Look Here, @elonmusk, What Mendacious Hack Or Incompetent Flack Murdered This Tweet?

Look Here, @elonmusk, What Mendacious Hack Or Incompetent Flack Murdered This Tweet?

For amusement, my friends, and strictly to have a bit of fun, if you have a Twitter (“X”) account, please use the link below to tweet this post, so that the title goes as written.

It will only show the title and link and not the forbidden content below, so have no fear.

Yesterday I posted this tweet, and was reported for “hate” or “harassment”:

The entire thing read like this:

Want to know who really understood women?


Here in 1938 he describes the dangers of unmarried British women, and the havoc they caused (memorize the last sentence):

“In a country where animals are adored to the point of making cemeteries and hospitals and houses for them, and legacies are bequeathed to parrots, you can be sure that decadence has set in.Besides, other reasons apart, it is also a consequence of the composition of the English people. Four million surplus women. Four million women sexually unsatisfied, artificially creating a host of problems in order to excite or appease their senses. Not being able to embrace one man, they embrace humanity.”

What made this especially hilarious is that I ran it on the day of the Title IX post, which showed how much many women love to be Victims, thus proving the point once again.

The tweet played out for a few hours, and had huge readership. I gained something like 600 followers from it, which itself is remarkable.

But, boy o boy, did it trigger, and I was reported for “hate” or something else equally asinine and comical.

Incidentally, many voters drew the conclusion that because I quoted Mussolini that I myself was a “fascist”, or that I supported all “fascists”, including the man with the abbreviated moustache. Or they said that because a “fascist” said the words they were necessarily false. Which proves most people should not be voting.

Anyway, they demanded I should delete the tweet, but I appealed instead, knowing the possibility of futility. It’s not like I get paid to tweet like many “conservative influencers”. Plus I now get almost no traffic to the blog or SubStack since Musk began his feud with SS, so what the hell.

Then sometime around noon, Twitter again asked me to delete. I appealed again. Then this morning around 5 am, they again asked me to delete. I appealed again. (I have all the emails.)

Only a prevaricator of Biden-like level could claim there was any “targeted harassment in Mussolini’s historical observation. Or a drooling bugwitted woke women (or equivalent) could have mistaken his words for “hate”.

Anyway, I want to enjoy this, plus I think I can help, since some people rely on social media for livings. Here are some suggestions for Musk to implement.

1. Stop assuming guilt. Use presumption of innocence. It is idiotic to suppose because a tweet is reported for something as squishy and effeminate as “hate” that the tweet is a “violation” (now that is a word only a woman could have thought of in this context). Instead, the tweet should be assumed innocent of any crime against Truth, and should instead be investigated, by hand, to see if banning it and its creator is justified.

Having this done by “AI”, i.e. some dumb algorithm, is not sufficient, and too prone to hersterical (there is no misspelling) error.

2. When the reported tweet is found not guilty of criminal content, the person making the charge should be banned. Or thrown in Twitter jail for some period of time. It was suggested I should serve 12 hours after I deleted the perfectly fine tweet. That seems well.

Repeat offenders should be banned outright. You can’t walk into a police station and falsely accuse somebody of a crime without paying a price, or the district attorneys can’t convict without presenting definitive evidence. Same here.

3. Musk claims to be for “free speech,” within the relevant laws where tweets appear. No crime was broken by Mussolini’s words, and no harm done to anyone. Except the mindless lying or uneducated person who flagged my tweet.

Though the chance he sees any of this is minuscule, in case he does, let’s see if Musk really believes what he says. Is he a honest man? Or is it all for show.

In any case, I want a refund.

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  1. Briggs

    Sorry, I meant the sharing links at the bottom of the post.

  2. JerryR

    Just a quick observation.

    Mussolini was talking about WWI deaths. Italy was a minor factor but what about Germany and France besides England?

    Always knew this was a fact but never focused on it before. Never saw it discussed anywhere.

  3. JerryR

    A check of WWI deaths. Less than 1 million English men died so how are there 4 million sex starved women?

    Mussolini was lying. Briggs is printing misinformation.

  4. Cloudbuster

    “You can’t walk into a police station and falsely accuse somebody of a crime without paying a price”

    Unless you are a woman accusing a man of rape.

  5. Gwyneth

    “He who dares not offend cannot be honest”.

    Thomas Paine

  6. JerryR

    There is a little about the issue of more women than men on the internet but not much. Search for “surplus women” on a search engine and a Wikipedia article will appear as well as some other sites with the problems of more women than men at certain times in history.

    Today, the issue might be that on the average women are better educated than men. Certainly more women are going to college than are men. (In no way do I mean better educated to mean they are smarter or have a better understanding of human nature and the world.) Does this make them less attractive to men on average? Does it make men less attractive to women on average?

    Related: my daughter once said to me that the average intelligence for men and women are the same but the outliers are mostly men, both more intelligent and less intelligent. Could this explain why most of the breakthroughs in science and innovation have been by a few men. Or could the fact that women wanted families and were the primary care takers limited their opportunities in these fields?

  7. Sid Porter

    Just one piece of advice Dr. Briggs- stay away from Milan and its piazzas.

  8. Steve

    @JerryR, Less than 1 million English men died so how are there 4 million sex starved women?

    Ever met an Englishman? 😉

  9. umm, doc?

    I have two pieces of what you need most here – unsolicited advice.

    1 – the use of “AI” to moderate services like X can be financially smart while offering some objectivity benefits – like IBM mainframes they’re being sold largely as cheaper and more accurate replacements for people (expert systems, in contrast, are more like Unix – extending human abilities rather than replacing them.) For a good intro to LLMs see Steven Wolfram’s writeup:


    The downside of this is that outputs are heavily weighted toward concensus positions defined by frequency within the source materials – so if the left says something 100 times and the right only corrects them once or twice, the LLMs are going to side with the majority.

    My impression is that Musk himself would agree with you, however, his “AI” does not – and, because the cost of human staff in both dollar and trust terms is very high it will take a long time to get any correction in place. (And, of course, in the end they’ll turn their AI into an expert system derivitive to get the best of both, but organizations, once launched in some direction, have enormous internal inertia so this will take years.)

    2 – I see “This week in Doom”.. as pretty depressing and not exactly unique on the web. So, a suggestion: turn it into “this week in hope” or “this week in schadenfreude” – in both, set a theme and then ask readers to extend it – kind of an open tread on your theme.

    The wry version would be the same as hope but from black humor perspective – e.g. This article
    (Note: I have not checked the refs in it – so don’t know how credible this is). foreshadows massive victories for civilization by predicting the deaths of many leftists.

  10. I got banned from twatter and refused reinstatement for unspecified crimes. The proximate tweet was an assertion the NHS is communism and should be burned to the ground and the earth salted. Commies can’t stand criticism.

  11. Cary D Cotterman

    I was kicked off Twitter for specious reasons and tried appealing, over and over. The responses I got, when I got them, were obviously generated automatically (by “AI”, I suppose). Trying to reason with whatever was on the other end was like explaining something complex to a two-year-old, or a dog–completely futile. I still think that if I had been able to communicate the problem to a human, even a woke one, it could have been sorted out. This happed before Musk’s takeover. I thought he was going to fix everything, but it sounds like they’re still up to the same old woke shenanigans.

  12. Cary D Cotterman

    So, even on Musk’s Twitter (“X”, whatever), it’s forbidden to quote what a prominent historical figure historically akshually said?

  13. Further,.. after writing the comment above I put some ribs in the smoker and have been watching the thing ever since – leaving idle hands to do the devil’s work – specifically expanding the comment above to explain why I don’t have an MBA

    There’s a draft on my site if you want to see it – winface.com/oldwin/ai.html

  14. PhilH

    In law, a Vexatious Litigant brings repeated and frivolous complaints and can be banned from bringing any further complaints.

    I don’t know about the repeated part, but this complaint certainly sounds frivolous.

  15. Jan Van Betsuni

    The American wit Dorothy Parker once quipped: “If you laid all the girls at Vassar end to end, I wouldn’t be surprised.”
    Vanity Fair reputedly fired her for refusing to curb her sarcastic excess.

  16. Phileas_Frogg

    Brothers in exile we are, Mr. Briggs.

    I believe my banishment, going on a year ago, was in response to my suggestion that we are obligated, in Christian charity, to employ every peaceful measure to resist evil, even if the likelihood of it’s effect is practically null, and that once every peaceful measure, even unto extremity has been availed of, only then may we, and I quoted here with an image of the English translation of, “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.”

    My ban was predicated on the charge that I was promoting violence, or some such nonsense.

    I can’t say I miss it. It’s thrilling at times but in total it was a drag on my life. My reading levels have returned to their historical norm since.

  17. TD Farmer

    Wow, imagine where you’d be if you quoted passages from Tom Sawyer.

  18. John

    I once stayed at a villa in Sorrento owned by a retired pizza chef who told me that, back in the 70s, he could take a short walk every evening, only to return home with 2 British girls. The weak lira was really working well for him, especially since he was able to afford his villa after spending a few years stretching pizza dough in the UK.

  19. Elon is all for show. Bernard over at Moon of Alabama was suppressed before Elon took over. Then his subscribers started to grow after the purchase and then they stopped growing again. So, Elon at first let all the breaks off, and then later reapplied them.

    This is actually a logical sequence of events. Twitter is too big and can’t hide it’s actions from TPTB. If Twitter doesn’t comply, they will destroy it. Twitter might decide to self-immolate, to allow itself to be destroyed by TPTB to prove a point and maybe force a change in West’s self-image, but (a) who among us would die for another, unless that another were a good person, and (b) how likely is Twitter to prove a point and force a change anyway? So everything will continue about as same as before the purchase, except the number of employees in Twitter.

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