Triumphant Return of The Week In Doom! Birth Prevention Edition

Triumphant Return of The Week In Doom! Birth Prevention Edition

Due to incessant, almost overwhelming, demand (one guy asked once), I announce the triumphant return of The Week In Doom — a breezy compilation of the Week’s accelerating woke and other corruptions of the mind. Whether we continue this on Fridays is up to you. Turned out to be a busy week of Doom, with bookmarks pilling up, so it fit.

Man Pilled

Headline: “Male birth control research wins audience over at STAT Madness event“.

In the article, we see a jovial fat researcher, who has no obvious need for pharmaceutical “male birth control”, striding happily onstage to receive an award from a man who looks like one of those future-punk curiosities from a dystopian Heavy Metal story.

Levin, the researcher, developed “an experimental compound that can stop sperm in its tracks”. In mice. For “protection from pregnancy”. Ask any woke what sex is for, it’s purpose, and you’ll like get every conceivable answer except reproduction. This is why they have “sex education” in schools, to teach kids “protection from pregnancy”.

Suicidal anti-Reality. Which is to say, woke.

A New Wrong Right

Item: Dutch woman who will have doctors slit her throat, an action approved by government psychological Experts. Under the “right” to die.

Why you don’t these people kill themselves without the publicity and official sanction? Killing yourself is easy: fentanyl is everywhere. Trains can be jumped under, windows jumped out of. Et cetera.

The public aspect must come from the desire to boast of ones uniqueness and wonderfulness. See how great I am! Look how many “likes” I’m getting! The other part is to seek permission. To be told that killing yourself is okay, when all evidence screams it is not okay. If you can get an Expert to certify you are death worthy, then you can tell the Lord at your judgement “It’s fine. A doctor prescribed death as treatment.”

If we ask doctors to kill, the doctors will begin to enjoy it. Once we give Experts power to certify who is death worthy, they’ll use those powers ever more freely.

Then there’s this: governments now kill with the exact level of competency we expect. “Assisted Suicide Drug Takes Five Days to Kill Patient in Oregon“.

Fat Ain’t Where It’s At

Item: “A growing number of women are reporting they were able to become pregnant after taking Mounjaro or other drugs used for weight loss, including Ozempic and Wegovy.”

This may not be the drug. I suggest that their husbands find them more attractive after they stop being fat.

Scottish Tattle Tales

Item: The woke-son-of-immigrants ruler in Scotland hates whites, railing against them in government session. He can’t stand seeing so many whites in a white land. He also dislikes that some whites don’t sufficiently hate whites, and some—gasp!—even enjoy it. Out loud.

So Scotland will ask people to rat our their neighbors, reporting them for thoughtcimes and “hate”, such as being pro-white. Anonymous rat outs welcomed.

Here’s the official form where you can rat somebody out for “hate”. Don’t flood the system with false reports to demonstrate to the Scotch Stasi the absurdity of their program. That’s probably illegal.

Polish Copy Cats

Item: “Poland Prepares New Hate-Speech Law: 3 Years In Prison For Insulting LGBT People”.

Provisions regarding gender, sexual orientation and gender identity have been added to article 256, which covers incitement to hated and in article 257 regarding insults.

Now, under these new rules, “insults” against sexual orientation or gender identity will be punishable by up to three years in prison.

Just months ago men flooded Polish streets chanting “God! Honor! Fatherland!” Now they must swear sodomy is a good.

Idiot Indigestion

Item: “One of Princeton’s eating clubs (co-ed frats) has instituted a new visitors policy after a student brought @McCormickProf [Robert George] to lunch—because his very presence at the club made members feel unsafe!”

A Catholic professor wandering among ignorant woke students is like Dr Helsing in a vampire lunchroom, the diners crouching in fear the good doctor will whip out his crucifix.

The woke are always fretting about “feeling” (it’s never thinking) “unsafe”. Why? Because each of them has at least a modicum of bloodlust. They are always calculating just who needs to be killed to usher in Utopia. They figure people on the right are just as evil as they are, thus they the perpetual worry of being cut down (as they would do) if the right gains power.

Headline of the Week

Item: Court to decide if Ontario must pay for surgery to make vagina if patient also wants to keep penis”.

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  1. > Trains can be jumped under,

    PLEASE DON’T JUMP IN FRONT OF TRAINS! It will traumatize train drivers! This is not a joke. They are people too. Jump out the window if you have to, or do something else that won’t traumatize other people. Also, make sure you don’t kill other people while you’re killing yourself (make sure there’s noone at the sidewalk before you jump onto it).

  2. I’m glad you post links so I can be sure you’re not making up these stories.

    I have proposed four “climate” studies for a Joe Bribe’em government grant, that might make it into your article some day:

    “Proof That Climate Change Killed My Dog”

    “How I Became a Millionaire by Living in the Trunk of My EV”

    “There is a 101% Consensus a Climate Crisis is Coming, with 105% Confidence: A 97% Consensus, with 95% Confidence, is for Losers”

    “How to Stop Global Warming by Filling the Sky with Air Pollution: Blue Skies are For Losers”

    (lame jokes leftover from April 1)

  3. Uncle Mike

    You missed one. In this very Week of Doom our anti-Christian Anti-Christ President proclaimed Easter to now be Sexual Mutilation of Children Day-Month-Year-Decade in a chilling display of the Audacity of Evil.

  4. Cary D Cotterman

    We are surrounded by imbeciles. Every corner of the Earth is turning blue. There will be no place of refuge for the rational.

  5. TheFeebleClone

    A friend of me and my family works in palliative care. His observation is that the state-of-the art palliative care has been neglected with the expansion of doctor assisted suicide. Having found a sure-fire vaccine against suffering, they in fact actively resist the use of more sophisticated pain relief. Despite being brilliant, he was aggressively maraginalized and his career was damaged for his refusal to participate.
    It reminds me about what stephen Couglin’s discussion of the Frankfurt School’s discourse theory. He quotes Krzysztof Karo?’s 2016 lecture:

    “Consensus in the understanding of Discourse Theory does not mean
    the agreement of all the parties with the elaborated position, but
    the abandonment of the previous position and the acceptance of the common position as one’s own.
    Consensus doesn’t so much mean acceptance as affirmation of the
    elaborated negotiating position. The prerequisite of the very adherence to the discourse
    is the renunciation of conviction about the objective legitimacy of one’s own position.'”

    The other day, I was listeing to a woman discussing the death of her relative. They played music, lit candles and gathered around before their family member was killed.
    Suicide is now a sacrament.

  6. Cloudbuster

    “They figure people on the right are just as evil as they are, thus they the perpetual worry of being cut down (as they would do) if the right gains power.”

    We better figure out how to live up to those expectations, or we are doomed.

  7. Hun

    Thank you for bringing this series back and praise whomever demanded this! 🙂

    Re: Poland – it’s very sad that a country that has been resisting the worst of Western progressive insanity for decades is falling so fast. And it took only one tight election. The enemy doesn’t waste opportunities.
    This should be a lesson for our side. When in power, do not treat the enemy with kid gloves, make changes as permanent as possible and do everything possible to neutralize the enemy forever.

  8. Johnno

    Switzerland “Violated Human Rights” By Not Tackling Climate-Change Quickly Enough, ECHR Rules In Landmark Case

    In a highly-anticipated judgment, the Strasbourg court on Tuesday sided with a group of Swiss pensioners who brought a claim against their national government for its perceived failure to act sufficiently in reducing carbon emissions, claiming that existing climate policy was violating their human rights.

    The members of the KlimaSeniorinnen group, supported by environmental campaign groups such as Greenpeace, argued that elderly citizens are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, citing the fact that excess deaths occur more regularly among the elderly during periods of extreme heat because they are less able to regulate their body temperature.

    The group also claimed that heat waves impact the mental well-being of elderly citizens more because they are less able to go outside and withstand the heat, which they argue affects their quality of life.

    The association relied on Article 2 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which protects the general right to life, and Article 8, which guarantees the right to private and family life.

    Domestic governments are obliged to take “reasonable and appropriate measures” to secure these rights, steps members of the KlimaSeniorinnen group claimed the Swiss government had not taken.


    Islands That Climate Alarmists Said Would Soon “Disappear” Due To Rising Sea Found To Have Grown In Size

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