The Futile Assault Against Reality By The Undead Woke Army Ramps Up

The Futile Assault Against Reality By The Undead Woke Army Ramps Up

Here is a picture of a California birth certificate.

A birth certificate is bureaucratic paperwork the Regime uses, in this instance, to further its futile war against Reality.

Many of you will have noticed the obvious forms of attack. Like the ideological choices of sex beyond the only two that exist. And you can see the risible “Parent giving birth” and “Parent not giving birth” slots. Same attack, different thrust.

There’s also some jabs about surrogacy, which allows men who enjoy sodomy to buy children, from women, to do with what they will. There have been several well publicized instances of this lately.

Sharp-eyed readers saw that “Cuban” is now a race. Which doesn’t exist, they say. Race, that is. It might not exist, but boy howdy can the Regime track it.

You saw all those. But I’d bet most of you, maybe even all of you, missed what wasn’t there—but could have been. Its lack is interesting, because a prime opportunity for the Regime to attack Reality was lost. This was a big mistake.

The guy in charge of the Vatican made the same mistake just last week, too. Maybe you heard. He issued yet another order to allow blessings of couples who aren’t married and can’t get married.

They can’t get married because they aren’t couples. Not really. Couples are a man and a woman who could be married but have not done so (for whatever reason), or who are already married. Except for the improperly divorced, there is little interest if these pairings receive blessings.

No one cares, or ever cared, who gets a blessing, because blessings have always been allowed in the Church. So the Pope’s new order to allow blessings was pure redundancy.

Except that it wasn’t. Because those who enjoy sodomy ran out to claim that this new kind of blessing was for couples who could not be couples, but wanted to be, though not officially, only publicly. Nobody was to construe this new blessing, which wasn’t new, as inferring that the non-couples pairings were couples, or could be married.

You will try to make sense of it, and fail.

Our point is not the farcical attempts at pretending this new blessing wasn’t what it was. It is the larger mistake of the same kind made by California.

Both California and the guy in charge at the Vatican, keen to assault Reality, were forced to use the very tools of Reality in their attacks. Which, in the end, guarantees Reality wins.

Stay with me here.

Remember back to the debates over gay “marriage”. Those for it said that two men (or women, but to save space I’ll speak of only men) had the “right” to marry.

We argued: why two?

The answer: marriage has always been two people

The rebuttal: marriage has always been man plus woman (or man to many women, each individually, as in harems), for the purposes of procreation and the raising of children, so calls to history and tradition were meaningless.

Reality says only men and women can be married (to each other). That’s what marriage means. This is two human beings, a pair. Not three, or more, or even just one. Those anxious to defeat Reality thought they had a tremendous victory in forcing people, by the threat of violence, to say “These two men are married”. And it was a sort of victory, but in it is its defeat, too. For they undead woke army could only see two people in this fictional marriage. Not three, or more, or one.

California and the new blessings make this same mistake. They had the opportunity to really stick it to Reality. The birth certificate could have had slots for Parent 3, 4, and so on, with additional space overleaf. The blessings could have had been for any number.

Some woke understand this. They have already invented for themselves “throuples” and “polyamorous groupings”, which is to say completely meaningless conglomerations of people coming together for no purpose whatsoever except to flip off Reality.

The analogy is men pretending to be women. They must first know what a woman is. But in knowing what a woman is, they must always know that they can never be one, however much makeup they slather on to take on the vague appearance of one. The very act of rebellion against Reality acknowledges Reality was right all along.

It’s the same with California and the blessings. In making room only for couples, or rather pairings, they acknowledge the Reality of genuine parents and genuine matings. Even, like men in dresses, if they outwardly deny it.

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  1. Johnno

    At this point, it would be just as moronic to call a clear apostate and heretic, the “Pope”, as it would be to adopt the language and unrealities of any of the wokey cult nonsense. But so go the woke, so goes Jorge Bergolio.

    Covid-1984 was a chastisement for Amoris Letitia, where adulterers can be given communion to bless their adultery while claiming to not bless and acknowledge their adultery, and Fiducia Supplicans is the same, the homos will get blessed together and walk up for Communion, and Frankenstein approves saying there is no other interpretation to the now fired or dead Cardinal’s dubias, the thing they do where it makes it look like they are doing something, but never actually accomplishing much, true Conservatism in action! And you can bet that ol’ Santa Klaus Schwab, intends a new novel punishment for us all in 2024, right in time for the American Circus in November! Lions! Clowns! Cyberattacks! Oh my!

    I hope someone asks the eager effeminate German Bishops Conference, whether the sodomites still have to pay the Kirchensteuer Church Tax in order to receive the blessings?

  2. Cary D Cotterman

    My grandparent not-giving-birth and my grandparent giving-birth were from Wales, therefore I am of the Welsh race.

  3. Neil Upton

    Apart from the cost of revising the data collection form and having it printed its analysis must involve combinations and outcomes that challenge sanity. These outcomes themselves will reveal a new biology and show the way to more progressive social formations and choices. This will then require the data collection form to be further revised and it in itself will, when analysed, need to be updated.
    Happy new year.

  4. Neil Upton

    I’m from Wales,
    Neil just read your post

  5. Good luck with comparing population outcomes over time when the categorisation changes at random. Since government statistics are all made up nonsense anyway I suppose it doesn’t, in the final analysis, matter.

  6. @Cary D Cotterman: Funny, but that’s exactly how race used to work. 🙂 Once upon a time, “race” was “grouping of living creatures (men, cows, horses…) by their common descent”. 🙂

    @Briggs: I like your philosophical argument against the option of changing gender. 🙂 And as for the Pope – was Mary Mother of God married or not? If she was married, why didn’t she have sex? And how can you be married without sex? 🙂

    @John Pate: good point!

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