All Jacked Up — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

All Jacked Up — Guest Post by Ianto Watt

Briggs editorial note: When I was young it was still common for old men to ask where you were on “that day.” I always flummoxed them by saying I wasn’t even born yet. Back then you also weren’t allowed to question the official government explanation, not without seeming like a kook. All that has changed within recent years, at least because we have all learned the difficulty our government has with the truth. Whether Mr Watt has deduced the correct theory of what happened, I leave for you to judge.

I recently read a pretty good article on The Big Rub Out (a.k.a. JFK, Nov. 1963), which sums things up pretty well. Except it needs a little more awareness that the CIA/Mossad creature is a singular/dual entity, like a pair of Siamese twins. Which allows either of them to always claim ‘it wasn’t me!’

As I, and Michael Collins Piper, see it, the?re were five basic reason?s Jack had to go (and who wanted it to happen; also see Piper’s Final Judgment):

  1. Jack was gonna end the VietNam War (MIC)
  2. Jack was gonna dismantle the Langley complex (CIA, of course)
  3. Jack started issuing currency thru the Treasury instead of the central bank (FED)
  4. Jack let his brother Bobby go after the Labor mafia (Teamsters)
  5. Finally, Jack was gonna stop Israel from getting The Bomb (Mossad)

That last point was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. When Jack insisted on having the IAEA inspect Israel’s Diamona nuclear reactor in the Negev desert, things came to a final head. What was the first thing LBJ did when he assumed power? Yep, he cancelled the inspection. And began selling Hawk missiles to Israel. It’s all been downhill since then.

Sixty years have now passed since Dallas, and with Gaza and Ukraine aflame, there was hardly a ripple of interest on this latest anniversary.

But there is one guy who may have figured it all out, going forward.  RFK, Jr.  Not that he doesn’t know what actually happened. He certainly does. He’s even spoken of it, publicly. But it appears he’s not gonna make the same mistake Jack and Bobby Sr. made—and which Donald also made, but without the actual physical death that accompanies such mistakes.

I think Bobby Jr. has figured this all out. Which is why he sounds like Donald on most things. But Donald made the further mistake of confusing nation and empire. Donald, you see, is actually a patriot. Flawed, surely so.

When he said ‘America First’, things began to get dicey. For him, that is. When he started talking about NATO being a scam on American taxpayers, the MIC (and the Fed and everyone else) realized he wasn’t just a nuisance, he was actually dangerous. To them, and their Imperial plans. So, Donald had to go. But not like Jack, or Bobby. No, nowadays, they can assassinate you non-stop, day after day, by simply letting you live. And Donald’s provided a very valuable service to them, by being the vehicle whereby the mighty propaganda Wurlitzer has been weaponized to astounding effect. The last six years proves it.

Why wipe out Donald when you can make him the shiny object used to hypnotize the vast majority of Western mankind? He’s more useful alive than dead. As long as he doesn’t get re-elected, of course. Because if he does, he may not be so naive next time. He may actually show a vindictive streak. Can’t have that, can we? That’s where Bobby Jr. comes in.

In return for being legitimatized on his many other issues (Big Pharma, vaccine autism, GMO food, etc), Bobby gets to play the part his dad would have played. You know, Camelot II. And maybe a reality show later. But only if he doesn’t wander from the script. And the script is definitely already written. It’s Star Wars all over again, but this time both sides are wearing White. All the better to blind you.

Everything just keeps rolling along. Same old same old. Bobby Jr. ain’t gonna stop any trains. Because he knows the penalty for that. In return, he bleeds electoral support from Donald, and voila, we have a new excuse for Donald losing next November. Without having to kill him, outright. At the end of the electoral day, nothing will have changed.

Who put Bobby up to this scenario? Crazy Joe? His Israeli friends? Or did he think this up himself? Does it matter? Just like the question of who was the actual trigger-man in 1963. Corsican? Sicilian? Israeli? It doesn’t matter. Only the results matter. And if they satisfy everyone involved, who cares whose trigger-man it was.

The point of all of this is that as long as everyone is mesmerized, nothing can change. And therefore, since we are all still mesmerized, nothing will change. Bobby Jr. is just the ticket for that new twist to an old plot. The mighty Wurlitzer plays on, and everyone continues the dance. And now that there’s a new and charismatic third dancer, nobody will notice that nothing has really changed. So it won’t. Why would it?

It doesn’t matter who is President. Because he doesn’t really run the show, no matter who he is. Donald’s experience at the hands of the swamp creatures proved that. Therefore, it doesn’t matter who you vote for. Even assuming your vote is actually counted.

Now you may still be laboring under the impression that the Republic still lives, and that it still matters. But the fact of the (eternal) matter is that democracy, of any kind, is the last step down before anarchy. Just ask Aristotle. Or Plato. Anarchy is the last step before a new tyranny emerges. Followed, as always, by a new mortal monarchy. Which is generally a little (or a lot) less couth than its predecessor.

Remember: at the end of the day, there is the only one vote that actually matters. All ballots (and hearts) will be read and truthfully counted. For keeps.

Viva Cristo Rey!

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  1. Michael Dowd

    It’s all part of God’s plan. Everyone’s a loser who doesn’t follow His way. That’s the basis of our hope and our sorrow for those who don’t follow His way.

  2. JohnM

    If voting made any difference THEY would cancel elections.

  3. I do not know what really happened but the general run of conspiracy theories strikes me as absurd – for two main reasons:

    1 – I do not believe any of the vaunted conspiracies could have been pulled off without more than two people knowing, and any secret known by at least three people won’t stay secret; and,

    2 – there are simpler explanations. For example Kennedy is credibly (?) said to have ordered a nuclear strike on the soviet union only to have a junior officer at the pentagon stop the order – and, in the aftermath everyone knew he had to go, so the secret service simply assigned a third rate team leader to run his protection detail with the obvious consequences. No conspiracy needed: simple complaisance and creative use of incompetence.

    Further, many event sequences that look like conspiracies simply reflect the commonality of concerns and agendas among otherwise uncoordinated players. For example, the house is voting on authorizing an impeachment inquiry against Biden next week – and Hunter Biden just got a grand jury indictment for tax fraud. Co-incidence? no, but aligned agendas leading to aligned actions do not a conspiracy make either.

    (On the other hand, I’ve long thought that the best way for the democratic party to ensure the 2024 election is to have harris killed by a trump supporter – so if Biden is finally on the way out, she better get her armor on. 😉 )

  4. Incitadus

    Nothing to disagree with there but you left out key conspirator Lyndon
    much less honorable mention to sidekick J. Edgar. He who dares wins…

  5. Steve

    @Paul Murphy, ” I do not believe any of the vaunted conspiracies could have been pulled off without more than two people knowing, and any secret known by at least three people won’t stay secret…”

    OK, I’ll bite. Where is Epstein’s client list?

  6. Robin

    Points 2 and 5 same same.

    CIA + Mossad = 1, not 2.

    US government is run by dual nationals, no?

    Excellent article.

  7. cookie

    I think Bobby does know that it was provable that JFK was killed by a gunman in the Book depository and Oswald was the second shooter.

    I believe he also knows that the Federal Government has been captured by a group and have been using events such as JFK to divide and rule, stoking the natural suspicion of authority, history has shown that its rare to get a good ruler.

  8. Kennedy’s death was faked. It was theatre. Worked perfectly, here we are arguing about it all these years later. How would they get the gay jewish actors to play world leader if they were killing them. Fake and gay. All the incongruities and nonsense are because it was faked.

  9. Fr. John Rickert

    I merely relate what I heard directly. I am not necessarily ascribing to any particular views, and of course, what I say does not necessarily reflect the opinions of any organization I belong to.

    When I was a student at the Univ. of Dallas, I had a remarkable history teacher, Dr. June Welch. He had worked in DC under senator LBJ and was familiar with DC practices. He told us the following about when JFK was shot. Dr. Welch was in Dallas that day and saw the motorcade go by. He thought to himself, “They’re not doing it right. They should either slow down so that the Secret Service can keep up, or they should just speed up and get him through town.” Dr. Welch then stepped into a café. They had a little transistor radio there, and all of a sudden a waitress said, “He’s been shot!”

    Dr. Welch was a good man, may he rest in peace, and I have complete confidence in his veracity.

    Footnote. JFK was anointed before he died by Fr. Eads at Parkland Hospital, so God got the last word.

  10. C-Marie

    Do vote! If it is purposely not counted, God will deal with that. Yes, our republic is falling apart, and it will not last much longer. The rejection of Jesus Christ by our nation is the cause. Prepare with Him to go through tremendous times. He will keep you as you are willing to be His.

    God bless, C-Marie

  11. AG McNeil

    @Paul Murphy…You are right to appeal to Hanlon’s Razor in your reasoning about these matters. However, we all know that conspiracies DO happen. They’re just highly unusual, because they require so much intelligence, perverse courage, and cloak-and-dagger savvy to pull off that most of those that would be enacted are aborted. Alas and alack, those who are successful (because more intelligent) at the Great Game understand how to use Hanlon’s Razor as their very own deceptive disguise. “Hee hee hee, you know that conspiracies aren’t for real. Pay no attention to reports or accounts about us. You’re only stupid if you do.”

    When Satan no longer exists in any way, shape, form, or conception, he wins the world.

    We all know that stage magic isn’t for real. Yet, few there are who can explain how those illusions are made to seem so real to the naked eye and reasoning mind. Those who coordinate and pull off and keep undisclosed the conspiracies of the Great Game are master magicians, who know the shadowy recesses of the human, all-too-human mind.

    All here who have not yet done so should read the online book “The Great Taking”, published in May of this year. It should open you inner eyes.

  12. You guys just don’t get it. It’s all fake and gay. All the world’s a stage. Nothing is real, everything is mind control. Once you manage to get your head around that it all falls into place. Problem is you want to pretend you still matter.

  13. C-Marie

    It is sooo wonderful to love our Father Who is in Heaven, to be loved by Him, and to receive the Love of our Father in Heaven!!

    God bless, C-Marie

  14. Joe Moffa

    To answer the question, where was I on the day John Kennedy was assassinated. I remember like it was yesterday.
    Me and my buddy got up early on that day because we were going hunting for ducks at the Northern Klamath Lake in Oregon. I remember it was a overcast day with wind that would help with the hunting.
    The hunting was not a total bust because I shot a Mallard hen. My buddy got skunked and we decided to end the days hunting.
    We returned to Klamath Falls and our homes and I found out thru the broadcast on the tv. A sad day.

  15. Phileas_Frogg

    Question for those conspiracy skeptics: “Is it irrational to believe that people who share financial, social, political, and familial interest occasionally engage in coordinated activities to promote those interests?”

    The obvious answer, to anyone who’s ever worked in a place as low-stakes as a McDonald’s, is NO. I find it highly improbable that there is no conspiracy taking place surrounding the activities of an entity as powerful as the United States government, virtually impossible in fact, and I would contend that any suggestion to the contrary puts the burden of proof on the skeptic. Granted, a PARTICULAR conspiracy requires PARTICULAR proof, but as a CATEGORY it is obvious that in any analysis conspiracy should be the rule and not the exception.

    That conspiracy is taking place should be a given, that a particular conspiracy is taking place, or took place, however is another matter entirely.

    “In politics, nothing happens by accident.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  16. Yawrate

    I like all the different takes here…some things I haven’t heard before!

    Remember this: The decades long blackout on the the CIA documentation regarding the assassination of JFK expired under the Trump administration. And someone, probably Mike Pompeo, convinced Trump to keep it all classified. So whatever is in those documents is at a minimum, embarrassing to the CIA/DOD etc, or worse, it downright implicates them. Everything else is speculation.

    You can thank me later.

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