The Verdict

The Verdict

I know I said no posts Friday, unless events. This was an event. I figured maybe folks wanted to discuss the matter.

Here are my guesses. I hold them with varying degrees of conviction. Get it? Get it? Conviction.

The verdict itself was expected. The fix was always in, which is why they had the farce in the first place. It’s amusing to wonder what those two lawyers on the jury said during deliberations: “We are Experts. Here is why we must vote to convict.”

The lefty is “giddy” (the very word they are using), peeing its pants with joy, and pointing to the wet spots with pride. What the trial did to the country, well, they do not care. Power they care about. And they have it. No matter what else happens, we are in some deep kimchi.

Our side is anything from bemused to seething. Many now vow to vote harder for Trump. Word is that Trump’s donation site busted from the overflow.

Many will vote harder, if they can. But do not forget how easily led most are. The propaganda will be flying through the air thicker than lobbyists at a budget bill drafting. We will hear or see the words “convicted felon” at least hourly from now until the Republican convention. This will have its effect.

Voting for “convicted felon” Trump requires “convicted felon” Trump to be on the Republican ballot. Which he may be. I have doubts. My guess is that he might not be.

There is no accident that the sentencing is only a couple of days before the Republican party were to announce “convicted felon” Trump as their official pick. This gives us a good six or seven weeks of solid propaganda, followed by “polling” which will show that many discover they do not like the idea of voting for “convicted felon” Trump.

He will still be “convicted felon” Trump even if by some legal miracle—and “convicted felon” Trump specializes in miracles, so never count him out—has his conviction overturned or appealed away.

Here I am ignorant, but does the appeal or other suchlike maneuvers not have to wait for the sentencing? If so, even if he gets the appeal, it would leave only moments from the appeal to the convention. If not, then he has a far better chance. But not an excellent chance. Here is a picture people are saying is the New York appeals court. It is a long path to the Supreme Court. Though some are making noises about “emergency appeals.”

At the very least Republican officials will wonder if making “convicted felon” Trump the official nominee is wise. Included in that crew are a majority of never-Trumpers, members of the uniparty who would rather have anybody but Trump. Even Biden. These people will point to the polls as evidence of the superiority of their opinion.

Do not doubt that. Here was uniparty member John Bolton last night: “Today’s verdict is a fire-bell in the night. The Republican Party now has one last chance to change course, and not nominate a convicted felon for President.”

The judge will sentence “convicted felon” Trump to whatever the maximum is. All say this incudes some stretch in the hoosegow (watch for people trying to seem important saying “incarceration”). I wonder if the judge will allow cameras in the court for the final perp walk where “convicted felon” Trump is taken down to the cells.

This will make it difficult for “convicted felon” Trump to maneuver. But, of course, not impossible.

Yet it will separate him from Republican party leaders, many of whom now have the excuse they want. “In these unprecedented times,” these mealy mouths might well intone, lovingly rolling their forked tongues over the word unprecedented, “and for the good of the nation, we nominate Nikki Halley. Let’s give a big hand to our first woman President!”

I don’t swear to Halley. But she is the most sycophantic to all the elites’ most favored causes, and so she has the best chance. Others are saying Tim Scott, to prove we aren’t “racists”.

If the Rs throw “convicted felon” Trump over, then Trump will make himself an independent. Getting him on all the ballots in that short time, and perhaps from prison, will be difficult, maybe impossible in some states (the ones he’d lose anyway). That also splits the votes.

All these contretemps would allow Biden to step down, or be shafted, and clear the way to put Gruesome Newsom is his place (blog, Substack). I don’t think more than a handful could stomach the idea of a Kalama presidency. To quote her, “Ha ha ha ha ha, right?”

Regardless what happens with the election, what next for us? If history is a guide, violence—from the left. Do not discount this. The left will be drunk on power. People do stupid things when they’re drunk.

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  1. Even by the standards of fake show trials, e.g. the Alex Jones circus, this was the one of the fakest and gayest things Clown World has foisted on us yet. I can’t believe anyone with two IQ points to rub together can pretend to take this seriously.

  2. The most devastating thing the Democrats could do now is issue a presidential pardon for Trump. This would leave him a convicted felon, and make Biden et all look good.

  3. Morten Nielsen

    On balance I think this is good news.
    The primary weapon of the enemy is the inherited legitimacy of the Old Order. They just sacrificed a whole bunch of it, and legitimacy is not a thing easily recovered.
    This will force a lot of people to realize that no positive change is possible within the framework of the current system, and those people will then (finally!) start to look for other ways.
    Good news.

  4. Neil Upton

    sad day for the USA. The elites show their colours

  5. praying for God’s intervention. He is not amused. But He is laughing at the hubris of those “in power” who hare abusing their control to destroy America. Righteous Americans who honor God first must humbly turn to Him, repent for America, and ask for His healing of our land.

  6. Joy

    I feel sick about this result but hope Farage is right that he will now win big.

  7. Biden cannot issue a presidential pardon Trump for this conviction. The conviction is in NY state court, where Biden has no jurisdiction.

    We leave the discussion of how recockulous the idea of any pardon would be overall, for the Moot Court.
    The issue that Biden was never elected president in the first place is old business.

  8. NorthGunner

    Nothing more than an enhanced extra energized Kabuki political Uniparty Theater show put on to entertain, deceive, distract and discredit reality for the conformie NPC’s in the audience.
    The only ones that profit are the globalist ? bagelbois banksters that own and control this country..they love dancing their owned meatpuppets in the form of drumphsctick and bideypoo on the stage to the ignorant emotional responses of a majority of NPC’s that call themselves americans.
    The same tawdry threadbare Kabuki political Uniparty Theater will of course be set up anew in November for the conformie NPC’s to declare their loyalty and obeisance to the globalist bankster parasite class’s legitimacy over them as they can’t or won’t fathom the idea of thinking for themselves or that they DON’T need a “leader” to run their lives day to day.
    They’ll dutifully file into the sheep pens to cast their vote…thinking it means something…and then return home to indulge in their multi-hour brain programming via their talmud-o-visions while they mutely injest their daily recommended allowance of goyslop…just as their owners wish…
    This is what america has become…an open air pasture for goyslop loving conformie NPC sheepies who for the majority ARENT worth saving because they love their servitude and baaa that it’s “freeeduumb!!”.
    Save yourself and those around you that you think matter…don’t bother trying to save america…there’s nothing left of it to save at this point..and you won’t be successful or appreciated if you try anyway.
    Not a blackpill, just reality.
    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. Johnno

    The shit will really hit the fan, only if the Republican’ts can’t allow Punished Trump to be the nominee, which they absolutely can can’t do, when they inevitably can’t not follow Biden’s lead and authorize Ukraine’s NATO instructors with their hands on the trigger to fire their long range missiles directly onto Russian soil directly from Poland to bait Putin into formally attacking Europe, so they can cry, “Ouch! You slapped me!” and tgen nominate Halley Berry to lead the Great War to end all Great Wars, once she’s done autographing all of those shells that Israel can use on all the underground Dr. Evil Hamas lairs hiding beneath Gaza elementary schools.

    ‘Murica’s Da Courts System is done. Tear down the statue of blind white Lady Justice, replace the stars on the flag with bananas and the stripes with rainbows and let the Vatican know that ‘Murica is now commie-clown-world thanks to their refusal to believe in the prophecies of Fatima and can’t-ing about consecrating Russia for the past 100 years.

  10. Insitadus

    After Jan. 6th this should come as no surprise, those poor bastards have been abused and locked up for years.
    Warp Speed will never see the inside of a jail cell. The fence and National guard surrounding the capitol in its
    aftermath is an image of the permanent state ‘protecting Democracy’ that should be burned into everyone’s memory.

  11. trangbang68

    The castrated dimwits in the GOP will try to slip “Nikki” from Calcutta or New Jersey Fats in at the last minute. The populists will walk out of the convention leaving a crowd the size of a Biden rally. Nikki will throw the election to Biden and get a job in the 4th Reich blowing Jake Sullivan.

  12. Hun

    Nimrata would be a great, but even better one would be a “the first openly jewish” candidate, because that is apparently what non-leftists would want from the Republican party, according to various conservative online influencers. Maybe rabbi Shmuley? I think he would be perfect.

  13. McChuck

    There is no law, only Zuul.
    What part of this confuses people?
    So much for soap, ballot, and jury. Time for the next box, apparently.

  14. Rudolph Harrier

    What people are waking up to is that most of the country has no concern with justice, law or truth. This is apparent by the fact that most of the people celebrating the conviction don’t even know what Donald Trump was charged with. (To be fair, the judge and prosecution didn’t seem to know either.) This is not even like the Kyle Rittenhouse case, where suddenly tons of people got extremely concerned with “carrying a gun over state lines” when it was obvious that they just wanted to see Kyle punished. At least there there was the pretense of a crime. Here there was no crime, and even the people celebrating the verdict know this. But they do not care, since the purpose of the justice system for them is to punish enemies. An enemy was punished, hence everything is okay.

    The only reason that they list charges at all is because they know that there are people like failure cons who need an excuse, however poor, to let them get away with it. If they flat out said “we are going to jail Donald Trump because he is the enemy of the left” the prosecution still would have been willing to bring the charges, the judge would have been willing to oversee such a trial, and the jury would still have convicted. But that would be such a blatant coup that even RINOs would be forced to act. By pretending this is about misrepresentation of business records they allow RINOs to say “they are abusing the system, but the system still works. We should wait for appeals before getting upset.” But that is the only purpose of such charges. Everyone, including those celebrating the verdict, know that the charges are meanginless.

  15. Robin

    We had a Republic, but that is doubtful now.

    Next stop Democracy under Oligarghs.

    Then Dictatorship.

    It’s been coming for a while, and “he who jumps first, jumps best”.

    Trump had his chance, but didn’t jump.

    May be too late now.

  16. Cary D Cotterman

    One of the worst things that could happen to this country would be for California’s Governor Hair Gel to move into the White House for eight years, or even just four. Just look at our poor cautionary state, see what he and his cronies have done to it, and imagine the entire nation that F’ed up.

  17. Jerry

    I can’t leave this country soon enough!

  18. Aesop: the “underlying offence” was federal – so Biden can eviserate the judgement via a pardon.

    Just one of the many absurdities here.

  19. Roddy's Rowdy Piper

    “Regardless what happens with the election, what next for us? If history is a guide, violence—from the left. Do not discount this.”
    Eat another dick, you semen swilling Cuck of Respectability.

  20. Brian ( bulaoren)

    Donald Trump reminds me of the ancient Roman statue of Leocoon and his sons, being destroyed by serpents. In Trumps case, it’s the serpents of deep state judasprudence. I truly can not understand how anyone could support that coprolite Joe Biden.

  21. Ann Cherry

    Washington CNN — March 30, 2022

    Federal election regulators fined Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee earlier this month for not properly disclosing the money they spent on controversial opposition research that led to the infamous Trump-Russia dossier.

    The DNC was fined $105,000 and the Clinton campaign was fined $8,000, according to a letter sent by the Federal Election Commission to a conservative group that requested an inquiry.

    Political candidates and groups are required to publicly disclose their spending to the FEC, and they must explain the purpose of any specific expenditure more than $200. The FEC concluded that the Clinton campaign and DNC misreported the money that funded the dossier, masking it as “legal services” and “legal and compliance consulting” instead of opposition research.

  22. C-Marie

    “Blessed be the Lord’s name from the beginning to the end of time; his are the wisdom and the power; 21 change and chance of our mortal life he rules, crowns one man and discrowns another. Wisdom of the wise, skill of the skilful, what are they but his gift?”
    Daniel 2: 21.

    We shall see God’s plan unfold.

    God bless, C-Marie

  23. Chad

    I’ll vote for “convicted felon” Trump. What a joke his trials were, and they were a huge embarrassment to the image of the United States of America for its sense of judgement.

  24. Johnno

    It’ll all come down to what the Republican’ts decide to do. Right now they’re too busy looking out for Nethanyahu and saving him from the International Criminal Court. Priorities!

    Basically what the ruling means is, if you randomly give $10 bucks to a homeless bum, and someone takes a photograph, and that photo-op is ever used or shared after-the- fact during your election campaign at any time, and you didn’t bother filing that $10 as a campaign expense, then NY is going to send you to jail.

  25. on the serious side Elon Musk cannot (within next ~6 years of his limited lifespan) put human foot on Mars without something somehow functioning Financial Industrial Complex; so this the focus that I have on all that chatter and yackety-yak …

  26. Lugh

    And if somehow he gets in, he will serve the Elite by supporting both wars. He’s very, very afraid now.

  27. Hagfish Bagpipe

    Banana Republic.

  28. Hagfish Bagpipe

    In a Banana Republic it’s only natural that the so-called resistance to a corrupt ruling power would be a pro-wrestling blowhard phony, a Roy Cohen protégé, a New York democrat, feminist, homo promoter, non-Christian, zionist flack, egomaniacal circus ringmaster, fornicator, cheater, gambling casino maggot, bullshit artist, demagogue, dipstick, liar, crank, creep, crook, sleaze, slick, jerk, joke, back-stabbing, bimbo-bothering, bloated blabbermouth like Donald Trump. The lesser of two evils? Debatable, boys, h-i-g-h-l-y debatable.

  29. kmann

    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.
    It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.
    – John Adams

    We are no longer a moral and religious people. When I first read this quote several years ago I was dubious. I have since changed my mind and believe it is correct.
    The Constitution is like a lock on a bicycle, it keeps honest people honest, but not the guy with bolt cutters who is determined to get the bike. The dems have bolt cutters and they are taking the bike.

    Our only hope is a new Great Awakening.

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