Our Next — And Last — President, Gavin “Gruesome” Newsom

Our Next — And Last — President, Gavin “Gruesome” Newsom


Donald Trump Followers Targeted by FBI as 2024 Election Nears

The federal government believes that the threat of violence and major civil disturbances around the 2024 U.S. presidential election is so great that it has quietly created a new category of extremists that it seeks to track and counter: Donald Trump’s army of MAGA followers.

The challenge for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the primary federal agency charged with law enforcement, is to pursue and prevent what it calls domestic terrorism without direct reference to political parties or affiliations—even though the vast majority of its current “anti-government” investigations are of Trump supporters, according to classified data obtained by Newsweek.

I am suggesting, but not insisting nor predicting with certainty, that our next President will be Gavin “Gruesome” Newsom. And that because of the way he will be installed, he will be our last President. Even though the title for our dear leader afterwards might be “President”, the traditional office as we have known it will be dead.

Further, I suggest Gruesome Newsom will turn tyrant.

Again, I do not say any of this is certain. It is, however, a path that is not impossible. I welcome all your own predictions.

Gruesome Newsom will be installed by the Regime for two reasons: Biden is only a few breaths short of the grave (and even our worst enemies do not want Kamala), and Newsom’s handlers believe Newsom is both competent and will obey, in much the same way Biden has.

Yet Gruesome Newsom’s handlers, chiefly Obama and various oligarchs, do not know their man. Gruesome Newsom is far too ambitious. He is lying to his handlers about his pliable nature. And they believe the lies.

Trump? What about him?

There’s some chance he’ll be in jail. A larger chance Republicans bump him from the ticket—and so replace him with Nikki “First Woman President!” Haley. And not an insignificant chance that we read the headline “Trump Found Dead: Heart Attack Suspected”, or one very like it.

Trump could run, even from jail, but he’d be up against both Gruesome Newsom and likely RFK, Jr, who himself the other day in bruiting his run as an independent admitted he’d pull more votes from Trump than from whoever the Dems run.

The quietest solution, one heeding the old mafia admonition that blood is expensive, is that if the lawfare doesn’t quash Trump, they let him run unmolested, while quietly boosting RFK Jr. to steal Trump’s votes. Propagandists can be relied on here, even without having to ask them.

If Trump shows any signs he could win, that headline becomes a greater and greater possibility. And so does fortification of the vote.

Fortifying an election is not as difficult as you think. For one, it does not need to be done everywhere. There is no point fortifying in California, for instance, or New York, or a dozen other woke states. The machines in major cities like Chicago, New York, LA, and Philadelphia will certainly cheat, because they do not know how not to cheat. Cheating just is elections in these areas. (People always manage to dismiss this routine cheating, thinking it won’t happen this time.)

There’s also no need to fortify most areas in states that are geographically almost all pro-Trump, like Michigan. All they have to do is fortify Detroit, Lansing, and Ann Arbor, as happened last time, and they could find any number of votes they need to beat the rest of the state.

But if for whatever reason Trump comes on like a juggernaught, then they only have two options left to them. The third option “Allow Trump to win or serve” is no option. The Regime will not allow it; not the serve part.

Option One: They have to cheat so openly and so hugely that even propagandists can’t hide it, though they’ll surely dismiss it—even when their favored Victims are caught red-handed they claim innocence for them. This would lead to massive disquiet, and a recognition by the majority that it is over.

It wouldn’t necessarily be permanent, this sentiment, because rulers and propagandists would gaslight relentlessly. Judges and attorneys would be encouraged to go after all dissidents. Things would quiet down as they did after Jan 6, but much more slowly, and never to the relative peace we have now (such as it is). There is some danger for the Regime this way.

Option Two: That headline becomes a certainty, though they might not implement it before Trump takes office. If Trump dies any time before 20 January 2025, even if it is entirely and innocently from natural causes, nobody will believe it. Even if his death is celebrated by many, those celebrants will also not believe it was natural. It will Epstein-hanged-himself magnified. Yet this is very bad news for the Regime, especially for those in the know, for it signals Every Man For Himself.

That’s when elite starts fighting elite. That’s when it really gets interesting.

But, as I said, I think the most likely of all these scenarios is for them to ask Biden to retire. They tell him “Announce you’re retiring and no charges will be brought.” He goes peacefully, to great adulation by propagandists. Perhaps he’ll use his health as an excuse.

Newsom, who earlier said Kamala is Biden’s “natural replacement”, “reluctantly” allows himself to be drafted. The left works its magic against Trump with RFK, it fortifies where it has to, and Gruesome Newsom is sworn in.

What about Newsom-as-tyrant? It’s no more than an intuition. In California, he has banned everything he could, and promoted every woke cause—except latterly, when he knew he had to make himself look better for his installation. So he is not an ideologue. But he is greedy for power, and not stupid.

It’s obvious enough his ambition is limitless. He won’t be satisfied by being ordered around, à la Biden. It sounds premature to use a certain word, but I believe he will turn evil. Even if he himself does not plan to.

What shape will the new office called President take? I do not know. I may be wrong, but something is coming. The FBI says so. Get ready for it—in case I am right.

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  1. JerryR

    It’s not over because they will cheat. It’s over because they do not see anything wrong with cheating.

    There is no internal moral compass. That has been gone for several decades. And they celebrate this lack of restraint by a moral compass as being enlightened.

    The irony is that as they celebrate this enlightened world they all fall into step and do what they are told.

    Newsom will do as he is told just as Biden has done.

  2. I pray that you’re wrong, Mr. Briggs, but I fear that you’re right. Almost all the evidence points that way.

  3. Still impatiently waiting to see if there’s any point to the 2nd Amendment.

  4. Briggs

    I hope I am, too, Francis.

  5. “It’s not over because they will cheat. It’s over because they do not see anything wrong with cheating.”

    This. So long as the cheaters knew it was wrong but did it anyway, we could survive, knowing that there would be limits. Once they sincerely believe that any means of keeping power from those who disagree with them is legitimate, then there are no limits of what they will do.

  6. JerryR

    A thesis:

    Another irony here is that those viewing the chaos don’t understand it.

    The people who want to be in charge don’t want chaos, they want power and the world to succumb to their power. Chaos is only a temporary tactic to gain their power. When they have it, the chaos will go. And they will be hailed.

    So they use academics, the media and the press and tactics such as Marxism, gender dysphoria, racism, feminism, crime, climate hysteria etc. They will subdue all as they make a “better world.” And they hope we will genuflect to them for the order they have brought. All without the shackles of Christianity and freedom.

    In the mean time they hope their opponents will be distracted fighting straw-men while the real battle goes on hardly noticed. Articles for and against climate hysteria are an example of those fighting straw-men. For example, the Pope is a tool.

    The best example in history is the French Revolution. Napoleon had to clean up the mess of Robespierre but brought an authoritarian dictatorship that was hailed by many elites as he conquered much of Europe. He brought order and a very limited Church.

    Today, they see this as a model to be emulated but with no possibility of a Britain or a Wellington. Napoleon was not part of any plan. But the process unfolded just as it is today. Get rid of the Church. Create chaos and get rid of freedom. The average person will applaud the authority that is surely to come.

    They hope it will be too late for any reaction to do anything to stop it.

  7. Incitadus

    Good thing after all those delightful Zombie moves we’re all well
    prepared for this. What? Never thought of yourself as a zombie?
    Dig out your Solzhenitsyn…Oh and after their civil war there were plenty
    of guns in peasant hands; they were the first to go if they didn’t come
    to the party. Ironically enough the same forces that planned that planned
    this. Should be called the New World Soviet.

  8. ya, so? what are you doing about it? – and. no, it’s not true there’s nothing you can do – see paul530.substack.com for a recipe any American can take up.

  9. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Interesting prognosis. Could Newsom be a Stalin? Certainly he has the ambition and cunning. But he’s a foppy, faggy, California man. Would not survive a struggle with Stalin. And the battle of the would-be Stalins won’t happen until after the pot fully boils, when the scum rises to the surface. Their playbook: create division and crisis leading to chaos and civil war/revolution where people toss their government in the trash and beg for a dictator. Then the struggle of the Stalins takes the stage.

    The hollowing-out of the presidency by some hidden power can be traced back at least to Woodrow Wilson, “Colonel” House and his “managers”, the new central bank money-power, and dragging an unwilling public into WWI. The tumor was small back then and not visible to most. The installation of perfectly hollow Joe Biden has made the cancer perfectly obvious. And yet the power pulling Biden’s strings remains cryptic. Who is it and how has it remained in the shadows? Whatever the answer, the office of president is a creature of this power and if Trump couldn’t buck it neither can gay Gruesome.

    That X video Briggs links to at the end — “something is coming” — is instructional. For all the frightful bluster of the beast it’s a coward who’ll back down before a righteous man, unafraid. I love the way that black dude stands his ground and rhetorically masters his opponents, calling them “niggers”, owning the NYPD cop, cowing the lot of them by his courage and righteous indignation. Beautiful. When you watch it, imagine that black lion is Briggs.

  10. Alan

    In full agreement with this piece, with one addendum. No matter who wins–Trump, Gruesome Newsom, Michelle Obama or Nikki “Hindu Hillary” Haley (all the wars, none of the warmth or personal charm…h/t Mark Steyn)–2024 will be the last presidential election.

  11. Incitadus:

    Thanks for pointing out the Ian Davis column. It’s great and I had not seen it before.

    here’s the comment I added to it:

    I came across this via reference in a comment on the wmbriggs.com site.

    I have three comments on your blog entry here:

    1 – it’s great: best elucidation of the “conspiracy theory” label I’ve seen. Thanks!

    2 – I see Hofstader has read and understood festinger but you have not. “Cognitive dissonance” is not directly related to holding opposing values/thoughts/ideas; it’s related to the search for confirmatory information and the refusal to see contradictory info. Remember festinger’s goal was to understand how the fascists (NAZI , Maoist, and Stalinist) got people to enthusistically kill their friends and neighbors.

    3 – the big issue with the term “conspiracy theor[ist/ies/y]” is that it’s a one brush tars all label. In reality some conspiracy theories are nuts (9/11 as Jewish conspiracy), some form a continuum from nuts to good sense (ant-Vaxxers), and some are just obviojus truths (the 2020 and 2022 US elections were stolen). Thus the “fact checker” ideal makes sense but because the approved (by Gov’t/Media) fact checkers tend to be politically motivated lazy liars and subject matter incompetents any attempt to implement the idea will fail.

  12. Cary D Cotterman

    I wish I had been born thirty years earlier so I’d have shuffled off before the shit hit the fan. My parents both died in 2005, and never even heard of Obama, let alone the even worse nightmare we’re in now. I envy them.

  13. C-Marie

    Trump will be elected due to God’s mercy upon the USA …. if needed, his VP will finish the term. America is under judgment for the sins of the nation … the sin being disobeying God our Father in the refusing of His only begotten Son Who is Jesus Christ the Lord, Saviour, and God of all.

    The times will only get worse after Trump’s second term. The only way through is and will be in and through Jesus Christ by the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit. Become Christ’s now, so as to learn God’s ways before all Hell breaks loose, which will be restrained by God our Father as is His will. Now is only now …. Eternity with God is forever …. well worth being His completely.

    God our Father loves us and He loves fathering us!! And Jesus loves us and the Holy Spirit loves us!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  14. Something is happening/coming? I heard that on Zerohedge a few days ago, but a few days before that I saw what appears to be the tell-tale sign which will, if you can read it, tell you everything you need to know. Apparently, the FED is running a deficit: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/first-time-13-years-fed-cutting-staff-it-books-100-billion-losses

    Supposedly loses money. This is a problem because the deficit of the central bank (money issuer) is a sufficient and necessary condition for hyperinflation. IF the FED trully is losing money, then hyperinflation of USD has already started. I’m not an expert on these things, so I can’t give accurate predictions, but I’d hazard a guess that by the end of 2025 there will be no more US dollar.

    All of this is contingent on the accuracy of the report on the FED’s balance sheet.

  15. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs: ”Hillary Clinton calls for Trump Supporters to be Reeducated”

    Great idea. Not that it would do any good.

    ”Even though the title for our dear leader afterwards might be “President…”

    I think the title for the Empire’s Dear Leaders should be Elvis. It’s like “Caesar”, but modern and cool. Elvis Joe Biden, Elvis Gavin Newsom, Elvis Pete Buttplug…

    General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.

  16. Hagfish Bagpipe

    “General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party.”

    See, that’s just too long. “Elvis” is better.

  17. Uncle Mike

    Tyrannis Soy Boy

  18. Uncle Mike

    Has Gruesome yet advocated for slave labor death camps, ala Hideous Hilly? Seems like all the dims are channeling Mousey Dung now. Bernie wanted to imprison 50 million. Hilly upped the bid to 85 mil. She should grow a little mustache.

  19. Uncle Mike

    The Final Solution to the Climate Crisis: yoke the peasants to plows!

  20. Mens Bellator

    And why do we think the border has been left open and the illegals, mostly consisting of healthy, fit, military-aged males are housed in hotel barracks with security? Look to what happened in Israel yesterday for your answer. They have walked across our open border and been grsatiously transported to all corners of the country. Now all is takes is arming them and setting them loose on the populace. Sure, they will likely take out both friend and foe of the diversity-loving socialists, but they don’t care. If that is timed properly there will be no election, just installment.

  21. Gunther Heinz

    The Brazilian truckers strike of 2018, was ten days that shook the world, yet the world knows nothing about it (and Brazilians have amnesia). It was an entirely spontaneous movement organized through social media that almost brought the world’s 6th largest economy to a screeching halt in just 72 hours. After that, “NEVER AGAIN!” declared our global elites. And so you have it.

  22. dzanddz

    Mens Bellator, you are spot on,” Look to what happened in Israel yesterday for your answer.”

    Biden’s 6 billion tax payer dollars to Iran, USA’s military weaponry left behind in Afghanistan for the terrorist’s pickings. Israel’s cybersecurity had to have been jammed and there had to be infiltration into IDF.

    Right here in NYC, in the good ol’ US of A there’s support for Hamas within the Muslim masses, as the USS Gerald R Ford is heading to Israel with our soldiers and a deck of warplanes and cruisers !!

    The national security tests in both the USA and Russia last week…
    Russia using wheat as their “SILENT WEAPON”.
    Look at all the ILLEGAL able bodied “military men” pouring through our boarders, along with a few token women and children.
    This is all strategically timed.
    But, but hey…WE have DEI, we have gay pride month (when most federal holidays get ONE day), “chest feeding” persons, school districts promoting not just abortion, hell no, let’s chop the students genitals off and give them hormone altering drugs.
    How about that 60 something transgender “Rachel Levine” sworn in as a four-star admiral? We’re more concerned about sexual gratification up the a_ _ and porno books in schools than protecting US citizenry!
    But that’s ok as the illegals pour into the US at Eagles Pass, TX the golf die-hards play on the courses right across the way like nothing’s happening. “Gruesome Newsome”? As last president? He’s just another inconvenient distraction and we’re all playing right into it.
    This is not a political battle, it is a battle against all out EVIL!
    We don’t pray, we don’t honor God…because after all we have “become gods”.
    We here in the USA are sitting ducks!!

  23. How sad, you all see your demise thru a prism, I know our very location has a great impact on regional outcomes.

    I know, I hold my destiny my families in my hands not theirs. While the world around us might change for the worse, in specific geological places, we each get to choose for ourselves our destiny.

    What I read above is men whom have already given up, drank the kool aid.

    It’s not governments that change people it’s the people who change govts. I see a radical change coming, it don’t look good for govts oligarchs queers cross dressers or limp dicks already crying.

    I recognize many names above, I know none of you are quitters. Get off your knees. Tell the govt off, and live your lives to the fullest. Most important teach your children honestly.


  24. C-Marie

    Well said, Dzanddz!! Sooo sad….
    God bless, C-Marie

  25. BK

    I also feel something is in the works for the upcoming election. You would have to be in a coma not to see it. Check out this book about a group of patriots that made their stand. https://a.co/d/77MCERu

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