an electorate beholden to them. International treaties and obligations take care of any attempts at opposition. This is the end game for what are about to be formerly White countries. The alternatives are White Nationalism and ethnic cleansing of migrants or the continued ethnic cleansing of Whites. In England the most common boy’s name is a variant of Muhammed. As far as I understand what’s happening ethnic cleansing of Whites looks to be the most likely outcome. I don’t see any substantive resistance, all the “populist” figures in politics are plainly Zionists or simply examples of outright gaslighting and none of the will touch White Nationalism with a barge pole in any case. The Great Reset and Build Back Better doesn’t include White people it seems.

  9. Gunther Heinz

    A rat that blames the cheese. That’s a lefty.

  10. Johnno

    Richard, since you are a child-slaughtering atheist, little wonder then that the fact that people can properly and perfectly HATE what is evil, immoral, corrupt, and false; while simultaneously having complete harmonic alignment between objective Truth, the moral law, rational thought, free will, obligatory duty, prudential judgement and human emotion; somehow eludes you.

    When one’s emotions are aligned with what one is morally obligated to do, that is a good and neccessary thing. Not to be confused with your cowardice, disguised as “rationality.” But, cowardice on the part of atheists makes sense for selfish self-preservation. After all, there is no incentive to end one’s existence, but likewise, atheists complaining or drawing moral distinctions about what is rational or just is all likewise emotional randomized neuron-firing gibberish. Only might makes right, and hate, once again still makes survivally-motivated sense. “Peace” is merely a crying tactic of the unfit and vulnerable, just like the unborn you see as disposable for your personal advantage. What is the difference between knifing them and you to the powerful? Aside from the fact that you at least can usefully prostitute your labour to the regime and peversely LOVE them?

  11. Johnboy

    You hide behind a moniker AND START YOR COMMENT WITH:\\

    “Richard, since you are a child-slaughtering atheist

    After which I stopped reading since you immediately identified yourself an angry imbecile.

  12. Johnno

    Awww… come, come now Richard… I thought you were above getting all “emotional.”

    Where’s all that rationality of yours?

    Did you – hate – what I said?

    Please point out – what parts about my starting comment describing you was untrue? I know you at least read that part…

    Did the words hurt, Richard?

    Would you like a hurt-crime law to protect you like our politicians do?

  13. Johnno

    Also, given you said, “You hide behind a moniker,” implies that you at least read up to the part where I called your actions, cowardice.

    Therefore, I’m feeling confident that you still read everything I wrote, in the hopes of looking for something to undermine.

    Am I angry?

    Yes. It is logical and good, that I should be exercise anger.

    But an imbecile?

    Sire, that is but your emotional retort; not a response demonstrating clear thinking and rational decision-making.

    If the war on Iraq was genocide, then what is the abortion industry?

    And evil CAN be judged based upon words and thoughts. We just tend not to civilly punish words and thoughts… or at least we did, up until HATE and MEME-crime laws!

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