Student Protests To End After Finals: TWID

Student Protests To End After Finals: TWID

I changed the title to put TWID = The Week In Doom at the end. I did this long ago, too, and found it answered.

Hilarity Ensues

Students, by definition, are ignorant. If they were not, they would not need to attend institutions of “higher” education to be awarded “degrees” certifying their…what exactly? Newfound knowledge?

Not really, or rather not wholly. As I never tire of saying, you can only only know what is true, but you can believe anything.

Students (many of them) come to university already certain sure they believe all that’s needed, especially about all cultural matters, but they’re aware they lack the “degree” to certify their beliefs. So this subset of students, which is the majority, go to have their beliefs praised, defended, and at last certified as good.

These students are also young and, dividing through by their increasing fatness, relatively vigorous. They also arrive at campus imbued with the idea that students should protest. For many, it is as the cliche has it: a rite of passage, like spring break.

A good chunk of them don’t even care what they are protesting, as long as they are “stunningly and bravely” out on the line.

Which brings us to a nose-ringed girl.

Item: “NYU anti-Israel demonstrator who says she’s come down from Columbia to join activists admits she doesn’t know what she’s protesting about”.

In an interview posted by former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani, the undergrad was asked why she was there.

‘I think the goal is showing our support for Palestine and demanding that NYU stops… I honestly don’t know all of what NYU is doing… I really don’t know.’ [ellipses original]

She then asks a friend, wearing a facemask, what the protest is meant to be about and the friend also appears unaware.

‘I wish I was more educated,’ the second protester admits.

More proof going to college will not get you educated.

Incidentally, what NYU was doing was having its professors join hands in a circle around some building and singing off key.

Now I bring all this up because some have noticed that these protests are against a country that was once considered unprotestable, especially on campuses. The thinking is maybe attitudes have shifted, and these newest protests signal a major change. Perhaps our elites will have to stop sending this country so much of your money?

Maybe so, to some extent, especially given increasing migration of peoples who don’t love that country. Change the populace, change the voting. (I am also in awe that people forget this.)

But, as Nose-Ring shows, most of these ignorant students don’t even know why they’re doing what they’re doing, they just know it’s cool to do it. Plus it’s Final Exam time, and too many of these brats hate studying. They don’t need to study, remember, because they already believe what they need to. (I saw some graphic recently that said students spend now only about an hour a day or so doing homework.)

After Finals are over comes Summer Break, and the end of the jolly protests.

Run Away!

Item: “Outrage as Columbia president Minouche Shafik cancels all in-person classes until the end of the semester after losing grip of anti-Israel mob”.

Minouche Shafik, incidentally, is Eqyptian and used to work at the World Bank, IMF and was once the Director of the London School of Economics. She famously broke a strike of academics at the LSE (details from Wokepedia). Seems she was hiring a lot of part timers instead of professors, so they struck (if that’s the word I want). She responded by docking half their pay, and by letting students who missed classes graduate without meeting their requirements.

And now she is letting the kiddies off once again. Probably because she was grilled over her tepid support of the country that must not not be supported and she has turned skittish.

‘Safety is our highest priority as we strive to support our students’ learning and all the required academic operations,’ said the Ivy League school, which charged $66,139 for full tuition during the 2022-23 academic year.

The arrangement is set to last until at least April 29 the last day of classes, with teachers encouraged to, ‘provide other accommodations liberally to students who have requested support for virtual learning this week’.

We already saw that everybody who says Safety First! is lying (blog, Substack), concealing a preference they don’t want to say outright. They choose to hide under what they believe is an unanswerable argument: their love and concern for you.

Stop That!

Item: “Netanyahu labels US student protests ‘antisemitic’ and calls for them to end”

That’ll work. Nothing students respond to better than hated authority figures telling them what to do. Might I suggest, Dear Bibi, that you try calling them “racists” instead? Seems to get good results elsewhere.

Item: “Clashes between pro-Palestinian student protesters and police continued to spread at colleges across the country, with fresh arrests in Emerson College, University of Southern California and University of Texas at Austin, and reports of new encampments being set up at Princeton University and Northwestern University.”

Remember that it’s Final Exam week pretty much everywhere, not just Columbia. Even if the kiddies are doing this in earnest, summer break will be here in a week or two and it all ends.

Item: “[Speaker Mike] Johnson: ‘There is an appropriate time’ for National Guard if student protesters don’t disperse”

One wonders who his blustery performance is for. Recall he just gave Israel $40 billion-with-a-B. As we saw with the timing, that’s all this can be: performance. Governor Abboott of Texas, inter alia, also joined in the faux-angry shaking of fists.

Yet it is curious that in many places these woke students were rousted by Regime forces. Which is unusual: the norm is for the students to get away with almost anything. Not here. The logical conclusion is the Regime supports all those other causes, but not this one.

My take on the whole matter: high comedy, all the way around.

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  1. Phileas_Frogg

    Riot, assault and kill American citizens, commit widespread arson, make whole city blocks into warzones, take over police precincts and engage in terrorism, all for a man who killed himself with a counterfeit bill and a drug overdose and the authorities will languidly mutter, “No, stop, don’t do that…” while ordering the police to be gentle and be sure to look where they’re kneeling when they offer their subjugation and surrender to the racial mob.

    …but dare offer words of rebuke and visible signs of your disagreement with a CERTAIN foreign country’s conduct in a brutal war? You’d think the college protesters had slapped the authorities mothers they sic’d the police on them so fast.

    The most telling lesson from all this is just more review at this point: “They don’t have the stomach to fight for American lives and law, but they’ll sacrifice every Ukrainian…er…Ameri-…asset, yes, asset at their disposal, to preserve the State of Revelation 2:9.”

    Stunning and brave.

  2. Incitadus

    The irony is deep the luminaries that insist on open borders for every third world hell hole
    the patriarchy has created through expropriation of their natural and national wealth cancels
    immigrants objecting to genocide. Looks like the plan to destroy the patriarchy by flooding the
    country with immigrants has backfired and we have to call out the national guard. Whose plan was
    this in the first place? Those who objected were scourged with the dreaded anti-immigrant appellation.
    When the perpetrator’s shoe is on the other foot a quick two step comedic reversal in the dialectic ensues.

  3. Hagfish Bagpipe

    The comedy is there, as you say, Sarge; and yet, if everyone followed their example, and endured, the slaughter would end, this illegitimate ruling class would be turned out, and life would be less devilish. Long live the student protesters!

  4. McChuck

    Note that the Republican Speaker is willing to use force to shut down anti-Jewish protests, but cares not one whit about anti-Christian protests, or communist Antifa taking over the streets.

  5. Milton Hathaway

    “Yet it is curious that in many places these woke students were rousted by Regime forces.”

    Yes, indeed, very curious, exceptionally curious. So curious that it sticks out like a sore thumb. Maybe the protesters should claim they are homeless gender-fluid refugee immigrant BLM squatters with a handwritten lease agreement?

    I for one am rooting for the protest camps to proliferate with escalating damage – not only does that harm the university as an institution, it keeps the useful idiots off the interstate and interrupting my commute.

  6. Hun

    I am skeptical about the nose-ring girl. I suspect the whole “incident” was simply a propaganda skit to show that the people protesting Israel’s genocide in Gaza are not only antisemites but also morons.

  7. Cary D Cotterman

    I’d buy a ticket to watch them unleash water canons on these camps.

  8. C-Marie

    Without God at the forefront and wholly throughout, a nation has no backbone, and the children suffer tremendously.

    God bless, C-Marie

  9. “Note that the Republican Speaker is willing to use force to shut down anti-Jewish protests, but cares not one whit about anti-Christian protests, or communist Antifa taking over the streets.”

    To be fair he wasn’t Speaker when all that stuff was happening.

    My hope is that it is just the first salvo. Arresting students and faculty who are illegally shutting down college campuses and assaulting other students? Fine. When Nose Ring is protesting the next President by illegally shutting down college campuses and assaulting people, arrest her again. When people are rampaging through the streets of American cities burning them down as a part of their “mostly peaceful protests”, arrest them then, too.

    Best quote I’ve seen so far on the protests: “Students protest illegal occupation of Gaza by illegally occupying college campus”. I think it was the Babylon Bee.

  10. Brian (bulaoren)

    When I was a teenager, I used to spend my Saturdays wandering around the local shopping mall. Why?.. Well, that was where my contemporaries were, and I wanted to be among them.
    In the 1950s movie “The Wild One”, Marlon Brando’s character is asked what he’s rebelling against. His answer ; “Wadda’ ya’ got?”
    Put it all together and you have the basis for mass student protests.

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