Why Things Slightly Improving Makes Things Worse

Why Things Slightly Improving Makes Things Worse

Here is the patented Briggs Path of Decadence Curve.

The pattern is obvious. An overall gradual decline, interspersed with fairly regular upward swings of sanity. But with the same inevitable result of some kind of cataclysm or leftist singularity, the only kind of singularity we should worry about. After which comes the Great Reset.

Why this is so is even obvious, after a bit of thought.

The left has no authority which makes and maintains dogma, as does the Right. There is no agency or Church or authority that insists “Be this woke and no woker.” There is nobody who can declare “Cannibalistic children trannies are far enough.” There will always be somehow who can insist it is not enough and that the flesh that is consumed must first be sodomized. Only bigots deny this.

Tell a leftist that to be consistent and “unbiased” he has to accept the latest New Absurd Thing, and he will support it, even if reluctantly. But not always with enthusiasm or with alacrity. Even leftists tire of the slide into oblivion and from time to time will pause to catch their wind.

When you marry these pauses with a trait of those on the Right to avoid confrontation if at all possible, you get the little upward blips.

Most of those on the right allow a grudging acceptance of change up to a certain point, to avoid confrontation. Until sufficient pressure builds and there comes rejection of the One Thing Too Many Too Fast. Like the stabbings in Ireland. Too much wanton all-humans-are-interchangeable immigration too fast.

Conservatives are just that: conservative. Not prone to action, liable to allow things to remain as they are, to conserve the peace, or what passes for it. But, as someone is fond of telling me, you can only be forced to eat crap for so long at which point a violent, or at least aggressive, counterreaction occurs. Like the demonstration against stabbings in Ireland.

This can cause an even greater pause in the left. Not always, of course, but sometimes. Especially when they are caught in obvious absurdities which force them into outrageous lies that even they blush to tell.

So the Right has a few victories from time to time. Even the Left cannot win them all.

Problem is, once those of a conservative nature do score a few points, they are too apt to return to grilling and sports. They are too ready to believe their victories are deep and permanent. Because that’s what Reality is: unmovable and permanent. And conservatives seek Reality. Whereas the Left, of course, seeks release from the many burdensome restrictions which Reality insists upon.

When conservatives win a round they stop fighting and rest. The figure the ripple they have created is a tide which will build and sweep all before it. A little piece of Reality has been restored, which is obvious to them, and which they believe is now just as obvious to the losers on the Left. Which it isn’t.

Because hard core leftist anti-Realities seethe over their loses. They want revenge, always. The relative quiet from the Right allows the Left to regain their strength and move to even greater insanities. And then down we go again.

Until The End.

Which is why slight improvements cause things to grow—or perhaps shrivel is superior—worse.

The Left Singularity is the point at which blood usually flows. Think the French Terror. Think Spain’s civil war. Think the end of WWI in Russia. There are endless examples throughout history.

Will 2024 be such a time? Many say so. Or maybe it only brings us one bump closer, as I think is most likely. Recall our prediction of Gruesome Newsom and the Last Presidency. (Now I come to think on it, that is a great title. I only think of good titles far, far too late.)

There are always circumstances that change the shape and timing of the Leftist singularity, which hardens or softens it. But nobody has ever figured out a way to remove the possibility.

Solution? There isn’t one. We live and we wait for it.

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  1. Add to this the fact Fed is running an operational loss – the cause of hyperinflation – and you understand the things are going to get much worse soon.

    > Problem is, once those of a conservative nature do score a few points, they are too apt to return to grilling and sports.
    > When conservatives win a round they stop fighting and rest.

    This needs pondering. Too many people just want to wait this out. But it doesn’t work that way. We know because Ukrainians tried to wait out their globalist troubles and it didn’t work out. Here’s a writing of Dmitry Fillipov, an award-winning Russian writer who volunteered to fight in the SMO and was/is part of the assault on Avdeevka. Ponder it.



    There was a thick fog from the very morning and all day. At 50 meters you can no longer see anything. The weather gave us all a break. There was a calm in our area, so unusual that it was a little annoying.

    For two weeks in a row, even going to the toilet was an adventure, but then you go out into the street – and there is silence… Only in the north did heavy art continue to work somewhere in the Koksokhim area.

    Today was time to think about everything that was happening. Objectively, the situation is such that from the north the railway is in a gray zone. Delivery of BC through it is impossible. The road through Lastochkino is under our fire control.

    I think we’ll get them. It is already clear to everyone that we will not stop. This is clear to us. This is clear to the enemy. They still have enough strength, the battle will be difficult, but deep down the crests already know that they will lose Avdeevka. And we know that they will not give up, they will not leave on their own. Therefore, we will encircle them and kill everyone who resists. And they will kill us as much as they can. This is how this war goes.

    Do I feel sorry for them? No. They killed and injured my friends, they want to kill me every day. I don’t feel sorry for them. Although, for the most part, the people who stand against us are not rabid Nazis, but ordinary Hataskrayniks who were forcibly driven to slaughter.

    But if you look at everything in its entirety, it was they who brought Ukraine to its current state. That same silent majority who don’t care about Bandera, or the Russians, or the USA – as long as their farm, kindergarten, pigs are not touched, as long as they don’t run out of vodka and lard, and at least the grass doesn’t grow.

    They didn’t care about the Maidan, about the shelling of Donetsk and Lugansk, about the genocide of the Russian population, about the murders of children, women and the elderly, about Azov’s torture, about language bans, about the split in faith… And then it turned out that they couldn’t sit it out that you have to take a machine gun and die for the interests and goals of NATO.

    And then they hated us, with a fierce, terrible hatred. Because their little farmstead world collapsed. Because this war reminds them every day of their cowardice, weakness and silence. And in their anger they blame us for everything, because they are afraid to look in the mirror and ask themselves uncomfortable questions.

    And we, of course, will win. We know that. And they know it. And this makes them hate us even more.

    My call sign is Leader!

    Victory will be ours!

    PS. Frequency 149.200, call Volga, you will stay alive. Otherwise, we will come and kill everyone who holds weapons in their hands.

  2. I just found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDyQxtg0V2w It’s over. War is coming. The Oppenhaimer movie normalized nuclear weapons, now they’re normalizing civil war in USA. Get out while you still can…. or prepare to fight. No third option. Godspeed!

  3. William Wallace

    Your graph is inaccurate. The improvements need to be fewer and farther apart. Also, they are often a mere leveling off of the great deterioration, which gives only the appearance of improvement.

  4. Leo

    Hudbwu @9:26 Maybe that’s propaganda, with a message that if you don’t support the “current thing” your only choice is some sort of violence. That’s a losing proposition. Don’t take the bait.

  5. Incitadus

    “Solution? There isn’t one. We live and we wait for it.”….eating
    crickets is entirely consonant with this sentiment or the next
    misadventure overseas.

  6. Tim Owens

    We, The Conservatives, have all these MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of guns…and we’re NOT using them to reclaim our freedom from the leftist “preordained” slide into destructive oblivion…taking ALL of us with them??? Maybe giving up our guns, since we’re too chickens*t to use them to fight tyranny, won’t be that bad! WINK!

  7. JerryR

    You cannot cure a disease if one is unaware of the disease. We see symptoms of something everywhere, and the reaction is to treat the symptoms. But that does not cure the patient.

    We are all well aware of the symptoms and the thought is to make the symptoms go away. But another form of these symptoms will pop up someplace else, and it will be worse since the disease is still operating. We ignore the disease mainly because no one, including Buriggs, understands how it works.

    To understand what is going on, let’s take the obverse of this analogy, What changed 400 years ago to lead to the modern world. Everyone will agree that it was going nowhere fast. Yes, there were minor gains but the world was mainly full of slaves and serfs and little economic advance was happening.

    Then in one small part of the world this began to change. What was the change? It was freedom for the average person in this one small place. So an underlying disease was not happening anew. What was happening was an underlying cause of health appeared for the first time. Just the opposite of an underlying disease. Prosperity began slowly but started to grow and boomed in late 18th century and early 19th century England and their New World colonies.

    The source of the underlying health was freedom for the average person and a philosophy called Christianity that moderated this freedom so everyone could practice it as some became extremely powerful from their new freedom and restricted others.

    That leads us to the modern world and forces are trying to destroy this underlying source of health and strength. Freedom is being attacked everywhere in the name of safety and Christianity is waning. We all know that the attack on freedom is bogus as those with the most power want more power and freedom stands in their way.

    So show all the charts/curves you want. But look for the underlying conditions of both disease and success to explain what has/is happening.

  8. Tim Owens

    True, now the hyper-greedy elites want to assure their power preeminence by destroying the “eater’s” prosperity. Though, they’re not safe as the French Revolution proved.

  9. Cary D Cotterman

    With intensive leftist grooming from kindergarten through graduate school, there is no hope for a return to the sane world, ever.

  10. “Cthulu may swim slowly. But he only swims left.” — Curtis “Mencius Moldbug” Yarvin

  11. Whitney

    I have a 60 yo friend,retired gynecologist who is completely horrified at the transgender issue but at the same time can’t see that there is a straight line from tolerating homosexuality to mutilating children. It comes up between us every now and then and the last time she said “I just think it should stop here with gay men having rights to marry” and I said you want to stop the avalanche mid mountain, it’s not happening, it’s going all the way to the bottom. But she won’t see it. Shockingly, her best friend’s a gay man.

  12. Johnno

    BRIGGS, YOU FOOL! There are some certain goons who imagine that if only the Republican’ts cave on a little abortion, and a little more sodomy, and a slight helping of trans-something, and an electric car subsidy, and sprinkle incense to DIE DIE DIE, and throw more money at Kiev and Tel Aviv, then EVERYTHING will move away from the singularity! Because more people will VOTE for the Republican’ts! More Women! More Undecidedededs! Even More Illegals! And we can have all this if only we cease insisting that children in the womb should live at 1-2 months, but instead we are turning away VOTERS!!! They VOTE Briggs!!! And they need to VOTE for Us! The Compromisers of Today, Tomorrow, and Forever!!!

  13. Zorost

    Find those of like mind. Organize, get local influence including political power. Individuals, even whole families, are not going to survive what is coming. Only a core of people willing to fend off federal overreach in a region.

    If we win, remember that Leftists never quit, they just regroup and start subverting until they get back in power. The only solution to the Leftist problem is a final solution.


    This. All political contests are local. Here in the Gem State, The Forces of Darkness are hard at work trying to destroy our electoral system with open primaries. The RINO empty suits are aiding and abetting this treason. It goes hand-in-hand with the facts presented in Brandon Smith’s recent article on 4th Generation Warfare(sic)-Propaganda.
    Here in Winterfell (North ID), the local chairman of the Dead Elephant Party Central Committee published an article in The Daily Fish Wrap about operatives within the national Marxist-Infanticide Party calling for The Orange Man’s assassination. There was an immediate pushback by the local Marxist-Infanticide Party apparatchiks replete with denials and handwringing about “vigilante attacks.”
    We are fortunate here in Kootenai County. We have a Sheriff who believes in the BOR, especially the Second Amendment. Our legislators up here will be going to Boise in January to fight the good fight for political and economic liberty. Since there is plenty of gasoline and goodies still available, the Sheeple, Normies, and Cucks are not that motivated. The economic situation will have to go full Weimar, I’m afraid. Stay vigilant. Bleib ubrig.

  15. Hagfish Bagpipe

    You really got the doombats jazzed with this one, Sarge. I’m going long on doom futures. Doom is gonna make me rich. Nothing gets the marks buying like a good dose of doom. Everyone loves doom. Doom fries with doomburgers and doom drank. Doommobiles, doomjets, and doomcopters. Doom suits, doom hats, and doom shoes. Doom bombs, doom pox, and doom ticks. Doom bucks, doom clicks, and doom ducks. Doom puke, doom snot, and doom poop. Doom! Doom! Doom! The future is bright with so much doom in sight! The excitement, the passion, the romance of Doom! Doom berries, doom balls, and doomsicles! Doom fudge! Doomcream! Doomcum! I’m lovin’ it, man, life has never been so good. It doesn’t get any better than this. I love the smell of doom farts in the morning. Doom to the moon!

  16. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Slightly off topic from doom, but I’ve been reading a book of Injun history recommended on this site
    by T. R. Fehrenbach”, and it’s one of the best history books I’ve read. A fine writer, in terse, clear, and compact prose. He knows his subject thoroughly and paints a big canvas with fine detail and stunning panoramas. You learn about Comanches — and what a people! — but also about the Spanish and their empire in Mexico, the history of Texas, the westward wave of anglo settlement, and the elemental, tragic human struggle between fundamentally incompatible peoples. Top drawer doom. Recommend Wagner while reading. Bottle of absinthe. Doom tobacco. Have at it, men.

  17. Hagfish Bagpipe


    “…mainly because no one, including Buriggs, understands how it works.”

    I’ve been trying to explain this Buriggs forever, but does he listen to me? Not on your life. Maybe if he hears it from you it will make a dent in his cement cortex.

  18. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Te Kanawa singing the “Four Last Songs”. Pure gloomy Sunday December doom.

  19. It should be clear at this point that whatever else you imagine can be done voting isn’t going to provide any kinds of solutions. The globalists are going to get their population reduction done by hook or by crook. Wouldn’t be surprising if Americans helped them out by killing each other wholesale.

  20. Hagfish Bagpipe

    It’s Doom’s Golden Age!

  21. Phileas_Frogg

    Leftists singularities have been successfully halted only a handful of times throughout history, but all successful attempts have some important traits in common.

    – They always precede the marginalization of the Right. Once the right is purged, it’s too late.
    – They always require a dictator. Eventually.
    – They always require violence. To some extent.
    – They always require participation by active military personnel, or veterans.

    Franco in Spain, Pinochet in Chile, the Freikorps in Germany, the government of Syngman Rhee, etc.

    In each instance, the resulting massacres and atrocities often paled in numbers compared to instances of Leftist successes, but that’s a hard sell, and ultimately non-falsifiable in the particulars. There’s just no good way out of it.

    Let’s be sure to instill in future generations that the need to protect our psychic defenses are as dire as that to preserve our physical defenses. In fact, it’s more dire.

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