Climate Hersteria

Climate Hersteria

Hersteria: soy-infused hyper-sensitive effeminate hysteria.

I was driving in southern Florida (to see my folks) and the only English-language talk station I could pick up that wasn’t a form of entertainment (like sports), was NPR. So I listened, partly because I wondered if it was a horrible I as I remember it.

It wasn’t.

It was worse.

Some fruity voiced man, reeking of concern, and it may have been a woman, I’m not judgmental, brought us something called a “Climate Minute”, or some such syrupy name. It sounded exactly like a daily devotional they have on explicitly religious channels.

This guy said that if you want to reduce your carbon “footprint” at some library, you could insert a dried organic squirrel into the return slot as you spin yourself counter-clockwise while whispering “Earth”. Some kind of spell like that. My memory is hazy. I couldn’t really follow it, because I was trying to find the OFF switch so I could slam it while not driving off into the drink.

In any case, it was a spell. It was a “Do this, and the Planet will bestow riches upon you” kind of thing.

Then last Friday, I saw this conspiracy theory come to life. Incidentally, we had better stop having conspiracy theories because the damned things are coming true so fast that we can’t keep track of them all.

This conspiracy theory is the one where they will not let you travel because “climate change”. Remember how when our side predicted it we were ridiculed and scoffed at?

CNN headline: “It’s time to limit how often we can travel abroad – ‘carbon passports’ may be the answer”.

Incidentally, this conspiracy is very like the early 2020 conspiracy theory when our side predicted vaccine passports, and where our prediction received ridicule and scoffing.

Guy who wrote the article is in a dither because it got hot this summer in—wait for it…wait for it—Spain. I mean, who knew? The only answer to this routine occurrence that will comfort this male is to restrict your travel.

The idea of a carbon passport centers on each traveler being assigned a yearly carbon allowance that they cannot exceed. These allowances can then “ration” travel.

This concept may seem extreme. But the idea of personal carbon allowances is not new. A similar concept (called “personal carbon trading”) was discussed by UK Parliament in 2008, before being shut down because of to its perceived complexity and the possibility of public resistance.

The zealot who wrote this is “Ross Bennett-Cook is a visiting lecturer, School of Architecture + Cities, University of Westminster”.

An architect.

An architect.

Now it is an open question—but smart money is always on NPR—which of the two people in my anecdotes, the NPR announcer or the architect, is more ignorant of physics. It’s obvious neither could possibly have any idea about what they speak of. But which is the dumber?

Not an easy choice. The architect is an academic, or rather a wanna be. And academics at modern universities are always on Dumbest lists. Yet the other fellow, or lady, is a journalist, at NPR!, which makes him almost an automatic winner. I will let readers pick.

My main point is that these two ignorant men, or approximately men, as are legions of imitators everywhere you turn, ready to upend the world and hand over power to vague groups and to rulers, for the purpose of assuaging their idiot fear of “climate change”. Which they cannot possibly know anything about, except small bits of trivia and what propagandists told them to think.

Which they obediently do.

That ought to remind you of the covid panic. And the terrorism panic. And every other damned panic we have had and are having in increasingly rapid succession. Fear is demanded and people respond as they were told to respond: they fear.

Then the people petiton, from the same people who told them to fear, to have the fear removed! You’d think, having had this drummed into them in school, that this obvious conflict of interest would be recognized for what it is.

But no. So strong is fear at blocking rational thought that people will do anything asked of them to abate their terror.

Propagandists use this knowledge, of course, in their currying of rulers’ favor. But even NPR reporters (though perhaps I am being overly generous) must find their jobs of no challenge. Instilling fear used to take real labor. Now they can farm it out to “AI”.

The solution, which is obvious and which just as obviously will not be heeded, is to turn off all source of propaganda. Do not watch any “news”, nor listen, nor read it. Ignore it all. Leave to it pathologists of thought to parse for you, men who know how to dissect propaganda without themselves becoming infected.

Do you have the strength?

Probably not.

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  1. This article was going well until the insane advice:
    “Do not watch any “news”, nor listen, nor read it.”

    This strange advice could have been caused by temporary brain damage after listening to NPR. Any conservative who listens to NPR for more than 10 seconds should have their heads examined.

    This “don’t listen to news” is the head in the sand approach that several female friends use. One had no idea what happened on October 7 when we were together three days later. The other only knew because her Jewish boyfriend told her. The don’t watch news approach leads to boring people who tend to only talk about themselves or people they know personally. Many women can tolerate that. As a man, I find that boring.

    Perhaps 95% of media sources are leftist biased but not 100%.

    I spend four hours a day reading good conservative articles and another hour publishing a recommended reading list for fellow conservatives.

    This article will be included in today’s list in spite of the strange ending. My climate and energy blog has had over 670,000 lifetime page views, and now averages about 10,000 a month.

    Read the conservative and libertarian and conservative news. Find out what is going on. Someone in the US needs to know.

  2. Rudolph Harrier

    At the very least, take a challenge where you stop watching the news for a full week. All news, even “conservative” news.

    I guarantee that you fill find that the majority of what you missed didn’t really matter. You’ll also find that the same terminology is being used by nearly every reporter, even when they don’t have to and it goes against their brand (ex. when conservative outlets referred to President Trump’s “Muslim Travel Ban” even though it was not called such, nor did it ban Muslims from travelling general, and it could have easily been called any number of other things.)

    You’ll also often pick up on ideas that you’ll find were not reported at all in the media. For example if you stopped watching the news shortly after the 2022 elections you probably would have assumed that vote fraud would have been a major topic on conservative outlets, but it really wasn’t.

  3. JerryR

    I follow Briggs advice and never watch/read the news.

    Last time I watch broadcast TV was about 10 years ago. Get my information from the distillation of others. Easy to observe the spin from both sides. And there is a lot of spin from conservative sites that want clicks.

  4. JH

    Yes, stay away if you cannot tell the difference between opinions and news. Twitter X is full of people who cherry pick news. Stop using it. lol.

  5. make benefit glorious people’s republic

    “conservative” news is rife with carnies, grifters, and clowns. just say no.

  6. BadThinker

    The strength to ignore the propaganda must come from somewhere beyond oneself. It’s certainly difficult. Deleted twitter a couple weeks ago. Damn it is hard.

  7. Sid Porter

    Climate passport….hmmm…I’m changing my name to Leonardo diCaprio!

  8. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Great advice, Briggs. It’s like telling people not to pound twinkies and guzzle sugar drank. Sociopath elites are psychic vampires. They want you watching their shitshow; enraged, horrified, despairing — whatever — just as long as you go to their theater and watch their show and you participate in their depraved fake reality. Goes for much of the “conservative” opposition, too, acting as the other pole of the battery that energizes the system. Like going to the Colosseum to watch lions eat people; you can cheer for the lions or for the people but you’re still in the Colosseum screaming and helping make the shitshow go on.

    How to be in the world but not of it? How to live without giving in to fear, despair, and nihilism? How to be productive and not destructive. How to be wise as serpents and innocent as doves. How to find the narrow path that forks off the broad and easy highway to hell. How to tend one’s spiritual garden, identify weeds, put up a fence, apply fertilizer. How to get one’s house in order, be a good husband, father, friend, community member. What is good, what is true, what is beautiful. All interesting and important topics on which The News, like The Science, has nothing to say.

  9. Ann Cherry

    Climate hersterics completely ignore the effect of underwater volcanoes, most notably the massive Tonga eruption in 2022, which put incredible amounts of water vapor into the atmosphere, which will affect the climate for years to come:

    Study examines how massive 2022 eruption changed stratosphere chemistry and dynamics

    We don’t need to ignore the “news”, just practice discernment and ignore the propagandists.

  10. Leo

    The choice is to be uninformed or misinformed.


    (from WarGames)

  11. Incitadus

    It’s really very simple propaganda relying primarily on ad nauseam repetition.
    Some small percentage saw what was coming and eighty years later is being dragged
    along by that sea of dim wits too incurious to contemplate their own demise. Hundreds
    of billions to date have been spent on the enterprise buoyed by oil and gas profits in
    the trillions. The actual cost of extracting a barrel of oil, the second most prevalent liquid
    on the planet, remains at between five and fifteen dollars a barrel. By cultivating the forbidden
    fruit approach yet more profits will be extracted in the form of a sin tax on carbon. Energy is
    the engine of life and when you’ve got a firm hold on the control knob god like powers ensue.

  12. To Ann Cherry on volcanoes

    There is much conservative disinformation on volcanoes, and you have been affected.

    There was no observed effect of the Tonga volcano on the global average temperature.

    The largest climate effect should have been in the month or two after the volcano erupted. There was none.

    Volcanoes in total, on land and underwater, are estimated to be responsible for no more than 1% of annual CO2 emissions, Almost irrelevant.

    I have been following climate science since 1997 and I am certain that January 2022 volcano had no observable effect on the global average temperature, which had an unusual flat trend from 2015 to mid-2023.

    The rising average temperature starting in June 2023 was from a large El Nino Pacific Ocean heat release, that is ongoing, not a delayed reaction to a January 2022 volcano. And not related to manmade CO2 emissions.

    The effect of stratospheric water vapor contributes a fraction of the temperature change imposed from man-made greenhouse gases in the troposphere.

    I am a blog editor who decides which articles are worth including on a recommended reading list. I start with the assumption that most leftist articles are BS. That’s why I focus on conservative articles. Even there, I assume half the articles are BS, or at least have conclusions not supported by facts, data and logic. The tough job is deciding which half is BS, I’ve been a blog editor on various subjects since 2008 and see too much conservative climate science theories that make no sense.

    Concerning the effect of Hunga Tonga on the climate near Earth’s surface — the traditional measurement location — show me data that prove any observed effect on the climate. Not just theories and predictions. Actual measurements. Data. Without data, there is no science.

  13. Cloudbuster

    “The zealot who wrote this is “Ross Bennett-Cook is a visiting lecturer, School of Architecture + Cities, University of Westminster”.”

    May his carbon soon be sequestered. Six feet under.

  14. Cary D Cotterman

    Richard Greene: “Volcanoes in total, on land and underwater, are estimated to be responsible for no more than 1% of annual CO2 emissions, Almost irrelevant.”

    California is responsible for less than one percent of annual CO2 emissions worldwide. If “no more than one percent” is almost irrelevant, then less than one percent is certainly irrelevant.

  15. Ann Cherry

    Richard Greene says “Volcanoes in total, on land and underwater, are estimated to be responsible for no more than 1% of annual CO2 emissions, Almost irrelevant.”

    Mr. Greene, it isn’t CO2, it’s WATER VAPOR, that makes up most of the “greenhouse gases” in our atmosphere, an inconvenient fact ignored by climate hersterics.

    If you READ the article I linked, (bet you didn’t) you’d see that’s what they’re talking about.

    “The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai eruption was truly extraordinary in that it injected about 300 billion pounds of water into the normally dry stratosphere, which is just an absolutely incredible amount of water from a single event,” said David Wilmouth, a project scientist at SEAS and first author of the paper.

    “This eruption put us in uncharted territory,” said Ross Salawitch, professor at the University of Maryland’s Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center and co-author of the study. “We’ve never seen, in the history of satellite records, this much water vapor injected into the atmosphere and our paper is the first that looks at the downstream consequences over broad regions of both hemispheres in the months following the eruption using satellite data and a global model.

    “The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai eruption was the largest explosion ever recorded in the atmosphere. The eruption hurled aerosols and gases deep into the stratosphere. Some material reached the lower mesosphere, more than 30 miles above the Earth’s surface, altitudes never recorded from a volcanic eruption. Previous studies found that the eruption increased water vapor in the stratosphere by 10% worldwide, with even higher concentrations in some areas of the Southern Hemisphere.”

    The climate hersterics should, at the very least, acknowledge this event, if they are even halfway honest, along with the fact that 70% of volcanic eruptions take place underwater, contributing to water vapor and other atmospheric gases, and certainly in some cases to melting glaciers.

    The reality is, their “solutions” (carbon taxes, eating bugs, outlawing gas appliances and cars, forced collectivism, etc.) aren’t created to solve the “problem” of GlobalClimateWarmingChange; rather, the so-called “problem” is CREATED so they can implement their “solutions.” They will enforce their rules on us peons, while they fly around in their private jets, sail their yachts, and eat their Kobe Beef, because living above the rules they make for the rest of us is their little blue pill.

  16. Ann Cherry

    Russia Reels From -60°C Cold Blast… And Munich Breaks December Snow Record

    “On Sunday, December 3, according to local meteorologist Yevgeny Tishkovets, a daily record for snowfall was set dating back to 1878, breaking the previous record set in 1980.”

    We can point out that ten years ago the climate hersterics were telling us it was “the end of snowfall” and that it was all our fault.

  17. Cary Cotterman

    The volcanic CO2 releases are almost entirely from volcanoes on land. The CI2 from underseas volcanoes is mainly absorbed by the cold deep ocean water.

    The argument nade by ny nation or state that their CO2 emissions are small fails logically. Of the195 nations, up to 190 of them could make the same claim. That would be like a shoplifter telling the police that he only stole 1% of the store’s total annual theft losses, so he should not be punished.

    Due diligence:
    Since 1997, based on science, I have advocated for MORE CO2 in the atmosphere, when placed there by burning hydrocarbon fuels with modern pollution controls. More CO2 supports more life on our planet — CO2 is the staff of life (through plants and the people and animals who eat them). And the current CO2 level is unusually low for our planet.

  18. Ann Cherry
    “The Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai eruption was the largest explosion ever recorded in the atmosphere”

    Of course that only applies to the satellite age, since the 1970s.

    I agree with so much of what you have written that I am reluctant to provide more contradictory information.

    I have read at least 20 articles on Hunga Tonga since 2022. The key takeaway knowledge is that SO MANY PEOPL made predictions of significant global warming as a result, and they were ALL WRONG. Just like almost EVERY other climate predictions.

    While water vapor is the primary troposphere greenhouse gas, it is a dependent variable. The troposphere holds a percentage of water vapor proportional to its average temperature. An injection of water vapor from a volcano is very temporary, for a week or two.

    Water vapor in the stratosphere has a far smaller global warming effect. Only 1% of total atmospheric water vapor, versus 99% in the troposphere. So a +10% increase of stratospheric water vapor was not observed to have affected the surface temperature,

    Average stratospheric specific humidity is around 3–5 parts per million volume (ppmv) globally,

    The water vapor content of the troposphere (99% of all atmospheric water vapo) is roughly estimated to average from 2000ppmv to 3000ppmv

    Troposphere concentration of water vapor is highly variable between locations and times, from 10 ppmv in the coldest air to 5% (50,000 ppmv) in humid tropical air, and can be measured locally with a combination of land observations, weather balloons and satellites.

    Next time let’s argue about the climate in the year 2100. I predict it will be warmer, unless it is colder.

  19. Johnno

    This article was going well until the insane advice:
    “Do not watch any “news”, nor listen, nor read it.”

    This strange advice could have been caused by temporablahbabbity blah blah…

    Richy Greene still doesn’t understand nor appreciate hyperbole???

    What a surprise!!!

    A gentle reminder folks, that Libertarian Rich wants you to kill kids in the womb because that little compromise will result in far better policies!

    Atheism folks! It’s worth as much as the water vapor they imagine they were descended from!

  20. Johnno is an angry dumbo hiding behind a moniker.

    I do support legal abortions in the first trimester, as do most Americans, including many in “red” states.

    I suppose you supported the US genocide in Iraq in 2003+, even though Iraqi babies were among more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians slaughtered by the US military for no reason? Were those murders okay for you?

    The ‘watch no news advice’ was not presented as sarcasm — if it was sarcasm, it was not funny in any wat. It was stupid advice and should not have been included. There are a surprising number of people who do not watch / read the news and even more who say they wish they did not watch / read all the bad news.

  21. You need to live on a bit of land where you have some privacy a wood chipper and a few pigs. You can deal with most of obstacles you face once you’re set up that way. Am a bit worried about networked aerogel-vacuum drones with synthetic aperture radar and real time AI processing of data. Once mass production of those really kicks in it may be difficult to remain private. We may all have to start living in caves again.

  22. McChuck

    @Richard Greene said: “I suppose you supported the US genocide in Iraq in 2003+, even though Iraqi babies were among more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians slaughtered by the US military for no reason?”

    I’ll take ‘Things that never happened’ for $500, Alex. Do you still believe the “Baby Food Factory” hoax, too?

    As for volcanoes, the average major eruption emits more greenhouse gasses than all of human history combined. That’s a far cry from “Volcanoes in total, on land and underwater, are estimated to be responsible for no more than 1% of annual CO2 emissions, Almost irrelevant.” Although, to be fair, annual human emissions of CO2 are a tiny fraction of 1%. Nice try, but still deceptive, even when accidentally correct.

    You’ll need a lot more practice and coaching before you can convince any of us (those who live in reality) you are on our side.

  23. Mr. Upchuck

    The Iraqi genocide by the US did happen
    They were not part of 9/11. They had not used chemical weapons since their war with Iran, during which the US celebrated the use of chemical weapons by saying mothing. And they were not threatening any neighboring nations. But warmonger George Bush was determined to kill more Arabs — any Arabs would do.

    And your statements about volcanoes are anti-science tin hat conservative conspiracy theory claptrap.

    by nature (oceans, land and plants). Volcanic output of CO2 averages about 0.05ppm a year

    You know nothing about climate science while I have climate science and energy blogs that have had over 670,000 page views.

  24. re: ““conservative” news is rife with carnies, grifters, and clowns. just say no.”

    Okay, communist-agent paid wumao acting on behalf of the Chinese CCP.

  25. @Richard Greene
    re: “There is much __conservative__ …”

    Cue the meme: “I do not think this word means what you think it means.”

  26. @Richard Greene
    re: “I suppose you supported the US genocide in Iraq in 2003 … ”

    Confirmed; Dis-info agent. Study much about the Wormwood whom C.S. Lewis wrote about, Richard?

  27. @Richard Greene
    re: “while I have climate science and energy blogs that have had over 670,000 page views.”

    IOW, “What I don’t make up for with the essence of ‘trvth’ I make up for with volume [of lies].”

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