Why This Weird Fetish Over Blacks?

Why This Weird Fetish Over Blacks?

Britain announced that the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square will be graced with this sculpture:

It is, according to one story, a “bronze and blue homage to a metropolitan woman of colour”.

As opposed to a rural man of no color?

A Twitter user showed me this:

He said, “At Rotterdam Centraal, one of the busiest Dutch commuter stations in one of the busiest ports in the world, they installed Toos Werkloos (Keshawna Out-of-Work) last year. Stunning & brave etc etc.”

Here’s one of some woman who is an Official Victim. Apparently somebody took a tissue sample of hers, and a line of her cells are still used in medical research.

This statue is also in Britain. She was not British, but American. Died early of cervical cancer, her largest achievement. I don’t mean this lightly. Dying was what made her an angry Official Victim. She looks mighty angry about it.

Here’s another, also in England. On some walkway.

The Smithsonian Magazine says this is entitled “Reaching Out”, presumably because the fat woman is texting.

On another plinth in Bristol, also the UK, was this statue:

As a Guardian reporter was looking at it he this happened: “‘There’s a new woman in power!’ a cyclist shouts as he turns the bend.”

I believe him.

The woman represented is some Black Larcenous Marauder protester. The statue, alas, was not authorized by whoever was in charge of the plinth, and it was removed a day after it was erected. Which is surprising.

England, despite appearances, does not own the black woman statue market. The USA put this one in the National Statuary Hall:

This is of Mary McLeod Bethune, says one story, who was “born in 1875 in South Carolina” and, among other activities, “she would go on to champion racial and gender equality.” She was also vice president of the NAACP.

The American statue differs from the others. The lady pictured looks kindly, the woman in it did real things (though not good things, since Equality is evil), and the statue itself is rendered in white.

But of course, the USA also has St George Floyd statues. Of that low life degenerate lifelong criminal, you already know.

That’s enough. There are other examples, but they all much of a muchness.

How curious the non-Americans ones, though. Most of these statues are not of people. Like, say, the statues of George Washington are. (See one, if they haven’t yet torn them all down.) Especially in the newest installations, the people rendered are just amorphous blobs of black flesh. Mostly female flesh. They mostly look angry, or blank.

The only achievements made by the people represented by these statues is stridency, or just being fat and obtrusively taking up space, sort of milling about. A triumph of Getting In Your Face. To what end?

There seems to be no purpose to them. But to be fair, this seems to be the goal of much modern “art”.

Then comes this story: “Is the C[hurch] of E[ngland] about to say sorry for Christianity?”

A report by something called the Oversight Group has declared that the Church should say sorry publicly, not just for profiting from the evils of slavery (through investment in the South Sea Company) but for ‘seeking to destroy diverse African traditional religious belief systems’. And having apologised, it recommends the Church ‘reach beyond theological institutions’ and ‘enable all Africans to discover the varied belief systems and spiritual practices of their forbears and their efficacy’.

There is no reason to apologize for slavery because when the South Sea Company was involved so was the entire world, including blacks. Blacks set up a brisk trade in blacks in Africa. And anyway, none of us alive now had anything to do with it. Still, it’s hard to expunge the false idea that only Europeans whites alive now carry guilt with them in their blood.

What marks this latest pandering entrant is the Church of England (Now With Priestesses!™) recommends an apology for Christianity to blacks. When, of course, some of the most faithful Christians are now blacks.

Of all the other anecdotes and evidence, I trust you know. It all adds up to some bizarre set of behavior that cries out for explanation. Maybe the most likely is some sort of suicide wish. But why that should be had, and the method of suicide so specific, is still a mystery. To me, anyway.

I sometimes think this picture sums up the situation well:

The black man is a student, and he openly and proudly hates whites, expecting to receive praise for this. This is of course nothing. What makes the picture profound is the white man in the foreground. He is the black’s teacher, or so internet sources say.

He is sitting there, not quite placidly, but in one of the three poses academics affect. We can almost see him nodding at the wisdom of the slide. If there was a thought bubble it would read, “Hmm. Here is a point to consider.”

Which condemns him.

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  1. Dan MacDougald

    It’s the Oppressed vs the Oppressors in marxist ideology, which seems to have taken over the western world, and white people are always the Oppressors. Minorities cannot be Oppressors. So when Trayvon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman, a Hispanic, in Florida back in 2012 the media claimed Zimmerman was a white man.

  2. Robin

    This is all prepping consumers for the coming brown demographic tsunami.

    Africa and India are just about the only places of the planet where the population explosion continues.

    The rest of the world has pretty much stabilised or is declining. Africa will add a billion plus and India just can’t stop procreating.

    So our political overlords and their Oligarch masters need to train us as to the new reality. No matter how stupid or inane.

    Think of South Africa. That’s the future for Caucasians.

  3. bob sykes

    The Eloi are food for the Morlocks.

  4. Gunther Heinz

    In capitalism you have three broad social classes: money earners, money makers and money takers. The boundries can be blurry, but in general it’s WHITE takers that take from other whites. White hating is just a smokescreen.

  5. Aheinusanus

    Let’s just hope the East Asians don’t fall for this.
    If they do not, they will inherit the technological progress achieved by the Caucasians over the last millennia and then can watch the rest of the world regress into Idiocracy.

  6. jwm

    Lionizing those who didn’t have the smarts to discover the wheel.


  7. JH

    Why This Weird Fetish Over Blacks?

    Mr. Briggs, this is the question I wanted to ask you. lol.

  8. Incitadus

    Zimmerman was half Jewish and half Hispanic about as far from a white Anglo Saxon
    Protestant as you can get. This dishonest portrayal by the media was calculated and
    deliberate to fuel what quickly became a race war and highlights the global capture of the
    Forth Estate in America. Aside from tuning out of legacy media, which will be lavishly
    funded despite massive losses, half of the American public will continue to be vilified by
    the other half of hapless guppies who continue to tune in. Zimmerman is a primary historical
    inflection point in our history and represents the opening MSN salvo to ignite a race war across
    the country. Given the Constitutional carve out for the press ‘to serve the public interest’, FCC
    licensing review and revocation should be the high on the critical list of the Congressional order
    of business. Don’t hold your breath.

    Of note today our ‘raise the white flag’ Pope congratulated Putin on his electoral victory,
    the only Western leader to do so. He may just be in need of some global media attention
    and by burnishing his even handed neutrality he’s hoping for a place in the spotlight
    encouraging a peace settlement. Or it may be a legacy building measure to go down in
    history as the Peace Pope and he will actually involve himself in negotiations. He definitely
    needs a win given his tarnished image but I’m not sure this is the right hill for him to die on.
    It would be interesting if Krill mounted the precipice along side him providing the trust
    building spectacle the globalists desperately need.

  9. Rig

    It’s too simple,really. ***** people **** ki** all ******* and **** and ****** immediately or die.

  10. Hagfish Bagpipe

    It is pretty amazing that a ridiculous concoction like Victim Power! should prove to be such a powerful poison to white Christians. A people who, by courage, ingenuity, and religious elevation conquered much of the world. Only to be brought low by a stupid trick. Like kryptonite to Superman, like alcohol to Indians, to Victim Power! we showed little resistance. One whiff of “Victim!” was enough to put a white weakling flat on his back wetting himself. Embarrassing.

    Where did this Victim Power! come from? It was entirely absent in the Founding Fathers. It’s not American to whine about being a victim. But there is a group that whines about being victims, even about being The World’s Greatest Victims, and they have the museums to prove it. They love it so much they made a religion out of it. And they were so successful selling Victim Power! to thirsty victims out of the backs of their little wagons that they started selling Victim Power! franchises; women, blacks, homos, proles, gimps, dopes, dips, and boobs — all victims are welcome! Except white Christian men. They’re the “marks” in the little scam.

    You gotta hand it to the World’s Greatest Victims. They studied their quarry, found weakness, and deployed tempting weapons; free money, porn, booze, liberation, revolution, utopia, et cetera — and we fell for it like a ton of bricks. Fell so hard that now our leaders travel to their foreign country, put on their ridiculous little hat, and grovel before them! Pathetic. But that’s on us White Christian men. We didn’t have to do that. We chose to do that, took the free money, the porn, booze, revolution, ect. Can’t blame it on women and blacks, who are easier to trick at any rate, or used to be. Can’t even blame the World’s Greatest Victims — that’s what they do, and we were warned.

    We got us into this mess and, with God’s help, we’ll endure, shape up, and get out of it. That’s the American spirit free from the whiney victim baloney. Get out of debt, stop watching porn, sober up, work hard, love God, be cheerful, moral, courageous, and confident. Americans like a winner. Shape up.

  11. I’ll just say this — Jesus Christ identified the the enemy 000 years ago.
    He called the Jews the devil’s children (John 8:44) and thy synagogue of Satan (Rev 3:9)
    Jews openly espouse the genocide of the White race — look up Noel Ignatiev and many others.
    “Critical Theory” is from the “Frankfurt School,” a Jewish project to destroy the White and Christian Race.
    No progress will be made until we take the Jews at their own words.

  12. Cary D Cotterman

    Statue 1, “bronze and blue woman of colour”, looks like all the obese, shelf-butt negresses who have ever waddled along a crosswalk in front of me in my car, and slowed down to a snail’s pace just to mess wit da white man.

    Statue 2, “Kenisha out-of-work”, is a blatant ripoff of Statue 4, “reaching out”, or vice-versa. Plagiarism is a negro-culture point of pride, lately.

    Statue 3, “cervical cancer lady”, is one of those 2020 Kung-flu Karens, haranguing me for not wearing a mask.

    Statue 5, “black larcenous marauder”, shouldn’t be wearing that tight skirt with those thunder thighs.

    Statue 6, “NAACP lady”, appears to be benignly beaming at grocery store customers from the front of a pancake batter box.

    Proud woke professor, whom you refer to as “he”, appears to me to be a woman, but who the hell knows, today, especially in the context of a “White People Suck” class at a university?

    The ubiquitous negro-themed statues and street-renamings I see around southern California are always dedicated to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and always in problematic black areas of decay like South Central L.A. and San Bernardino. They’re obviously appeasement tokens to pander to and placate the local savages, who, previous to St. Floyd, probably couldn’t have named any black person of note, other than King, who wasn’t a basketball star or a rapper. Since Kings philosophy is now condemned as racist by the woke, I expect to see his statues vandalized and removed.

    Thomas Sowell is ninety-three, and will, unfortunately, probably be a candidate for a statue within the next few years. If one ever appears downtown in a large city or on a uni campus, we’ll know things have taken a turn for the better.

  13. Cary D Cotterman

    The “Jews not white” claim is interesting. Are/were William Shatner, Paul Newman, Benny Goodman, Jack Benny, Joan Rivers, Jerry Seinfeld, the Marx Brothers, Milton Berle, Dinah Shore, Richard Dreyfus, and Albert Einstein people of color? It seems like an impossible stretch not to regard them as white people.

  14. D’Marcus Jones-Bey

    These statues are mainly black baby mommas waiting for dem baby daddies to pick dem up from da GED classes. The ‘angery’ expressions is because they are late to the Wigs & Weave store gibs-me-dat sale. “Hurried to get de nails dones” is title of the modern Venus of Willendorf Negroid in blue.

  15. Hagfish Bagpipe

    The construct, “white people” is a slippery one. We were Yorkshiremen, or Prussians, or Flemings, or whatever, but never “white”, except in some generic sense. It’s like the construct, “Hispanic”, a hodgepodge of disparate peoples invented in the seventies to trick people into joining the Victim Power! follies. But sure, throw those pasty Jews in the “white” column, and while we’re at it toss the Japs in too, that people is super pale. But no matter the race nonsense promoted by Victim Power! the actual basis of community remains shared religion, language, morality, culture, blood.

  16. Sumguy Sumwhere

    Concerning this (undoubtedly) proud, powerful, stunning, brave, don’t need no man etc (sic) Henrietta Lacks who unwittingly had her ovaries scraped or somethingoranother

    I actually find it quite sad and pitiful that an entire race is so unaccomplished that their heroes have to be fabricated like this. Maybe Wakanda will come true some day and we can a stop pretending it already has.

  17. They’re everywhere, they’re everywhere! Statues, billboards, print, movies, TV. The Obligatory Fat (sometimes Black) Chick. Tell me I’m wrong.

  18. Edmond Dantes

    Inequality and victimhood and the fetish for “people of colour” (which is not the same thing, for some arcane reason, as “coloured people”) are just outlets for a kind of childishly shallow self-indulgence of people who are too rich, too secure, too well-fed, and who have way too much time on their hands.

    So this childish fantasy and its concomitant self-indulgence will evaporate as mist before the morning sun when fiscal, financial, and economic realities reassert themselves, which everyone reading this will see happen.

  19. Because statues of white people are racist – and because both the people who buy statuary art and those who sell it want to consummate transactions, we get visually and physically distorted presentations of blacks.

    I have a design entered in response to the RFP for for an 2025 improved Lincoln memorial statue: a 33.3 foot high statue dedicated to the Biden administration – several sets of organs, one bent to re-enter – 18 feet wide at the “bottom” with a 5 x 8 inch head and 16″ diameter tarred power pole pieces for legs – all painted in multi-color stripes, of course. Should be a no brainer winner given the characteristics I gave myself as the proponent/artist.

  20. john844

    @ carry d cotterman
    No. Those people listed are not actually White. Don’t believe me? Read the jews own writings.
    However, ones like Newman and Dinah Shore do indeed look completely White…but there is a reason. A small percentage of ‘jews’ are Adamic thru esau and cain. Those individuals do indeed look White. Most jews are khazars or other mixtures and look anywhere from einstein on down. They are not Adamic. They are the stereotypical appearing jew.

  21. Robin is on the money. It’s a reset since the world’s population will be black and brown, in this case the numbers don’t lie. The powers that be appear to believe AI and robots can replace the dead White males and take on the White man’s burden. Good luck with that. I don’t think even they believe it since they’re building bunkers in NZ and Hawaii, usefully geographically isolated for when the BAME explosion consumes the once civilized world. I mean that literally, agriculture is going to collapse and billions with starve. India’s agricultural system is on borrowed time for one.

  22. Statues are not real people facing real discrimination.

    Statues are art.

    If up to me, all statues would be pretty young women wearing string bikinis. My wife would prefer handsome young men wearing Speedos. But that’s just us.

    I am a champion of once group facing severe discrimination: Albino Yugoslavian transgender dwarfs

    They get no attention because they are people of no color

    Watching an NBA basketball game recently, I was annoyed there were no albino Yugoslavian transgender dwarfs in the game, Not even for a few minutes. Of course they also have no statues, but more important is they can not earn a living wage playing basketball

    I wrote my Michigan CongressIdiot Rashita Taleb about this obvious discrimination, and she s actually responded. She blamed “The Jews” She also blamed “The Jews” when I previously complained about too many potholes in Michigan roads, and again when I asked why we could not lower our taxes by selling our Upper Peninsula to Canada.

    This comment is serious, not satire
    I am a very serious person

    Richard Greene
    Michigan Albino Yugoslavian Transgender Dwarf Anti-Discrimination Society
    (we love people of no color)

  23. Johnno

    If they are going to do this, why not attractive, slender, beautiful black women?

    I know they exist.

    Why all these fat asses?

    Is it so they can charge the city more for cost of materials?

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