It’s So Over: Immigration

It’s So Over: Immigration

You’ve already that the foreign born population in the once United States is now at 15%, an event that was once predicted not to occur for another decade. People of no color, once a majority well into the high ninety-something percents, will themselves fall to less than half the population soon.

Which is celebrated by those folks of no color who, quite oddly, hate other people of no color not in their own class. That the minority status is cheered on by people of color makes sense. They understand it is in their economic interest to want their own peoples to be, if not majorities themselves, then at least to be present in large numbers.

Why of-no-colors hate their own is a mystery that needs untangling. Why, for instance, do they vote for and cheer on their own political demise? Strange.

These replacement trends and happening are not just in the States, but in many places folks of no color used to be the majorities.

Like Germany. Which, being European, is more sophisticated in its self-hating of-no-color culture. As in this example, which is of familiar flavor:

Perhaps this is because the female psychiatrist is the “daughter of a German-Dutch mother and a Jordanian father.” Though likely not, because there are just as many examples of self-hating behavior with plain old full breed of-no-colors.

Here’s where is really becomes curious. The majority of once-majority of-no-color lands had both Open 24 Hour signs and rules which allowed of-color newcomers to vote, usually only after a short time, even if they expressed a dislike of of-no-color culture. They let everybody in, even those peoples who said they did not love of-no-colors.


I mean, look at Minneapolis-St.Paul, which is now, and rightly, called Little Somalia. The newcomers there elected a woman who is radically unlike in culture from the of-no-colors she and her people replaced. These newcomer of-colors do not vote in the same way as of-no-colors.

Because the population has already changed so dramatically in formerly of-no-color lands, and will continue to do so, the predominate culture in these lands must change. Has changed, and will change. As it will everywhere where the holders of the old culture head to retirement homes.

There will be no bringing back the old culture. There are too many of-colors who live where once only or mostly of-no-colors had. Some call for the expulsion of of-colors, especially those who brazenly violated the de jure laws to come into of-no-color countries. This will never happen, for two reasons.

For one, the flood of of-color migrants did break de jure laws, but they followed, to the letter, all de facto laws. These laws, set up by the ruling class of of-no-colors, not only welcomed in of-colors, no questions asked, they facilitated the entry just so new of-colors could vote away the old culture of of-no-colors. Rulers want this.

For two, even though there are plenty of of-no-colors who do not like the situation, there are none with the political will or power to change it. The situation certainly will not change by voting (see Step One). There are none who can command the army—and it would take an army—to physically remove the de jure law breakers, and remove or crush the of-no-color of-no-color culture haters.

There are just too many of-colors, with more arriving daily. Even if all migration were stopped tomorrow, the changes that are coming are baked in, as it were, demographically speaking. Love or hate this situation, there is very little, or nothing, anybody will do about it. Not unless there is some large, and quite unforeseen, event.

Of course, America being as big as she is, the changes will be not uniform geographically. Border towns and those areas with the biggest numbers of self-hating of-no-colors will change fastest; outlying areas of of-no-colors will change slowly, looking much like they always have, for a quite a while. Until suddenly they don’t.

An interesting thought experiment is how the people in lands once majority of-no-color—all the people, both of-no-color and of-color—cry “Racism!” whenever anything happens in favor of of-no-colors. This is well known.

But why do not these same people decry the situation in, say, China? Did you know—I checked—that except for Hong Kong, China itself has never had an of-no-color ruler? Why do these “Racism!” criers not demand the installation of of-no-colors in places of political prominence, as they do here, mandating of-colors be elevated to ruler status?

I’m asking. Why?

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  1. Robin

    If you want to see the future of the US, look to South Africa. It will take longer but it’s coming. Descent into tribalism followed by collapse.

  2. Leonard

    Follow the science, Briggs. Color is a reflection of light. White reflects all colors, black reflects no colors.

  3. Leo

    My hypothesis is that part of the answers to many of these questions are related to this:
    “Which is celebrated by those folks of no color who, quite oddly, hate other people of no color not in their own class.”
    Possible, that is, hypothetical, divisions might be between those who work with ideas versus those who work with things, those who work with finance versus those who work with things, or those who see themselves as being in a fixed place versus those who see themselves as “citizens of the world”.

  4. Zundfolge

    “Why of-no-colors hate their own is a mystery that needs untangling. ”

    I have a hypothesis.

    Most of the destruction of The West is the result of Frankfort School style Critical Theory run amok and taking advantage of the cultural proclivity to seek and value truth, which is baked into the core of “of-no-color” culture. We see how “History is written by the victors” and in an attempt to solve the problem of potentially dishonestly white-washed history, we made a concerted effort to admit and address the moral failings of our ancestors. Well when you blend this with Critical Theory, it ends up twisting honest self reflection into self-hate. It becomes an exercise of ONLY pointing out the bad and ignoring the good and this leads us to destroy ourselves in order to placate our inborn sense of justice (another core principal baked into the core of “of-no-color” culture).

    Western civilization is indeed superior, and its goodness is being twisted against itself by people that want to take our stuff and can’t accept their inferiority (when all they have to do is just adopt these Western values for themselves and thrive … nobody is stopping them. I’ll let the biological essentialists and social constructionists argue over why that might be).

  5. Hoyos

    There was a blogger called Cambria Will Not Yield who disappeared who understood it well. White people are the ethnicity most associated with Christianity, that’s the beginning middle and end of the hate, especially of non Christian whites and their Christian fellow travelers. Despite our many sins and failings the European peoples embraced Christianity at least in comparison, in great numbers and with great enthusiasm over a long period.

    God’s blessings on us seem to include a civilization that cannot but be seen as superior (hence the voting with the feet of immigration), which awakens feelings of insecurity smothered with envy and pride.

  6. Cary D Cotterman

    I’m fairly old. I’m glad I’m not in my twenties or thirties, looking at another half century or more of living in this decline. I’m in the final lap, hoping I hit my finish line before the U.S. and the West hit theirs and everything collapses. The way things are going, I’m not sure I’m going to get there first.

  7. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs, you’re such a doom-kopf.

    Hoyos, thanks for mentioning Cambria Will Not Yield. I loved that guy. Then he got canceled and seemed to disappear. Have not thought of him in a while. Your post caused me to seek… and I found: he’s been resurrected! He passed out of this vale of doom in 2021 but his family has, miraculously, put up his entire archive on a new website. Hallejuja! I bookmarked the location. Thank you for mentioning him.

  8. Not all no-color are the same. Some switch from no-color to color and back as the political circumstances require, the people of (((no)))-color. In any case with the world population projections suggesting a 25% increase by 2050, all from countries heavily dependent on Western food imports and financial aid and remittances , the only way for migration to go is up even if it were officially discouraged. Quite how the people of (((no)))-color expect to survive without people of no-color to is the baffling part. I lean toward the parable of the frog and the scorpion as explanatory.

  9. Ahispanicman

    It’s a long history. Christianity is not tribal. Feudalism and banning of cousin marriage destroyed the European tribes during the Middle Ages. The Enlightenment (the modern religion) was even more universalistic than Christianity. Capitalism fomented individualism. Worl War II destroyed nationalism as an ideal. Wealth and the decline of religion made people soft and corrupt with comfort and status as their only ideals. This allowed a foreign tribe to infiltrate all the institutions and brainwash the masses into self-hate. You can destroy a people by killing them or by convincing them that they should commit suicide. You don’t need a sword ora gun, only a word: “racism”, which means “evil and loser”. Signed: a Hispanic man.

  10. Hagfish Bagpipe

    The doom is always with us. Like storm clouds that may appear out of a sunny sky and doom for days on end. It’s part of the nature of things since we left the Garden. A man cannot stop the weather and a man cannot stop the doom. A man only has power over the doom in his own heart. Here’s a broom — clean your doom.

  11. The True Nolan

    “Why do these “Racism!” criers not demand the installation of of-no-colors in places of political prominence, as they do here, mandating of-colors be elevated to ruler status?”

    Back in the 1960s Globalist Psychopaths became frightened. They had managed to gain control of the US by assassinating the President but they could not control the population yet. They saw that an entire generation of young people were refusing to swallow the war propaganda, and many of them seemed to perversely think that perhaps killing other people all over the rest of the globe was not a good idea. Even worse, technology was reaching the point that large scale space travel was a real possibility within a generation or two. America was in danger of slipping from the fingers of the Greedy Evil Bastards! What to do? The decision was made to shut down America, to destroy its culture, to remove its productive capacity, to effectively stop progress of its space program, and to (in essence) strip mine it of all its valuable assets. The NEW center of the Global Empire would be in backward, failing China, where the serfs would be more controllable. Start in 1970 and list how in only a few years we saw virtually every program implemented which has led to todays situation.
    1) OSHA
    2) EPA
    3) End of gold standard
    4) Start of petrodollar allowing complete fiat system
    5) Aggressive affirmative action for race, sex, and perverts
    6) Dumbing down of education
    7) Increased illegal immigration without enforcement of laws
    8) Shipping of factories overseas
    9) Government sponsored marketing of addictive illegal drugs
    10) Increased attacks on 2nd Amendment
    11) Media push glorifying Blacks
    12) Ever expanding welfare programs
    13) China declared most favored trading partner

    Those are just the main ones started in the 1970s and while there have been many more since, that shows the initial push to destroy the United States and Western Culture. So, to answer the question, “why no push to put Caucasians in leadership of other nations, but the big push to put POCs in control here?” Because the whole thing is a scam to get rid of America. The highest politicians and bureaucrats here are either blackmailed or bribed to help in the project. The lower useful idiots are just doing what they have been brainwashed to do.

    There may be one surprise though. The Globalists planned to transfer power to China, and then be the puppet masters controlling the Chinese. They may be shocked to learn that the Chinese have other ideas, and have in fact, just been using the Globalist for their own reasons.

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