Women Celebrate As Their Chance To Become A Victim On Campus Just Skyrocketed

Women Celebrate As Their Chance To Become A Victim On Campus Just Skyrocketed

Women—not all but a good number of women, that is—hunger to be Victims. This allows them both status, for ours is increasingly a culture that holds Victims in the highest regard, and an excuse to indulge in emotion, which is a woman’s specialty.

Something joyous happened last week, celebrated by these women across the land. The government made a move which makes it miles easier for women to become Victims. This happened in updated Title IX laws.

You will recall Title IX was one of several new bulk bills foisted upon an as-yet mostly indifferent public in 1972, as part of something called the Education Amendments, Expert’s needless meddling into education. Title IX itself, loosely said, prohibits “sex-based discrimination” in any education facility that takes or accepts federal money.

Incidentally, I say colleges and universities below, because that’s where most of the action is, but these new laws (and they are laws, de facto if nothing else) apply from Kindergarten on up.

It is fascinating that, at least according to Wokepedia, that the original Title was just 37 words. And that it was passed at a time when Equality in the sexes had not yet been reached, i.e. when “only 42 percent of the students enrolled in American colleges were female.”

Females are now, says the government, in both undergraduate and graduate schools, some 58 or more percent. This is still not Equality, a condition that cannot be met until females are something like 90 percent or higher. (Equality never means equal, of course.)

What’s even more amazing is that the law, once a mere sentence, is now, with its latest accretions, has blossomed into a 1,600 page long behemoth. Or perhaps we should say beshemoth. Here it is. What is astounding about that is that there is now, in 2024, when females outnumber men everywhere, even more discrimination than ever before!

They say.

Naively, you would expect that as females become a larger and larger proportion at universities, discrimination necessarily must diminish.

If universities were all men, discrimination would be at its peak, since women would not be able to participate. And, you might think, that if universities were all female, and no men, there could not possibly be any discrimination, since there would be no men around to discriminate.

My friends, that is where you go wrong. For two reasons.

The first is that you have forgotten that many women need to be Victims. Thus, as females increase in proportion, and therefore also power, at universities, it becomes easier and easier for them to make the rules define them as Victims. USA Today agrees: “The new rules expand the definition of sexual assault and harassment.”

Since there can scarcely today be any rabid professors prowling about in rape gangs slavering after freshwomen, as there were, we are told, in 1972, what counts as discrimination must change. And does. Now a mere unwanted comment is “harassment”, and the women whose ears have been so shocked get to call themselves survivors, as long as she feared violence.

There is, you might not know, a hierarchy of Victims, with survivors being near the top. The new law is packed with ways to become a survivor. “[S]urvivors,” the law states, “need to feel validated”. Indeed.

What female Victims dislike is being questioned or challenged on their status. The good news is that (again USA Today) “College student survivors will no longer be required to attend live hearings or go through cross examinations.” The seriousness of the charges are now sufficient proof.

Believe all women, yes. But not their words. Believe their goals and desires, one of which, as I repeatedly emphasize, is becoming a Victim.

The second reason you go wrong is that now men can call themselves women. And that it is illegal, at least on campuses, to call these males men.

These men, or at least those clever enough to better understand the female mind, and seeking to indulge their fantasy to the maximum extent possible, want to be Victims, too.

They grasp that the surest path is to threaten themselves with violence. There is sometimes such violence, but it’s nearly all self-inflicted because these men are crazy. Alas, sometimes Reality intrudes and fantasy cannot keep up.

Yet the men, the law says, cannot be blamed for their own behavior, and so the blame must be put elsewhere.

Here comes the cleverest move. As women and men pretending to be women increase on campus, thus driving the demand for Victimhood ever higher, yet their primary threat (men) disappear, they redefine men as the system itself!

It’s like “systemic racism” for sexual harassment. They can’t find actual “racists”, so they say the system itself is “racist”, thus allowing “racism” to increase without bound. Colleges are having a harder and harder time finding men, yet want “discrimination” to increase. So they say (in the law) there are “widespread systemic shortcomings”, “systemic forms of discrimination”, “systemic forms of abuse”, and that there is “systemic discrimination in academia”.


Oh: the way out is to eschew federal monies, thus giving Title IX no force, but greed prevents this.

Update I’m in Twitter jail, again. For posting a quote from Mussolini of women, that was I presume mass reported, the quote not being to Victim’s liking:


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  1. Gwyneth

    This seems to cover it all.

    “1540s, ridyculouse, “worthy of ridicule or contemptuous laughter,” from Latin ridiculus “laughable, funny, absurd,” from ridere “to laugh” (see risible). Shakespeare and other 17c. writers sometimes spelled it rediculous.
    By 18c. the sense was weakening toward “comical, amusingly absurd.” The slang extension to “outrageous, scandalous” is by 1839 (see below), but its appearance in college slang late 1960s is perhaps a fresh extension. The sense of “excellent” is by 1959 in jazz slang. Related: Ridiculously; ridiculousness; ridiculosity. In the sense “concerned with jokes,” Latin had ridicularius.
    RIDICULOUS. This is used in a very different sense in some counties from its original meaning. Something very indecent and improper is understood by it ; as, any violent attack upon a woman’s chastity is called “very ridiculous behaviour :” a very disorderly, and ill-conducted house, is also called a ” ridiculous one.” [Halliwell, “Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words,” 1852]
    The same use also is attested in U.S., where it was regarded as a Southern word for “outrageous” and noted as in use in 20c. in Gullah speech and among poor whites in the Ozarks.”

  2. Nicholas

    I love it. Something similar is happening in Europe, Eastern Europe very much so. Diploma mills. It’s a form of information. What your busboy has a bachelor’s degree and the chief a PhD but can’t have a meaningful conversation, something is up. I was born when they still required a college exam ( in Eastern Europe) and the admission was very, very tight. Now, when I visit the old country everyone has a degree but no culture. Something similar in the US. They might know very much about very little but, again, no philosophy, no history, nothing of the sort of what was called Homo universalis or the more modern term: polymath. Superficial understanding is a form of pride. How mighty the prideful will fall.

  3. Swashbuckling abusive prose as usual, Matt, you are on an outrageously incandescent discriminatory roll. You should be incarcerated under Title 9 in a DIE center next to Cayuga’s Waters and drip-tortured again with Ivied tenure among all the voluptuous victim gals.

    George Gilder

  4. Cloudbuster

    It’s a war against the seven-fingered women.

  5. The True Nolan

    If I were a young man just entering college today, I think my first action would be to go to the Dean’s Office and officially declare myself to be a woman and a lesbian. Maybe a Black lesbian if I could push it that far. If anyone accuses me of sexist (or racist) remarks or deeds, I would weep and demand that I be respected for my sexual orientation and gender. “Believe ALL women! Especially lesbian trans-women!”

  6. Steve

    And as we saw last week (or at least that was the first I read the story) a professional victim doesn’t even need to be the target of harassment. She can eavesdrop on her neighbor talking to someone on the phone, and if he says a Bad Word, she scores another victimhood point.

  7. JH

    You believe that Mussolini really understood women. In other words, you agree with his assessment of women. Now that explains your constant criticism of women. Smoking cigars and drinking and tweets stunt growth.

  8. Briggs


    Here’s the whole quote (saved by a mutual). Riker would approve:


  9. Cary D Cotterman

    Girls being shortchanged and discriminated against in school is a myth. When I was a boy in U.S. public school, from the late 1950s to the early 1970s, girls got all of the teachers’ positive attention, and boys (including me) got all of the teacher’s negative attention. Girls with their hands raised were consistently and promptly called on by the teacher, while boys could be seen propping up their fatigued arm with the other hand, or their head, until they finally gave up. Girls were constantly smiled upon and praised, while boys were mostly frowned upon and punished. The entire institution seemed to be set up for the benefit of girls, with the presence of boys treated like an unwanted nuisance. The few boys who got on well were invariably effeminate ass kissers. My family moved a lot because of my dad’s profession, so I went to ten different public schools before I graduated from high school. I experienced a wider cross section of schools than most people, and the pro-girl, anti-boy atmosphere was consistent.

  10. JH

    Briggs, those words are sweeping statements. Garbage. Let me not waste more time.

  11. Briggs


    I like them, too.

  12. Milton Hathaway

    Universities are steadily becoming a poorer and poorer fit with modern educational needs, most now harming more people than they help. At the same time, they are becoming more concentrated cauldrons of steaming societal excrement. It seems likely these two patterns are closely related. Devil’s playground, etc.

    We’ve already discussed better and much cheaper approaches in these blog pages. Change comes slowly, though – what can be done to hasten it? The coffin has been built and the corpse has been laid in it. Now Woke comes riding to the rescue, bearing handfuls of coffin nails. I for one am grateful. When your enemy is energetically engaged in self-destruction, best stay out of the way.

  13. Cloudbuster

    A number of people have made the observation that you can reliably predict the future prestige and income of a profession by noting how male vs. female-dominated it is becoming.

    Primary education and human resources are obvious examples.

    In my personal life, I’ve noted a drastic downturn in the quality of veterinarians, especially large animal veterinarians, because the profession is becoming so female-dominated. Meanwhile, veterinarians are reporting that the income vs. the time, cost (opportunity and actual) and effort of becoming a veterinarian out out-of-line with the financial rewards. This is especially true with large animal veterinarians because A) Women in general, frankly, can’t handle the work. It’s dangerous, very dirty, and sometimes requires a great amount of strength. Most women would rather give Fluffy the Maltese dog her annual vaccines at huge markup. B) Large animal work is already the least well-compensated of veterinary sub-specialties. Many run mixed practices because pet work is more lucrative, but it’s hard to balance with the large amount of time and weird hours that large animal work involves. I think farm/large animal work is a job you have to feel a calling for, and fewer and fewer men are willing to slog through getting one of the few available slots in US female-dominated vet schools to achieve that end. Also, more and more vets are competing with some pretty shady off-shore degrees, because the US vet schools are extremely limited in enrollment and are pretty ossified and unwilling to expand.


    Farriers would be similar, but for two things: less initial barrier to entry, and sheer physical requirements. Lots of girls love horses and dream of having a profession involving them. so you get a lot of women going into the farrier training courses some rural tech schools offer, but very few going on to do it professionally. Turns out that crouching underneath a horse all day with its leg cradled between your legs is really hard work. Men still dominate that work because the barriers to entry are lower and women don’t offer any practical competition because of the physical requirements. There’s not a small animal version of farrier the girls can redirect themselves into.

  14. Cloudbuster

    JH, Riker would say anything to get laid.

  15. Brian (bulaoren)

    If my French fries come out cold, does that make me a victim?

  16. Incitadus

    I don’t think Briggs has a problem with women just the manner in which they have been weaponized
    to destroy the culture. Many, not all, absorb the messaging like a sponge and before they know it they’re forty
    and it’s too late. This is all being done to control the population and women who strive for victim status
    weaken the entire fabric of society especially the asperations of the young. It’s easier to be a victim than to
    contribute by raising a strong binary family that is a threat to a kleptocracy that thrives on disunity.

  17. JH

    Cloudbuster, I know that! However, Riker and Troi remained platonic throughout TNG. And, again, I think that Riker would not approve what Mussolini said.

  18. Once the Islamic Caliphate of Britain seizes power that will sort out the Britbong feminoids. Mealy-mouthed TERF JK Rowling will get her well-deserved comeuppance along with the rest of them.

  19. Neil Upton

    The clearest explanation of the increasing level of transgenderism ( men who identify as women)

  20. trigger warning

    Progressive victimhood is fake grace.

  21. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Twitter jail for quoting Mussolini?


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