Why I Don’t Want To Be Made To Support Israel

Why I Don’t Want To Be Made To Support Israel

I realize, my dear readers, that many have picked a side in this fight, which really isn’t theirs, but which they have made theirs to the extent it often seems this fight is more important to them than events at home. They have declared “My mother, drunk or sober”, and see everything through that loving lens, dismissing any criticism out of hand as false, suspicious, or malicious. This is human nature.

I do not wish to talk you out of whatever side you have picked. I want to tell you why I do not want to be made, as I am forced by our rulers, to pick a side. As it is, my side is not represented. If it were up to me—and it isn’t, and never will be, so there is no point becoming anxious or angry—Jerusalem would be Christian because Our Lord sacrificed himself there. But if you want to argue that all groups, and not just one, should and must have their own ethno-states, then I’m right there with you.

As it stands, the position I take—again, this will never matter to our rulers, so calm yourself if you must—is that of not having anything to do with that certain area of the world. The bad blood, as we shall see, goes back too far. It is not my responsibility to step in. I do not want to pay for any meddling, yet pay and meddle I must, because our rulers have decided I must.

I am also, unlike some, not keen on World War III. We see, for instance, Russia, the ancient enemy of some, but not me, has moved the frigate Marshal Shaposhni into the Mediterranean. Pleasure cruise? Sampson Option anyone?

My hope in this post is to cut through some of the propaganda, and so quiet tempers, and perhaps, in some meager way, reduce the chance of global war.

It’s true: the propaganda on this subject is, like it is everywhere else, thick. Though those of us on Team Reality see its presence on almost every other subject; some of us, because of sympathies with the goals of it, do or will not see it here. Yet ask yourselves: when does the media not propagandize? Why would this subject be different for them?

The grossest mistake you can make is supposing all violence started last year, for no reason at all except some kind of innate and inborn hatred on one side, and that the retribution which followed was fully justified in all its brutality (which itself is dismissed or denied entirely). But, dear reader, the vicious fight between parties has been going on since before 1947. Both sides having their hand in (a media-favorite word) atrocities.

Let’s continue our review of a small fraction of the history of the conflict to see the truth of this. The first part is here (blog, Substack). From a man who was there and who was a witness and participant in events from World War II up through the long past it: Lieutenant-General Sir John Baggot Glubb, a.k.a. Glubb Pasha (see the link for details on Glubb, if you don’t remember).

He summarizes the violent foundation of the Jewish ethno-state in A Soldier With The Arabs (1957). He reminds us that “In 1946 and 1947, no voice was raised in America in support of Arabs [p 57].” Due to massive changes in immigration that has changed. It turns out there is no magic dirt in America. As recent events have, as Team Reality predicted, well demonstrated.

Here is the Glubb’s summary:

In so far as Israel was concerned, to save the persecuted Jews of Europe was doubtless a noble task. But the proposition which I venture to submit is that the Jew should not have been settled in Palestine by the use of military force, and against the will of the people already living in that country. That was indeed the heart of the matter. To give help to persecuted Jews, both moral and material, would have been a generous policy. Britain and America could have mediated between them and the Arabs, but the fatal error was to use violence—and to leave a tradition of violence, which Jews and Arabs alike only too readily absorbed. Neither side considers any solution to their present deadlock, except violence….

Selfish violence [by Jews in settling their new homeland] sooner or later brings retribution, though it may be long coming. [p 225]

In The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival Glubb recalls that “In 1948, about a million Palestinians were driven from their homes by force.” By force. In the demand for living room. On that violent forced removal, Glubb reminds us in his The Changing Scenes of Life: An Autobiography:

Whole villages were bulldozed down and then ploughed over [by the nascent Israelis], so that the refugees would have no homes to which to return. After the armistice, some of these refugees attempted to return to their homes at night to see if they could retrieve any of their possessions. All such persons caught by Israeli patrols were shot dead on the spot, without arrest or trial.

As a result, the infiltrators began to carry weapons and a little sub-guerrilla war developed, which need never have happened…

The second principle on which their action was based was that of ten-fold reprisals. If one Jew were killed by a refugee infiltrator, ten Arabs must be killed in revenge. For this purpose, a platoon of Israeli soldiers would be sent across the line to kill ten Arabs in a border village.

These events are never, of course, recounted in modern propaganda. But so are these next events forgotten (all from A Soldier With The Arabs). Of course, it might be said Glubb was merely angry and had a grudge because Jewish terrorists, who, à la the King David Hotel, in 1947 planted a bomb at his house which nearly killed his wife. By coincidence, Glubb was away at the time, and his wife had just turned away from the window outside of which was the bomb.

Here is some of the history:

As May 1948 and the end of the [British] mandate drew nearer, fighting and confusion in Palestine increased. Battles took place in the very streets of Jerusalem. The Jews began slowly and methodically to conquer and occupy Arab quarters of the city.
[p 71]

Outside the area which was to be awarded Jews, in a place called Nevi Yaacov or Nebi Yqoub, Jews had set up a “colony” and built a “concrete blockhouse” on the road leading to the colony.

From the end of 1947 until May 15th 1948, this blockhouse was continually manned by armed Jewish “soldiers”. When British control began to relax, these men, whenever the spirit moved them, would enter the blockhouse, shut the door and man the loopholes. They would then first at a few yards’ range at any Arab vehicle attempting to pass. Many Arab buses and taxis suffered casualties in this manner, often to women and children…

…A little Arab Legion bedouin corporal called Auda Dhuweihi, rather a friend of mine, was standing in the road. On his left, an Arab taxi was overturned in the ditch, the Jews having shot the driver as the car drove past. Pinned underneath the overturned taxi were an Arab woman and child. A few yards away, the Jews had come out of their blockhouse and were smoking and laughing.

Then this event in 1948, which you might recognize sounds very modern, in which “the Irgun and the Stern Gang were invited by the Hagana to capture the village of Deir Yaseen.

[W]hen the [Jewish] terrorists entered the village, they found in it only old men, women and children. These were massacred apparently without explanation, and without regard to age or sex. Two hundred and fifty dead bodies were thrown down the village well. The Irgun and term at first openly claimed the credit for this massacre. The Jewish Agency officially expressed its horror. [p 81]

Glubb goes on to say that the “Jewish Agency regularly registered its horror at the terrorists’ outrages, but it never took action against them for terrorist activities against non-Jews.”

In 1947, a senior British officer was asking a Jewish official about the partition plan about to go into effect. The British officer asked whether the Jew would have trouble “in view of the fact that the Arab inhabitants would be equal in number to the Jews.”

“Oh, no!” replied the Jewish officer. “That will be fixed. A few calculated massacres will soon get rid of that!”…

So much might be idle boasting or dismissed as mere gossip, but:

Later on, when the problem of the Arab refugees became a tragedy which drew the attention of the world [now forgotten], Jewish apologists claimed that the Arabs had voluntarily become refugees, and that they had not been driven out. [p 81]

What is fascinating to me, and perhaps to you, too, is that after recounting these events (of which I only gave a small sample into 1948, with many more similar events on both sides to come), he said this, much in the spirit of plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose:

Two or three years later, I was discussing these events with a prominent English Jew. He expressed incredulity. “You cannot be right,” he said. “No Jew would do such things. You have been deceived by anti-Semitic propaganda.” [p 82]

This brings our mini-history to the official founding of the Jewish ethno-state. Which is where we’ll leave off (for now), except to note that at that beginning the Jews “were already in occupation of considerable areas allotted to the Arabs and had begun (as will be seen later) to conquer Arab Jerusalem.”

There were and are, some of you will be now screaming, misdeeds from the other side, too. Why not highlight those as well? What for? Most of us know of these already because of propaganda.

It must be clear by now, I hope, that the hatred felt by both sides against the other goes back a long way, has become permanent and generational, and that playing Innocent Victim is absurd. However politically efficacious.

My point is not to take sides. I don’t care if you do. My argument is that I do not want to be forced to pick a side. I want nothing to do with it. These are not my people. I do not want to be forced to have anything to do with it, nor to have my money pay for any of it. And I do not want global war to begin over a fight that is not mine.

Incidentally, not everybody in Israel is pro-war. Here’s Haaretz: “Resisting the ‘Ecstasy of War’: Gaza Through the Eyes of Religious, Left-wing Israeli Soldiers”.

For religious left-wingers, the moral complexity surrounding their military orders created a unique battle within them during their time as reservists in Gaza – especially when witnessing ‘disgraceful acts’ that contradict Jewish values

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  1. McChuck

    A pox on all their houses.
    I just wish the US government would take the side of the American nation for a change.

  2. RussO

    However we got here, we’re here. One can review the genesis of the situation and land on either side with some utility. What confounds me is that not one Arab State in the region will step forward to absorb their brethren or offer them a segment of their country to call their own; potentially solving the problem.

  3. Gwyneth

    “Soldier and civilian, they died in their tens of thousands because death had been concocted for them, morality hitched like a halter round the warhorse so that we could talk about ‘target-rich environments’ and ‘collateral damage’—that most infantile of attempts to shake off the crime of killing—and report the victory parades, the tearing down of statues and the importance of peace.
    Governments like it that way. They want their people to see war as a drama of opposites, good and evil, ‘them’ and ‘us,’ victory or defeat. But war is primarily not about victory or defeat but about death and the infliction of death. It represents a total failure of the human spirit.”

    Robert Fisk, The Great War for Civilisation

  4. bob sykes

    Israel is the last, and last remaining, of the European colonial projects, established just when the era of colonialism was coming to an end. Neither the British colonial master of Palestine, nor the nascent UN had the authority to establish an Israeli state on Palestinian land. Nor did the horrors inflicted upon the Jews in Europe by the Germans, Poles, Ukrainians, Hungarians, Romanians and other justify the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians by the European Ashkenazi Jews.

    Please note that the genocide and ethnic cleansing is directed against all non-Jews, especially Christians, and not just Muslim. The war is, indeed, mainly between Muslims and Jews, but it encompasses more than them.

  5. Dan

    Well, dang. I’ve picked a side. The lesser evil as it were. You’ll be missed a little.


  6. Briggs

    Sorry to see you go, Dan. Enjoy your soyburgers.

  7. Phileas_Frogg

    Recall, this is what the Federal Government has in store for us, by virtue of their abdication of their duty to secure our country’s border. We will see, and indeed have seen, inter-ethnic conflict waged on a sub-state level with increasing frequency between the various nations which live within this country. What were the BLM riots other than Blacks waging ethnic warfare on Whites? Why weren’t the Hispanics as negatively effected? What happened to the Crips and the Bloods? They’ve been completely driven out by the Hispanics, and the older members have openly said as much in interviews. Go watch some, it’s shockingly simple, to paraphrase: “The Hispanic’s roll in armed, and tell the Blacks their not allowed to stand around outside in this neighborhood anymore. The Blacks take the hint and scatter and their social life is thus suppressed, handing over control to the Hispanics who, if discovering that their orders are resisted, inflict vicious violence on the Blacks which the Blacks are not organizationally capable of meeting.”

    The playbook is actually rather well developed, having been employed as far back as the 1950’s and 1960’s to ethnically cleanse Catholic neighborhoods by unleashing recently arrived Southern Blacks on them until the Catholics were driven into the suburbs, stopped identifying as, “Irish-Catholic,” or, “Polish-Catholic,” and started identifying as, “White,” thus breaking the growing political power of Catholic’s in the United States.

    I won’t pick a side here, but I encourage everyone to pay close attention; it is no exaggeration THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE CREATING HERE IN OUR HOME.

  8. Brian (bulaoren)

    A sizable majority of anthropologists and paleontologists seem to support the “Out of Africa” theory of human origin and distribution. Wouldn’t that imply that Africans were the original ” colonizers ” ?

  9. What I wonder is what to do with those bloodthirsty Israeli Jews (all are assumed to be bloodthirsty until proven otherwise) once their ethno-state collapses. And collapse it will, and it won’t take too long. I’ll see it my life for sure, and I bet Briggs will see it too. What do we do with those bloodthirsty lunatics? When crusader kindgoms failed, the Franks had France to go back to. But when Israel fails? Jews don’t have a country to go back to and you can’t just drown them all in the Mediterranean. And we can’t really ship them to Antartica. Perhaps it would be morally justified to apply the old cultural liquidation technique on them to try and flush bloodthirst out of them – boarding schools? The only thing I know for certain is that they can’t be let to stay united. They have to be atomized and individualized, dispersed over the entire world, because otherwise they’ll just start another war. It’s OK to not split families but there shouldn’t be more than two families in one town after their dispersion. And I’d ask everyone to pitch in. I know some empty houses in my neighboorhood. We can handle a psycho Haredi family, I think. 🙂

  10. Tillman Eddy

    Machiavelli with my read on Israel:

    “Men sooner forget the death of their father than the loss of their patrimony!”

  11. dr. lexus

    i choose team bacon. mmmm, bacon!

  12. Incitadus

    Israel was created as a result of the Balfour declaration with Britain. Britain as we all know occupied Palestine
    en route to attacking the Ottoman Empire Turks during WW1. Many Palestinian tribes joined the British
    fighting to free themselves from the Turkish yoke. This is where the Western history of Palestine ends with the epic
    Hollywood production of Lawrence of Arabia which nobody really got other than it’s value as popcorn entertainment.
    About 4% of the population of Palestine in 1917 was Jewish. The Balfour declaration was a letter from the British
    government to ‘Lord Rothchild’ a prominent British Zionist to create a homeland for the Jews in Palestine.

    In 1917 the British were losing the war badly and the Zionist side of this agreement, left unsaid in the letter, was for their
    powerful media presence in America, an America which was staunchly anti-war up to this point, to bring the Americans
    into the war. This they did and the rest as they say is history. Overnight all the Jewish owned news media in America
    clamored for war with the CREEL commission headed by none other than Edward Bernays nephew of Sigmund Freud
    coordinating the propaganda primarily consisting of dead babies on bayonets. Odd how these dead babies keep making
    an appearance in the news. All that is old is new again.

    Stab from the past:
    1961 Benjamin Freedman speech at Willard Hotel in Washington

  13. Howard

    This article is superb. It exactly captures my thoughts. I want nothing to do with this mess and I don’t want to choose a side.

    I find that some friends of mine can’t stomach the idea that I can advocate for no involvement. Why that’s traitorous they think. I’ve gone over to the dark side. Sometimes one has to recognize that he is powerless to fix a problem of this nature using violence. I can pray.

  14. McChuck (above) wrote:
    “A pox on all their houses.
    I just wish the US government would take the side of the American nation for a change.”
    and I agree completely – it’s a key reason I want Obama et al to lose and Trump therefore to win.

    However.. the current middle eastern mess is both the continuation of a conflict that started at the time of Exodus and the relatively immediate result of the foreign policy expertise of presidents Wilson, Carter, and Obama; so not wanting to be forced to support one side or the other is sensible at the personal level, but irresponsible at the national level – akin to making a giant mess and then skipping town.

  15. Incitadus

    hudbwu….Send them all to Britain.

  16. Hoyos


    They won’t do it because they did in the last. Palestinian migrants when let into Jordan tried to overthrow the government, same in Egypt and Lebanon. Kuwait took in a great number of refugees and when Saddam invaded they collaborated in such great numbers Kuwait expelled them all after the war.

    Kuwait was an especially heinous example because they’re not an immediate neighbor, no one especially expected them to take in refugees, and there wasn’t a lot of negative history there like in for example Jordan.

    Palestinians so far cannot live peaceably wherever they are at.

  17. Hoyos

    @RussO my first comment got eaten I think so I apologize if this is a double post.

    Short version, Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan all took in Palestinian refugees who then tried to overthrow all three governments. In Kuwait they collaborated with Saddam so thoroughly they were expelled after the war. Kuwait is an especially heinous example because not being an immediate neighbor no one especially expected them to accommodate refugees. Palestinians do not live peaceably with their neighbors even if those neighbors are fellow Arab Muslims.

  18. Don't mind me.

    Those who unwaveringly support Israel have a problem looking back more than six months into history.
    But this is what our culture has become. We don’t look back, and we only look forward depending on the timing of the election cycle. The young are even worse, demanding increasing levels of instant electronic gratification that reduces their attention span to mere seconds.

  19. Brian ( bulaoren)

    When Russia bailed out of WW1, they missed out on the spoils from the treaty of Sykes Picot. They’ve been upsetting the Middle East apple cart ever since. Sour grapes

  20. “In 1948, about a million Palestinians were driven from their homes by force.”

    Total BS

    The Jews in what later became Israel asked all the Arabs there stay and half of them did stay. The surrounding Arb nations told the Arabs to leave because their armies were coming in to kill all the Jews. Then they could return.

    Approximately 700,000 Arabs left what became Israel. After losing the war, the surrounding Arab nations ejected roughly 700,000 Jews

    Israel exists because no nation wanted Jews before or after WWII

    Anyone who is so ignorant that he can’t differentiate between evil Muslims in Gaza, and Jews in Israel, needs to be sedated and committed to a lunatic asylum.

    No Jews living in Gaza

    20,000 Muslims from Gaza had been allowed to work in Israel

    21% of the Israeli population is Arab

    Muslims raped, tortured and killed girls and women. They killed children an old men and burned babies to death. They attacked defenseless civilians and surround themselves with civilians in Gaza

    They are evil Muslims
    Jews in Israel are not evil

    And you, Briggs, are an idiot.

    After I read the comments to see how many antisemites read this, I will permanently delete your blog’s URL from my bookmarks list.

    Men who ignore evil, are evil themselves

    Richard Greene
    Bingham Farms, Michigan
    Motto: Briggs is an idiot.

  21. JohnAM

    “Jerusalem would be Christian because Our Lord sacrificed himself there”.

    Should Paris be Muslim because in 2015 someone sacrificed himself there with a suicide vest?

    Or, perhaps, New York after 911?

  22. > The surrounding Arb nations told the Arabs to leave because their armies were coming in to kill all the Jews. Then they could return.

    Screenshot or it didn’t happen. By which I mean “source, please? 🙂 ” Because what you’re saying is about on the same level as people claiming Earth is flat.

    I heard other completely bonkers claims coming out of Israelis. Considering the level of insanity in those quotes, it’s no wonder Israelis are bloodthirsty. No people that removed from the truth can remain sane. #Woke

  23. Milton Hathaway

    I appreciate your honesty, Professor Briggs, but this is just a less subtle expose’ of what was plainly evident already in these blog pages. It’s my least favorite aspect of this blog, and probably the least thoughtfully presented. A few supporting quotes from Victor Davis Hanson would have gone a long way in service of a convincing argument.

    Team Reality is aware of the past and tries to learn from it, but Team Reality is pragmatic. As an engineer, I’ve worked with many people who were stuck in the past, with an overpowering focus on how we got into the current mess, and assigning blame. Once you understand the root causes, the focus has to shift to the future, and those that can’t put the past behind need to step aside and let the pragmatic take charge and work toward solutions.

    Is it pragmatic for the US to provide support to Israel? In my mind, yes, because Israel is fighting our battle against radical (i.e., orthodox) Islam, a religion clearly founded by an agent of Satan. I’m on the fence about Israel’s imminent response to Iran. Part of me hopes Israel takes out a big chunk of Iran’s nuclear capability with massive barrage (albeit starting small to encourage evacuations and minimize the death toll, which could prove critical to any popular uprising to overthrow of the current Iran ruling regime). Iran threatens the world with their belief that they can hasten Al-Qiyama with nuclear weapons; you have to ask yourself who in the world is safe from the consequences such a belief. But the other part of me recognizes the huge danger in the awful unintended consequences that have proven to be an inherent aspect of every single use of Biden presidential authority (i.e., Biden is an idiot, and he was an idiot long before he was senile).

    Ukraine was lost when the US convinced them to give up their nukes in exchange for protection from Russia, a promise we didn’t keep. All of our recent aid to Ukraine is in service of prior Biden family treason, and has only succeeded in delaying the inevitable, and the pointless death of hundreds of thousands. US support for Ukraine is very different form US support for Israel. One is making things worse for a more peaceful world, the other is part of the world’s only hope for a more peaceful world.

    Rush Limbaugh used to say “ours is a world governed by the aggressive use of force”, something all the famous appeasers failed to grasp.

  24. Tars Tarkus

    Sorry I have to tell you this Mr Briggs, but I absolutely hate the new website. It’s even slower than the old website. Now you cannot even see links easily. There is this retarded ball that follows your pointer and then, for reasons known only to god, explodes when you get to a link that does not advertise itself by being in an obviously different font, underlined or a different color.

    The site just feels like it is going to crash at any moment.

    Other than being slow, the old site was fine the way it was.

    I’m not complaining. I’m getting more than what I paid for. But, if your readers don’t let you know they hate the new site, you won’t know we hate it.

  25. > Iran threatens the world with their belief that they can hasten Al-Qiyama with nuclear weapons; you have to ask yourself who in the world is safe from the consequences such a belief.

    I think we have reached that point in time where beligerents are accusing each other of the exact same thing. Unfortunately, one side has video and other evidence to support it’s claim. https://nitter.poast.org/lhfang/status/1779642902291116274 https://simplicius76.substack.com/p/world-plummets-into-eschatological Can you represent your claim that Iran wants to hasten Judgement Day with war?

  26. Hun

    “My argument is that I do not want to be forced to pick a side. I want nothing to do with it. These are not my people.”

    Well, one of these two sides already owns your government and every other Western government and all important institutions from education, to media to finance. A side has been already picked for you (and for me too, unfortunately)

    And now you are also losing your boomer and soyim subscribers, because you have not enthusiastically embraced the side you are supposed to be on.

  27. The blame ultimately lies with the thoroughly jewed up Anglo establishment in both America and Britain. Also inexplicable is that Israel has publicly said it will nuke everyone if it doesn’t get their way and yet Israel isn’t under any kind of sanction as a terrorist state but again because the Anglo establishment and the banking cartel are thoroughly jewed up. Ukraine is set to become Greater Israel which is pretty bizarre after flooding Europe with Muslims but I suppose not really since chaos and conflict are the health of the state.

  28. BadThinker

    Matt, it looks like you’ve lost the Griller Propagandists and Daily Wire fanbois! Whatever will become of your famed celebrity? What shall you ever do!

    BTW, I am very much enjoying your Uncertainty class. I don’t suppose we could take up a collection to get you a wireless microphone so you don’t go silent when you talk while writing on the chalkboard?

  29. Rara Avis

    As is clear from some of the comments, it is impermissible among the bien pensant to take a moderate or noncommittal stand with regard to Israel. You are required to be either a rabid, spittle-flecked supporter of anything and everything Israel does, or you are an antisemitic, Holocaust-denying moron who probably beats his wife. I have sent several of what I consider to be “balanced” articles on the late unpleasantness in the ME to my evangelical Christian friends, only to be told, in effect, that as a traditionalist Catholic, I “just don’t get it”. I freely admit that I don’t “get it”. Despite the protestations (no pun intended) of the Darbyite Wing of the protestant theological diaspora, there is no compelling warrant for assigning apocalyptic significance to the existence or the fortunes of a state of Israel. And yet, here we are, being dragged into yet another conflict that benefits only the aware and connected few.

    I’m with you on this one, Bill, all the way. As Scott Adams opined about race relations awhile back, “Just get the […] away from these people.”

  30. Incitadus

    Phileas_Frogg…Yes and who is doing all the DIE, ESG, LGBTQ, and total absence of Caucasians in advertising.
    It’s about as in you face as it gets but most Americans don’t get it. The rabid support is a general indication
    of just how effective brainwashing is.

  31. Who is like the Lord?

    All one has to do to refute the anti-Semitic nonsense on this page is to to look at the present day demographics of Israel, which is 21% Arab. They are the descendants of those Arabs who did NOT leave at the behest of Jordan and Egypt. Jordan and Egypt were supposed to destroy Israel in its crib- but it didn’t quite work out that way. Why should Israel take in those looking for her destruction? Where in the Arab world do you find a country with 21% Jews? Answer- none.
    Briggs, I always wondered whether you were a crack-pot or a genius. With this post, you have answered my question.

  32. Phileas_Frogg


    Have you considered Incitadus’s rather pertinent suggestion? While I agree there is a definite stench of sulfur hanging around Islam recall that between Muslims and Jews, only one of them is named in Scripture as, “…the synagogue of Satan,” and that, “They are displeasing to God and are the enemies of all mankind.”

    Remember again, in Islam, Jesus is an honored prophet, son of the Blessed Virgin, the Messiah, and will return during the Apocalypse, mistaken as they are about the crux of His identity. In Judaism they have resigned our Lord to Hell in a state which I will not repeat.

    Who is the more detestable enemy, he who vows aloud to fight you and then marches upon your lands with open banners, or the sniveling and cancerous Iago within your own ranks, who gleefully throws open the gates after poisoning the garrison, corrupting your children, and pimping out your wife?

    The answer is obvious.

  33. Briggs

    Very well, Who Is Like The Lord, explain to me exactly why that because the Arab population of Israel is 21% that I should be made to support Israel.

    Be specific.

    I also notice you, like some others, passed over the history, dismissing it. Too uncomfortable?

  34. CanSco

    My choice of sides is based on the contemplation of what is likely to happen depending on which side wins. I see a conflict wider than that little piece of land and much longer than the last hundred years. I see a conflict that is essentially religious, between Islam and Jew in the immediate case, but between Islam and every other religion in the long term. While I too would like to simply set the situation aside it is likely jihad is coming to us and I’d rather have the present influence of Jews on our society than that of Islam in future.

  35. Johnno

    Bye Dan! Bye Richard Greene! Bye byyyeee!!!! Bye!!!!! (wave! wave!) BTW, are either of you two or your children signing up for any of your favorite armed forces divisions to go fight? I would like to see better commitment to defending Israel than just words on the internet. So could you? Pleeeease????! Please show your support! Someone needs to go over there and make Jerusalem kosher for the Anti-Christ to come, so that all the evangelicals can finally be raptured and atheists can continue to use condoms and abortifacients without guilt or something…

    John AM – Not only does Jerusalem belong to Jesus Christ, but so does New York, so does Paris, so does Qatar, so does Beijing, so does the entire world! I pray that some day the Catholic faithful will find a fraction of the zealotry that Jews and Arabs and Americans and Chinese have for taking over territory again, rather than the sit back and what all of you retards screw everything up. You utter utter hacks! But as it is, God will only allow us victories up to a point until He finally returns upon a white horse to conquer this pathetic place once and for all!

    Milton – I believe the wife of Ngo Dinh Diem, a certain assassinated Catholic democratic leader of Vietnam once said, “Whoever has the U.S. as allies, does not need any enemies.” If there is any nation on Earth that I trust less to solve any crisis or situation in the year 2024 Anno Domini, especially a situation as FUBAR as this, it’s the U.S.F-ing.A. And it’s not because you can’t find any well-meaning honest Americans… but the American State is a bureaucratic and compromised mess that’s a prostitution den of special interests that is fundamentally incapable of solving anything. What exactly has America done in the past 100 years that demonstrates any proper long-term solutions abroad? Or even at home? As others have pointed out, who is promoting and funding all the vice and woke crap at home? Is it Arabs, or Jews? Now thanks to the same Jews, more Arabs are being imported, despite all the horrible things the Jews tell us about them all the time. Why? Are the Jews simply committed to suicide wherever they go? Why are we taking scorpions across the water? They fund the universities, and liberal acts of government, and all manner of vice, they undermine Christianity for secularism, and with secularism, import Islam, then they censor and defund and destroy any ethnic western people who stand up to point out the insanity of these actions as racists and far-right, then these morons are surprised that nobody will come to help them or Israel from the Arabs anymore?

    Are we all supposed to be like Dan and settle for the “lesser of two evils” that likes to import and prop up the “greater evil”, thus as an actual result we end up accommodating both the greater and lesser evils together at the same time in the same place? This is Dan’s solution???

    No! Briggs is obviously smarter than Richard Greene and Dan put together to the power of 10. Much like climate change, both these idiots think the weather and tides of history blowing in can be controlled by our increasingly incompetent government action and intervention and putting recyclable paper with people’s names into boxes. The result is the same – many people have to die for their hockey stick earthly paradise to come into fruition. They’ve got a model for the Middle East, and they’re sticking to it! Think of the children!

    Enough! if the Jews like DIE at home, then they can have DIE in Israel. Unless they are special or something. Is it antisemitic to think that what’s good enough for the goose is good enough for the gander? Are supposed to raise our ire at Palestinian terrorism, but turn our eyes away from Israeli violations of international law and war crimes? Yeah, yeah, the Jews are defending themselves, but if they set up the rules-based order, then they are expected to abide by it. It ain’t for whites and non-semites only, that the Jews can opt out of when it’s constraints become too inconvenient for them. They should at least be grateful that we are at least leaving them alone if they don’t like us telling them what to do.

    It’s funny how this lot like to guilt Christians into rightfully caring about what happens to their fellow men abroad, but conveniently reject all the other criteria that Christians have for calling these fellow men to convert and behave too as a part of that operation.

    Tough! When the Jews are ready to be preached too, and baptized, and kissing the shoes of the Fisherman, then we will consider coming to their aid. Ditto for the Palestinians and the rest of that so-called prophet’s people. Don’t like that peace proposal? Then go cry and gnash your teeth in the wilderness.

  36. Cloudbuster

    CanSco: “While I too would like to simply set the situation aside it is likely jihad is coming to us and I’d rather have the present influence of Jews on our society than that of Islam in future.”

    “Neither” is a perfectly good and valid choice.

  37. Phileas_Frogg


    “Shall we expect some transatlantic military giant, to step the Ocean, and crush us at a blow? Never!–All the armies of Europe, Asia and Africa combined, with all the treasure of the earth (our own excepted) in their military chest; with a Buonaparte for a commander, could not by force, take a drink from the Ohio, or make a track on the Blue Ridge, in a trial of a thousand years.

    At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”
    – Abraham Lincoln, “The Lyceum Address”

    All fear of Islam is unjustified if you remove domestic subversive elements.

  38. Dixon Craig

    Israel was created to solve the ‘Jewish Problem’: Jews were terrific at increasing the wealth of everybody including themselves, but man, could some of them be obnoxious annoying turkeys. If we shipped most of them off to Palestine and changed the name to Israel, they could annoy each other and not us.

    Any ‘solution’ to the Middle East conflict that threatens the existence of Israel risks the chance (i.e. increases the probability) they will move back here and once again get up our noses! I therefore say: ‘Slava Israel!!!’

  39. Incitadus

    Those who dispense shame and guilt for centuries have no shame or guilt and commit atrocities without blushing.
    I would also point out that the loudest anti-Zionist voices in the world today are Jewish and many truly righteous Jews in the
    world are horrified by recent events, they too are without a voice.

  40. Dr. Weezil

    Lest we not forget how generally favorable the “Muslim” governments are to Israel and Jews in general, particularly when money is involved. I’m reminded of my De Maistre. Didn’t one of Gavin McInnes’s Jewish confreres state publicly in a debate recently that given the choice between Christianity and Arabs, he’d prefer Christianity go the way of the dinosaur?

  41. I see many voices here are pushing some appeal to the notion Jewish religion is “less bad” than Islam and/or is more similar to Christianity. What these voices don’t seem to know or care about is that modern-day Jewish religion is not the religion they read about in the Bible. https://www.chabad.org/library/article_cdo/aid/6369109/jewish/What-You-Need-to-Know-if-You-Said-the-Wrong-Blessing.htm This is from the depths of Hasidism, which itself is THE force trying to thrust Jews into conflict. Read the article and tell me, does that in any way seem similar to Christianity? It does not, if you’re being honest. What is described there is a religion of magic. There is an argument made sometimes that modern Judaism is actually a polytheistic pagan religion living in the skin of an old monotheistic religion. Kabbalah, the magic system usually practiced by so-called ultra-orthodox Jews, certainly doesn’t resemble anything Christians would understand as “right understanding”. Well, nothing Catholics would understand as “right understanding”. After all, Mormons are usually classified as “Christians” even though they are about as removed from Revelation as Hasidis are.

    Which of course brings us to modern day Israel. Remember that Netanyahu is going to go to prison if he loses power. So he joins forces with whom, to stay in power? That’s right, with those same Hasidis that practice magic. And in the magical world of Hasidis, they have to FIX GOD so that God could then usher in Heaven. And how they fix God? By “fulfilling Torah”, or more exactly by fulfilling their own twist on the Torah. Guess what that entails? Performing animal sacrifices, then tearing down the Dome over the rock and building their third temple. They will then start their animal sacrifices, concomitant with genocide and expulsion of non-Jews from Israel, all in expectation their magic will finally be able to restore balance in the world and then God will begin his reign, where obviously Hasidis will be enjoing limitless benefits. https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2024/04/middle-east-escalation-financial-times-revealing-account-of-israel-risk-of-ukraine-style-air-defense-attrition-helmer-on-possible-electrical-grid-campaign.html


    The initial batch of sacrifices are supposed to be performed on April 22nd, in ~5 days. And YOU, Americans, are supposed to be the muscle that extends their shield over Hasidis as they perform the magic rituals and piss of just about everyone, God included.


    Who is worse? Islam – which demonstrated for centuries the ability to live peacefully – or modern Judaism – which practices magic?

  42. Gespenst

    Glubb has much to say on the subject but there are histories by others less personally involved with the Arab side.

    James Barr’s “A Line in the Sand: The Anglo-French Struggle for the Middle East, 1914-1948″ is a good overview of Israel’s creation. From Amazon’s blurb of the Kindle edition”
    “In the twentieth century, while fighting a common enemy in Europe, Britain and France were locked in a clandestine struggle for power in the Middle East. From the first agreement to divide the region between them to the birth of Israel, A Line in the Sand is a gripping narrative of the last gasp of imperialism, with tales of unscrupulous double-dealing, cynical manipulation, and all-too-frequent violence that continues to the present day.”

    There are no good guys in that story. None.

    Also, “A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East” by David Fromkin covers the early history of the mess from 1914 to the post WWI Paris Peace Conference..

    Both are worth reading for anyone wanting to learn that history in the area did not begin in 1948 or last October 7th.

  43. Incitadus

    Boy you really grabbed the fifth rail on this one Briggs but the truth has a life all it’s own…Hat Tip.
    As to the Zionist control of Israel I would point out the Jewish people were the first test subjects
    in the covid op., just as the Zionists worked with the Third Reich in uprooting the European Jews
    in order to send them to Palestine they are the first victims.

  44. J. Smith

    Johnno for the WIN. Well said.

  45. Hoyos

    No one can say Briggs doesn’t believe in free speech. This comment section is wild.

    Thing is, I am one of those people who thinks that those who bless the Jews will be blessed and those who curse them will be cursed. It predates the Mosaic covenant. No dispensationalism needed and I think it’s clear from Paul and Revelation that the Jews still have their part to play that is unique to them. We confuse spiritual and physical promises I think, yes they need Jesus like everyone else.

    I don’t want to send troops because they don’t need them. There are only a few countries in the Middle East, so far as I can tell, where being a Christian is tolerable of which Israel is one (Jordan, Syria, to an extent Lebanon, and for some reason Kuwait isn’t so bad).

    I will say though that those who see “The Jew” everywhere are confusing Jews with the devil. Same as those who say Freemasons, Jesuits, the Illuminati, etc are behind everything have the same problem. An insidious force with minions everywhere corrupting and attacking mankind? You just described the devil. And I don’t need to look far to see plenty of Gentiles not just Jews pushing (((the message))).

    But I’m not bailing because I think Briggs is wrong here, nobody is right about everything. And I’m sure I’m a boomer hasbarah choose your own invective. I just wish we could discuss this without it degenerating into either “it is the Eternal Jew!” or “forever war forever!”.

  46. N. Ominous


    “I do not wish to talk you out of whatever side you have picked. I want to tell you why I do not want to be made, as I am forced by our rulers, to pick a side. As it is, my side is not represented.”

    Your leaders might or might not be forcing you to pick a side, but you have, nevertheless, picked a side: the side of irrationalism and moral blindness.

  47. Colbert

    Religiously, morally, historically, there’s no argues for Israel. Especially religiously. Actual judaism is just a rabbinic scam, created 19th centuries ago. They let down God in favor of self-worshipping (my proof : they FALSIFIED.THEIR.OWN.SACRED.SCIPTURES)(the Masoretic scam, halas used by this retarded “St” Jerome)

  48. “Israel was created as a result of the Balfour declaration with Britain. ”

    Might want to read up on the history world before the 20th century. The country of Israel shows up every once in a while before the Balfour declaration.

  49. Gespenst


    We’re talking about modern Israel here.

  50. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Briggs, you got several of your more annoying posters to leave in a huff with this one. Well done, thanks. I was not surprised to see some otherwise sensible posters still championing our Greatest Ally in its death match with the entire world. We got into this pickle by the foolishness of otherwise smart people.

  51. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Not a bad soap box speech, Johnno, not bad at all. Couple points though we might discuss next time we’re at the clubhouse library sipping fresh ginger-lemonade fizzies, or whatever.

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